Franchise renewal of ABS-CBN not a press freedom issue – Cayetano

MANILA, Philippines — The case of media giant ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal “has not, nor has it ever been, purely an issue of free speech or freedom of the press,” House Speaker Alan Peter


The case of media giant ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal “has not, nor has it ever been, purely an issue of free speech or freedom of the press,” House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano said. | NAMercadoINQ

MANILA, Philippines — The case of media giant ABS-CBN’s franchise renewal “has not, nor has it ever been, purely an issue of free speech or freedom of the press,” House Speaker Alan Peter

“The franchise is not a license to do anything that they desire with their airtime – including manipulation, disinformation, and deception,” Cayetano said.According to him, this move is prohibited by the Fair Elections Act.He also asked where was the clamor when similar bills on ABS-CBN’s franchise were filed in the 16th Congress under the Aquino administration.

“It will be tedious, contentious, and it threatens to drain the momentum that has allowed the 18th Congress to accomplish so much — including the historic early passage of the 2020 General Appropriations Act, the Salary Standardization Law for Nurses and Teachers, the Malasakit Centers Act, and many other landmark legislation,” he added.

“Pressure us to do what is right regardless if it is popular or unpopular. But do not pressure us to do what is expedient for the sake of being popular. Congress is the wrong chamber for that,” he added.

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NAMercadoINQ Kaya pala kinuha nyo Abscbn to broadcast the SEAGAMES? I am not sure ah. NAMercadoINQ Sipsip talaga NAMercadoINQ On point. Nilagyan kasi ni not-Speaker-anymore-soon ng bahid ng pulitika. NAMercadoINQ ALL TALK Cayetano should bring the discussion on ABS-CBN in the plenary. It is high time to bring out all the issues in the open and allow the congressmen to vote. ALL TALK is hijacking the process by delaying the franchise deliberation.

NAMercadoINQ Walang hiya ka talaga cayetano, paanu mo sabihin na walang issue regarding sa press freedom ang renewal ng ABS CBN, bobo ka talaga, akala q matalino ka NAMercadoINQ Iwas pa more! NAMercadoINQ So ganti gantihan lng pg me time pla ang peg nila. NAMercadoINQ This guy is a sell-out! NAMercadoINQ Gago! Di ka habang buhay sa pwesto mo. Sooner or later sa kangkungan ka pupulutin sa pagiging puppet mo kay Duterte.

NAMercadoINQ You’re correct, Cashyetano! The root cause was ABS CBN’s airing of an anti-Duterte ad. You even filed for a TRO, remember? But ABS didn’t pull the ad out because it was compliant with COMELEC rules. NAMercadoINQ Ang franchise ko...' i will support the Constitution and obey the laws as well as the legal orders of the duly constituted authorities therein;'.Sana parehas tayo ng franchise, 'sa isip, sa salita, at sa gawa'.

Solons demand House action on ABS-CBN franchiseCongressmen criticized on Sunday the supposed plan of the House leadership to let the effectivity of broadcast giant ABS-CBN's current operating franchise expire before acting on pending bills to renew the franchise for another 25 years. P50 million per Congressman can create a LOT of noise. We are now witnessing in action the luridly close partnership between Congress and the oligarchy. IStandWithABSCBN NoToABSCBNShutDown Lobbyists. 🍌🐒💩

NAMercadoINQ Because dear friend Dennis Uy is pressuring the dear old president to open it up for purchase. Cronies in a nutshell. NAMercadoINQ Nagsalita nanaman si Senador Kaldero. NAMercadoINQ Tokhang is not EJK NAMercadoINQ Ang ingay nitong si Cayetano. Kuda ng kuda eh NAMercadoINQ I stopped believing in the Cayetanos. Sorely disappointed in them. Matagal na akong nawalan nang tiwala sa mga Cayetanos.

NAMercadoINQ The Magnificent Thief, Traitor & Doble Cara alanpcayetano is speaking again in behalf of his fellow traitor-thief poondugyot. Only his thick-face wife is happy for him. History will not be KIND to them! 😠 NAMercadoINQ c cayetae madumi nng pagisip ipasara mo ba nmn Ang naguulat sa bayan eh d press violation Kung d ka ba nmn gago

NAMercadoINQ You will have your day! NAMercadoINQ it is personal issue, no more, no less.... NAMercadoINQ Tama nga naman sya. Not an issue of press freedom but more on personal vendetta.

Poe to solons: If ABS-CBN franchise deemed extended, put it in writing or declare itSenator Grace Poe said if indeed ABS-CBN may still continue to operate until 2022, it would be better if lawmakers would confirm it by putting it to writing, or at least declare it verbally. | khallareINQ khallareINQ Yawa kang poeta ka!!!! Nangarag ka sa abscbn franchise. Pero sa emergency power wa pake. Litsi! Puro pansariling interest lang inaatupag nyo SenGracePOE khallareINQ Soul-searching daw!!! Corporations have no Soul to punish. khallareINQ Closure is never a better solution to problems, if any. They can do something positive but they opted to be negative. Seeing a clear abuse of power for one's vested interest. Bad politics is not as rewarding as good morality.

