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Feud over 'mega vaccination site' on Nayong Pilipino land heats up

The Nayong Pilipino Foundation opposes the vaccination facility, saying trees would be cut. Vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr responds that it is 'inappropriate for the NPF to equate the fate of 500 ipil-ipil trees' with Filipinos' lives.

5/9/2021 5:01:00 PM
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The Nayong Pilipino Foundation opposes the vaccination facility, saying trees would be cut. Vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr responds that it is 'inappropriate for the NPF to equate the fate of 500 ipil-ipil trees' with Filipinos' lives.

The Nayong Pilipino Foundation opposes the vaccination facility, saying trees would be cut. Vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr responds that it is 'inappropriate for the NPF to equate the fate of 500 ipil-ipil trees' with Filipinos' lives.

Rappler.comThe construction of a"mega vaccination site" on reclaimed land owned by the Nayong Pilipino Foundation (NPF) sparked a feud between the Duterte administration and the foundation itself along with environmental groups.In a statement on Sunday, May 9, vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr said time is of the essence for the vaccination center's construction.

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"Work on the facility should have commenced weeks ago, but so far, not a single brick or panel has been laid," he said.The planned vaccination center on reclaimed land at Entertainment City in Parañaque City, said Galvez,"will help accelerate the implementation of our national vaccination program, as it will enable us to vaccinate around 10,000 individuals daily."

The NPF is already hosting a quarantine facility, operated by the Armed Forces of the Philippines, on the property.But the NPF on Thursday, May 6,raised legal and environmental concernsabout the planned vaccination site, which would be built near the quarantine facility.

It emphasized that the property is "not a vacant lot but has a thriving urban forest that hosts a variety of urban wildlife and is the last remaining grassland in the reclaimed area of Parañaque.""The abrupt cutting of close to 500 trees and other site works on the NPF property will kill the existing ecosystem. Once lost, it could take decades to recover this ecosystem. A mega vaccination facility that will destroy this ecosystem would be a disaster and a disservice to the residents of Metro Manila who need more green and open spaces," the NPF said.

NPF Executive Director Lucille Karen Malilong Isberto, among those who voiced these concerns, has already resigned, reported the.Trees versus lives?Galvez, who is also the chief implementer of the National Task Force Against COVID-19, said on Sunday that the government is not downplaying the NPF's position,"but it must surely know the urgency of the situation our nation is confronting."

Addressing the environmental issues, Galvez said those have been"carefully considered." The ICTSI Foundation of billionaireEnrique Razon Jr, in charge of the vaccination center's construction, got the services of renowned architect Felino Palafox Jr, Galvez noted.

"Considering Mr Palafox's track record, we are confident that he has already factored in the environmental impact of the project in the design of the vaccination center. He said that he respects the environment and will make sure his firm's design will reflect this belief," said Galvez.

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The vaccine czar further defended the project, saying that it is"inappropriate for the NPF to equate the fate of 500 ipil-ipil trees with the lives of hundreds of thousands if not millions of Filipinos.""Moreover, the proposed site of the facility is a reclaimed piece of land and not a protected forest or a marine sanctuary," he continued.

"We would like to emphasize that the government deeply cares for the environment. But as the pandemic wreaks havoc on the lives of our people and our economy, we have to make the choice. 'Green and open spaces' will be useless if there will be no one to visit them," added Galvez.

Tourism Secretary Bernadette Romulo Puyat alsobacks the vaccination center's construction, added Galvez. The NPF is a government-owned corporation under the Department of Tourism.Borrowing an adage, Galvez warned against not seeing the forest for the trees, especially in the middle of the pandemic."Put in another way, it means that we fail to see the bigger picture because we are caught up in the details or technicalities of the issue we are trying to resolve."

Galvez then urged the NPF"to heed our call and sign the MOA (memorandum of agreement) as soon as possible. We can no longer afford to waste time. The future of our people and nation depends on it."Word warThe feud had escalated further after Razon, chairman and chief executive officer of global port operator ICTSI, weighed in on the issue.

Thereported on Saturday, May 8, Razon's criticism against the NPF board, whom he called"idiots" over their opposition to the project. Razon questioned why they were supposedly prioritizing the land's preservation over the lives of Filipinos who would be vaccinated.

