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Duterte threatens to stop Facebook in the Philippines

(UPDATED) 'You cannot lay down a policy for my government,' President Rodrigo Duterte warns Facebook after it took down a fake network linked to the country's police and military

9/28/2020 7:02:00 PM

“You cannot lay down a policy for my government.” President Rodrigo Duterte threatened to stop tech giant Facebook in the Philippines after it took down a fake network linked to the country's police and military. READ:

(UPDATED) 'You cannot lay down a policy for my government,' President Rodrigo Duterte warns Facebook after it took down a fake network linked to the country's police and military

"Facebook, listen to me. We allow you to operate here hoping that you could help us also. Now if government cannot espouse or advocate something which is for the good of the people, then what is your purpose here in my country?" Duterte said during a televised address.

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Duterte – a city mayor who rose to popularity and eventually won the presidency partly because of Facebook – scored the platform for its decision to take down accounts, groups, and pages manned by the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Duterte accused Facebook of helping and"encouraging" communists by blocking the government's efforts."If government cannot use it for the good of the people, then we have to talk. We have to talk sense. If you are promoting the cause of the rebellion which was already here before you came, and so many thousands of my soldiers and civilians dying, then if you cannot reconcile the idea of what your purpose is or was, then we have to talk. I don't know what I will do, but we have to talk," Duterte said.

He added,"You cannot lay down a policy for my government. I allow you to operate here. You cannot bar or prevent me from espousing the objectives of government.""Is there life after Facebook? I don't know.Pero mag-usap tayo(But let's talk)," the President continued.

The AFP and PNPthey hand no hand in accounts busted by Facebook for spreading disinformation. This comes despite multiple reports documenting police and military commands spreading fabricated information on their social media accounts over the same topics that Facebook mentioned.

So far,at least 3 soldierswere reported to have manned accounts related to the propaganda campaign of the military against communists.The Philippine Army said it will investigate its soldiers"if there is a complaint of wrongdoing." Filipino troops also asked Facebook to restore the pages it had taken down.

What did Facebook find?Facebook, in a recent report, explained that the busted network"consisted of several clusters of connected activity that relied on fake accounts to evade enforcement, post content, comment and manage Pages.""Although the people behind this activity attempted to conceal their identities, our investigation found links to Philippine military and Philippine police," said Nathaniel Gleicher, Facebook's head of security policy.

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Gleicher said the operations of these accounts"accelerated between 2019 and 2020."Posts in Filipino and English, according to the Facebook official, tackled"local news and events including domestic politics, military activities against terrorism, pending anti-terrorism bill, criticism of communism, youth activists and opposition, the Communist Party of the Philippines and its military wing the New People’s Army, and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines."

The Philippine military has been waging a battle to wipe out Asia's longest-running communist insurgency by 2022 – the end of Duterte's term.Duterte has likewise lashed out at communists as one of the Philippines' top security threats, often blasting them or singling them out during his weekly addresses.

Duterte's speech on Monday was peppered with other rants, including about widespread corruption in government. Due to this perennial problem, Duterte claimed he once even"offered to resign as president." Read more: Rappler »

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Go ahead! hays..nakakalungkot..sa dami ng problema ng bansa facebook ang pinag tutuunan ng pansin.. Well, if we didn't know before that the PH state was using FB to spread propaganda and fake news, we do now. oustdutertenow Worst president. Pano na ung mga trolls nyo president? Magugutom yan. mariaressa 😄We'll see.

Nabuang na pag un.install ug fb ayaw pangdamay😡 get ready 🇵🇭 Di ko alam kung ano priorities ng mga ito. FB talaga unahin? mariaressa You will shut it down kasi wala namang kwenta ang mga nakurakot niyong pera sa nalalapit na eleksyon. mariaressa so the government is using taxpayers money for their own personal agenda, social media presence, to spread false information, harass individuals, old and dirty politics campaign

Nabayaran na ba?Di na puwede isoli? In this pandemic 😷 you should just focus on improving the health system as well as the response to COVID-19. Go for it! Para maubos ang propaganda ninyo! Whats next..he will delete the internet? Lol Duterte defending DDS fake news. well they help him win the presidency of course he will defend the scum and enemies of the people.

