For some Filipinos (like the MMDA spokesperson), satire is being passed as 'news'

The problem is when people are not able to distinguish political satire from facts.

10/12/2019 6:28:00 AM

The problem is when people are not able to distinguish political satire from facts.

Satire as a form of political commentary has been around for ages and has taken new forms in the digital space here and overseas. Celina Pialago, spokesperson of the Metro Manila Development Authority, is the latest government official who sued bloggers and online entities over satire. Some of the replies to the satirical post suggest …

Satire and humor as political expressionWhile both are different forms of speech, satire and humor are now more influential in shaping public opinion online.The high court previously definedsatireas “a literary form that employs such devices as sarcasm, irony and ridicule to deride prevailing vices or follies.”

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definedhumoras “something that is or is designed to be comical or amusing” or “a funny or amusing quality.”Dannagal Young, a professor of communication at the University of Delaware, explained that such practice is done for years as an effective way to expose “hypocrisy and flaws” to the public.

“Satirists like Aristophanes writing in ancient Greece used rich political satire and irony to expose hypocrisy and flaws among elites and within policies and institutions. In reality, humor has always had a very natural place in politics, particularly in democratic regimes where elected officials are accountable for their actions and citizens look at them with a critical eye,” Young

.Other experts, meanwhile, said that comedy can be used as a form of coping mechanism.“Placing a comical spin on dire circumstances that are outside one’s control was an effective coping mechanism,”Professor Nichole Force, who wrote the article “Humor’s Hidden Power: Weapon, Shield and Psychological Salve.”

Restraint speech is not the solution to disinformation, according to lawyer Marnie Tonson ofPhilippine Internet Freedom Alliance.“Of course there will be unjust accusations, but in the free market of ideas the answer to false accusations cannot be less speech but more speech that leads to the truth. Prior restraint on public comment is the anathema of a democratic society,” Tonson

said.Aside from Pialago, Senate President Vicente Sotto III and presidential spokesperson Salvador Panelo also took offense from memes or posts made against them on social media. Read more: Interaksyon »

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And the problem is how the people in Malacanang stupidly appoint govt officials who are without knowldge or experiences in their assigned offices.

Pialago to public: Stop the hate, work with gov’t insteadMMDA Assistant Secretary and spokesperson Celine Pialago calls on the public to stop the hate and work with the government to solve the country’s transportation problems instead. Madam Pialago MMDA, ang mga mananakay na naghihirap ang nakamasid at naghihintay kung anong mga hakbang ang gagawin ninyong nasa pamahalaan para malutas ang problema sa public transportation; tanungin nga kita, ano ba nasa isip mo ang dapat namin gawin para makatulong sa inyo?🤔 I think people have the right to express their complaints as well. Give them a plan and maybe they will rally towards it. Who doesn't want to solve the traffic problem? stop the hate and yet you instigated it with your tactlessness :((( walang kaempathy empathy ... how can we synergize kung wala namang gana maghanap ng solusyon ang gobyerno panay sabi na ang mga commuters ang dapat magaadjust :///

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