Erwan Heussaff rebukes people who are choosy about vaccine brands: Stop trying to be smart

Erwan Heussaff is getting tired of 'knee-jerk opinions' on COVID-19 jabs and urged the public to get vaccinated no matter the brand.

7/23/2021 8:21:00 AM

Erwan Heussaff admitted that he is getting tired of “knee-jerk opinions” on brands of COVID-19 jabs and urged the public to get vaccinated no matter the brand. READ:

Erwan Heussaff is getting tired of 'knee-jerk opinions' on COVID-19 jabs and urged the public to get vaccinated no matter the brand.

View this post on InstagramA post shared by Erwan Heussaff (@erwan)Heussaff then questioned why some people have been acting like “vaccine experts” on various social media platforms.“I’m so tired of knee-jerk opinions on Viber groups, Twitter and Facebook. At the end of the day, Sinovac is still an effective COVID-19 vaccine — whether it’s 50% or 95%, it’s still something,” he said.

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ADVERTISEMENTHeussaff also pointed out to fans that while reinfection after vaccination is possible, vaccines can still protect people from the virus. He reminded them to still observe health protocols after getting vaccinated and to listen to doctors.

“Stop trying to be the smartest person in the room and listen to people who know what they are talking about,” he said.Heussaff also pointed out that vaccines are given by the government to the public “for free,” which is something that “doesn’t happen often.”

Heussaff’s admonition received praise from fellow celebrities including Angel Locsin, Karen Davila, Georgina Wilson and Jasmine Curtis-Smith, among others. / Read more: Inquirer »

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annecurtissmith why should we choose brands you endorse? It is just material things so brand and quality doesn’t matter. But doesn’t it? How about human life then? His statement feels off. Hope you and your family are okay. So WHAT, THAT'S THE WAY TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF PHILIPPINES Dito sa US, hindi kami gumagamit ng Sinovac ng Tatay Digong mo GAH GOH! erwanheussaff

Nope. My tax money paid for it. :-) I totally disagree from it's 'free from government' Erwan...the vaccines are free from other nations..not from the Phil government. Erwan ko sayo! Please have this guy educated by his wife. pwede ka namang magpaturok ng sinovac at sabay sisihin ang gobyerno kung bakit yan ang bakuna na binigay sayo. kung walang magrereklamo yan lang bibilhin nila dahil malamang may kita sila dyan.

It’s so funny the way people think they can choose their vax in other countries whatever is available they take it! Come on guys do some research. Stop moaning! I agree with Erwan Heussaff! I’m sick of waiting ! My family been waiting to be vaccinated. The people are waiting to be vaccinated I don’t think they care about the brand. It’s all talk but nothing is happening in Marilao! My mom is a senior citizen she should be vaccinated by now.

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Me too getting tired of the knee jerk influencers like you cheret There is genuine vaccine hesitancy, but we haven’t reached a point where that’s a problem yet. As far as I know, there’s not enough vaccine in the country to cover just those that are willing to get the shots. It isn’t free. We’ve paid for this with our taxes. These are our vaccines.

The best vaccine is whats available. Wait or pass for the Vaccine brand of your choice may cost life or lives of someone . Be responsible. Get vaccinated now. Free from the Government Narinig mo na ba ang salitang buwis erwanheussaff ? It's all well and good until other countries refuse entry of Filipinos, specifically OFWs, vaccinated with Sinovac.

erwanheussaff we are taxpayers that's why we have the right to choose. its not free, you paid that off from your tax. Magluto ka na lang and stop being snart.

