Duterte to address nation after Congress grants extra powers to address COVID-19 crisis

President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to deliver a message at around 10 p.m. or 11 p.m.


BREAKING: President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to deliver a message at around 10 p.m. or 11 p.m.

President Rodrigo Duterte is expected to deliver a message at around 10 p.m. or 11 p.m.

endIndex: Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, March 24) — President Rodrigo Duterte will again address the nation on Tuesday night after Congress approved a bill granting him additional powers to address the COVID-19 crisis. Duterte is expected to deliver a message at around 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. The message will also come after his meeting with the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases. There is still no word whether Duterte has approved the bill which grants him additional powers, including the authority to reshuffle funds in the 2020 budget for antivirus efforts, including assistance to poor families. The centerpiece of the special powers measure is a monthly ₱5,000 to ₱8,000 emergency subsidy for 18 million low-income households for up to two months. It also provides for a ₱100,000 compensation for all health workers who may contract a severe COVID-19 infection while in the line of duty. Families of those who die fighting the pandemic will get ₱1 million. The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation will also shoulder the medical expenses of health workers in case of COVID-19 exposure or any work-related injury. Under the measure, Duterte may also direct the operation of privately-owned hospitals, medical facilities, passenger vessels and other establishments to house health workers, serve as quarantine areas, become quarantine centers, medical and aid centers or temporary health facilities, and serve as transportation for health workers. The management of these businesses and establishments will be retained, and they will be compensated for any damage as a result of government takeover of their operations. Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea had said the President"has no intent" to abuse his special powers to address the crisis. Over 500 people in the Philippines have contracted COVID-19, with 35 fatalities to date. A total of 20 people have already recovered from the disease. Read more: CNN Philippines

Sana po yung mga pasaway at ayaw sumunod ay hulihin nyo na! We don't need democracy what we need is discipline! nakakalokang Presidente ito, ano palagay nya sa taong bayan mga zombie. Ang dami nyong reklamo sa oras. Di naman kau manonood/makikinig dahil nga sarado utak nyo. Luh,nakakatakot nmn,ano nnmn kaya sasabihin

Tay Digong ginawa mo nmn call center agents buong Pilipinas..graveyard shift po tau? Lol. They don’t even know exactly what time he’d be lucid enough to deliver his rants. Graveyard shift talaga hahaha disrespectful. presidente yan at hinde basta kung sino sino na lang na napagtripan ang oras. kung busy kayo, mas busy yan. kung ayaw niyo makinig, off niyo TV. you disrespectful 3%. kung wla masabi maganda, keep quiet. pilipinas nga pala to. hehe.

What time zone is he operating on? Can someone change his settings, please, or give him a hard reboot? Bakit ang presscon nito laging alanganing oras na? Kaya lagi sya mukhang inaantok kapag nagpapa-presscon.. example din talaga sya ng Filipino Time. Thank you po President Duterte, we feel your sincerity to serve us Filipino. Masuwerte po tayo na siya ang naka upong presidente sa panahon ng pandemic. Patnubayan po kayo ng diyos AMA At ng Anak niyang si JESUS.

House Committee of the Whole passes bill granting Duterte more powers in COVID-19 fightThe House Committee of the Whole approved Monday a bill granting President Rodrigo Duterte additional powers to address the COVID-19 situation in the Philippines. wala, kahit sabihin ng congress independent sila, karamihan under niya eh. tignan na lang natin ano magagawa niya. report abuses if meron man. hay pilipinas. Bakit natatakot sila sa emergency power? I think it is really time to go WAR on the Ph Government. PHGovntWantsWarOnItsPeople PHGovntCommittingTreason PDUTtreason PRRDTreason PHGovntTreason PHGovntCorrupt

di 'Breaking' yung balita , ok? Sino na naman kaya ang paparinggan nya ng dont overdo it? O baka naman sasabihin nya na naman na di talaga nila alam ano gagawin sa crisis na to. Matulig na kayo Pilipino, wala din namang kwentang pakinggan ang hunghang na to Oh fuke! One of the best message he delivered! Duterte is improving... there is hope!

Lusi mong hayop ka 11pm ka dyan ma-agahon nanaman yan 🤣 Don't trust Duterte, he knows that China created covid19 to expand their powers to win trade wars, and suddenly the virus controlled in China while Europe and US are suffering now. You brought us to the evilness of China. tonylavs Martial Law na ba?

Kahit sa oras, hindi maasahan ang taong ito. Palaging walang exact time. kakagising pa lang Edited na naman

House OKs bill granting Duterte ‘necessary’ powers due to COVID-19 crisisMANILA, Philippines — The House of Representatives on Monday approved the bill declaring a national emergency due to the coronavirus pandemic and authorizing President Rodrigo Duterte “for a NAMercadoINQ Sino po yung brave 9 that said no? NAMercadoINQ economy is dying NAMercadoINQ Mabuhay 9 ng NO!

