Harry Roque, Bong Go, Rappler Inside Track

Harry Roque, Bong Go

Harry Roque now Bong Go's mouthpiece too?

The Presidential Spokesman defends Senator Bong Go in reaction to a Rappler article about how the Duterte aide benefits from state media coronavirus coverage

5/28/2020 6:04:00 AM

Here’s what’s new: Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque is speaking for Senator Bong Go , who is not a Palace official or even a member of the executive branch. Roque has never done this for any other lawmaker. 🤔

The Presidential Spokesman defends Senator Bong Go in reaction to a Rappler article about how the Duterte aide benefits from state media coronavirus coverage

Updated 10:46 AM, May 28, 2020Around an hour after Rappler published astory about state media's extensive airtime for Senator Bong Go, who should call but Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque, not to give Malacañang's explanation but to air the grievances of Go.

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Calling around 10 pm on Wednesday, May 27, Roque first said he was unable to respond to Rappler's request on Wednesday afternoon for Palace comment because he was busy."But you can still edit the article right?" he asked.He then proceeded to enumerate points raised by Go.

"Number one, Senator Bong Go ran as senator with the promise that he will never leave the President’s side until his death and he’s just being true to his campaign promise, to always be at the side of the President until he dies," said Roque.

"Number two, you're barking at the wrong tree. He has no plans for the 2022 elections because his term is until 2025. There is another candidate for President and it’s not him," he continued.Roque later on did not respond when asked for the identity of the other presidential candidate. He also did not respond when asked why he is speaking for Go.

Asked during the phone call why Go was always present at Duterte's meetings with officials of the Inter-agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) even if he is not among its members, Roque said the senator was only brought into the meeting when it was time for the President to make a televised public address.

Asked why he had to be there, the Duterte spokesman said,"Because he promised the electorate that he will forever be at the side of the President until he dies."These explanations are nothing new. Go has foisted them upon reporters when asked about why he

continues to tail the Presidentdespite him already being senator, raising concerns about his independence from the executive branch as lawmaker. He has also previously denied many times that he plans to run for president, in the same way that he denied he would run for the Senate.

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Go again benefiting from Malacañang resourcesWhat's new is Roque, a Malacañang official, speaking for Go, who is not a Palace official or even a member of the executive branch.Roque has never done this for any other lawmaker.The bizarreness of the situation wasn't lost on netizens.

"Harry now speaks for the 'senator,' too? Shouldn't he be reminded that his job exclusively covers the current president, not the 'future president'?Garapalan na ang galaw ng mga hinayupak!(The idiots' moves are too blatant!)" said Twitter user Ka Enchong.

Others made fun of Roque's dramatic tone."For me, he is plainly a dog and Duterte is his master or even God. Not sure if he prays to Duterte," said Twitter user John Lastrilla.Others rolled their eyes at the claim that Go has no 2022 plans, given that he said the same thing about a senatorial bid.

Roque defending Go only confirmed Rappler's story – that resources of the executive branch are being used to further the agenda of a senator who enjoys a special bond with Duterte.– Rappler.com Read more: Rappler »

herminio proudly showing us that his appetite is big enough for two dirty trapo a**es. Now we know! Let’s not be blinded in 2022 ... It’s a big NO for me🤣 the face tells us so.. 🤬 What do we expect tho. The two loyalist of this government not by the Filipino people. Tapos pag dating sa 2022, kapag nagpalabas ng ads ang mga tv or radio station laban sa mga kupal na toh sasabihin bias, abah gusto nila eh puro mabubuting publicity lng ng ilalabas.

For those who didn't finish high school, Harry says whatever he is told to say. Kind of like a prostitute will. Mouthpiece Hindi tayo nagpapakakuba para lang palamunin at patabain ang nga animal sa gobyerno sa tuwing kakaltasan tayo ng tax mula sa ating sweldo. Noong panahon ni macoy sobrang malala na si apo macoy kaya ang totoong nagpapatakbo ng gobyerno ay si first lady imelda marcos ngayon si first lady bong go naman, gets nyo?

Looks like the gang is getting out of hand, or what... Ang kapal kapal lang talaga ng mukha ng pambansangepal na to. Let's make sure he doesn't make it to Halalan2022, please lang, for our country's sake. Nku nku lagot Mali ata na sabi Pwe! Payaso in palasyo. Ooops. 🤭 there I said it Halalan2022 Is rappler mouthpiece of yellows?