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SHUT THE FRONT DOOR ON THIS GUY!!! Maraming perang nasayang sa 50% na yan at bakit sadyang pinabayaan ang pagbili ng 95%? Dahil ba pa-alipin mode tayo sa China 🇨🇳? Offended ang mga wokinam at yellowturds. 🤣 Pano magkakaimmunity herf kung lahat choosy.. dadami basher mo niyan erwan mehehe 😬 Pera ng bayan to, Erwan. Deserve ng Filipino ang may quality na bakuna, hindi yung China-made with undisclosed price.

erwanheussaff ang tanong bakit bibili ng sinovac na less effective compare sa ibang brand? And take note mas mahal ang sinovac! ay ano raw hahaha erwanheussaff Its not free. It was paid using our taxes anne yung asawa mo nagkakalat That is human nature. Let them be.🤪

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I’m with you on this mr.Heussaff, some pinoys nga naman talaga feeling entitled think they deserve more than the next. No comparison of brand as long as it will be consumed and serve to all the vaccine will does have good benefits to human. now you you know?Frontliners Wag nyong sanayin ang gobyerno n substandard ang binibigay sa atin. Tandaan nyo yan!

Kanya-kanyang opinion kasi yan Erwan; tulad ngayon, umu-opinion ka…. pero sana, may napupulot tayo sa bawat opinion, hindi yung mema lang… tulad ng opinion mo 🙄🙄🙄 Life is a matter of choice, not a matter of chance. It's not free it's paid by the people thru their taxes. Sorry po for promoting 07/24/21 Available ╰► Netflix 1m (shared) — ₱110 ╰► Spotify 1m= 25| 2m= 40|3m= 55 ╰► Grammarly 1m= 45 | 3m= 115 ╰► YT Prem 1m= 40 | 4m = 120 ╰► Viu (shrd) 3m = 75 | solo = 100 ╰► Canva 1m = 25 ╰► Bartleby 1m = 40 ~ dm for other prems. ty

Stop trying to be smart, just get the jab, then come to my restaurant, your steak maybe well done or rear or churned…who cares it is still a steak dude, the beer hot or cold, still a beer, don’t try to be smart just be a good and naive consumer … Ohh. Although you decided to receive the Sinovac jab, weren't you being choosy when you ordered Moderna vaccines before that? Duh.

Bullshit! It is not free. It is paid with tax payers money

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The budget of the gov't comes from the taxes collected from the people.The loans incurred by the govt that is supposed to address this pandemic w/c includes purchasing of vaccines will be paid by the taxes collected from the people.Karapatan ng taumbayan to choose ng vaccine Sorry erwan marami2 tlg mga bobong pinoy' mga bulok utak' feeling taas g standard.

I think efficacy rate and other metrics for vaccine evaluation is not a 'knee-jerk' Hindi naman namimili ang karamiham erwan, wala lang talagang bakunang maibigay. Yung iba nga matagal na naghihintay. saka HINDI libre ang bakuna mula sa gobyerno, yung iba ay donasyon at yung iba ay binili mula sa buwis na pinaghirapan din naman nung mga babakunahan.

kung may steak na 150 per kilo pero matigas kapag niluto at dimsarap vs steak na 200 perkilo na sariwa malmbot at masarap pag niluto yung murang steak kaya iseserve nito kay anne Who are you? Exactly babe😌 bakit ka nga naman matatakot kung di ka naman sumasakay ng mga pampublikong sasakyan at kung ang trabaho mo eh hindi naman sa mga matataong lugar

how about telling everyone what brand of vax he got before pontificating about 'knee-jerk opinions' There's no such thing as free or government funded. It's all paid for by the people with our taxes. And any loans made will be paid for by the same. CHECK. YOUR. PRIVILEGE.

Hundreds of Ugandans given fake COVID-19 jabs: health officialsAt least 800 people in Uganda were given fake coronavirus vaccines -- some injected with water -- in a scam that involved 'unscrupulous' doctors and health workers, government officials said Wednesday. 😧🙁

Free from the gov’t bwahaha. The ignorance on display. I won't be surprised if the same people here complaining of Sinovac would be the ones qeueing up for the vaccine come the spread of the delta variant. Sige mag-inarte pa kayo! Iyak mga maaarteng wokinan, yung matatandang zobel de ayala nga pumila sa sinovac samantala itong mga hampaSlupa choosy pa akala mo ang laki ng ambag, kahit nga siguro sa kanilang bahay di mautusan pweeeeh 😂😂 mga sira imo tlga 😂

AprilAviguetero erwanheussaff annecurtissmith Tell That to lenirobredo BOBO!!! Oh Erwan. Stay in thr kitchen nalang. You cant tell people what to do OR feel about the vaccine. And notjing is free po. Our taxes paid for those vaccines. GetVaccinatedNow Well we're tired of your knee-jerk opinion also, since it seems you're not readind international news and just blabbing about your baseless opinion!

