Early Sanchez release sparks fear, anguish

Early Sanchez release sparks fear, anguish


Early Sanchez release sparks fear, anguish

Fear, disbelief and painful emotions gripped the family of murder victim Allan Gomez when media reports came out that the man responsible for his death and the rape-slay of his college

In one of the heinous crimes that shocked the nation in the 1990s, Allan and Eileen Sarmenta were abducted by Sanchez’s aides, who presented the girl as a “gift” to the mayor. Sanchez raped Sarmenta and then his aides took turns in abusing her after they shot Allan dead. They also later shot Sarmenta in the head with an Armalite rifle.

Clara also said the victims’ families were not interested in whatever they could collect from Sanchez in damages.

The possible return of Sanchez to Calauan, a second-class municipality popular for its pineapples, also worried its current mayor, George Berris.

In the May elections, Sanchez’s eldest son, Dong, ran but lost to Berris. Another son, Allan, also lost in the race for vice mayor, but his daughter, Amty, won a seat in the municipal council.

Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra on Tuesday said Sanchez, as well as thousands of other convicts, might soon be released under a 2013 law that credited good conduct during imprisonment.

“We are trying to determine whether there is basis for granting [Sanchez] whatever the DOJ secretary said is entitled to him. But I think, we have to study this carefully. This was not an ordinary crime or an ordinary case. We ask that the DOJ review the case,” Nolasco said.

“How do you forgive a person who still insists he is not guilty? He is even saying that he had nothing to do with the case. That’s something that the family could not accept,” Nolasco said in a phone interview.

“I wish him well,” he said of Sanchez in a phone interview with reporters. Lawyers whose clients will be given a new life after their release will be happy, he added.

Guevarra said he hoped the public would understand that “it’s the law and the Supreme Court ruling that freed them, and not President Rodrigo Duterte” nor even him as secretary of justice.

There is no requirement to publish or notify anyone about the impending release of the prisoners “because this is not a case of executive clemency; this is a case of sentence duly served,” Guevarra said.

BuCor spokesperson Eusebio “Sonny” del Rosario Jr. said applying the GCTA on Sanchez showed he had already served more than 40 years in prison.

He said Sanchez was aware that he could be walking out of prison soon and that the convict was doing well inside New Bilibid Prison’s maximum security compound.

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Ex-Calauan mayor Sanchez, convicted for 1993 rape and murder, set for releasewhen justice fails!!!!! Alam ko to,dinampot nila yung babae't kasama nya dinala kay Mayor as gift.Pagtapos ni Jalosjos sa kanya,binigay nya sa mga tao naman nya para sila naman.After nilang lahat binaril sila kasi nakaraos na sila e.Multiple life sentence yun,buhay pa ko so hindi pa tapos yun mga ulul. Tang ina talaga pag nakalabas yan. Walang kwenta ang justice sa Pinas! Hoy, Gising. Wag tanga!

DOJ: Former Calauan Mayor Sanchez, thousands of inmates may be released soonConvicted rapist and murderer, former Mayor Antonio Sanchez of Calauan, Laguna, is expected to be released soon due to the re-computation of his Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA), said Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra. Great injustice to their victims. HOW CAN A DESPICABLE RAPIST-MURDERER LIKE SANCHEZ EVEN BE CONSIDERED FOR RELEASE?!?!?!?!?! I really can’t understand? Why this Administration is pushing d death penalty? N then ‘they will release prisoners w heinous crime ? N they jailed innocent personality that r against them?

Duterte spokesman denies hand in impending release of rapist-murderer Sanchez

Panelo denies hand in looming release of ex-mayor convicted of students' murder, rapePresident Rodrigo Duterte's spokesperson and chief legal counsel Sal Panelo denies he was involved in the impending release of his former client, ex-Calauan, Laguna Mayor Antonio Sanchez — a convicted rapist and murderer. Have you seen a smiling gecko? 😃🇵🇭👊🤟👍 That's where is he is good at, in denying... DenialKingPanelo

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Eileen Sarmenta mom on Sanchez: ‘Gumawa ba siya ng maganda sa Bilibid?’Gumawa man sya ng maganda, kabaitan or extra ordinary change 'di parin sapat yun na dahilan para makalaya ang demonyong yan. Pwede pa kung disable na sya at di na maka gawa ulit ng crime. He is a monster Client ni Panelo yata yan.

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