Oh, The Late Night Show Haha indefinite pa yung time. Napaka talaga ng idol ng mga dds. Allowance lang yan for the 12-1 am address to the nation. Sino na naman kaya ang may magandang nagawa na papagalitan? Wala na naman respeto sa oras 👏👏👏👏 Hindi talaga sia pang “prime time”. To fight COVID 19, We need to have a strong immune system and it has been proven by scientific studies that getting at least 8 hours of sleep is a good immunity booster. Stay at home, Keep safe, and please PRAY!!! Good night!

O o o shoppinggg Pagkakaalam ko March pa lang ngayon hindi pa November. Pero bakit para yatang nasusunod-sunod ang pagpapalabas ng gabi ng lagim. Pres, baka pwede naman po sa susunod umaga naman po ninyo gawin

Special powers bill on COVID-19 now up for Duterte's signatureThe bill that would grant President Rodrigo Duterte several special powers to act on the COVID-19 pandemic is now up for his signature. PRAY, LISTEN, BELIEVE, UNITY.. wag puro pagdududa, nakakadagdag kayo sa problema. ok ok To all politicians: If you really care about the people and you consider yourselves as a true public servant, it would not be hard for you to DONATE ALL YOUR MONEY, PROPERTIES AND BELONGINGS to the people, right? HALALAN2022

ASWANG AT KAPRE BA ANG TAONG BAYAN. Dami pa ring nagbubulag bulagan kung mka tatay dugong wagas! Please bless our President to guide this country to safety, survival and recovery. 🙏 pati oras hindi kongkreto enebenemen 10 or 11PM? tulog na ang mga tao..😪 Sana goodnews! May COVID19 sya! What day Zzzzzzzz 10 pm or 11pm? ano mga anti? sanay kayo sa puyatan db? hahahaha....

Sotto says takeover of businesses won’t sit well with senators in grant of emergency powers to DuterteMalacañang is seeking the declaration of the existence of a national emergency due to the coronavirus (COVID-19), and the granting of emergency powers to President Duterte. Checkmate. If granted a revolutionary govt will follow. Then amend Constitution for Federalism. In between will be military junta until Federalism is enforced. Sarah a colonel will be promoted to general 2nd in command. The devilish plan is now in progress I dont think the d President will do that! Who is giving that idea to the senate? Again? Kailangan pp magkaisa po kayo lalo sa panahon ng krisis! Guess, businessmen to just follow rules in times of emergency. The Pres needs everyone behind him to race against covid19

wow 10-11 anuto ? tonight with boy abunda? Night shift 🙄 HAHAHA as per usual request, please provide us a synopsis instead. Don't waste airtime. No need your message just resign Uhm ieedit muna ba? Enhanced Emergency Powers? But for sure, ang rant nya kay Sen Riza mamya. O ung mga tangang DDS jan,intayin nyo ulit ung tatay nyo na sira ulo,tpos sabhin nyo ulit nakakaawa,mga gunggong!

So 130am ulit. Sana naman message ng unity, support and inspiration... walang padinigan or kung ano man na politics... lahat naman gusto matapos na ito... lahat gusto maging successful ang Pinas vs Covid19 wishfulthinking Anong petsa po?

‘Virtual blank check, ‘ says Hontiveros on extra powers to Duterte“It also grants the President a virtual blank check with no clear plan nor strategy to defeat COVID-19. Paano natin masisigurado na mapupunta ang pondo sa taumbayan?” Hontiveros said. | CMRamosINQ CMRamosINQ Pawindangwindang ito lalo kapag high yan sa fentanyl. Paano na? pcoogov wengsalvacion ruffybiazon CMRamosINQ Ito Ang problema sa mga sugurista... Ung bang walang tiwala sa ibant Tao.. KC galing sila don.. CMRamosINQ Wait until you become President of this Republic! Money is created out of thin Air. CovidiotInChief

Super Duper Maximum Enhanced Quarantine Ginusto nyo to, 16M Or 12 or 1am... ayan na naman siya 🤡 kinabukasan kailangan na naman iexplain ni Nograles lol Gongdi could not even confirm exact time of recorded message. Is it 10 PM or 11 PM? More likely this schedule will slide. Incompetence and unprofessionalism at its worst. Enough of these mindless ramblings. As this is on COVID-19, allow Vergeires to do the talking for clarity.

More rambling from him. Nope. Going to bed now. Hating gabi. Kasi tulog na ang mga veerus Filipino or American time?😕 Di na NORMAL yung ganitong leader. Bakit laging late in the evening?! Eh lahat ng tao asa bahay nman dahil May curfew pero cya gabi pa din mag address. Tapos baka taped nanaman. Puro incoherence, intimidation na naman gagawin nito. Wag na. Matulog na lang ako.

Bong Go supports Senate ‘Bayanihan’ bill to give gov’t flexibility to address COVID-19 crisisSenator Christopher Lawrence ‘’Bong’’ Go, chairman of the Senate health and demography committee, threw last night his full support behind the urgent passage by Congress of Senate Bill (SB) No. 1418, or the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act bill, to battle coronavirus disease (COVID-19). surprise!!! daming ibang senador pwedeng cla naman mafeature kakasura na tlg to eh

Bakit late na? Mapupuyat at mapapagod ang pangulo na naman papagalitan siguro nito ang Ligo. hindi sigurado ang time? 🤦🏻‍♀️

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