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SM north and Trinoma EDSA, daming Ipil-ipil at Acasia pinutol para pagtayuan ng mall. Mas gusto Yata ang mall Kaysa sa buhay. nasaan na ang DENR ano ba mandato nito dolomite- ok lang sa kanila ngayon puno na naman - ok lang din? naku naman ilapit mo sa babakunahan ang pag babakuna. huwag mong ilayo. bobo.

Tangina mo kung wala kang d mo maappreciate ung mga puno wag ka na huminga gago dami daming mga gusali na dyan na pwede gamitin eh ung d nyo ginagamit mga utak nyo kasi. Ano ba tingin mo sa puno? Wala? Kung ganyan tingin mo sa puno wag mo sabihing may pake ka sa buhay ng tao. People go to malls for essentials. Make vaccination another reason they go there. There's also Smart-Araneta Coliseum & the MOA Arena. Use existing resources & save the money to buy additional vax. Building this vax site at Nayong Pilipino will only be a source of CORRUPTION.

Pinapapangit ng administrasyong Duterte ang Pilipinas. Namimigay na ng mga isla at teritoryo, mamumutol pa ng mga punong pwedeng magkaroon ng pangmatagalang epekto sa kalikasan. VPPilipinas SenatorBinay risahontiveros DickGordonDG Madams and sirs, pls PLS do everything within your power to oppose this project! Pls knock some sense into its proponents! Bigger is not always better! We have to bring vaccines closer to the communities. Not this way!

Puro gastos na lang ang alam. Can they think for sustainable options. They can maximize the schools, covered courts ng mga LGUs and such. After ba ng Mass Vaccination Program, magkakaroon din ba ng Mass Tree Planting Program? Pa-ungasan talaga ang paligsahan sa gobyernong Du30 May mga Sports Facility na pinatayo nong SEA games. Baka puwedi rin yun...

Bakit naman yung nananahimik na mga puno sa nayong pilipino pa. Pakibilhan nga ng utak ang mga yan.🤦🏼‍♂️

Palace to Nayong Pilipino Foundation: Don’t hinder gov’t aim to protect livesThe Nayong Pilipino Foundation should not hinder the government’s mission to protect people’s lives, Malacañang said after the NPF opposed the construction of a mega vaccination site in the area. | KAguilarINQ KAguilarINQ Naging kasalanan pa ngaun ng Nayong Pilipino pag na delay ang pag bakuna!!!!! Galing ng plano nyo Ser nag depende lang pala sa Nayong Pilipino ang kaligtasan ng mga Pinoy!!! Dolomite pa more 🤮🤮🤮😂 KAguilarINQ What a stupid idea! Ang dami daming open spaces sa metro, puputulin nio pa yung mga nananahimk na mga puno ng nayong pilipino KAguilarINQ But we must save and protect our environment also. GAGO!

😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 Akala talaga nila tanga ang mga Pilipino. Bistado na kayo!! No need for one vax center. You should have several located all over. Mga ganid kayo!🤮🤮🤮 Hala sya, pwede naman gawan ng paraan yan na di kelangn putulin ang puno. Idadahilan mo pa yung vaccination. Magbibiyahe pa papunta sa Nayong pilipino ang ating mamayan? Bakit wala kayong tamang pag-iisip kundi pahirapan kami? Sigurado ako na bawat siyudad at bayan may maibibigay ang mga mayors para mabakunahan ang kanilang residente. Palagay ko may gustong i-control ! Mga UNGAS!

Why should there be a choice? Is there no other option? There are so many other facilities. Definitely we should not equate the peoples lives with the ipil-ipil trees. You should tell that to your boss that even right now no regards to filipino lives. wps travelban noconcreteplan Yung dolomite sa manila bay, pwede naman yung gawing mega vaccine site?!