Lahat nalang pinakialaman nitong gobyerno na to! Why not yung COVID-19 nalang kaya tutukan nyo! 👊 The Philippines may be better without Facebook. An informal admission that he supports these malicious / fake accounts. Baka nga siya pa instigator eh. My thoughts on this? STOP DESTABILIZING MY COUNTRY, u foreign-funded organization! I just learned ur ilks even teamed up with FB as 'fact checkers' just so u could advance ur own interests! SHAMELESS!

parang inamin niya na may troll army siya PaalamDuterte 😆😆😆 Grabe sya! Nahurt eh fake nmn un. Dapat magalit sya sa fake accounts and the ppl behind them. Beke nemen 🤣 Feeling HITLER FB is great Baka nakakalimutan ni Duterte, malaking tulong ang Facebook sa mga propaganda nya at ng mga tagasuporta nya hahahahaha. Dito na nga lang kumikita mga trolls, tatanggalan nyo pa ng kabuhayan hahahahah

Sige nga gawin mo? Pag di mo nagawa gago ka. He probably should read Facebook’s terms and agreements that people are required to accept when starting their account. Facebook has policies for its platform. He doesn’t have jurisdiction in that. Also, those pages are associated with redtagging, right? So...

n Duterte is claiming unfair treatment by FB. But how can there be fair play when his trolls & supporters are into fake news & intimidation? Duterte is crazy as hell. Bawal fake news Yung mga kamag anak na di kinakausap hindi na sasama loob. wala kasi akong Facebook 😂 good fucking luck trying, imagine what you'd do with online classes

mariaressa The whole candidacy of Digong was built on FB. Pro-Duterte trolls live on FB. If Digong makes good his threat, who will be on the losing side? I doubt they can do the same level of kabobohan on MeWe ( As one blogger suggested). The DDS will be all confuween navigating that app mariaressa Filipinos will go MAD(including the Marcos'). Internet researchers/advertisers will not like it. Duterte's followers will vanish and have to find another source of income. Online sellers will switch to Instagram.

I believe shutting FB down is good for our mental health. 😘 I'd like to see him try. mariaressa WTF! What's our form of gov't na ba? Has it changed alrady? Don’t threaten, just shut it down. mariaressa Our area is locked down and we have found ourselves ordering food and raw products online, on Facebook.

mariaressa All he knows is banning shit Dapat lang... Di yung Government pa ang mag adjust sa Facebook policies 😏😏😏😏 Sige pasara mo FB Duterte para makatipid naman sa budget ang PCOO at Intel. Bawas trolls. I deactivated my account already but I pity the DDS. Wawa naman walang sahod. DDS_Delete_Your_Facebook_Challenge MakeTatayHappy

I have been living an FB-free life for five months now. It is a personal choice because this pandemic is stressful enough. Let's face it, with all the fake news on FB, gone were the days when logging in was an exciting and enjoyable time. mariaressa Napaka mapagpanggap din ni Digong, ano? mariaressa What an ungrateful man! hehehehehehehe

Ok ra They are guilty as fukc. They can't hide it. Also even they stop Facebook, there ways to access it. Besides they are at the losing end when they can't spread their propaganda to the masses. Duterte is the source of fake news! Redeem yourself, Facebook and rid your app of any state sponsored fake news pages.

Hindi purpose ng FB maging platform ng mga trolls mo Basta bigyan nya ng trabaho lahat ng nag oonline selling. lol with Rappler as an 'independent' fact checker on FB does anyone honestly think they won't be partisan? 🤡 Yung mga Artist Account nga consistent yung Authenticity Label ng mga Account. Pano, di naman marunong mag-operate. Tapos minsan walang pakinabang kaya sarap report. 😆

Freedom of speech and expression daw Sabi ng DDS Kong prends... Wuttduh? On my mind: trolls karnba? You know who else has tantrums? My children when they don't get what they want! DDS logic Stop it NOW na. This will help ease my depression It will affect rappler hardly. Babagsak na talaga ang rappler. Sana nga!

You: Me: Mariah Carey: Any grip he might once have had on reality is long gone. OUSTDUTERTENOW Sige sara mo tapos isara na din twitter and ig n tiktok. Tapos we wait for dds to react 🤣 Its okay...basta netflix meron🤣 sad na dds nyan, fb na nga lang sila malakas isasara pa ng tAtAy nilla awit Gagawa nalang ang DDS ng FAKEBOOK nila!