Can you see the long lines of people in Manila who want to be vaccinated? They are willing but there's no vaccine. It's not the brand anymore but the availability. Boycott KickVacc Gunggong na ito. Kung science lang ang basis mo for taking Sinovac, ikaw yan taccah. It's science & conscience for the rest of us. Wala naman talaga 'nagbebenta' ng covid vacc sa buong mundo, e. Libre yan, pero itong gobyerno natin nagbebenta ng Vaccine slot

Diba si Anne.... 😁😁😁

2 doses of Pfizer, AstraZeneca effective against Delta variant – studyOfficials say vaccines are highly effective against the Delta variant, now the dominant variant worldwide, though the study reiterated that one shot of the vaccines is not enough for high protection. READ: Panu yung vaccinated by sinovac? China nga mismo nagshift n ng vaccine. Marami din may ayaw sa sinovac sa Hong Kong. Wala ng bagong orders ng sinovac ang Indonesia, kelan tau?

The vaccines were bought using people's tax it's not free. And people are free to have their own opinion--just like you. P. S. It's free from the government. That doesn't happen often. erwanheussaff inutang to ng gobyerno, so tayo din magbabayad nito in the future. Hindi ito free. Tired Erwan? Lumayas ka ng Pilipinas at dun ka sa bansa mo magpahinga. Manananamantala k lng din naman sa mga Filipino eh. Kmi din naman eh, tired na rin sa mga tulad mong feeling superior porke dugong banyaga!

He is not even a Filipino. U earn from pinoys so respect our opinions or get out . Hipocrite paid celeb oh wokes cancel erwan now hahaha because sinovac and govt 🤣 lets see how shallow you are 🤣 we should have made the vacs like thailand , order thru shopee 🤣 we are tired of you too. get off social media , u earn from it. Dont bash other people’s opinion. u r irrelevant and u earn from us w ur so called “shows” . I just hope u r not paid by the govt to say that. “knee jerk my ass”

Sino ba tong tolongges na to? Free from the govt? Well , do you know what tax means , Mr. Smart -alec! Erwan kung anu anong version ang pinag gagawa mo sa filipino cuisine, ikaw ang 'knee-jerk'. may nambatikos ba seyo?

Andami ring 'knee-jerk reaction'... choosing a better option is a luxury Filipinos don't have at the moment bec of how inept the govt is. IF given a chance to be vaccinated then go for it regardless of brand- might be less effective but it will give fighting chance of not dying. Bugo man sad diay ning kagwanga.

The media and the Dilawans, Communists and other political opportunists, has always have a knee-jerk reaction and opinion, with reporters even “jerking” every story that they hope will hurt Duterte. Pilipinas Pinoy nga naman Although it is true that 50% efficacy is better than 0 efficacy, it is not knee-jerk opinion or trying to be the smartest person in the room to want the best for yourself. YOU, sir, shld stop trying to meddle in other people's decisions. Di mo ikinagaling ang pagmamagaling mo. 🙄

no such thing as free from govt Shut the f*ck up, Heussaf. Filipinos have the freedom to choose the best option and if they choose to wait, WALAKAMPAKE. Kung ayaw ng Filipino sa Sinovac, wala kang karapatang magreklamo. Right nila yun. Tadong ito. Yung ibang high end brands ng vacc nililimit ng gobyerno at nilalaan sa mayayaman, maimpluwensya at powerful na tao. Samantalang mga lower class ng vacc ay libre kunong binibigay sa mahihirap. Yan ang kalakaran jan. O kaya wait nila till election ibigay ang vacc para hayahay.

