House leader unhappy as DOH thumbs down misting

House leader unhappy as DOH thumbs down misting

4/10/2020 4:40:00 PM

House leader unhappy as DOH thumbs down misting

Deputy Speaker and Laguna 1st district Rep. Dan Fernandez on Friday asked the Department of Health (DOH) to renounce its claim that spraying disinfectants or misting does not protect people against the coronavirus, and that it could actually be harmful.

Fernandez took exception to the DOH pronouncement dated April 9, 2020 since in his view the agency hasn’t been providing the public with solutions against the pandemic.“People are beginning to learn how to be protective and [are] learning to defend themselves against this deadly virus, even taking into consideration that spraying or misting of disinfectants might be of help in this fight against this pandemic,” he wrote on Facebook.

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“Now here’s the Department of Health or DOH announcing that it is dangerous and hazardous to spray or mist disinfectants because of the possible skin irritation it may cause. To DOH, magisip nga muna kayo kung meron kayo action na ginagawa (To DOH, please think first if you’ve undertaken actions) to possibly counter the spread of this virus!!”

“Ang pakiusap ko sa DOH, bawiin ninyo ang statement ninyo. Ating gawin lahat ng paraan para malabanan ang sakit na ito. Magtulungan. Hindi magdudahan o maghatakan pababa,” Fernandez added.(My appeal to the DOH is, take your statement back. Let’s do everything we can to combat this disease. Let’s cooperate instead of doubting and pulling each other down.)

In the assailed pronouncement, the Health Department cautioned the public that “there is no evidence to support that spraying of surfaces or large-scale misting of areas, indoor or outdoor with disinfecting agents, kills the virus.”The DOH also said misting could cause health concerns like further dispersing the pathogens as well as cause environmental pollution and skin irritation. “Everyone should not spray or mist disinfectants at this time,” they said.

To this, Fernandez asked: “Ano ba ang mas importante, ang kati ng balat o ang mamatay dahil sa COVID-19?”(What’s more important, skin irritation or dying of COVID-19?)“May I remind the DOH Central Office that we are at war here. A war wherein we cannot see our enemy wherein wala tayong alam na gamot (we don’t know of a medicine).”

Fernandez noted in the same Facebook post that more developed countries like China have been carrying out misting as a defense against COVID-19. The coronavirus that causes the deadly illness first emerged in Wuhan City, China in December 2019.“At bukod dun, may protocol ang U.S. Center for Disease Control to disinfect facility pag may nag-positive. Tapos sa atin bawal whether indoor or outdoor? Bakit ganoon?” he asked.

(Aside from this, the U.S. Center for Disease Control has been enforcing a protocol to disinfect facilities with positive cases. And now we’re prohibiting both indoor and outdoor misting? Why is that?)Fernandez reckoned that government should “use all of its weapons” against COVID-19 in the absence of a vaccine.

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“Kahit may slight chance na makapigil ng pag-spread ang kahit anong action ng tao, hindi dapat pigilan lalo na kung ang side effect ay mild skin irritation lang. Hindi naman ito masisinghot ng tao dahil naka-mask sila,” he said.(Even if there’s just a slight chance that it could halt the spread of the disease, actions like these shouldn’t be prohibited. The side effect is just mild skin irritation anyway, and people won’t inhale it because they’re wearing masks.)

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DOH (Dept. of Help) Sabi nga rin nila datin 'Di kailangang mag mask' ngayon sinisita na walang mask, tsk ... Funny. Now, no one is even credible in the government. Let's just ask UP. They're more credible. IvanaAlawi On April 10, WHO Philippines also said spraying and misting disinfectants does not kill the coronavirus and can instead harm the eyes, mouth, and respiratory system of anyone that comes in contact with the chemicals.

Lagi naman late ang DOH. Kung kailan nagawa na, doon lang magsasabing hindi pala advisable.

[OPINION] A plea to the DOH for urgency and transparency'We need health officials who share our sense of urgency, who do not dismiss our concerns and answer complacently, providing very little information.' COVID19PH thank you. hoping you'll reach more readers with this. these were my thoughts too. they promised ncovtracker will be back the 14th. hoping for more data like supply and capability projections. that's what I'm afraid of, hospitals overwhelmed after a few days of MORE testing BREAKING NEWS. Corona VACCINE the new GOLD. Bill Gates announce his vaccine begins human testing today. SURPRISED? I’m not. Pandemic fishy. TRUMP in. Trump needs to get economy going to win re-election. Gates will make trillions. Elites will make vaccination mandatory. Fishy. Yoohoo, TRILLANES, nasaan ka na? Still wearing make-up? Why so quiet? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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DOH cautions against spraying, misting: It does not protect against COVID-19The Department of Health cautions the public against spraying or misting disinfectants to kill COVID-19 virus, saying such may even cause harm. Ganyan kabobo ang DOH. Laging weeks behind. After weeks of mistings, hindi pala siya effective. Make credible news as what the pic told.a govt. Implementation to fight covid.and that says all.thank you wait for next announcement, relax lang

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DOH-Bicol condemns discrimination against COVID-19 victims, health workersThe Department of Health in Bicol (DOH-Bicol) issued a statement on Thursday, condemning any form of discrimination against health workers, patients with confirmed coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), and their families. mga tanga ano tayo 2000 years ago? basta nagkasakit parusa ng langit? thank you doh for calling out these fools. 🙏

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