Senators primary duty is to legislate laws and not as a great epal. What is BONG GO's doing every time the president is in the front of camera? He must do his task according on how we compensated him as a SENATOR. Duterte and his minions do NOT care. Gagawin nila ang gusto nilang gawin kahit mali. MAMATEY?DIOS NA LANG BAHALA SA INYO!!

Buti nga mouthpiece hindi yung hairpiece binigay Bunggo!!! Is Roque not allowed to have his personal views and defend Bong Go as a friend? Rappler and piaranada you insinuate a lot of things. No wonder your credibility is in shambles. torn between 2 lovers😍😂🤣 He is not a senator in the Senate attyharryroque . He is a body guard in Malacañang...

taka pa kayo, mga first ladies yaaaan. For gods sake Go is running our country isnt it obvious if you have a nocturnal president Ito talagang rappler. Could he not speak for a friend? Harriett want to be in the ticket come 2022. Bawal ba? Rappler maka intriga lang. Asikasohin nyo unggoy nyong amo nagkakalat sa india.

'was only brought into the meeting when it was time for the President to make a televised public address.' -bale bisita po siya? Remember during marcos time it was the first lady imelda marcos who really run the show since FEM was so sick and dying maybe this is actually the time of bong the so called first lady

He needs money we all have that one colleague we secretly like (in our unique way). 😍😘🤔✌️ Baka lang nman. 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎 Naniniguro lang naman si Harry na sya pa rin... bakit d na lang sya Bong sa 2022... lol Hulaan ko... Nasa Davao din sya ngayon. 🤡 Sabi ni Roque sa mga nagagalit na OFW 'VIP nga ang turing sa inyo' Opo turing Unsung Hero talaga. Dahil sa Bacolod City nsa public school dinala ang mga pobreng Unsung heroes. Na may toilet na madumi pa sa public market. LIP SERVICE LANG LAGI PO.

Wala ng hihigit pa sa kahihiyan ng taong ito. Nilapastangan niya reputasyon at prinsipiyo niya. Mas karesperespeto pa ang aso. Campaign manager in the making.... sipsip amputa Para sa Pambansang Sipsip, isang malaking karangalan daw ang maging tagakalat din ng fake news para sa Pambansang Epal na dakilang alalay naman ng Pambansang KupL 😂👊💩

Its the palace maid. So who is ignorant of the democratic concept of separation of powers? Is a senator giving due service to the people who elected him t his office is he is instead functioning as private secretary/nurse of the president? Of course not! Sino'ng bobo dito? He is the bantay of the tuta ng komunistang tsina. The pambansang alalay na Lageng may script o d kaya may coach if nasa senado para magmukhang matalino pero ignorante pala sa batas

Mahabang political career ang nakikita ni spox for self WestZian baka sila na attyharryroque ang cheap mo Is speaking for someone sometimes makes one an official spokeperson? Ang babaw ng utak. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hawig ba si bong kay joseph? We ll so far they v done everything out of context misinterpreted the Law the illegals now are Legals to these people under their umbrella corporation

He is never a senator. He is just a puppet. SPILL Bagay naman sila. Roque at Bong Go mga kanser ng lipunan. Aksya ng buwis ng taong-bayan. Anu ba sya? Little president? Eew! May sariling Spokesperson si ga Go! Pwede pala na member ka ng 2 branches of government. Pano na lang ang check & balance’? You're not paid to speak on behalf of an ally senator.

Spokesperson attyharryroque, nasa job description niyo ba ang maging spokesperson of Sen. Bong Go? Hindi ba pwedeng offcam lang si Bong Go kung gusto niya talagang dumikit kay PRRD? 'Til death do us part din kami ng asawa ko pero 'di ako nakadikit sa kanya habang nasa work siya. Bwisit Because Bong Go is the future President of the Philippines.