Mr. Erwan flex mo na lang Pfizer vacc keysa kunwari kapang tire na sa mga knee-jerk opinions about vacc brands. Am sure di lahat ng tao ay may pribelihiyong mamili ng vacc nila like you. Come on, just flex it dude. Ano vacc mo? Wag kana mahiya gayahin tropa mong si Isabelle Daza. Margin between 50% to 90% huge difference! Kung sa grade ang passing rate is 75, pihadong bagsak ka.

Anong pinagsasabi ni ' TINOYLA '...they were paid for from our taxes plus the billions of loans of this stupid government. People who got vaccinated needed booster shots because Sinovac is really ineffective! I bet his wasn’t Sinovac 😂 ewan ko sayo erwan. Wala kang pakialam na artista ka kung namimili kami ng vaccine that will be introduced to our body dahil nagbabayad din kami ng buwis at pumipili ng mas effective na gamot o bakuna!

Alam ba ni Erwan kung bakit mas maraming SINOVAC ang dumadating kesa sa ibang mas kilalang brand?🤔 At alam ba nya na mas mahal ang presyo nito kesa sa ibang leading brand kahit mababa ang efficacy nito?🤔 At hindi ito libre, dahil utang ito na babawiin sa tax.🤨 One has the right to choose what is to be injected into their bloodstream. One has the right to have the best medicine. This is not a knee jerk opinion but well thought of. Get rid of your feelings of intellectual superiority and hypocrisy.

Getting tired too of those urging the public to get vaccinated with the least effective brand with the least producing antibodies. It is not a knee jerk opinion but one based on scientific studies, statistics, and reported/experiences of other countries. Sir, it's not free I'm paying it every month with 25% tax taken out from my salary. And this deduction will not stop and never will. Kaya I would like to exercise my right to choose for the best vaccine as an honest tax payer.

Did this pikon guy forget that the vaccines are from taxpayers’ money and not from the govt? Dafuq!

Check Dr. Anne Gabriel-Chan's FB post para mas lalo niyong maintindihan ang point ni Erwan. Its free from Covax centre and donated by the other countries... Erwan forgot that we could have had 10,000,000 pfizer doses if Duterte and Duque did not sit on the paperworks. We could have had the best yet we’re mostly getting one of the worst because Duterte & Duque are incompetent (or maybe because of something else?)

Ang dali sbhn ng mga taong d nagccommute s work, ung d nagggrocery s mga talipapa n dikit dikit mga tao, ang dali sabhn s nakatira s d crowded n neighborhood. Oh sya ikw n valid ang opinion. 🙄🙄🙄 Kanis erwan ba mag apil apil, pagluto na lang gud dihaa erwan. Dami naman nasabi.. pero for sure kung PfizerVaccine yan.. wala nang narrative.. post lng yan ng Labas balikat with band aid picture

My body, my choice. Maybe Erwan hasn’t been up on his reading on the efficacy of various vaccines. People have a choice as to what they inject into their bodies. If there’s anything he should be irritated with, it should be the ineptitude of this government in handling this. I'm so tired of people settling and belittling valid criticism and backlash on sinovac. As if taxpayers don't deserve the best care. Smh

Exactly! erwanheussaff has the right to express an opinion, just like everyone else. However, the vaccines are NOT free. We have trillions of loans which will be paid even by the next generation. The fact that we're paying for them gives us every right to voice an opinion.

ULOL DI KAILANGAN NG EXPERT TO SEE THE DIFF BETWEEN 51% and 95% 50 is better than 0. Ayoko ng mawalan ng mahal sa buhay dahil sa Covid. Yes you can choose, yes you can wait but for us na dikitdikit matulog, nasa barong-barong at walang ibang choice kundi lumabas at maghanap ng trabaho para may ipang saing. Okay na yung may 50 kahit papaano.

What brand did you have? For sure, magpapa booster shot rin yan if the time comes 🙃🙃🙃 Hypoc. More like LACK OF VAX. long lines. Priority people. Ka toxic sa comment section 🤣 we have the right to choose as that was injected to our body. hindi ibig sabihin libre eh ok lang kahit ano. kaw ba pakainin kang tae pero libre ayos sau?