Sounds good im willing to give up facebook than let evil use it for 2022. Encouraging facebook users to visit Chan boards or Tumblr would be nice. I suspect this will be the last time the public will hear of this. By now someone must have told him what would happen if he “closes down” Facebook in the PH.

vpn moment Please do! He should not react negatively to FB's attempt to keep the platform credible. Bakit sya magagalit? Accounts nya ba ang affected? Kala ko ba ayaw nya ng corrupt? No sweat. Close it down! Only DDS will cry. Stopping Facebook here in the Philippines is a bad idea. Fake network they shut down may not come from police and military, but internet trolls are the most likely culprit.

Nayari intelligence fund nya eh hahaha can't even walk the walk nor talk the talk. all bark. as if his political cronies will be behind him for this. their paid trolls will be out of work. Pano na ang mga trolls mo? Mawawalan ng kita! Pano na si Mocha, ang fake news, ang hate posts? Pano na ang mental health ng mga fanaticong DDS! OMG!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

mukang mababawasan yung IQ average sa twitter ah. kung magkataon. fuckit_ilove Is he confirming that his administration is the peddler of fake news and misinformation in the Philippines? Bugok na president. Go ahead no one is stoping you. Mga dds trolls mo mawawalan na ng trabaho. 😂😂😂 VPN is waving🥴

Just do it. Para mawalan ng trabaho mga trolls mo at troll army na rin ng mga Marcos. Bubula sigurado bibig ng mga yan lalo na si Mocha Uson pag wala na silang platform for fake news. hecklerforever8 The rooster who took credit for the sunrise is outraged to be blamed for the sunset NAOL MY POWERRR Kawawa mga DedeEs trolls uy mag pa pasko na wala silang trabaho hahhahaha

paalamduterte It really hurts 😅 Go ahead! Be like China & North Korea. READ: Stop na nga yang facebook kasi puro fake news nmn jan. Let”s see you do just that! Closing something if you cant have your way has always been your default, right? You threatened all companies who refuse to do your bidding with closure: ABS, FB, Globe, Smart... Is that your kind of governance? Sa ganyan tayo uunlad? Ugaling kanto?

s0rbetero kawawa naman mga dedees Da shaaaaade there's a difference between advocacy and propaganda. Mga dds na sa Facebook nagkakalat: kung maayos ang patakbo at pamamalakad ng dating admin, nanalo sna ulit sila. kaya tayo may prrd ngayon eh palpak sila noon. tulad din ng mga nagdaan pang admin, kpag palpak wlng chance makaulit. ganun kasimple. buhay na buhay ang demokrasya sa ph! godblessph

Eh di maganda... hindi na makakampanya ang mga duterte sa FB. San kayo kakampanya, sa twitter 🤣🤣🤣 Sige, para mag-trending uli in the world ang 'oustduterte'. Dahil hindi na umaayon sa kanya kaya dapat ng iligwak. Tea. This only shows that he doesn't care to lose his votes. He cares to topple the enemies of the state, and that's his job.

It’s not gonna happen. If it happens, I’ll cut my hair to shoulder length. Lol Regardless if it is a legit govt page or not, Facebook is a private company and can decide which pages or accounts it wants to exist in its website. 'Partly because of Facebook' LMAOOOOO Pati ba nmn facebook grbe nmn Oyoyoy nagpaparamdam na sya HAHAHAHA

ok lang walang FB o ano man na social media, sino kaya manalo sa eleksyon? Do we really need this old scumbag running this country like a full time dictator? Any volunteers who can wipe this azzhole from the face of the earth? cnnphilippines Duterte wants Facebook to subscribe to his whims, caprices, and personal fancies.

Hala! Fake News.. parang di naman ganyan context ng speech nya.. sabi nga nya sa FB 'Lets Talk'. Meaning ereconcile ang mis-understanding, kasi may mga legit gov. page daw na advocate of something basta wag lang fake news. Bat apektado ka pidut$? Funded mo? Something needs to be done about social media though, I think it’s good if there is push back at the country level.

Ban FB and introduce Weibo para mas lalong feel ng Pinoy na part of China na ang Pinas. President Poverty is the one who should step down and resign because he is like a pig which despite of not growing is destroying the backyard. Not only he is lame and useless, he is causing harm, pain, sufferings, & death to the people.

