Hontiveros sounds alarm over potential abuse of emergency powers

Hontiveros sounds alarm over potential abuse of emergency powers


Hontiveros sounds alarm over potential abuse of emergency powers

Senator Risa Hontiveros said she is alarmed by the potential abuse and lack of accountability that the recently signed law that grants additional powers to President Duterte to address the COVID-19 crisis would bring once it is enforced.

Sen. Risa Hontiveros (Senator Risa Hontiveros / Facebook / MANILA BULLETIN) Hontiveros said this as she defends her decision to vote “no” to the “Bayanihan to Heal as One Act” which Congress eventually passed during the Special Session on Monday, which lasted through the night. Twelve senators who were physically present said “yes” to the bill. According to Senate President Vicente Sotto III, seven (7) other senators who were unable to attend the Special Session due to self-quarantine signified their support to the measure teleconferencing. Only Hontiveros, who was also on self-quarantine, voted against the measure also through teleconferencing. “I voted ‘no’ to the grant of additional powers to Malacanang because it grants the President unchecked powers that are open to abuse and corruption,” Hontiveros said. “It also grants the President a virtual blank check with no clear plan nor strategy to defeat COVID-19. Paano natin masisigurado na mapupunta ang pondo sa taumbayan? (How can we make sure that the funds will go directly to the people?)” the opposition senator said. Hontiveros said she is very alarmed by the potential for abuse and lack of accountability in giving the President near-absolute control over public funds in national government agencies and even government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs). She said the President’s new powers would authorize him to now stop altogether important government projects and divert their funding to other uses, with little check and balances in place. The senator said there is also no specific guarantee that the funds would go to the public as part of the government’s efforts to curb the rise of the COVID-19 cases in the country, nor any assurance that the money would not be distributed to companies and businesses that are close to the Duterte administration. “We cannot and should not blindly trust the use of these important funds to a government, which during this health crisis, has chosen to spend P14-billion on tourism projects, but has been unable to immediately and sufficiently deliver personal protective equipment (PPEs) to our doctors, health workers, law enforcement agents and other frontliners,” she stressed. Hontiveros reiterated that the Executive Branch does not need special powers for it to act urgently and decisively in meeting the immediate needs of the people amid the COVID-19 outbreak, saying there are sufficient laws in the country that could be used to help address the crisis. “While I am grateful that my amendment for the provision of cash transfers to poor Filipino families was included in the bill, even this provision does not require the grant of new powers,” she said. “Our arsenal of readily available laws and policies, notably the Government Procurement Reform Act (RA 9184), the Price Act (RA 7582) and the Mandatory Reporting of Notifiable Diseases and Health Events of Public Health Concern Act (RA 11332), has not been fully utilized in the fight versus COVID-19,” she lamented. If accompanied with a supplemental budget, Hontiveros said these laws already authorize the government to purchase ample PPEs, medical supplies, relief packages and other needed items, secure that prices of basic goods will remain affordable, and impose preventive community-wide measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, among others. “I know because these were part of my proposals during the start of this crisis – a crisis that the government underestimated at the beginning,” she stressed. “Hindi special powers ang sagot sa pandemic na ito, kundi political will para isulong ang mass-testing, ibigay ang PPEs at hazard pay sa mga frontliners, at ihatid ang cash assistance sa mga mahihirap na pamilya at nawalan ng kita (Special powers is not the answer to this pandemic but political will to pursue mass-testing, to provide PPEs and hazard pay to our frontliners and bring cash assistance to our poorest family and workers who lost their livelihood),” she pointed out. Related Posts Read more: Manila Bulletin News

Siguraduhin nyo na sana next time wag na wag nang manalo ito pati si kiko next election kung tatakbo man. To do nothing is the worst anyone can do so do your job of being a people’s watchdog against abuses instead of being a barricade. This woman is so full of hatred Crying wolf already Putangina naman risa. National crisis tong pandemic tapos yan ang worry mo?

Haysss! Kindly please help! This is not the time to politicise, shit! Only in your barracks mam maybe. Tarantada talaga ang hayop na to! You sound like honta virus. Your a virus senator She is the worst type of virus in the country. hindi pa ba pang aabuso ung pagnanakaw mo sa philhealth

Rappler Talk: Risa Hontiveros' dissent vs 'emergency powers'Rappler's Maria Ressa talks to Senator Risa Hontiveros, the sole dissenting vote during the Senate vote on emergency powers for President Rodrigo Duterte. Bookmark this page to watch the interview at 7 PM. RapplerTalk asshole interviews jerk 😊 What can we expect from this person? a different answer? Pagpuyo mo oi! Hindi nasayang ang boto ko kay risahontiveros.