Triggered na naman ang mga punyetang vaccine expert na mga Dilawan...🤣 Choosy sa vaccine pero simpleng mga minimum health standards hindi pa magawa. 🙄 IStandWithErwan …and besides wlaa ng shortages sa ibang vaccine brands but why this governemnt keeps on buying from China…still⁉️😏 U cant really blame people to be hysterical. As a frontliner i saw them all and iv been to hell with this pandemic.people have the right to be informed and choose.but if choice cannot be given sinovac is way better than nothing.

Well !! everyone is entitled to their own opinion freespeech babe. And it’s ur right to be anoyed but their right to give KNEE JERK OPINIONS!! respect Erwan needs to be exposed to know what actually is the difference between 50-95%........ Sus, kaya pala um-order ka ng Moderna nung una. Tapos nung na-delay, tsaka ka lang nagpalista sa LGU 🙄.

If you get sick even though you have sinovac, ok lang kasi may pera ka pampa-ICU. e kami? I SEE U walang pambayad. it’s true reklamador lang talaga mga tao dyan. lalo na mga yellow ribbon. mga hayok sa power kaya bulag sa improvement na ginagawa ng government. mabuti nga kayo dyan ang kukunti lang ng cases sa Pinas kung todo maka sabi walang na gawa ang government.

if you know the difference between 50% and 90%..then you can decide what to choose.. Right to health is my right, right to choose and what I deserve coming from the taxes imposed by the government is my right to question. My question to you have you tried taking anything substandard in your life that you did not question or did not choose yourself?

Dont mind them bhala cla kung namimili pa cla ng bakuna pro ang covid wlang pinipili. Aning annecurtissmith ang kalat ng asawa mo. Pakipigilan🤦🤦🤦 The Filipino people deserve better. Pls stop enabling an inept & corrupt gov't with your celebrity status. Our children, future generations, will be paying debts heavily incurred by this admin because of the pandemic, think of that. annecurtissmith erwanheussaff

Since when did loan become free? kailan naging libre ang serbisyo ng gobyerno, Erwan? Walang ganun. Ang gobyerno pinapatakbo ng buwis mo at buwis ko. walang libre. bayad yun. I’m getting tired of people telling ME how I’m supposed to think. Take your opinion and shove it. I’m vaccinated but not because I was told to do it. It was my choice just like it’s someone else’s not to. Respect others until you don’t agree is the liberal way.

Yong katwiran na 50% is better than 0 is acceptable kung di pera ng taumbayan kaso tayo magbabayad nyan e dapat lang mamili ng mas effective na vaccine e di naman actually libre yan galing yan sa mga taxes na binabayaran natin dapat lang tayo mag demand ng mas mahusay na vaccine. Sure, u can choose but u have to wait kung kelan avail ang vax na gsto mo !50% is not 0. For now waag reklamo ha.

Its paid for by the people's taxes...and from government loans that, guess what, WILL BE PAID FOR BY PEOPLE'S TAXES. Correct mga Wokekinam lang naman ang lekramador . Nga owa man gina ipot! IbagayAngArteSaGanda New Health Ministry statistics indicated that, on average, the Pfizer shot — is now just 39% effective against infection, while being only 41% effective in preventing symptomatic COVID.

Sinovac is still not acceptable vaccination in some countries like Ireland and other countries. Would you blame Filipinos who would like valid vaccines to get out of the disaster that is PH nowadays? i agree w/ ppl that they have the right to choose which vaccine they want. But at this time, where availability is scarce, I also think that 50% is better than none. If you choose to wait, it's your choice. But no passing the blame on the govt or anyone else.

