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Rodrigo Duterte, West Philippine Sea

Duterte on Chinese ships situated in West PH Sea — ‘I don’t want any quarrel’

But the President said if China started drilling oil in the West Philippine Sea, that’s the time he “will send my gray ships there to stake a claim.”

4/19/2021 8:42:00 PM

But the President said if China started drilling oil in the West Philippine Sea , that’s the time he “will send my gray ships there to stake a claim.”

In a televised public briefing, Duterte spoke on the topic for the first time since hundreds of Chinese ships were spotted in those waters late last month.

 "The issue of the West Philippine Sea remains to be a question forever until such time that we can take it back," he said."Walang iba, giyera lang. If we promote a war between China and American, puwede siguro, madali 'yan. But at what cost to us? 'Yan ang problema. 'Yan talaga ang problema."

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(We cannot do anything, just war. If we promote a war between China and American, we can, that's easy. But at what cost to us. That's the problem.)Duterte also said the country cannot avoid bloodshed should it decide to take back its territory by force.

"We can retake it only by force. There is no way that we can get back ang tawag nilang Philippine Sea without any bloodshed. 'Yan talaga ang totoo," he said.(We can retake it only by force. There is no way that we can get back what we call the West Philippine Sea without any bloodshed. That's the truth.)

Duterte likewise said it will not be easy to get the United States to fight against China, especially if it will be the Philippines who will start the war."We have always sided with America on so many issues, including this one. Pero kung sabihin mo that America will go to war because of the Philippine Sea tapos tayo ang mag-umpisa, ang ano doon, alam mo doon sa Mutual Defense Treaty, only if we are being attacked or assaulted. It does not include a war that is initiated by us," he said.

(We have always sided with America on so many issues, including this one. But if you say that America will go to war because of the Philippine Sea and we start the war, you know in the Mutual Defense Treaty, only if we are being attacked or assaulted. It does not include a war that is initiated by us.)

"I am ready. If just a matter of going there and looking for trouble, and maybe violence, OK sa akin (that's OK with me). But at what cost would that be to the country? Hindi tayo puwedeng pumunta doon at makipag-away (We cannot just go there and fight with them)," Duterte added.

According to Duterte, the problem in disputed territory in the West Philippine Sea started in the administration of President Benigno Aquino III, and it worsened when the Philippines withdrew its ships there."Can the United Nations compel China, and do you think China will just give it freely because of the United Nations' demand?" Duterte said.

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"Ang Pilipinas nag-retreat, ang China hindi nag-retreat. It was a notice to the world na noong hindi sila umalis, tayo ang umalis, ibig sabihin, amin ito kaya ka umalis." (The Philippines retreated, but China did not. It was a notice to the world that when they stayed but the Philippines retreated, that means, this is ours that's why you left.)

Should a similar situation happen in his administration, Duterte said he will not back off."I don't want any quarrel. But a situation like that, if repeated, in my administration, I think there will going to be a . . . Talagang hindi ako aalis (I will not leave). Kung may barko ako diyan, 'yung Coast Guard andiyan, hindi rin ako mag-alis (Ii I have ships there, the Coast Guard is there, I will not leave). I will not (leave)," he said.

"Yung mga Coast Guard natin (Our Coast Guard), if they are driven away, I will tell them to stay put."Duterte said the Philippines cannot do anything about the Chinese presence in the country's Exclusive Economic Zone at present, but he gave the assurance that he is ready to fight once China starts drilling for oil.

"I am addressing myself to the Chinese government. We want to remain friends. We want to share whatever it is. Sinabi ko naman sa inyo, sa Chinese government, I am not so much interested now in fishing. I don't think there's enough fish to quarrel about. But when we start to mine, when we start to get whatever it is in the bowels of the China Sea, sa ating oil, diyan na ako, then at that time, I will send my ships there. I will send my gray ships there to stake a claim," he said.

" 'Yan masiguro ninyo. 'Pag kinuha na 'yang oil, mga nickel diyan, precious stones, that would be the time because that is the time that we should act on it. Hindi ngayon na pahabol habulan lang diyan.(I will assure you, once they get our oil, nickel, precious stones, that would be the time because that is the time that we should act on it. Not now when they are just chasing people away.)

" 'Pag mag-umpisa na silang mag-drill ng oil diyan, sabihin ko talaga sa China (When they start drilling oil there, I will really tell China), 'Is that part of our agreement? Because if that is not part of our agreement, I will also drill my oil there. If you own it, I own it. I do not want a quarrel, but that is what'."

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Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque earlier said Duterte has not spoken about the issue because his aides have already done so.Under the doctrine of qualified political agency, "the utterances of the alter egos are utterances of the President, unless the President renounces them," Roque said.

The Department of Foreign Affairs has filed several protests against some hundreds of Chinese boats since March in the Philippine exclusive economic zone. The agency also summoned Chinese Ambassador Huang Xilian to press for the withdrawal of its vessels at Julian Felipe Reef. 

Since coming to power in 2016, Duterte has criticized US foreign policy and sought to improve ties with Beijing, but China's maritime assertiveness has put him in a difficult spot at times.The Philippine navy had planned to deploy 3 more ships in the South China Sea, within which is the Philippines' territorial waters. 

"We have to understand that to say that one area is ours, we have to be there," military spokesman Maj. Gen. Edgard Arevalo said. China's sweeping claims over almost the entire South China Sea had been declared to have no legal basis by a UN-backed arbitration court.