Ohhhhh... emergency powers, it is stated in the constitution but would be granted by congress, let's see how it unfolds... talo nanaman ang Pilipino neto. Accessed on unused funds?😂🤣🤣 di maka move on ampota..takot kasi baka malaman nila ang emergency power ay hindi pang aabuso..yun kasi ang dinidiin nila ki marcos dati.kasingaun malalaman ng tayong bayan na wala naman epekto sa siguridad ang bansa kahit may emergency power

Wala akong masabi sa kanya pagdating sa loyalty nya 🤨 obviously hindi sa tao 😩🥺 Why? 😂😂😂😂😂 Amidst of how many pipol affected by d nCov u shld think much more of wat our country needed most,pls in times like dis not to think too negative,later on if proven ur right den dts d time u can charge against dem but not now.Helping hand,cooperat ion & compassion is wat matters

Ulol! Oh, please! You had your chance during the deliberations of the said law. Now work as one to beat the virus regardless of any political affiliation! Now is not the time for politics. Thinkers are doers Well, that is valid, considering the fact that it is coming from someone who is from a political party that used to abuse power. Utak LPig.

‘Virtual blank check, ‘ says Hontiveros on extra powers to Duterte“It also grants the President a virtual blank check with no clear plan nor strategy to defeat COVID-19. Paano natin masisigurado na mapupunta ang pondo sa taumbayan?” Hontiveros said. | CMRamosINQ CMRamosINQ Pawindangwindang ito lalo kapag high yan sa fentanyl. Paano na? pcoogov wengsalvacion ruffybiazon CMRamosINQ Ito Ang problema sa mga sugurista... Ung bang walang tiwala sa ibant Tao.. KC galing sila don.. CMRamosINQ Wait until you become President of this Republic! Money is created out of thin Air. CovidiotInChief

So anong mAgagawa mo ungas? Emergency powers is important in health emergencies. It is in fact necessary to make the State effective in dealing virus pandemic crisis. Mahirap maniwala jan, sinusulung nga niya ung mga immoral like rh bill and same sex eh. kaya walang nanalo sa otso inidoro e lahat nalang kontra, politicized.. sige lang tuloy mo lang yan risahontiveros tapos wag kna umasa samga susunod pang eleksyon ha

Honti-ViD20, the new stubborn virus in the Phils Senate. DOH in cooperation with WHO must fumigate and disinfect the Senate ofc of Riza Hontivirus to curtail its adverse spread of hypocrisy germs which could not be cleansed by any antiseptics available here and abroad. Pathetic Nevermind her..... my gosh! this Senator is a virus herself, instead of helping out the people eto pa ang naiisip nya, wala na ngang magawang tulong ang dami pang salita, sya kaya isama natin dun sa mga Frontliners na nangangailangan ng tulong. napaka kitid at sama ng utak.

All powers/positions are subject to abuse. Shouldn't you be more alarmed with the threat of covid-19 to people? Stop politicking! F to this useless senator in time like this.

WATCH: This curfew alarm in Lapu-Lapu is effectiveMaster Capcap Aparente was on his way home on March 21, 2020 when he witnessed village personnel use a very familiar sound for a curfew alarm in Lapu-Lapu City.

Kinginamo khit anung putak mo Jan Wala ng makikinig sayo! Wala ng pagasa itong mga salot na LP at mga dilawan. Salot sa bayan. Pacquiao rightly said, leaders should be frontliners! And he is there with own self and resources visible! but where are you SenGracePOE risahontiveros and porky at this very moment? remember these useless senators on Halalan2022

All ngaw-ngaw, so useless! Naku may lumabas na namang virus.. yong philhealth scam queen.. HONTIVIRUS. Halooooooot...,, Alarmist. Opportunist. Senator Hontiveros, when will you ever learn to trust other people? Why do you always have negative thoughts? See the National Action Plan first STFU! Geddemit. Ginigigil mo ako, walang kwentang Senadora. Posturing lang ng posturing. Leche ka!

This Senator play politics in the middle of a crisis unconcerned about the welfare of frontliners.

Guevarra defends inclusion of takeover in emergency powersJustice Secretary Menardo Guevarra on Monday (March 23) defended Malacañang’s decision to include in the proposed bill seeking emergency powers for President Duterte the ability to take over private establishments.

Remember Philhealth. risahontiveros wait if he will abuse it. With all due respect mam.. our country is into critcal state already due to this ncov if in case u you dont realize it still. a ProCovid19 in the making along with those who say NO in the congress. Abuse sa imong bilat All she thinks about is abuse of power in this time of crisis. Wow..you are one hell of a filipino.

While many people are giving and donating to the cause for COVID-19; this bitch still thinking politics, it is very clear all her opposition view is brought by her political reason. what kind of health advocate is this woman? contradicting gov't plan to utilize all available resources to combat COVID19 pandemic? this evil witch doesn't want us to survive!

risahontiveros Like the abuse you did with the Philhealth Funds? Are you scared of your own shadow?🤬🤬🤬 She's mirroring what could happen if they'll be in the position. That's 😔 PURO KA NYAK NYAK PUNYETA KA

[OPINION] We need people power, not emergency powerAnd here are a few reminders for companies that have been donating no. prayer power! one like one prayer. Kaya nga nauna na sila nag donate para walang emergency power takot sila nito. Ayos din pala kasi kung wala ito emergency power malamang walang mag donate. God bless sa mga nag donate, lalo na sa walang ma e donate

Pak u risahontiveros This woman should be quarantined. She’s not helpful at all.. Honti-VEERUS ng bayan!😡😡👎👎

Congress grants Duterte special powers to combat COVID-19Congress has granted President Rodrigo Duterte special powers as the country faces a health emergency due to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

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