Duterte ‘sure’ China will be first to develop COVID-19 vaccine

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday night expressed confidence that China, where the COVID-19 pandemic originated, will be among the first countries to develop a vaccine

5/28/2020 6:34:00 PM

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday night expressed confidence that China, where the COVID-19 pandemic originated, will be among the first countries to develop a vaccine against the novel coronavirus. | DJEsguerraINQ

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday night expressed confidence that China, where the COVID-19 pandemic originated, will be among the first countries to develop a vaccine

ADVERTISEMENTAccording to Duterte, China is already developing a vaccine and that it may be available by September.“Itong China hindi ito hambog. Wala itong ere. But they… they you know, they work and I’m very sure that they will be the first one… one of the countries that would be able to come up with a vaccine,” Duterte said in a televised speech.

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DJEsguerraINQ Balahuba ka talaga. Bakit panig na panig ka sa China? Hindi ba pwedeng neutral ka lang? DJEsguerraINQ masyadong panatiko ng China .. kaya tayo nagiging province of china e . DJEsguerraINQ So much love for China - I wonder why 🤣 DJEsguerraINQ China-olll!!!! 🖕🖕🖕 DJEsguerraINQ dapat lang naman po di'ba po, opo

DJEsguerraINQ India pasok! DJEsguerraINQ Duterte ano pa nga ba. Mas pinapaboran mo naman sila keysa sa Pinoy, so expected na yang statement mo na yan. Oh btw, reminder lang ang Indonesia po kumikilos na against China sa claim nila sa maritime territory. Kung may pakialam ka pa. Kung wala na sabihin mo na lang.

DJEsguerraINQ We DONT TRUST CHINA! you may however, be the first to be vaccinated by any vaccine coming from this treacherous country. Pls spare the Philippines 🙏 DJEsguerraINQ Hahaha! Go to china and don't come back! DJEsguerraINQ hindi naman sya mukhang taga tsina DJEsguerraINQ I am confident in two things: this guy will go down in history as one who leans on the bully country while killing his own countrymen and whatever that bully country is cooking out there is surely not for free.

DJEsguerraINQ Puro nlng china. DJEsguerraINQ They can't even make a reliable testing kits how could you expexct something that is more complicated for them to create like a vaccine?! DJEsguerraINQ Asang asa sa china! 🤮 DJEsguerraINQ Patibong... DJEsguerraINQ They're trying to wiped out every trace of evidence in their laboratory in Wuhan! Of course that is their main plan; To maim the entire world then proceed to create a vaccine so all countries will depend on them. The cunningness and evil of Chinese Communists Party.

DJEsguerraINQ Daming galit sa China o peeo pag nagkabakuna yan sila pa mauuna sa pila. DJEsguerraINQ habang tumatagal nagiging tuta n sya ng mga fucking chinese, no wonder kung bkit gnun kalalakas ng loob nila n gumawa ng ktarantaduhan dito sa pinas.imbes na hikayatin nya lalo ang pilipinas ang mkasevelop ng vaccine.mas inuuna pa ang china.

DJEsguerraINQ I wonder how he can say that so easily? May source ba sya ng info? Weird. DJEsguerraINQ Developing vaccine, no one cares whose first... question there is — will it be given for free bcz this is a WORLD PROBLEM and profit shouldnt be at the forefront.. but I have my doubts DJEsguerraINQ Mga besh, musta naman daw ang mga iligal na medical clinic/hospital ng mga tsino sa pinas?

DJEsguerraINQ Mauna ka at pamilya mo magpa vaccine ng china made & show it via live telecast... kahit anong oras pa yan, aabangan namin. Show your undying love & loyalty to china and their money. DJEsguerraINQ Tuta k tlga DJEsguerraINQ Naku . .uubusin ang pinoy sa lab trials nito. . DJEsguerraINQ Bangag pa rin si tuta!

DJEsguerraINQ DJEsguerraINQ While I understand that at some point human trials need to be done to test the virological effects of the vaccine, I have low confidence about China leading the way out on this, sir. The whole Chine confidence is no longer sitting well with our society. DJEsguerraINQ No...all the more we have to be careful.