No consistency. Disgusting. What hhhhha So Facebook will be banned here T H 🙄 Haaay naku Aling Rona kung ako sayo lumayas ka na dito sa Pilipinas naku dai dedma siya SAYO😁🤭mas may panahon siya maimbiyerna sa Facebook kesa sayo hehehe mag pipitong buwan na kami naka Quarantine asa ka pa mapansin aling Rona kaya layas na🤭😁😝💅

Galit ns galit sa Facebook. Eh, sila nga nag weaponize ng Facebook for their f***ing agenda. Lol 😂 Hala kawawa mga trolls pag binan nyo po. Haha Partly because of facebook? Wala lang tlgng ibang option. Hahah Go ahead, ban facebook. Animals rarely lose their spots and this leopard is no different than the POTUS beast we have roaming the USA

Kaya pa mga DDS? Yes, they can. That is the agreed terms ad conditions when you sign up. Kaya pag ayaw mong sumunod sa Facebook may karapatan kang huwag gumamit. 😂 Nothing wrong with Facebook. His DDS TROLL Farm is at risk 😂😂 I pray for the abolishment of Facebook in the Philippines, since it became the propaganda medium of Duterte. And I pray that youtube will have a fact-checkers...YouTube is another propaganda machine of Duterte.

Diyan siya magaling mag plano, ang magpasara kapag ayaw niya at galit siya lol. Pero kapag ka alyado niya e most trusted lol Gago na! Hi mr.duterte pwede ba iba na atupagin mo? May pandemic pa po, may mga Filipino na hindi pa nakaka balik sa trabaho mo lang nong lock down. Bakit lage kang concern pag police at militar na? Baka bago pa matapos term mo mag declare ka ng bastas militar?

Gagawa ng kalokohan, mahuhuli, ipapasara, magagalit, repeat fake news supporter or fake news employer? “my government”? Dapat Philippine government - for the good of rhe people and not for his own (and his lapdogs’) benefit! Tunggak na Bad pa talaga kayong DDS! Bawal kasi ang CIB & FAKE NEWS! Intiende Fake network is good for the Filipino people? How ?

HAHAHAHAHA. Facebook na ba ang sentro ng mundo Shems. Sa mga reaksyon ng administrasyong 'to iisipin mo parang hawak ng Facebook buhay nila. Hihi Haahhahaahha Gawa kayo ng sariling social media app. Ayaw ng fb ng fake news. The Americans CIA will take you down just like what they did to Marcos. TangInaMoDuterte cnnphilippines ABSCBNNews gmanews

Parang batang nagta tantrum. So, the policy of your government is to propagate fake news & misinformation? Btw, why did you just “offered” to resign? DO IT. I am one of those who are PRAYING FOR IT. Umaray ang inutil n presidente! You have pcoogov and other means of advocating “your” people’s causes. Why don’t you use those instead? The internet is way beyond your reach, Mr. Dictator. I’ve reported MochaUson a million times and Facebook won’t shut it down. Those CIB pages violated rules, end of story.

china lang daw may karapatan na gumawa ng mga pekeng acct sa fb para pampropaganda sa kanya at sa anak nyang sobrang kapal ng mukha kaya naging square na Fake news and propaganda pages nga kasi! Masama ang loob ni tanda nabisto sila...ikaw pa galit libre nga lang gamit nyo ng facebook😡😅 You can’t dictate facebook, unlike your army/keyboard trolls, you dumb dictator!

Sir, country ko din po ito. sofiatomacruz Masakit talaga sa isang promotor ng fake news yan. Hahahaha ssstfu! THISisROUGH Putangina talaga nito. ITSYABOISATANAS KAILAN BA SCHEDULE NITO SA BABA Boomer..😂🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Pres. Duterte, if YOU cannot espouse or advocate something which is for the good of the people, then what is YOUR purpose here in OUR country?

what word is more profound than 'moron' By all means. 😂 STFU. ‘Good of the people’?! What a joke. ‘Good for your lies and propaganda’ you mean. Crazy old senile man. You are just kulangot to facebook sir. Don’t pretend you are relevant to them. how butthurt are u His insanity is endless. Walang pakialam ang Facebook sa policies mo. Ayaw nila ng fake accounts. Policy nila 'yon. Nadutertetayo ChangeScamming

I get more opportunities to earn money from facebook than from his policies. IN THIS ECONOMY Who's gonna tell him? 🙄 Kapwa pinoy na Naman magdurusa ñan pag nagkataOn,dahil karamihan mga online business ..tapos kapag humiling Ng tulOng sa gobyerno sasabihin di magbanat Ng buto .. 😅😅 ..pano inaalisan Ng kabuhayan !!