Luh mega vaccination site eh pailan ilan lang naman dumarating. Nagsasayang pera. Kinain na yata ng covid ang utak. Ang dami daming lugar pwedeng gamitin. Nananahimik mga puno sa Nayong Pilipino. Nakakagigil. There should be a land use policy protecting greenbelts, isn't there? The purpose for w/c trees are being sacrificed is temporal, the oxygen-producing urban canopy, will be lost forever. Exchanging trees for lives, c'mon, there are other options. Decentralize vaccination, period

Galvez appeals to Nayong Pilipino to urgently approve the mega vaccination site amid environmental concernsIt is “inappropriate” to equate the fate of 500 Ipil-Ipil trees with the lives of possibly millions of Filipinos, vaccine czar Carlito Galvez Jr. says, as he urges the Nayong Pilipino Foundation to immediately approve the construction of a mega vaccination site in the area. TristanNodalo Wow. No concern on building a casino. Pero vaccination center meron. TristanNodalo magkanu sau galvez TristanNodalo Human lives when lost are most forever. Trees we can plant again.

Utilize existing resources! Win-win solution yun I'm really concerned for Mr. Razon. Navaccinate na ba siya? Maybe this is the side effect. It has made him think that we will fall for this bullshit. Why centralize vax centers instead of placing them within easy reach of the populace? In the US, to help facilitate Biden's thrust to vaccinate as many Americans as possible, in the shortest possible time, they setted-up vax centers within 5 miles of potential vax receivers.

Mahigit 1 year na lockdown, ngayon lang kayo magtatayo ng vaccination facility. Wala kayong foresight mga inutil kayo. Sisirain niyo pa mga puno na nananahimik. Magtayo kayo ng vaccination facility sa dolomite para mapakinabangan ng tao. Bakit kasi may mega vaccination center? Cant we bring the vaccine to people? Corruption na naman to.

Hidden agenda mo lang ay para makapatayo k ng hotel casino after magamit as vac site hahahaha! Fate of 500 ipil-ipil trees will save alot of Filipino Lifes in future than the hotel casino owned by chinese that will only filled their pockets! Ang daming mall, ang daming sinehan, ang daming hote,l ang basketball court at ang daming barangay hall na pwedeng pagdausan ng mga vaccination bakit kailangan dito pa sa lugar na ito na napakalayo para sa mga tao at kailangan pang isakripisyo ang ating kalikasan.

Kelangan ba gumastos uli? After the vaccination is done, anong gagawin sa lugar na yan? I smell kickback. 🤨 Pwede naman 'Uling for Sale' yan! Without trees kahit lahat navaccine-an, mamamatay tayo. Ang init na ng mundo. Mawawalan pa tayo ng oxygen. Nasaan ang big picture sa pagpplano?

Palace backs construction of mega jab site in Nayong PilipinoMalacañang defended the planned construction of the mega vaccination center on the vast grounds of the Nayong Pilipino Foundation property in Entertainment City in Parañaque City. | LeilasINQ maricarcincoINQ santostinaINQ LeilasINQ maricarcincoINQ santostinaINQ Matagal ng target na isa pribado ang Nayong Filipino para matayuan ang area nito ng mixed-used casino complex. Nagulat kayo no? Lahat ng kilos ng Govt ito ay base sa galaw ng pera. Tandaan nyo yan. Eto resibo: LeilasINQ maricarcincoINQ santostinaINQ There are other options. It does not have to be that particular property. LeilasINQ maricarcincoINQ santostinaINQ Ndi kelangan yan... ndi naman nagtayo ng mega chuchu for polio vaccination? Nilapit ang bakuna sa tao.....may binabalak kayonduto no kapag tapos na ang vaccinations?

What if we cut 500 tiwaling officials instead of the trees Stick to the LGU level - schools, universities, basketball courts, plazas - rather than making people commute/drive to a mega venue. Or does someone need funds for May 2022? I smell something na may kumikickback dito. Is this the only loc where you can build that vac center? Wala ng iba? Pretty sure may ibang loc na pwede na di kelangan magputol ng trees and sirain ang ecosystem. Or if not am sure there are other ways to bring the vacs to ppl.

