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Duterte says 'pristine clean' government 'impossible'

MANILA — President Rodrigo Duterte said on Wednesday that while he would continue to fight corruption up to the last year of his stay in Malacañang, a 'pristine clean' bureaucracy would be 'impossible.'

5/13/2021 7:15:00 PM

President Duterte , who ran on a promise to end corruption, admits that there is still corruption in his government, and that there will still be corruption in succeeding administrations. Related report:

MANILA — President Rodrigo Duterte said on Wednesday that while he would continue to fight corruption up to the last year of his stay in Malacañang, a 'pristine clean' bureaucracy would be 'impossible.'

Duterte has created a task force to probe state-wide corruption. He also devotes a chunk of his weekly televised speeches to reading a list of officials either dismissed or suspended from their posts due to malfeasance. "I would dedicate the last remaining months of my stay in the office of the President going after corrupt people," he said in his latest public address.

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"Do not expect me to entirely clean, pristine clean the bureaucracy. That is impossible, and cannot really be achievable." Repeating a warning for government personnel pocketing payoffs, Duterte said, "You should not be there in the service at all." 

In 2016, Duterte won the presidency campaigning on a promise to fight corruption, crime, and illegal drugs.But his administration has been dogged by scandals and allegations of graft and cover-ups in state agencies ranging from prisons, the state insurer, immigration, airports and customs, to police and the drugs enforcement agency, few of which led to convictions or high-profile resignations. headtopics.com

The Philippines also fell 14 notches to 113th spot among 180 countries in Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index in 2019. Last year, the country slipped to more spots to 115th. Duterte is not eligible for re-election, but fulfilling his campaign pledge on corruption could help the chances of his chosen successor in the 2022 elections.

The justice department, which heads the anti-corruption task force, earlier said it would work with other government agencies on investigations.- With a report from Reuters  FROM THE ARCHIVES: Read more: ABS-CBN News »

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THE BUDOL KING The budol king Nangako na nga eh, tutuparin pa ba ... Swerte naman natin pag ganun. There is 'still' corruption? More like, it has become a norm. Hinde na nga nahihiya ang mga yan e. Garapalan na at harap-harapan ang korapsyon at pagnanakaw. 🙄 Another promise not met. Your parents must be sooooo proud of you. Your voters must be soooo happy.

duterteresign DutertePalpak totoo yan. pero kaya ka nakakaasar, kasi ikaw ang pinakamayabang na naging presidente na nagsabi na ikaw ang tatapos ng lahat pero puro sa joke nauwi. TVPatrol Ha? May money involved sa usapan nila regarding WPS? Kahit admin pala si Sara korap. Is a prank again....Eh paanu anak mo nga may 9B na tinatago


Mad at Duterte West PH Sea jet ski quip, fisherman says President a 'joke'MANILA - A Filipino fisherman in Infanta, Pangasinan said Wednesday he took offense at President Rodrigo Duterte 's recent clarification that his 2016 campaign statement of riding a jet ski and challenging Chinese incursions in the West Philippine Sea was just a joke. The defense is always 'it was a joke'... That is why this admin is ALSO A BIG JOKE. and we are paying the price. Just resign already 😡 Naku Baka I Redtag yan ni Purnada ay Parlade pala at Bad-oy. DuterteTutaNgChina

Nakakasilaw ang Pera, Dami kasing Gusto yumaman. Akala ko sa mga Engineer malapit ang corruption dahil sa Government projects at pulitiko. Ngayon pati Doctor na, kahit hindi Covid19 ang ikinamatay basta maka kubra sa Philhealth, Covid19 agad ang Cause of Death. Paano ito ngayon, ang mga naniwala ba sa kanya na wawaksan ang corruption kapag naging presidente siya, ay mga stupido din katulad noong naniwala sa kanya tungkol sa pagsakay sa jetski.

Baka joke lang dn He is just saying to us more that his campaign speeches are just all JOKE only. DuterteInutil DZMMTeleRadyo Nasaan na yung “CHANGE IS COMING 👊🏼” Unli-joke pala tong gobyernong to! oo nd mawawala corruption pero pinakamatindi.. PINAKAMAKAPAL ang mukha at walang takot ang termino mo.. lalo na mga tao mo na mas mayabang pa at mas kupal sayo..