NAMercadoINQ Talaga lang ba? Hinay2x Allan.... NAMercadoINQ Yes, it’s always been a matter of insatiable greed on the part of d30’s moneyed supporters. Who do you think will buy out abscbn at bargain prices after the lapse of its franchise? Make a guess. NAMercadoINQ NAMercadoINQ Bekenemen its about 1B pesos.

NAMercadoINQ If it is about the ISSUED PDRs, paano na renew yung GMA eh nag issue din ng PDRs? NAMercadoINQ Cayetano says it's not PURELY an issue of press freedom - which means that is part of the reason. His justifications are all matters that relate to information and the bias they claimed the network showed. So they really want to silence the network due to their personal grudges

NAMercadoINQ Issue of revenge lang? Ganun? NAMercadoINQ What are the issues other than freedom of speech? You can tackle all these ‘issues’ during congresnal hearings of abs-cbn franchise? Please enlighten us. NAMercadoINQ Methinks no hope for ABS CBN. If you’re not with us, you’re against us and that’s the way the cookie crumbles, a Davaoeno remarked

NAMercadoINQ How about the overpriced cauldron? What issue is that?

Congress can pass ABS-CBN franchise if Duterte certifies it as urgent – lawmakerPresident Rodrigo Duterte has been vocal about his distaste for ABS-CBN over its failure to air his 2016 campaign ads and has vowed to put the TV network out of business. So, di sila makapag decide kung ire renew ung franchise or hindi? Ano ba naman yan. Ano pang silbi ng legislative branch ng pamahalaan kung naghihintay lang sila ng desisyon ng executive branch? FckFatDaisy This news article is full of misleading statements. Why is Congress insisting on this ABS-CBN. Does Congress care about the people? They care about the Lopez family. Yes to closure.

NAMercadoINQ Ngayon hindi issue ng free speech sa yo kasi tuta ka na ni duterte na akala mo ii-endorse ka for higher position. Goodluck na lang kasi si bobong marcos ang ii-endorse niya sa target mo na position. NAMercadoINQ Cayetano, magkano ang binayad sa yo? Mas malaki pa respeto ko sa magsasaka at mangingisda kaysa sa iyo. Traydor ka sa bayan.

NAMercadoINQ Magkano ang nakurakot mo at sobrang kapal na ng mukha mo ang mali pilit mong tinatama. NAMercadoINQ Naghihintay yata ng lagay. NAMercadoINQ Then why politicize the process? NAMercadoINQ So personal vendetta lang pala ng matanda against the media giant. NAMercadoINQ Private interest vis a vis national and pressing matters of general interest; fatal violation of the “service and integrity” slogan of ABSCBN. What about the 11k employees? Guess you just have to blame your employer bec it was really abscbn who ultimately brought you down.

NAMercadoINQ The franchise renewal has been an issued of the childish and bratty behavior of a stupid president dutete NAMercadoINQ Isipin myo na lang yung kay ERAP, GMA, BINAY, TRILLANES, DELIMA.... kahit wag nyo na pag usapan ang 2010 & 2016, dahil ba di kayo nanalo... marami sa mga balita ng network naging pabor sa inyo... wag ka IPOKRITO CAYETANO, duwag ka talaga...

NAMercadoINQ if it's not then what is? haven't heard their commentators criticize duterte directly, ted for example was very critical of pnoy then i haven't heard him criticize duterte. harry roque has a program there, now arnel ignacio. frequently they interview secs, usecs, asecs what?

Lawmaker warns ABS-CBN franchise renewal bid may be rejected if House rushedA lawmaker warns that the House of Representatives may refuse to renew ABS-CBN’s franchise if it is rushed into tackling it.

NAMercadoINQ Ano ang ginawa saiyo Mr. Cayetano ni Duterte at nagkaganyan ka na! Pumapatay ka na rin ba? Nagnanakaw ka na rin ba? Hindi mo na ba naaalala ang tatay mo? NAMercadoINQ Alan Peter Cayetano you are du30s lapdog! 🙊🙉🙈 NAMercadoINQ tss..🐘💩💩💩 NAMercadoINQ This man used to be a man of word, but now he is only a word not a man anymore.

NAMercadoINQ Kailan po start ng term sharing nila Cayetano? parang ayaw nya na umalis ah

Poe’s panel to start tackling ABS-CBN franchise renewalThe Senate public services committee will start its hearing on the franchise of ABS-CBN as bills seeking its renewal for another 25 years remain pending at the House of Representatives. | CMRamosINQ

Drilon files resolution extending ABS-CBN franchise until 2022Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon has filed a resolution extending the franchise of ABS-CBN until December 31, 2022. | MAgerINQ MAgerINQ Mabuti na yung may pinanghahawakang kasulatan, baka magkaroon ng military takeover gaya ng ginawa nila dati sa ABS noong panahon ng Martial law. MAgerINQ Totoo ba yung behest loans na written-off daw? Di ninyo ba talakayin? Hmmm cabinet sec dati yata siya nun ni Pres. Cory. MAgerINQ No more extention just wait the result of quo Warranto.. %

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