Exo, K-Pop

Exo, K-Pop

EXO's Kai to release first solo album

Who's excited?! 😍

7/3/2020 1:08:00 PM

Who's excited?! 😍

Who's excited for Kai's first solo debut?

Updated 4:50 PM, July 03, 2020SOLO. EXO member Kai is reportedly working on a solo album. Photo from Kai's Instagram page Read more: Rappler »

Jennie yes KING KAI 👑♥️ weareoneEXO EXO Me!!!!!🥺😭 Exofanbase 🙌🏼 Me The whole world Zbithchch MMMEEEEEE KAI 카이 EXO 엑소 weareoneexo Whipped for Kai 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Arita14853 KAI_IS_COMING Morocco_EXOL me ✋✋✋♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ weareoneEXO B_hundred_Hyun layzhang weareoneEXO EXO KAI_IS_COMING KaiSoloIsComing KaiEXO jongin SMProtectCHEN CHEN JONGDAE

Exofanbase Me I hate rappler but I love Kai. So, yeah, gonna retweet this.. weareoneEXO Mention weareoneEXO please. It's their Twitter account. Exofanbase Of course everyone really excited😭😭😭 KAI_IS_COMING weareoneEXO the universe is quaking everyone is excited weareoneEXO Exofanbase ME The whole world is shaking kai 카이 Jongin weareoneEXO

Astral_EXOkai Off course we 😍😍😍 weareoneEXO KAI KaiNationUnion_ Yo 😍 kai jongin KaiNationUnion_ LITERALLY EVERYONE 😭 Thank you Please write about EXO-SC coming next week. They're TWO members of EXO. mariaressa beacupin alexavillano KaiNationUnion_ Me!! Hereiam_cafe BITCH YES None Erigom ka nu?

ediiilyyynaaa ExoHiya Who’s not excited hahaha !!!!! you mean he's releasing a 'solo-lololo-lolo'? RAPPLER EXO-L All the world 💙😭😭 Me! 😍 RAPPLER ERIGOM?!? WE LOVE TO SEE IT idk if i will ever get to prepare myself enough for kolo but yes pls Niel_exoL I'm so excited!!! 😍 5TH SOLOIST ❤EXO OT9 FOREVER❤ KAI EXO JONGIN weareoneEXO B_hundred_Hyun weareoneEXO layzhang

U must asked who's not exited? The world should be celebrated this KAI_IS_COMING KaiSoloIsComing weareoneEXO ME ME ME ME!!!!!!!!!! weareoneEXO Everyone KAI_IS_COMING weareoneEXO Who? Me me me me 1BillionViewsDay9 세훈찬열_10억뷰_D_9 EXO_SC EXO weareoneEXO layzhang B_hundred_Hyun Nice one rappler 😊 PoohIndianEXOL We 😍😍😍 weareoneEXO

Me ♥ KAI EXO weareoneEXO AKO!! weareoneEXO weareoneLATAM KING OF KPOP 👑🔥♥️ EXO weareoneEXO rappler people are exo-ls omg taste 💯 Arita14853 KAI_IS_COMING beacupin mariaressa Please also write on EXO-SC which will drop their album on July 13. They’re 2 EXO members. This is big. Thank you! We support you and press freedom! 🤍

kairhapsody I can't wait Yes, important magpalaganap ng balita at impormasyon tungkol sa terror bill, pero nag iisang post lang naman po ito. Hindi naman po mababawasan ang kamalayan natin sa nangyayari sa bansa sa isang post tungkol sa exo. Napakababaw naman po ata nun. okay lang kami sir unahin muna natin VetoTerrorBillNow IbasuraAngTerrorBill

ako pero engk oust ddu ddu ddu Now we know Rappler is an erigom. It took a Kai Solo for them to tweet... THE WHOLE WORLD ARE EXCITED FOR KAI KAI_IS_COMING weareoneEXO everyone is excited!! weareoneEXO ME gucciibear The whole industry KAI 카이 엑소카이 jongin weareoneEXO Nivitalks Who is not 😍💜 We all are excited for our Nini bear's solo😍💜

Meeeee Meeeee!!! KAISoloIsComing KAI_IS_COMING KAI weareoneEXO LordOhSehunStan We all are!! weareoneEXO Teka ‘yung Terror Bill muna. Tsaka na muna si Kai. Hahahahaha.

EXO's Kai to release a solo album, SM Entertainment confirms EXO 's Kai will be making his debut as a solo singer very soon! kaischarts Yes!!!! KaiNationUnion_ PERIODT

EXO's Kai to release a solo album, SM Entertainment confirms EXO 's Kai will be making his debut as a solo singer very soon! kaischarts Yes!!!! KaiNationUnion_ PERIODT

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