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FALSE: Duterte warned about coronavirus threat 'at the start'

Even after the first coronavirus death outside China was recorded in the Philippines, the President downplayed the issue and said 'it will just die a natural death'

4/8/2020 4:31:00 PM

Even after the first coronavirus death outside China was recorded in the Philippines, the President downplayed the issue and said 'it will just die a natural death.' CoronavirusFacts

Even after the first coronavirus death outside China was recorded in the Philippines, the President downplayed the issue and said 'it will just die a natural death'

“We are prepared to handle this public health emergency, in case the worst scenario happens.Alam mo, kung hindi natin kaya itong putang-inang idioto na corona ito, hinahanap ko eh. Gusto kong sampalin ang gago. (You know, if we can’t defeat this son of a bitch, idiot coronavirus, I’ve been looking for it, I want to slap the idiot.) We are a nation,” Duterte said.

'This is not terrorism': Filipinos take to the streets after anti-terror bill hurdles Congress Anti-terrorism bill passed by Congress, now awaits Duterte signature Taiwanese voters oust mayor who sought presidency

In a, Duterte also said that “we can defeat” COVID-19 and cursed the virus again. He announced new confirmed cases that night, bringing the country’s total confirmed cases to 24 then.“Well, we have the money to combatitong COVID-19 na ito (. I assure you we have the money and we can defeat that – '

tang-inang virus na ‘yan. Saan ba nakatira ‘yan?(Son of a bitch virus. Where does it live?) We can defeat it,” Duterte said during the press conference. Read more: Rappler »

He has done well for his country. Epal lang yan! Oh, still trying to please Winnie. Kulang yata ang information na nakalap niyo. Tulad ng tiwala ko sa pagbabalita niyo. ✌️ His utter failure as a leader will go down in Philippines history as one of the saddest times that it has faced.......this sadly elected buffoon is a classless misogynistic fool who has dragged the country back decades, all based on using social media to pander to the masses

If you keep downplaying the facts. . . . My gaaaaaad! Inuuna kasi kayabangan bago isip eh. Habang ang lider ng ibang bansa nag iisip na ng paraan, tinawanan nya lang ang virus at sinabing 'Sasampalen' nya lang. Y is it so easy for him to lie? 😩😓😩 FORESIGHT, is that too much to ask from a leader? Kailan ba naging sharp ang memory ni dutae? 💩💩💩

BiggieXXL69 Seems that the President is really suffering.. A hint of dementia I guess... 😔 Did you even ask who gave him the advise that “COVID19” wouldn’t be this big? It’s too easy to say he downplayed it,. He doesn’t know everything. At mrmi ang nniwla at piniling maging tanga kya cge share s fb! Nakalimutan nya malamang pinag sasabi nya..

Hoy! Mga BUGOK! Uto! Uto! Na DDS! ZOMBIES! At Marcos Loyalist Revisionist Apologist! Huwag Kayong Magkalat Ng FAKE NEWS! Hoy Mga DDS! At Marcos Apologist And Revisionist! BUGOK! Huwag Kayong Magkalat Ng Kabugokan Nyo Dito! Mga BUGOK! I think am already used to the President nature of talks. Just listen but, its up to you whether you believe him or not. Do your own research. If am right, not all his talks are not official statement. If his statement is considered official then we can make an issue out of it.

🙄🙄🙄 ay nako rappler. Bat kailangan pa ng ganito kita nyo ba ilang weeks na ECQ. What is the sense? btchsesa Why even leaders shouldn't be making calls about things outside of their expertise. 17 (?) doctors have died So who gets investigated and charged for lying about the mistakes of the president? Surely his supporters are not into spinning falsehood...or what?

Well didn't he say tho, that peddlers of misinformatiom and false news should be charged? 😏😏😏 Covered ba to ng Bayanihan Act regarding spreading fake news? Kasi kung hindi sya pwede arestuhin, sapat na sakin ung DuterteResign The sheperd doesn't simply tell the herd that the wolf is coming. The shepherd should lead them to safety. Ano yun? Kapag nilapa ng lobo ang mga tupa kasalanan ng mga tupa kasi binalaan na sila?

This nonsense is brought to you by P. Diggy. Be very wary and discerning. The present admin is distorting the narrative to suit its interests.

FALSE: Photos of Anakbayan, KMU rallying during quarantineFactCheck: The photos were taken during a rally held on February 4, more than a month before Luzon was placed under enhanced community quarantine. Coronavirus Facts Why is there a need to post fake news? There are a lot of important aspects of this crisis which we need to respond to urgently. Lives of Filipinos are at stake here. Konting utak naman. Konting puso. Konting malasakit sana. Wag ka na tumulong, wag ka nalang din manggulo faker!! Just to explain, im not referring to Rappler, just to the losers who do not factcheck buti nga may to verify this Yung mga nagpost nyan ang dapat hinahabol ng NBI.

Gov’t secures facilities, resources for health workers, frontlinersPresident Duterte told Congress that the government has secured more facilities and other resources for health workers and other frontliners to support them as they fight the coronavirus disease ( COVID-19 ).

Duterte ‘inclined’ to extend Luzon-wide quarantine until April 30The Duterte administration is inclined to extend the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine until April 30 as the government continues to grapple with the COVID-19 pandemic, President Rodrigo Duterte said in a televised address on Monday. | KAguilarINQ KAguilarINQ May be so... KAguilarINQ No problem to extend the LOCKDOWN as per instructions. Pero til now wala parin kaming natatanggap na assistance from Government like relief goods. VicoSotto PasigInfo KAguilarINQ keepsafe everyone especially kay tatay digong💖

Duterte calls nation to prayer on Holy WednesdayPresident Duterte has rallied the nation to pray together this Holy Wednesday so the country can defeat the coronavirus pandemic. You're not alone PRRD Wala kang God ulol

UE campus journalist 'forced' to apologize after criticizing Duterte gov't onlineJoshua Molo, editor-in-chief of The Dawn, drew the ire of 3 teachers after criticizing the government for its handling of the coronavirus pandemic in posts on Facebook. Full story:

Mexican government warns of lack of doctors amid coronavirus fightMexico’s health ministry on Tuesday warned that the country was facing an acute shortage of doctors as the country seeks to ramp up hospital care to fight the fast-spreading novel coronavirus outbreak.