Anu kaya ang agimat ni baba at pati si bakla napapaamo nya Theyre expecting Bong GO to be the next president... My God it will be a nightmare for the filipinos. Yung RAPPLER nga Bayaran ng Dilawan ant mga Drug Lords nagreklamo ba kami? Di ba ganyan nman talaga mga aso, nag aamuyan s pwet! 👀 Getting ready si roki para sa future boss go

Bong go in the Palace. That's because they will be running together in 2022 Always creating a negative news crap rappler Can’t Roque be a mouthpiece for a First Lady? duh rappler?! first lady si bong gago kaya!! 🤡🤡 Tangga talaga nang Rappler sympre kinikwestyun nyo.. Hahaha Rappler... Hinay hinay Lang baka mamatay agad kayo sa inggit hindi sa covid...

Isn’t Bong Go the First Lady? So a Presidential Spokesperson AND a Senatorial Spokesperson as well? crush nya si Bong Go? Patindi ng patindi. Relaxxxx leahnavarro makalat, sabog-sabog na ang admin na ito I can't stand this government anymore. How much more are we gonna suffer? NoToGo DuterteResign ResignSinas DuqueResign

Lumang tugtugin na yan, besh. Kung naniwala ka pa rin, may tawag sayo. Haha. Iba talaga tong si walnut 🖕 he is a Chinese Communist Party Infiltrator.. that's what he is.. Ghorl ano na naman eklavush itong drama mo for bongago? Spokesperson of the first lady jacinth_alexis Firstlady ata yan. The caption is 💣 💣

Anlakeng mouthpiece nyan!🤮🤮🤮 So Executive branch = Legislative branch now? Must be some kind of mistake. The NEW LT of the palace 'COVD KO VIRUS MO' 🤣😂🤣 I dare or any brave reporter to clarify that from Roque himself. We want to hear how he spins the web on this issue. mahirap Sa administration na to ang daming tagapagsalita,hindi na tuloy alam ng pilipino kung sino ang tama at anu ang tutuo,bong GAGO ,then ipapaliwanag ni chaka roque at tapos ipapaliwanag uli ni savador PaneloSOT,ki inang yan umayos kayo

Duterte, Roque, and Bong Go doesn't know how the government works and how to run it,SIMPLE! “How much is that doggie in the window “🎤 papogi😂😂😂 Si Go siguro nagpapasahod diyan. You're not paid to speak on behalf of a senator. Obvious Naman na gustong tumakbo SA susunod na election ni Harry Roque Kaya vote wisely matuto na Sana Tayo!!!

so? Ayy taray all-around spokesperson kupal na senador yan, walang silbi! ang tanong, bakit hinahayaan ng ibang senador na ganyan lng ang ginagawa nya? ang maging bodyguard, caregiver, spokesman lng ni duDIRTY! wala nman bastusan, ginagaGO at binababoy mo ang senado pati nrin ang ibang miyembro ng senate!

What a shitty government! kelan pa naExtend ang job description mo attyharryroque ? magTiktok ka nalang kung hindi malinaw sayo ang trabaho mo. Sukang-suka na rin ba kayo? I wow feeling president lng mars ang peg!!! Why the 'first lady' can't speak for 'himself' so the 'roque' became his mouthpiece? From his blossoming giggles while being interviewed by Joseph Morong, and now this. Manang Harry sure has a penchant to become a Chinese licker's mistress. His interview with Willie Revillame showed how he's typical parlorist in real life.

gentletop16 As our countries first lady I think its roque's responsibility to speak on his behalf...hahaha Has Go done anything relevant and important since holding up the senatorial position? Sorry you are wrong! Isn't Bong Go the Pseudo President and therefore belongs to the Executive Dept. that Harry Roque serves? Infact Bong Go is all over--Legislative & Judicial Dept. In him is lodged the real power not in PDuterteLiarLiar! This should be clear by now!

Ano ba Yan c bong go cabinet secretary pa Rin? Sa malacanyang yata Ang senado.over exposure na c sirrrrr hahaha😕🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔2022 Trash on Trash! What another slay, you guys 😎 Why do every time I see Bong Go, I wanna throw up? 🤮🤮🤮 Totoo kaya ang tsismis na si bonggo ang tunay na presidente dahil lupaypay na si tatay? Nagtatanong lang po ganyan kasi noong panahon ni marcos dahil lupaypay na si macoy ang first lady na daw ang presidente nun..historyrepeatitself

Well, maybe there’s truth to the rumor that it’s actually Bong who is running the show...🤔😎 It's a total and complete paradigm shift. It's called Tatay's Way. Naniniguro lang si Harry na sya pa rin sa pwesto sa 2022 and beyond... 👊🏽👊🏽👊🏽 I’ve seen this in the internet and this could probably the reason why.