If there are other places, why does it have to be there that you have to cut trees? 😔 DO NOT TOUCH THE TREES 🌳 🌳🌳CARLITOGALVEZ 😡 😡 😡 Just find a ready-to-use venue, gademit!!!! NUFF TALK!!!! LOOK SOME MORE!!!!!! Mga ser bakit kailangan magpatayo na nman ng MEGA VACC site?! it will be crowded Let the local LGU do on its own para sa localidad Nila.

aang daming nakatiwangwang na area ngayon. RIZAL COLESIUM, ULTRA SA PASIG, AMORANTO AT MGA ESKWELAHAN. Malalapit pa sa residential area. Isipin nyo lalayo pa ang mga tao oara magpabakuna. samantala kung na sa eskwelahan baka maglakad lang yung iba. Bakit kailangan dyan pa? Hindi ba dapat ilapit natin sa tao ang vaccination site? Hayyyy. Ang lufet niyo. Ang lala.

Sec. Galvez, pwede po bang kausapin nyo ang PSC para ipagamit ang ULTRA Pasig at Rizal Memorial stadium as isolation facilities before putulin ang mga puno sa Nayong Pilipino.

Mega vax facility in Nayong Pilipino 'favorable' to Parañaque, NCR - Mayor Olivarez

Ano buong NCR papuntahin mo Pasay? Gusto niyo lang pagkakitaan lupa kaya nag dadahilan ka Sec. Galvez. Mega vaccination site? Butal-butal dating ng bakuna! Tiyak! May magkakapera sa planong yan. Matagal na nilang iniikutan ang Nayong Pilipino. Wow , so he does not need oxygen a ckear example of stupidity by a general

Destroying the environment to save hoomans WE DESERVE THIS VEERUS... Ang lalaki kaya ng malls natin bakit hindi na lang yon ang gamitin! Malls and empty schools should serve as vaccination facilities...even churches! Mga ogag talaga... raket na naman yan Galvez, manang mana ka sa mga kapwa mo general, bakit hindi bakbakin ang AFP golf courses at yun ang gamitin

Can you put the trees after the pandemic?

Environmental group chimes in on mega vax center debate: 'Why not convert malls, golf courses instead of Nayong Pilipino?'Bakit pagasari ba ng gobyerno ang malls at golf courses? Yan ang property ng gobyerno e. Private po yung mga mall at golf courses. Fyi po di nyo po ata alam Sure kong maniningil yang mga Mall yang Nayong Pilipino sa Gobyerno yan

Galvez wag mo kaming lokohin, matagal nyo ng di pinapahalagahan ang buhay ng kapwa nyo Pilipino. Ipambili nyo ang pondo ng mga bakuna at ibigay sa mga LGUs, kayang kaya na yan iadminister ng bawat LGU, di na kailangang sa Nayong Pilipino pa. Panay kayo kickvac e! Puro kagaguhan ang naiisip ng mga put***inan* mga nasa pwesto sa gobyerno!!

Wow, dami facility nag ooffer to become a vaccine site, magsabi lang sa mga private companies, less cost pa sa government sayang ang pera. Bili nlan ng oxygen at pansahod sa mga nurses... NO TO CUTTING OF TREE Why not use the RMC😢😢😢 Mukhang may kikita na naman dito. Laging may kumikita pag may galawan ang govt. Mag isip ka naman galvez.

Malaki ang Philippine Arena. Bakit di iyon ang gamitin?! Build Build Build kayo e para kada project Kupit Kupit Kupit kayo sa budget. Gagastos na naman kayo for construction of facility? Ipambili nyo na lang ng bakuna yan. 🙄 It's just temporary, why not at the Roxas Blvd reclamation area. Masyado naman halata na may katarantaduhan ito.

Hashtagpoor thinking! Para lang dolomite! Haay nako! Sino lalaban sa pag iisip ng gobyernong ito?👎🏿👎🏿 Gustong i justify pag putol ng nga puno para pag di na gagamiting vaccination site eh pwede na ibenta sa mga developers para gawin condo or malls that stupid char char. andaming pedeng gawin vaccination areas. nanahimik mga puno dyan. filipino lives mukha mo nagiipon lang kayo para sa eleksyon. gagu

Why do we have to choose between the two? Covered courts in every barangay are sufficient enough to be vaccination sites. Retrofit those areas according to protocols. Mas malapit sa tao, since sila naman ang pakay sa vaccination. No need to cut trees Czar, take over the Vilamor golf course!!! Leisure vs Human life?

