Hong Kong Protests, Hong Kong

Hong Kong Protests, Hong Kong

Hong Kong police say officer fired gunshot in protest clashes

It is the first time a live round was used during the 3 months of protests

8/25/2019 5:01:00 PM

It is the first time a live round was used during the 3 months of protests.

It is the first time a live round was used during the 3 months of protests

Updated 9:39 PM, August 25, 2019VIOLENCE. Police fire tear gas during a protest in Tsuen Wan district of Hong Kong on August 25, 2019. Photo by Philip Fong/AFPHONG KONG – A Hong Kong police officer fired at least one gunshot Sunday, August 25, the first time a live round has been used during

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3 months of protests.Violent clashes broke out between protesters and police in Tsuen Wan, around 10 kilometers (6 miles) from central Hong Kong, after a rally at a nearby sports stadium attracted thousands of people."According to my understanding, just now a gunshot was fired by a colleague... My initial understanding was that it was a uniformed policeman who fired his gun," a Hong Kong police officer told reporters.

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Chinese state media accuses Hong Kong metro of aiding protestersChinese state-backed outlets accuse Hong Kong 's Mass Transit Railway company of abetting protesters by offering them a free and 'exclusive' train to escape police after a sit-in protest.

Hong Kong protesters form human chain 30 years after ‘Baltic Way’Thousands of people held hands across Hong Kong late Friday in a dazzling, neon-framed recreation of a pro-democracy

Hong Kong protesters form human chains to call for democracySupporters of Hong Kong ’s pro-democracy movement lined the streets and part of the city’s harbor front Friday, inspired by a human chain in a historic Baltic states protest against Soviet control 30 years ago.

Hong Kong airport operating normally despite planned 'stress test' protest

Skin in the game: Hong Kong protesters get inked Hong Kong 's tattoo community has banded together tightly over Hong Kong 's protests. 'Art is power, to spread an idea or to touch people or to inspire people,' says a tattoo artist

Hong Kong protests enter 12th week, as subway shuts some stationsEarlier this month, Hong Kong 's protesters brought the city's airport to a standstill. Now, as another weekend of demonstrations begins, the city's famously efficient subway has pre-preemptively shuttered some of its own stations-- angering protestors in the process.