Duterte warns landlords: Don’t pressure tenants, defer collection of rent

President Rodrigo Duterte warns lessors against pressuring tenants into paying their rent during the extended Luzon lockdown, saying that he will even “go against the law” to protect these tenants. | @DJEsguerraINQ

4/8/2020 8:46:00 PM

President Rodrigo Duterte warns lessors against pressuring tenants into paying their rent during the extended Luzon lockdown, saying that he will even “go against the law” to protect these tenants. | DJEsguerraINQ

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte warns lessors against pressuring tenants into paying their rent during the extended Luzon lockdown, saying that he will even “go against the law” to protect these tenants. ADVERTISEMENT “Huwag mo muna hingiin kasi wala talaga. And whatever na ang nasa kamay ng mga tao ngayon, they are saving it […]

“Nagmamakaawa ako sa inyo: Huwag ninyong pilitin ang tao. Walang pilitan kasi talagang mageengkwentro tayo. Hindi talaga ako papayag. Huwag ninyo akong pilitin to go against the law,’ he added.[I’m begging you: Don’t force the people. Don’t force them because we will really clash. I really won’t allow it. Don’t force me to go against the law.]

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The Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) has imposed a30-day grace period for the collection of rent— from residential and commercial tenants, particularly in those in micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) — to help them cope with the effects of the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine.

Duterte has placed the entire Luzon, the country’s economic and political center, under in a month-long enhanced community quarantine to check the spread of COVID-19.The quarantine has beenextended until April 30.The strict measure effectively suspended work for the majority of the region’s people and halted the operations of public transport. Luzon is home to about half of the country’s population.

Currently,, of whom 182 have died and 96 have recovered. A vast majority of the total infection in the country were recorded in Luzon. Read more: Inquirer »

DJEsguerraINQ What if the tenants have ran out of savings na, not all tenants are big time baya. Don't assume all middle class or upper class are the same. ✌ More idle crap DJEsguerraINQ Anong mensahe ang pinararating nito? I think applicable lng to sa mga landlords na may other source of income. If main source of income din nila yun, no choice sila but to make singil.

Is this only for luzon? Visayas and mindanao also in lockdown. The question is pano kung don lang din umaasa yon nagpapaupa sa upa sa bahay ..... just saying DJEsguerraINQ Yeah, let's all break the law to protect someone. DJEsguerraINQ Share the Sapsap with them so that they'll have something to go by.

But how about the income of the those land owners? How do they support themselves financially too, for rainy their own rainy days? :( Fair. DJEsguerraINQ what about Bills ng tubig at currente we need to pay ba but how.. wala na kaming income anong pwedeng gawin

FALSE: Duterte warned about coronavirus threat 'at the start'Even after the first coronavirus death outside China was recorded in the Philippines, the President downplayed the issue and said 'it will just die a natural death.' CoronavirusFacts Be very wary and discerning. The present admin is distorting the narrative to suit its interests. This nonsense is brought to you by P. Diggy. The sheperd doesn't simply tell the herd that the wolf is coming. The shepherd should lead them to safety. Ano yun? Kapag nilapa ng lobo ang mga tupa kasalanan ng mga tupa kasi binalaan na sila?

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Holy Week holiday pay can be deferred until COVID-19 crisis ends: labor deptDouble pay for NOT reporting to work? Hindi lang paid holiday, dodoblehin pa bec it's two holidays in a day Hindi. DZMMTeleRadyo How about for those who’ll work for just half day? Is it still 300%?

Duterte turns to prayers, says only God can solve the pandemicAs deadly virus infections rapidly spread around the world, President Duterte has accepted that God could end the world if he wanted to. waaaat? naku baka umusok po kau!!!!

‘Explore assistance to middle-class families’, Duterte ordersThe government economic team is expected to explore a possible assistance program for middle-income families as ordered by President Duterte, according to Cabinet Secretary Karlo Nograles, spokesperson of the Inter-Agency Task Force on the COVID-19 pandemic. Divide the money.pagpantay pantayin nio ang bigay sa lower at mid class.para mas madami mabibigyan.maapreciate nmn yan ng tao ngaun. Ung sobrang sugapa nlng siguro magrereklamo sa 3k-4k! Salamat po Mr. President. Sana nga po mangyari yan. Gaya nga po ng nasabi ni Gov. Remulla, kaming mga middle-class people ang nakakapagbayad ng buwis ng tama at asa takdang oras pa.

Bayan Muna disputes ‘lack of budget’ claim, says admin ‘inefficient’ in tapping fundsA party-list group has disputed President Rodrigo Duterte’s claim that government is lacking funds needed to respond to lockdown brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, insisting that the chief executive only needs to look into the 2020 budget. | GabrielLaluINQ GabrielLaluINQ NOW SHOWING: Finding the 275B emergency fund. GabrielLaluINQ Abolishpartylistsystem GabrielLaluINQ May panahon ng pagbabatikos at may panahon na makiisa. Hindi mapapakain ng mga batikos mo ang nagugutom na mga sikmura. Hindi nakakatulong ang parating pagkontra mo. Makipagtulungan ka na muna. Tama na yang politika!!! Puro ka angal. Ano ba ang nagawa mo sa krisis na ito?