Bakit hindi sa dolomite beach? Galvez brain is as big as the seed of ipil-ipil tree a vaccination facility. There are government lots that are not being used for several years such as the PCSO lot in San Marcelino Street, Manila ir the GSIS Building near the City Hall of Manila or the former Jai Alai building along taft avenue. Where you do not need to cut trees

Ang daming lugar na pwede, so vaccine site sa lgu tapos may mega vaccine site, anong advantage nang mega vaccine site ako nagpabakuna vs sa site ng lgu, let say natuloyano yung plano dun sa site, nasa gaming industry yung backer nung project, so itatake over ba nila after?

Another means of corruption.....why can this administrstion use the facilities of schools, malls or other govetnment facilities which is not being utilized as vaccine facilities to roll out vaccination in the country. For the sake of argument, that there is a need to construct... Sobrang short term din. Bakit ilang taon nyo balak mag-vaccinate against Covid? Akala ko ba no to imperial manila, bakit sa manila kayo magtatayo nyan? Bakit iisa? Bakit necessary? Di kame tanga para mahulog sa strawman mo Galvez. Hindi Filipino ang nasa isip mo sa proj na yan

Why build one and kill trees in the process? when there are existing facilities we can repurpose to function as a vaccination facility. I believe sa US ata drive thru lang sa parking lot. Bakit kailangan pa magtayo? Edifice complex ampota, may kickback pa sa project. pinas lang na hirap na hirap pano sugpuin ang covid ang nakaisip na gumastos para sa vaccination site. kakaiba sa taba ng isip mga nasa gobyerno!!! samantalang maunlad na sa bansa paspas magbigay ng bakuna sa school, gym, church,etc.para sa mental state din itey?💩🤡😈💩😈🤡

WALA NA BA MAHANAP NA OPEN SPACE ANG MGA YAN O TINATAMAD LANG MAGHANAP BKIT LGI MAY NEED MAG SUFFER MAPADALI LANG TRABAHO NILA? After pandemic iiwanan nla un area na kalbo eh di lalo ng wla pupunta. Like rehab kuno un Ang Manila bay pro giniba ang 1 bundok pra sa dolomite🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Wag pumayag, may kikita dyan, may ibang options

Bakit?! Forever ba ang vaccination?! Nananahimik ang mga puno na ngbibihay ng oxygen sa mga tao at sa MM, puputulin mo, dahil lng sa facility?! Anu tong bago mong pakulo, Galvez?! Mgpuputol ka nman ngayon ng puno na inihahambing mo pa sa buhay ng tao?! Galingan nyo ksi ang pghahanap ng pwedeng pgtayuan ng facility ng walang mapeperwisyong tao, halaman, o hayop! O bka nman, may mpgkakakitaan dyan?

At baket? Kelangan magputol ng puno pra s vaccination Pero dolomite nyo wala kwenta super depensa kahet wala silbi tlaga? Sa ibang bansa, ngputol b sila ng puno pra mka vaccinate? Hindi! Pero nggwa nila mkbakuna ng madami at maayos. Puro kase kickback iniisip! 'Green and open spaces' will be useless if there will be no one to visit them,' added Galvez. As the dumping of Php389 million budget for dolomite sand in Manila bay is extremely useless in the middle of the pandemic when there is no one to visit the place until now. 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

ang daming pwedeng venue putaena bakit kailangan mag putol ng mga puno!! ang bobo jusko!!! ang lawak ng luneta, may Coliseum sa Bulacan sure ako papagamit naman ng Iglesia yun. Sa Manila Bay Dolomite beach an lang! Need space? The govt can propagate existing private malls throughout the country as vaccination sites via govt to private tie-up scheme. Hundreds of Millions will be saved to buy more vaccines for filipinos and preserve the lush green of Nayong Pilipino.

Dami naman open spaces sa clark. Bakit kasi dun pa sa mga meron puno. Baka nemen 🤔🤔🤔 Wait lang, bakit tayo magpapagawa ng vaccination site? Andaming bakanteng arena, event sites at malls. Dami tayo money pampagawa? Dami rin ba time? Di pwede i-distribute ang vaccine? Pano nyo dadalhin mga tao sa site na yan? kickbackccinationsite

Sino ang kikita dyan sa vaccination facility na yan? Waste of money lang . Tena mga nasa gobyerno ang bobobo. May na order na bang enough vaccine? right.. spend the money building a facility instead of using it to buy vaccines. let's forget about the list of sports venues we can use all around the metro, not to mention that billions worth of stadium they built in clark for sea games? yeah..