DJEsguerraINQ Nakakasuka na ang patuloy na pag praise sa china ng gobyernong ito! San ba galing ang virus DJEsguerraINQ Kawawa nman tyo puro kapit Lang lagi sa China? Government should at least try to help each other as ONE NATION!! 🇵🇭 before asking help to other countries. DJEsguerraINQ Suddenly you have become a scientist.

DJEsguerraINQ Why promote substandard and deadly CHINESE PEODUCTS LIKE VACCINE? DJEsguerraINQ May maniwala pb sa kanya,di b sinabi nya noon may pera PH to fight 'veerus' pero ngayon iba n sinasabi, dinownplay din nya epkto ng 'veerus' noon.ang ? ano plan mo once may bakuna n, whether devlopd by CH or others?Dont tell n iaasa mo ulit sa private sectr or sariling bulsa nmin

DJEsguerraINQ Whatever medicine from CHINA, KILLS! DJEsguerraINQ Hindi p ba mag election? Nasa pilipinas ka PILIPINO ka. Ang bukang bibig mu is China. Wala k n bang ibang idea except to always cling on to China. Who started the virus to begin with. Dyos ko po!!! 😭 Iiyak ka nlang. DJEsguerraINQ In my opinion why don't we include psychological test to all who run for any government officials. May God have mercy on our country staypositivePilipinas🇵🇭

DJEsguerraINQ SO FRUSTRATING. Please step down. DJEsguerraINQ Tapos mauuna naman ang mga officials magpa-vaccines keysa sa mga may sakit. DJEsguerraINQ May sapi ako, sabi ng sapi... siguradong sigurado si gongdi sa tsina, isa sa mga napag usapan marahil na sila sila lang may alam. Amoy sabwatan talaga

DJEsguerraINQ 🤡🤡🤡🤡 DJEsguerraINQ wag naman sana mangyari, pero sana di pinas ang gawing trial lab sa vaccine na yan at mga pinoy ang lab rats. tama naman po. 🙁😢 DJEsguerraINQ No, thank you. You can keep your vaccine and fuck off. I'll wait for UP or other countries BUT. NEVER. CHINA. Ano kami pagpraktisan nila ng vaccine na ikakamatay pa namin?

DJEsguerraINQ BWAHAHAHA.... DJEsguerraINQ Arf Arf DJEsguerraINQ DUVID-16 symptoms DJEsguerraINQ OUSTDUTERTENOW DJEsguerraINQ Magbitaw ka na G. Duterte sa puwesto mo dahil wala ka talagang alam sa pamamalakad as national leader. DJEsguerraINQ Ikaw na maunang magpatest at si Bong Go! DJEsguerraINQ Spell loyalty or blind admiration. Were doomed Ph😭

DJEsguerraINQ 🐕‍🦺 DJEsguerraINQ Pahinga ka na. DJEsguerraINQ It is now a race for an anti-viral medication to treat Covid19. Vaccines will probably come by middle of next year. DJEsguerraINQ siempre galing sa kanila ang veerus e DJEsguerraINQ Gago DJEsguerraINQ Una kang magpabakuna. DJEsguerraINQ Pila na mga DDS

DJEsguerraINQ It seems even leaders nowadays is made in China 😂 I thought you’re a born leader... sorry I was wronged!!! DJEsguerraINQ Cute gif not related to topic Totally not related uwu DJEsguerraINQ BFF forever DJEsguerraINQ Meanwhile, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand and many other nations were able to beat Covid19 without waiting for a vaccine and without clinging to China. 🤷🏻‍♂️

DJEsguerraINQ Sumampalataya sa poong Chino.. DJEsguerraINQ malamang. kung sa kanila galing edi may ready na silang gamot dyan DJEsguerraINQ TUTA. DJEsguerraINQ ahh leche china bukang bibig mo. tuta! DJEsguerraINQ Gago! Tuta ka talaga ng mga tsekwa!!! Pinapaniwala mo ang mga pinoy na kakampi ang China. Mga pinoy magresearch muna kayo kung ano talaga ang tunay na hangarin ng China sa ibang bansa!!!

DJEsguerraINQ OMG bakit sobrang umaasa sya sa vaccine ng china? DJEsguerraINQ tahol tuta tahol DJEsguerraINQ Become a human tester then 😆

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