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Don't count on him. Most of his pronouncements on the West Philippine Sea are full of hot air. Lumabas na meron na naduduwag sa bansang Pilipinas.... Kaya nga Philippine Sea.. Kasi pag aari natin..... Bakit kailangan dadanak pa ng dugo bago dw mabawi... Ano po ba talaga? WITHDRAWAL OF SUPPORT NOW! “MY gray ships”?

Balik tanawin natin ang pagkadulas ni attyharryroque sa pagpabor sa pogo... Sa mga taong tulad mo dika m uubusan ng dahilan sa china. Pinakita mo lng sa buong mundo na idiot k! Matapang sa kapwa pilipino pero sa mukha ng ibang lahi isa kng DUWAG! Ikaw lng ang lider n madami dahilan sa china at hindi magawang lumaban sa karapatan ng iyong bansa.

Missile ! Missile ! Missile ! May missile boat na humabol kay Chiara at kasamahan niya sa civilian boat. Kulang pa yun? 'my' All due respecr Tay Digs d ko gets ung reasoning nyo. Why stake a claim when da said area is part of our sovereign territory. Y wait till dey drill oil when dey already erected islets inside our territory. D po b pwedeng magpadala kyo ng GREY SHIPS kahit patroling purposes lng.

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How would you know if they haven't done it yet? They already have artificial Islands right.. Do we have to wait? And why do you think those large ships are side by side with one another, I don't think they're catching fish. There's something Fishy there Puro kayabangan sa katawan. Hinuhukay na nga mga lupa natin sa Zambales at dinadala sa gitna ng laot hihintayin pa na mag drill ng langis.

I hope the president keeps his word. This incompetence knows no bounds. Shame will not make DuterteResign; Are delusions preventing him from seeing that he is DuterteTraydor? Pak yoo!!!! Coward president.!!! 'Section 2. The President.... may be removed from office on impeachment for, & conviction of, culpable violation of the Constitution, treason, bribery, graft and corruption, other high crimes, or BETRAYAL OF PUBLIC TRUST.' Di pa talaga natin to pwedeng i-impeach? Yung totoo?😭

Tangalin ma lang kasi yang Dutae na yan habang maaga pa. People’s power ulit!!! Thats way too late... we are too late... the highest government official is a traitor. Nakakagalit. Storyahe dong🤣🤣🤣

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At sa akala mo digong kapanipaniwala Kang hinayupak ka? Traidor ka Yun ang totoo Ahh may hinihintay pa.. Aysus ginoo! Wala na Wala talagang mapiga sa matandang to jusko toy Duterte worst President ever Ano mga DDS? Naniniwala na ba kayong gg0 talaga si Duterte? DuterteTraydor DuterteResign DuterteInutil DuterteTutaNgChina 🤡🤡🤡🤮🤮🤮💩💩💩

It’s a prank!!! Hahaha, gawin mo muna mag jetski sa West Philippine Sea bago yang gray ships mo! Jetski muna bago grey ships hahahha Pinagamit nya ang karagatan natin, ni katiting na upa man lang wala. Libreng squatter na, nagtataboy pa ng mangingisda natin. Traydor tong inutil na matandang ito!!! naku, puros kasinungalingan lang lumalabas sa bibig nyan ni mang kanor...

Locsin tells China to 'get the f--- out' of Philippine watersMalacañang expects the remaining Chinese ships to leave the West Philippine Sea within this month.

Nagoyo talaga ang pinoy. Jusko walang mapala sayo. Sayang lng sweldo, napakatamad! Hihintayin pa nya yang scenario before siya umaksyon? Putang ina talaga angb gobyerno mo Duterte Puro daldal! aceluwiblntng so alam na ulit mangyayari...same with covid hinintay na dumami case bago nagbawal magpapasok ng mga taga china last year...napaka walang kwenta!

Pano mo malalaman na nag drill na ng oil kung lagi ka missing in action! Baka pag naubos na saka ka pa lang reresponde. RelaxPaMore Piste! 😤😤😤😤 Maghihintay muna na lumala ang situwasyon? Naku, Another joke. Hihintayin mo pa talaga yun? Eh mas maganda pa nga yung palipaparan nila dun kesa sa NAIA. That's what happened sa 1st day ni Covid. No wonder.

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But China is already building bases in PH EEZ. Let me get this straight... Your daring China dig a hole on our territory then you'll send our ghost ship, but you dont want to quarrel.. where did you get this brain dead strategy ? From your brain dead retired generals !!! Keep lying Nag salita na naman ng tapos.

Just like He will Jet-ski to West Philippine Sea. Still waiting 👀 Nag salita ka naman taa wala ka naman gagawin pag andyan na ! Resign ka na lan Pls. Kung ngayon palang kaya na nila i-claim ang WPS na sa kanila, paano pa pag ganyan na ang usapin? Paki-euthanize nalang tong tuta. Di naman na kayang magfunction nang maayos.

Mr president wala na po tayo maki-claim dahil pag aari na halat ng China dahil sa kapabayaan mo! Hindi naman po tayo makikipag digma, sana lang humingi kayo ng tulong sa asean, US at UN at kung saan paman o sinuman pwedeng mahingan ng tulong. Hayaan mo muna ang magnanakaw sa bahay, pag binuksan na yong drawer saka na tayo umaksyon

Palace denies Duterte-Xi 'fishing deal' in West PH SeaMalacañang denied on Friday a supposed 2-year-old verbal agreement between President Rodrigo Duterte and his Chinese counterpart Xi Jinping, which an official said allowed China to fish in Philippine waters. how about island deal? That’s a total traitorship iimpeach na dapat yan. Hindi kayang paalisin with all his powers, magaling lang talaga pumatay ng kapwa pinoy pero chekwa treated with all due respect kahit harap harapang ninanakaw resources natin