Fake news has to go down Ang babaw talaga. Hindi ka naman binabawal ng fb ang panloloko at papropaganda. Hindi nila saklaw yun Just don't do it in facebook. Gamitin mo ang PTV4, IBC13, GMA7. Ang dami mong galamay. Dun ka, wag sa fb! ok then do it..shut down facebook..by all means... Papasara daw? Paano na mga fake news at hate posts ng mga kampon niyang mga DDS? Paano na si Mocha? Mawawalan ng kita ang mga trolls! OMG!

DDS trolls kc sa FB ang nag eexaggerate ng mga accomplishment ng Du30 admin at attack dog nila sa mga kumokontra dito. Sobra ang disinformation. Dumadami ang followers sa kahahasik ng fake news. Wag poooo. Maraming DDSalot na mawawalan ng trabaho. Why! How DDS be like : 😭😭😭 Facebook tapos FaceMask and FaceShield ang ipapa-ban. 😅🤣🇵🇭

Hahaha speechless so tatawa nalang ako bwahaha that quote (if that is even his actual statement) does not even make sense Ang dami mo pinapa ban o closed, eh di maraming Pilipino mawawalan ng kita na Facebook yung ginagamit ng platform para sa online businesses nila. Unahin mo muna kung pano maka survive lahat sa pandemic. Tulungan hindi pansariling kapakanan

Hindi purpose ng FB maging platform ng mga trolls mo Haha, paki ng facebook sayo? Si trump nga pina fact check, anong BANSA ka daw? Saka yung binayad sa farm mo, was for 2016 lang, any farm beyond, illegal na. Bayad kayo uli just like what you did last 2016. Madami pang bayarang Trollz, di nga lang pwede mag tayo ng farm na bago.

May terms and conditions ang Facebook. Kung di kayo agree eh di wag gamitin. There's nothing wrong about Facebook. They took down a fake network that is suspicious. Gobyerno natin mas inuuna pa politika kaysa sa actual na saloobin ng taumbayan tsk tsk Hahahahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha Nawalan sya ng propaganda arm hahahaha Nawalan ng trabaho ang kanyang Troll Army hahahahaha Hahahahaha

LOL AT YOU Mga little monsters mo kasi ih. 🙃

Duterte threatens to stop Facebook in PhilippinesWATCH: President Rodrigo Duterte on Monday, September 28, threatened to stop Facebook in the Philippines after the tech giant recently took down fake networks linked to the country's police and military. Read: Napikon na naman si inutil dahil nabuking din pati fake networks ng police at military niya? Hala ang daming trolls na mawawalan ng trabaho. 😂 I dare you! Haha. Sa tingin nya ba may pera pang pambili ng VPN yung trolls nya? Lol

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Mayor Sara Duterte on medical leave, ‘Baste’ is acting mayorDavao City Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio has filed a one-week medical leave and designated her younger brother, Vice Mayor Sebastian “Baste” Duterte as acting mayor during the period. | cgonzalesINQ cgonzalesINQ cgonzalesINQ Iba ang family business nila. Hahaha! Nakakadiri tong angkan na to. I hate Davao! cgonzalesINQ walang kwenta. next topic please.

Drilon blasts P49-billion cut in 2021 DOH budgetMANILA, Philippines — Sen. Franklin Drilon slammed the Duterte administration for reducing the budget of the Department of Health (DOH) by P49 billion despite the difficulties brought about by the MRamosINQ Kabobo tlga ng admin ngayon...😂😂😂 MRamosINQ Aga mo naman mg blast diyan... Dba dumaan sa hearing ng congress, bakit d ka doon babanat? Ang hilig nyo talaga sa media para magsalsal ng ibabalita. MRamosINQ kawawa naman talaga ang DOH - 'ganun' na nga lang ang kalihim na pinipilit sa atin tapos ngayon ay tinapyasan pa ng budget. hindi talaga ang kapakanan ng bayan ang iniisip ng pamahalaang ito kundi ang maipagpatuloy ang pagkaka-sadlak natin sa lusak. RegisterToVote!

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The women challenging some of the world’s strongmen leadersThe Philippines’ Rodrigo Duterte , United States’ Donald Trump, and Belarus’ Alexander Lukashenko share something in common: some of their strongest opponents are women. Is she at their level? They don't 'share something in common' they 'have something in common.' Big difference..trump n duterte were democraticaly elected in a fair n honest election..while d leader frm belarus was elected in a questionable election