Rats of the same kind congregates together. Ano nga ba si Bongga Go? Shame on one's family name. Teach your children, 'to never sacrifice principles & dignity for any price'. Inculcate God, good morals and honor with self & kins. Or shame upon your parents and grand parents' names. This is how you give back to your family & country.

Kung meron pa boboto dyan kay Bobong Go talagang wala na kaya ngayon nag pupuwesto na sila ng kaalyado nila tulad ni Ramon Jacinto nilagay sa DICT para protektahan ang Network at mga Trolls ni Duterte. Wala na mangyayari sa Pinas dahil ang kasalukuyang lider at mambabatas na yan, kung matatandaan nyo dun sa nakaraang report ni Duterte sinabi nya na wala na pera ang gobyerno hindi sya mag atubili na benta ang pag aari ng Pinas.

👀👄👄🙀🙀 Sya ang lang naging Senator na kanang kamay din na nasa Malacanang at sya lang din ang Senator na ginawang paraan ang Covid -19 para makapag kampanya gamit ang bilyong piso nang bayan, 2 di na nila kailangan ang contributors dahil ginamit na ang pera natin. Nakakasuka ang mga amok ng mga buset!!!😠😠😠

may official photo/presscon bomber? tanong ko lang po bakit po ba kung kailan tumanda don po nagpalagay ng brace ang ating first lady?😂..saka ako lang ba naasiwa pag sya eh nagsasalita? pasensya napo tanong lang naman😬 Yuck... And they never fail to amaze...in a negative way. duterte = bg That's because he talks a lot. Coz he's like dat. Lol

Feeling ba nila invincible si bulok ipin bongGaGo? Lahat ng kasamaan may katapusan. Lahat ng masasama may kaparusahan! Itaga nyo yan sa bato! It is clear as daylight the scheme of somebody to run in the coming elections and, like in the previous one, is already working at his campaign sans delicadeza, ethics and basic professionalism. Ang kapal, ang babaw.

We know that this government is not for the people. It only serves duterte and his leeches. Mga putanginang taga davao SO what Dat ia free speech.. alam ng lahat mahal ni prrd ai sen go . Anung mali doon? U will micro analyze that too? Wala na tong harry siyoque na to. Ibenenta na lahat ng kanyang prinsipiyo. Walang galang sa sarili.

Seems like it... bakit itong admin na ito litong lito sa roles ng branches of gov’t Would be nice to watch and listen to a well informed individual who can speak well for the administration, to the media and above all for the people than this squawkbox recycled hack. Duterte and Go's bitch. And once he outgrows his 'usefulness' (term used loosely) or if he strikes out - this:

What's with the marital disagreements? PAWER talaga ung alalay. Am starting to think na lahat ng polisiya ngayon ng Gobyerno ay galing sa pambansang epal.... Reminder lang Harry Roque ang trabaho mo ay maging spokeperson ng presidente hinde ng ilusyonadong mag presidente! bwahahahaha! kitang kita ang mga tuta ng tuta ng tuta!

alam naman na naming hindi tatakbo si Go sa pagka-presidente... kasi VP ang tatakbuhin nya. sa sobrang paulit-ulit ng sistema sa gobyerno, basang-basa na ang galawan ng mga pulitiko. nyetakah, harrietta! BONG GA Madalas pa nmn ang tuloy ang nagkakatuluyan,hahaha So now Roque is not only licking Duterte’s ass but also Bong Go’s. Yuck!

Part ba ng executive branch si mr go? Senador n sya part of a branch of government who does check n balances. Labo? Ito ba si Bong Go talagang magaling? Many dont see it that way except being with Duterte 24/7. WeDieAsOne ang peg?! Asked why he had to be there, the Duterte spokesman [AttyHarryRoque] said, “Because he promised the electorate that he will forever be at the side of the President until he dies.” 🤦🏻‍♂️

treatment you get when you begged for a position, like feces 🤢 “Because he promised the electorate that he will forever be at the side of the President until he dies.' Sweet ng mag jowa Ang kulit ng mga tweets/news ng rappler about govt, tino-troll niyo sila haha laftrip pero dapat medyo diplomatic pa rin ang journalism ninyo. 😉

Thank you for calling it out, keep it up Rappler! How low can this pathetic man named Harry Roque go? 🤦‍♂️ Ang tanong, bakit? That's the best way to keep his job. I'm here for the comments. 😂 Sila na ang bagong love team. Goodbye, DiBong. Hello, BoQue. Tapos they will invoke separation of powere chenes pag convenient. Di ba Sal 'The Lizard' Panelo?

