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Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong police turn water cannon on protesters, fire tear gas


Hong Kong police turn water cannon on protesters, fire tear gas

Some dug up bricks from the pavement and wheeled them away to use as ammunition, others sprayed detergent on the road to make it slippery for the lines of police. Clashes spread in many directions.

"Some radical protesters have removed railings ... and set up barricades with water-filled barriers, bamboo sticks, traffic cones and other objects," they said in a statement.

"If we keep a strong mind, we can sustain this movement for justice and democracy. It won’t die," Sung said.

They also pose a direct challenge for Communist Party leaders in Beijing, who are eager to quell the unrest ahead of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China on Oct. 1.

Police said they strongly condemned protesters "breaching public peace" and that 19 men and 10 women had been arrested after Saturday's violence. More than 700 have been arrested since the demonstrations began in June.

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