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Worldmentalhealthday, Mental Health

Is the Philippines ready to address mental health?

With an increase in mental illnesses and suicide cases among the youth, experts say everyone has a crucial role to play in fostering mental wellness


With an increase in mental illnesses and suicide cases among the youth, experts say everyone has a crucial role to play in fostering mental wellness. WorldMentalHealthDay

With an increase in mental illnesses and suicide cases among the youth, experts say everyone has a crucial role to play in fostering mental wellness

“(The) Mental Health Law would aim to bring mental health closer to the everyday lives of the youth,” said Dr Constantine Chua, chief resident of the Philippine General Hospital (PGH) Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Medicine.

According to experts, this is important as it can lessen the stigma around mental health and ensure the access and delivery of mental health services to every Filipino.

Another salient feature of the law shifts focus of care to the community. For Nadera, this is crucial as this is where “true recovery happens.”

"Our general practitioners, doctors, nurses, teachers being taught the mental health dimensions of their work adequately...those are measures or goals of the mental health law and when we achieve those things, the mental health law is doing its purpose," Chua said.

less reports of violence or human rights violations against persons with mental health problems. Mental heath policies and services should also be made available to vulnerable sectors. These include Filipinos working abroad in maritime and service industries, as well as those who are victims of disasters.

With limited capacity to tackle mental health fully, experts said fighting the rise in mental illnesses and suicide cases among the youth will need to be taken up by everyone. (

The shared exposure to mental disorders puts everyone at risk. This will mean each will have a role to play in trying to boost preventive efforts against developing mental illnesses.

“When we say mental health, it’s not really just having or not having a psychiatric diagnosis but it’s enjoying the best cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and social state in which you can have a fulfilling life and a community,” Chua said.

Balderrama likewise agreed that having healthy relationships is good as these provide crucial support systems for those with mental health disorders.

– such as being equipped with knowledge about mental health – as this could strengthen children and prevent them from developing full-blown mental disorders.

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DepEd enjoins schools to promote mental health awarenessPublic elementary and secondary schools nationwide are enjoined by the Department of Education (DepEd) to undertake several activities in accordance with the celebration of this year’s World Mental Health Day and National Mental Health Week.

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