Ulul ka Galvez. Gusto mo ng vaccination facility eh titingi lang naman vaccine mo. Sinong inappropriate ngayon? Sisirain mo pa kalikasan. Nakakahiya sa 500 ipil-ipil trees. Pweh Bakit hindi gawing vaccination site ang malacanyang para may pakinabang naman, ginagawang tulugan lang ng mga dds yan..kahit yung senado at kongreso gawing vaccination site pansamantala total online lang naman sila

P$! Vaccines muna! Useless money making project, like expensive quarantine facilities when no money was spent for early contact tracing and testing! Drive in vaccination? P$ ulit! Pang mayaman lang ba vaccine? The Church has offered their spaces. Now where's the vaccine?

There are do many empty lots available where trees do not have to be cut! Why there? Is there a hidden agenda? Tangina gobyerno ng pilipinas tlg My good. Parking lot is enough. Wtf is this corruption to cut trees for additional funding. Mr Galvez, why would you impose ONE VACCINATION HUB on the people?!? Why spend money that we don’t have to build that when you can find other venues to inoculate the people?!? Papa commute nyo mga tao papunta dyan eh wala nga masakyan?!? This project smells fishy already!👊🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼

O Panginoon Hesus ko kailan nyo po kaya imumulat ang isipan ng mga alagad ni satanas na masyado na namemerwisyo sa aming ordinaryong tao. Puro destruction na lang dala nila sa Inangbayan. Ngayon pati punong nanahimik ay wawasakin nila sa pansariling interes. Laki na naman ng kickback siguro para sa vaccination site anoh po? Tanginumin nyo ... hirap na hirap na bansa nyo PERA pa rin ang nasa isip nyo. Hindi ba pwedeng gamitin ang mga existing facilities na lang? Punyeta ano po.

Bakuna ang kailangan, hindi mega vaccination site. Till now not enough testing, not enough contact tracing, and not enough vaccines and yet this man wants to feed us this horsesh*t? 500 trees vs Filipino lives, what a logic. As if there are no other areas available in the country for its mega vaccination center. Such idea is revolting!

Bakit hindi sa Luneta o doon sa white beach na nawawawala ang buhangin? Maginhawa at malaki ang space.

wala na tayo g budget di ba why not use yung mga nakatayo na at hindi nagagamit, like coveredcourts, basketball courts mga plaza or even facilities ng schools Hospital ang kailangan hndi Mega Vaccination Site. Dpat i-lapit sa tao and distribute para hndi crowded. Mag ka mega cluster nga yan vaccination site nyo

bakit hindi gamitin ang nga arenas at coliseum? Just like when they built that effin cauldron. Ano n ngayon? May apoy pa ba? Kung ang buhay ng puno ay walang halaga, malamang wala din halaga sa kanya ang buhay ng tao. Pera pera lng siguro to. Bk me kikitain kaya drastic moves. ang dami daming pwedeng gawing vaccination facility, magpuputol pa kayo ng puno. after ng COVID, wala nang silbi yan. kaldero all over again. gastos kayo nang gastos, di nyo man lang iniisip yung use nyan sa future.

Hello Galvez, why ask people to commute? There are many facilities in the LGU. Isip-isip pag may time! The point is, why do you have to build another property when we have so many gyms, arenas, etc., that can be used. NCR is a big parking lot anyway. Spend billions again, then what? Tengga after the pandemic? Your strategy is dumb as always. 😑

I can sense that Something is not right here. There are other areas where vaccination can be done. Why choose a place where trees are needed to be cut? I hope I am wrong. The real estate cost there is attractive. Who is behind this? Just asking🧐🤨 Stupid planning! Why use more money to build a vaccination center? Get the vaccination site everywhere from churches, schools, malls, gymnasiums, etc. drive thru / mobile vaccination centers!

