How tedious license renewal requirements result in push to amend CPD law

28/11/2022 12:04:00 PM

For years, Filipino professionals have frowned upon the tedious process of earning units from costly seminars just to have their licenses renewed

OFW Party-List Rep Marissa Magsino wants exemptions for select OFWs from the Continuing Professional Development Act of 2016, saying it is 'very impractical and inconvenient, if not physically impossible' to comply with on a regular basis. Full story:

For years, Filipino professionals have frowned upon the tedious process of earning units from costly seminars just to have their licenses renewed

acknowledged the law’s lapses and the need to introduce amendments.Asia Pacific’s (APAC) biggest content creators, taking the fans through the region’s creativity and diversity of talents.Canadian Bureau for International Education.UK pork producer pays £4M to hire Filipino butchers November 25, 2022 | 1:41 pm REUTERS One of the UK’s biggest pork producers has spent £4 million ($4.

Addressing House lawmakers in a hearing on Monday, November 28, Ramil Gabao of the Professional Regulatory Commission identified four areas of resistance from licensed professionals: accessibility, cost, availability, and the quality of the CPD.Nurses, for example, have lamented the high cost of seminars by private CPD providers, and the lack of a cheaper, PRC-accredited alternative.Fans were able to catch a glimpse of their favorite creators during the red carpet interviews and a select group of fans even had the chance to take exclusive photos with them during the meet and greet.Aside from such trainings that will allow them to renew their licenses, their employers also require them to attend seminars that are not accredited by the PRC.“I applied with no hesitancy because I believed that what was meant for me will always be for me,” Liporada shared.“If certain professions need CPD as prerequisite to accessing jobs in ASEAN countries, let that be facilitated by the government through free, accessible CPD courses sponsored by the respective accredited professional organizations (APO) and other government agencies,” Jocelyn Andamo of the Filipino Nurses United told lawmakers.The trio of Ranz, Niana, and Natalia Guerrero wowed the audience with their dance moves and performed their original song “Noise.Migrant Filipino workers, meanwhile, struggle to comply with the requirements, as they have limited options available.” Mr.

Since they are abroad, they can only take online courses that charge by the dollar.P-pop group SB19 completes the list of Filipino performers in the show with their special video performance of “WYAT”.If there’s anything I’ve learned, it is to be courageous and faithful.Representative Marissa Magsino (OFW Party-List) wants exemptions for migrant workers with a three-year service contract, or practicing their profession outside the Philippines for the same period.“The rationale behind this proposal is the out-of-the-country nature of their employment, and the seasonal character of employment contracts of our overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) which make it very impractical and inconvenient, if not physically impossible for them to comply with the CPD requirements on a regular basis,” she said.ADVERTISEMENT There was no shortage of pop groups in FanFest 2022, all of which brought an equal amount of hype to the audience.“We should contextualize the application of the law in the unique circumstances of our OFWs and peculiar nature of overseas employment,” Magsino added.She likewise received miscellaneous support for her book allowances.Play Video What the options are The proposals in both the House and the Senate under the 19th Congress push to either “enhance” or amend the existing law, or fully scrap it.Jerome Polin (Nihongo Mantappu) and Benjamin Kheng gave the audience a pleasant change of pace in between the pop performances with their heartfelt ballads and R&B numbers.Jayne Arnold from the Food and Drink Federation said the whole industry is suffering from a lack of staff “despite employers making significant efforts to attract workers from offering higher wages to introducing more flexible shifts.

For the record, a bill amending RA 10912 already hurdled the House in the 18th Congress, but was not passed by the Senate due to the lack of material time.“This 19th Congress, the proposed law is one of our priorities,” said Baguio Representative Mark Go, who chairs the House higher and technical education committee.The 10th year of YouTube FanFest was surely a night to remember.Liporada at the Halifax Waterfront to attend the Evergreen Festival “One of the most important lessons I’ve picked up from my courses is not taking ‘no’ for an answer,” she added.Go noted that three of the 12 bills deliberated by his committee and the professional regulation panel were already patterned after the measure passed by the lower chamber in the past Congress.Lawmakers decided that a yet-to-be consolidated version of those proposals will be the lead measure on the issue, and approved the same.Tags:.“Other proponents of repealing the law have agreed to just simply amend as long as their issues and concerns are addressed,” Go said.” Liporada took this once-in-a-lifetime chance to likewise hone and exemplify her skills in an international environment.That number has since plunged.

What the ‘enhancements’ are Go asserted that the currently favored bill already seeks to address issues on expensive costs of the CPD prerequisites.The proposed amendments include: inclusion of the in-service training for teachers in the CPD program temporary suspension of compliance period during a pandemic, state of calamity, or national emergency exemptions for (1) newly-licensed professionals on the first renewal of their PRC identification cards for the first four years since acquisition, (2) OFWs who work outside the Philippines for a limited period, and (3) senior citizens who do not engage in the practice of their profession requiring government agencies and public institutions to fully fund the CPD compliance of their professional employees mandatory paid leaves for professionals who need to comply with CPD requirements establishing a mechanism that provides free or inexpensive training programs for licensed professionals The PRC said it supports the would-be consolidated bill on the proposed “enhancement” of the CPD Act.“It will be good for our professionals and it will not be burdensome,” Gabo said.“I didn’t know anyone in Nova Scotia but this allowed me to get out of my comfort zone and embrace different perspectives,” she explained.Under the proposal, government agencies shall include in their proposed annual budgets an allocation for the conduct of CPD training.– Rappler.


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