“There is another presidential candidate.” Could it be Sara? Or some other lackey we’ve yet to encounter? he cannot even fcking speak for himself! this person was elected by the bobos. Dapat lang being the first lady also... Harry is a shameless ass-licker. What else is new? The character evolution of Roque is utterly baffling. Much was expected from him but look at him now. From committing gaffes to twisting statements made by incompetent officials, he is rather far from the person many admired a few years back.

Bulok kasi ang bibig ni Bunggo YIEEEEEE WE SHIP 😂🤦‍♂️ Basically, Roque is the spokesperson of the first family. So it shouldn't be a surprise if he speaks in behalf of the first lady. 😂😂 Rappler, you're doing great. Keep it up.

Bong Revilla wants gov’t to speed up public works as GCQ in NCR loomsMANILA, Philippines—Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr. urged the national government to speed up the resumption of public works to kick start the local economy. Revilla issued the statement after the Metro Manila mayors recommended on Tuesday to place the capital region under general community quarantine on June 1 after more than three months of being […] BLozadaINQ We don’t need urging from a known plunderer and husband to Covid-“14” apologist lanimrevilla BLozadaINQ Giving back the hundreds of millions you’ve stolen can even kickstart the national economy. BLozadaINQ ... because the inflow of kickacks are slowing down... 🙊🙊🙊

Critics go after ABS-CBN in House franchise hearingPaulit-ulit naman.. natalakay na sa inquiry ng senado ito eh. 😤 Naglalabasan na ang totoong agenda! YesToABSCBNShutdown

Public school enrollment to push through on June 1 – MalacañangPresidential Spokesperson Harry Roque says that face-to-face classes will only be allowed in areas that are no longer under community quarantine by the time classes start Tuloy? kahit walang may gustong mag-enroll? 🙄 Labo naman, iba sinasabi ni Tatay Digong, iba din sa inyo, sana magusap naman kayo di daw pwede walang preparasyon?! hello?! 3 months na tayong quarantine at ganun na din katagal kyong walang preparasyon!...

Wala munang face-to-face classes hangga’t may community quarantine: PalasyoThis might seem contradictory with the President’s pronouncements earlier, but this could mean that as long as there’s no vaccine, community quarantine remains. And hangga’t may community quarantine, wala munang face-to-face classes. Tama ba ang basa ko? Classes shouldn’t open unless there’s already vaccine available.Also not everyone has access on internet and it would be unfair if some starts their classes while others can’t due to poverty and lack of resources. Tandaan ANG EDUKASYON AY PARA SA LAHAT AT HINDI SA IILAN LAMANG!

11,000 OFWs napauwi mula quarantine matapos ang ultimatum ni Duterte: Roquesimpleng simple lang talaga ang modus ng admin ni digung. gagawa ng problema ang mga alagad nya at aaksyunan ni digung pag marami nang reklamo. Parang si Bonggo din talaga style nito After gatasan?

Roque: Spike in new COVID-19 cases expected with gradual reopening of economyMANILA, Philippines — The sudden spike in the number of new COVID-19 cases is expected with the government’s move to gradually reopen the economy, Malacañang said Wednesday. The Department of Health (DOH) on Tuesday recorded 350 new coronavirus infections nationwide—the highest single-day tally since April 6 when it reported 414 new cases. ADVERTISEMENT “Madami po […] DJEsguerraINQ So, okay lang sa Malacañang yun? 🤔😔 DJEsguerraINQ Do not reopen if thats the case. All of us are trying hard to protect ourselves. But the virus is invisible to the normal eye. We are more exposed if we are outside. DJEsguerraINQ What kind of stupidity is this? 🙄 Ang China hindi nag-open not until single digit ang case nila. Ang tapang naman natin masyado.