😡😡😡 Puede namang ibat ibang gym,baskeball courts😕 My Gosh! What’s the ulterior motive here? We need the trees for our survival. No to cutting trees to have a vaccination site. We, Filipinos are known to be resourceful..until these kakistocracy came in and feed us with effing ludicrous reasoning. it will suffer the same fate, it may not be POGO, it may not be Chinese... but definitely vested interest... in guise of 'for the sick and dying Filipinos and their welfare'

Mega vaccination site means big kickback for this administration. In return, big campaign funds for next year’s election. ANG BOBOBO If you want more people vaccinated then take the vaccine to the people. Grabe yung arguments nila no? Napakabobo How about using the Quirino Grandstand? akala ko ba by LGU na ang Vaccination? why Build a centralized vaccination site where many people will congregate? Hindi ba mas okay ang smaller sites tapos madami? para dispersed ang mga tao. justsaying

In Singapore, schools and other public places has been new facilities.... O pagkatapos ng vaccination ano na? Use Camp Crame and Malacanang nang may pakinabang. We have no need for more concrete pavement in the metro because climate change. Bay di Gamitin ung Philippine Arena for Mega vaccination site..

Hindi Yong trees. You mean mga tao doon lahat pupunta sa iisang Lugar coming from different parts of the ncr plus and country. Di ba pwede maraming vaccination centers.. Yong mga elderly nga pinupuntahan pa sa bahay para doon turukan hindi makatravel. I didn’t hear you talk about human lives while thousands are being killed in the drug war.

Pera pera lang pagkatapos benta s private sector. Stadiums, coliseums, arenas, gymnasiums, sports fields, sports complex, parking grounds. Hindi mo kailangang magputol ng puno. It's so hard to get there without a car, and imagine the traffic it'll cause. Obviously Galvez or someone else has an ulterior motive. Trapo talaga yan.

Kumikitang kabuhayan for elections 2022? Why build when we have lots of vaccination areas. What we need are vaccines. Walang wala na ba tayo ma convert to commercial land at pati yang NPF na isa na lang sa mga natitirang green patch? Dahil lang talaga sa vaccination site, ha? At hindi dito sa nabalitaan ko na tinatarget ng Chinese 'yan para tayuan ng casino.

Why spend millions of money on temporary site? Bakit di na lang gamitin mga coliseum, sports complex etc like in UK and US? Gamitin na lang ang pera pambili ng bakuna. Di yung umaasa lang sa donasyon Why can’t they have these on golf courses instead? They’re practically already open spaces and are government owned.

Simple. Usapang hotel - casino complex lang yan. Nakahanap ng magandang palusot para justified ang pagputol ng mga puno. Pero ang ending nyan, the property will be offered to a billionaire on a silver platter. after ma vaccine lahat ano ng gagawin? Bakit nga ba dun? E marami naman lugar na pede.. A basketball court or gym is adequate to be a vaccination site considering we have thousands of them all over the country. Obviously money is again the bottom of these constructions, diba attyharryroque?

Those Ipil Ipil's are evil and need to be cut..😠🤬👿

STUPID GALVEZ!!!!! No. Ang laki ng dolomite beach. Dun tayo para may view. There are tons of areas that could be used instead of making a new one. Use the cash to refurbish other old buildings like the Philippine Veterans Affairs Office near Manila City Hall and use those as facilities instead. Ipil ipil?!!! Wow!

Bakit kailangan ng mega vaccination site? National govt must just support lgus in their local drives. Are they planning to transport people to manila for vaccination? Added cost pa ang transport.. Bakit kailangan ganito? Bakit d nyo itap ang mga malalaking pharmacies like Mercury Drugs or Watsons. Sa US pwede magpa appointment sa mga CVS o Walgreens mas malapit sa mga tao d yang gagastos nanaman para sa construction tas uutang nanaman. Pandemya na nga magnanakaw pa ng pera nasa utak nyo!

Gastos na naman. Sino naman ang tatao? Puro nga volunteer yung nag vaccinate sa mga Brgy at mga villages. May script ito, biglang pasok ang Presidente or ang Alalay at iveto ang NPF. Why do we need a mega vaccination site? Isn’t it better to bring vaccines closer to most Filipinos by doing vaccinations on more sites like malls, brgy halls, etc?