Pero malala ang corruption ngayon. Joke joke lang. 🤡🤣👎🏻

83 protests vs. China filed by Philippines under Duterte admin, says DFAThe Philippines has filed 83 diplomatic protests against China since President Rodrigo Duterte assumed power in mid-2016, the Department of Foreign Affairs said Thursday. After all the lyingS and jokingS?! May mnniwla pb s gobyernong du30? Mere scraps of papers as per Duterte 🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤡💩💩💩 DuterteTutaNgChina

So name them🙄alam mo pala pero surely kasama pamilya mo at mga kaalyado mo kaya hindi mo kaya👎🏻👎🏻 DuterteCorrupt We know that! 15 B PhilHealth, na natabunan na lang ng kung ano anong issue. It was under your watch. so yeah REALITY BITES, YES. Hindi na talaga maiiwasan ang existence of corruption on every administration kahit saang parte ng mundo. PERO, ang hiling ko lang, SANA, KAHIT KONTI LANG, MAY PAG-UNLAD NAMAN!

talagang meron pa at mas lumala kaya lang mas matindi ang takipan 😂 The biggest joker of all time! jokelang 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Moral lesson: WAG MAGYABANG! For future Presidentiable, just promise that those involved in corruption be exposed & put to jail forever. This will not end if the president & his family is involved that's why others don't take this offense seriously ! Myriam had promised to build a jail for corrupt people.

Sa palagay ko dumami ang korapsyon sa gubyerno under Duterte...yun nga lang magaling silang magtago ngayon kaysa nuon. Bakit nga ba...? Eh si Duterte ang number one corrupt, eh. Eh yung end of contractualization in 3-6 months ano ng nangyari do ba wala din.

Bato on Duterte jet ski ride joke: ‘That’s him plain and simple’ICYMI: “Well, that’s him plain and simple,” Senator dela Rosa said when sought for comment on President Duterte ’s latest remark that his promise to ride a jet ski to the Spratly Islands and plant a Philippine flag there was just a “pure campaign joke.” Ok. I get the message he/they/ tolerating the acts of lies, and jokes. isa sa 16 million na pinakabobong nilalang sa balat ng kalupaan ng pinas Well Sen. Bato is one of the 16M supporters of the president whom the latter just plainly and simply called stupid

Maniniwala na sana ako sa eradication ng corruption kaya lang nung pinalaya mo si gloria nalaman ko na joke lang pala. Si Wiguire na pinuno ng pastillas gang ipinuwesto mo parin na dapat pinakulong mo. Kya talagang di mo ma eradicate kahit iilang corrupt. so joke lang pala yung 3-6 months? estupido talaga ng mga DDS.

TVPatrol Addressing social illness like corruption falls within the realm of religion. Corruption is a failure of the religious institutions to instill ethics and morals among its members. Religious institutions are actually serving as fronts for intelligence gathering and psy-ops... di talaga mawawala ang corruption sa kahit saang gobyerno pero ang tanong is anong ginawa para di lumala at maalis ang mga sistemang sanhi ng corruption

mas lumala corruption sa termino mo urur! duterteCORRUPT 👊🏼💩 DZMMTeleRadyo Useless. 🤡 Then why did you promise to remove corruption? Joke na naman? Another campaign promise just to grab votes? Including the poon… asan ang SALN? May naniniwala pa ba sa Inutil n yan? Scammer! 🤡👊🏼🤮

Duterte says he will resign if he can’t give ‘barest minimum’ of peace in MindanaoMANILA, Philippines —President Rodrigo Duterte said Tuesday he might consider resigning if he cannot give the “barest minimum” of peace in Mindanao following the latest atrocities in a Joke ba to? Ready na akong tumawa! 😂😆🤪 Sad naman, don’t resign Mr.President. Konting panahon na lang mag eelection na. Just focus on resolving current issues in our country but then take it seriously!!!Stop muna jokes. Because he's from 'Da vow' 🤣

Duterte's final SONA could be 'hybrid' just like last year: House SpeakerPresident Rodrigo Duterte 's final State of the Nation Address (SONA) in July could be similar to last year's that saw a 'hybrid' session, with limited guests inside the Batasan Pambansa and the rest attending online, House Speaker Lord Allan Velasco said on Thursday. Hybrid meaning combinations of nonsense and jokes Hybrid, hybrid, wala naman accomplishment He meant 'Shit'!

Duterte: May Eid'l Fitr inspire peace, unity, goodwillPresident Rodrigo Duterte said he hoped that Thursday's Eid'l Fitr, the end of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, would inspire Filipinos to promote peace, unity, and goodwill. Ask them first if he is joking or not You mean his speechwriter