It's not free from the government. It's taxpayers money. A response or opinion based on scientific facts and statistics isn't a knee-jerk reaction. But it's so easy to judge if you're privileged, right? Anong free ang pinag sasabi nitong dayuhan na to? Taong bayan ang nag babayad nyan. yan ang gusto ko di maarte! sige erwan turukan mo sila💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉💉

Say for example lahat ng citizen namili ng vaccine and did not let themselves get administered by Sinovac. I wonder how are the numbers look like with the covid cases right now The same, or minimal change? 🤔 I too 'settled' for Sinovac. 50% is better than no vaccine esp for people with comorbidity like me.

I'm also getting tired of automatic opinions like this. How about that? Wokes and Antis still cant comprehend that the 'best vaccine is the one that is available' kasi lahat ng available vaccine is 100% effective to SEVERE Covid cases, inshort di ka mamamatay pero mahahawa at manghahawa ka parin 😂 likas na mahina lang reading comprehension nila.

Public should still have a choice to choose their vaccine. It’s everyone’s right. 'Free from the government' Clearly the poor guy doesn't understand how government or taxes work.

Kulang erwanheussaff - it’s free from the government and will be paid by tax payers and it happens very often but not to working class. Ang sakin lang ah. isa pa itong Pranses na 'to...Tseee... Sorry but we have the right to the best vaccines available because it is the taxpayers' money. It's actually a choice between protection or NO protection at all.

Cancel yang magasawa na yan. Erwan, di siya free from the govt, donated siya fr overseas. Admit it! Kong may mas masahol pa sa salitang palpak yon na ang tamang depenasyon sa gobyerno ngayon. At may pa SARA run SARA pa di na nahiya...eyyyyy Yes, who cares what vaccine you get! It’s better than NO PROTECTION AT ALL💉💉

Ang mga pilipino ay hindi nga namamatay sa virus pero nasisira na ang utak dahil sa nalilito na pangangalakad nang administrasyong duterte. An influencer/vlogger to emulate. 🤗

And pepz kaya naging serious matter ang virus ngayon kac hindi nag seseryoso ang gobyerno ngayon and please DOH be serious with your job di lang kunting lagnat na ilagay na sa data as covid carrier... Ano ba, wats the use of vaccine if we are still sa stage na takot parin tayo.. lol if you plan to travel anywhere, most countries only recognize Pfizer, Moderna, and AZ. If you received Sinovac and others they won’t allow you in

Mema, Jollibee, at mamaru... Dahil I believe ang buhay nang tao ay hindi taken for granted. C duterte nga choosy sa bakuna tayo pakaya... Kaya kong ok lang sayo ang sinovac go.... Prefer mRNA vaccines but would probably settle for Sinovac. But have yet to get a summon for my shot though I registered months ago. Could have secured a medcert to get priority but figured that would be a jerk move. Need someone to blame? Blame govt for failure 2 educate people.

Ipakita mo muna kung ano tinurok sa'yo. Also it's not 'free', it's from our taxes. entitledrichkid Sir buhay natin ang nakasalalay dito malaki ang pinagkaiba sa 90% efficacy compare sa 50% efficay at higit sa lahat wala tayong utang sa gobyerno pera natin ang ginagamit sa pAngbayad sa sinovac na iyan. Kaya we have right to choose what vaccines we should take.

A huge difference see those numbers? Was that the same to you? And it’s not free, the government bought it and it’s not even the cheapest smh. Pag sinabi ba ng Math Expert na 1+1=3, ako na hindi math expert ay hindi pwede magsabi na mali sya? Eto ang mga alam natin Indonesia vaccination mostly ay Sinovac Fully vaccinated people are dying there. Some countries are no longer using Sinovac

I am also tired of knee-jerk reactions from somebody with an almost recognizable but barely pronounceable surname thinking their opinions matter when it is a matter of life and death.Your opinion is just as good as the tambay's in our Brgy.Mind your own Vax.

Matanong kita utoy. Ano tinurok sa yo? Sino ka po? Hahaha. Wala naman nagsabi intindihin mo opinyon mg ibang tao, ikaw ba nagpapakain sa kanila? Mema ka masyado. 🤣 Dapat pala sa bunganga niya tinurok yung best vaccine available para wala nang knee-jerk opinion na lumabas. I agree with his point that the best vaccine is the one that is available for us but he could’ve worded his opinion better. That’s why he’s coming off as a smart*ss, less words, less problems..

Then give Sinovac to those who are not choosy. Mahirap ba yon? Di ba nga 91% of the population naman ang DDS? So bakit ang hirap i-administer ng Sinovac? Bakit kailangan pa ng endorsement ng sinu sino? koya walang supply anong option sinasabi mo I pay the vaccine with my tax; hence I get to choose. He kinda missing the point, --Why give me a donated, low-efficacy vaccine, when we can buy a better brand? If i can't choose, then where will the gov't bring the money it borrowed for vaccine purchase?!?

How to know if a person qas vaccinated with Pfizer = They'll let you know Aztra = They can't nilalagnat pa Sinovac = Stop with those knee-jerk opinions Coming from someone who can easily fly out of this country when things get worse. Lol. P.S: its not free from the govt. We will pay for it with our taxes. No such thing as 'free from the govt'. So sit down privileged boy. 🥴

Mehh 😑. He's just sour-grape bitchin kasi hindi siya nabigyan ng Moderna (his preferred drug accg sa article) but was given Sinovac instead.

Don't read the 'knee-jerk opinions' as you call it. Just shut your eyes and mouth 'FREE'? We paid for it with our taxes. Unless they were donated, of course. In a race against time to overtake virus mutations, imagine someone waiting for their brand, and while unprotected, became a factory for a mutated strain. All because “I’m a taxpayer,” “my body my choice.” Multiply that to X number of people in the comments canceling Erwan.

trying to be relevant for china 😅 sa sinovac may kickback. 🤮 engot akala mo lang libre yan... may kapalit yan na kukunin sa yo ng gobyerno, ulol! atsaka sir, wala kang pakialam kung may sari-sarili kaming opinyon tungkol sa pagpapabakuna. katawan namin to, buhay namin to so wag kang makialam! Follow the sheep ha ha

Give those 'choosey' people a chance of their becoming because Covid19 vaccine is a serious matter with most of the countries that they long for to seek greener pasteure. They just dont want to be denied entry just because they had Sinovac. When a customer complains about your overdone strip steak and bitter chimichurri, it is not knee-jerk. It’s just that the food is bad.

Bugok din itong isang to e no...taxpayers will be paying for the vaccines its not free so people have the right to choose Our taxes paid for it!

Do you have info on how much the govt got for each Sinovac dose? erwanheussaff Not mine just sharing you don’t need to be an “expert” to know there is a huge difference between 50% and 95% efficacy in vaccines, even on a knee jerk. who is this guy? Irrelevant He probably hasn't read about Indonesia. Silent Duterte supporter

He is tired of knee-jerk opinions but he is giving also a knee-jerk opinion! 😂😂😂 This has always been my stand, choosy nga tayo with our shampoo sa isang bagay pa kayaw na we will put inside our body. And it's not free, the money used for it was from the taxes I paid. When your govt insists on getting shoddy vax when there are others available far more effective and you complain, it’s not a knee-jerk opinion. It’s an outrage bec those vax arent free. We paid for it along with salaries and priv of those who decided to get those shoddy vax.

ours is free and we were ask to choose; Sinopharm, AstraZeneca and BioNTech. Although AstraZeneca was discontinued cause of very low usage. I’m not sure how much Heussaff has become a Pinoy after living in PH for so long, but it seems he doesn’t understand the sentiments behind.

Honestly i’m not offended if people are “choosy” with the vaccine brand they want. A person has the right to decide on whatever tx he/she may or may not do. It’s called the principle of autonomy in medicine. Even if you don’t agree,you have to respect it. It’s not really free.. it is either paid by our taxes or donated. There’s no such thing as free lunch.

50% and 90% is something indeed. Especially if its life we are talking about. Good for you if you chose Sinovac. Im sure deep inside you would have wanted pfizer. But dont force it on everyone. Why settle for Sinovac if we can have the better brand, we do have the budget its the inutil government who acted late!

Who cares about his opinion Nothing from the government is free.