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Arbitral Ruling, Joint Exploration

Duterte: Energy deal OK with China if PH drops claim

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte said on Tuesday that Chinese President Xi Jinping had offered the Philippines a controlling stake in a proposed joint energy venture in the

9/12/2019 2:21:00 AM

President Rodrigo Duterte said that Chinese President Xi Jinping had offered the Philippines a controlling stake in a proposed joint energy venture in the West Philippine Sea if it would set aside an international arbitral ruling award that went against...

MANILA, Philippines — President Rodrigo Duterte said on Tuesday that Chinese President Xi Jinping had offered the Philippines a controlling stake in a proposed joint energy venture in the

The President said Xi told him during their meeting in Beijing in August that if he ignored the 2016 ruling of the UN-backed Permanent Court of Arbitration, China would agree to be the junior partner in the proposed joint venture to develop gas deposits in Recto Bank, located in the West Philippine Sea, waters within the Philippines’ 370-kilometer exclusive economic zone (EEZ) in the heavily disputed South China Sea.

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ADVERTISEMENT60-40 sharing“Set aside the arbitral ruling,” the President told reporters in Malacañang, quoting Xi. “Set aside your claim. Then allow everybody connected with the Chinese companies. They want to explore. If there is something, they said, we will be gracious enough to give you 60 percent, only 40 percent will be theirs. That is the promise of Xi Jinping.”

But Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. refuted the President’s statements on Wednesday, saying China did not attach such a condition to the proposed joint exploration deal.“I read everything he told President Xi. China has never made setting aside the arbitral award a prerequisite to anything,” Locsin replied to a reporter’s question via Twitter.

“On the contrary, China agrees with the Philippines to disagree on their respective claims,” Locsin said.He said the memorandum of understanding that he signed with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi “applies only in disputed areas, not in areas everyone, including China, admits belongs to the Philippines.”

Locsin cited Justice Menardo Guevarra’s legal opinion that the memorandum did not compromise the Philippines’ sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea.Guevarra’s legal opinion“Can’t help it if traitors try to put a treasonous spin to it. But it’s [OK], one day they’ll be assassinated with impunity; indeed to loud acclaim,” Locsin said.

ADVERTISEMENTAfter Xi’s visit to the Philippines in November last year, Guevarra vouched for the legal soundness of a joint exploration deal, saying there was no need for the Senate to ratify it because it was not a treaty.“There are no sovereignty issues whatsoever as the [memorandum of understanding] merely expresses a mutual desire to agree on specific cooperation arrangements within 12 months,” Guevarra said in December.

He said the agreement expressly stated that it “shall be without prejudice to the respective legal positions of the two governments and does not give rise to any rights or obligations under international or domestic law.”“It’s just [a memorandum of understanding], it’s noncommittal, nonobligatory and nonbinding from a legal standpoint. It’s a mere expression of mutual desires,” Guevarra said.

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China’s embassy in Manila had no comment on Wednesday on President Duterte’s remarks.Arbitral rulingThe tribunal in The Hague clarified maritime boundaries and the Philippines’ sovereign entitlements, and in doing so, invalidated China’s claims to nearly the entire South China Sea.

China, which did not take part in the arbitration, does not recognize the ruling.The President has sought to befriend Xi, hoping to secure billions of dollars of investment, avoiding challenging China over its activities in the South China Sea, including its militarization of seven artificial islands.

Any agreement to forget the arbitral award and team up with China would be a major setback to other claimants, especially Vietnam and Malaysia, which like the Philippines have experienced repeated challenges from China’s coast guard inside their EEZs.

The United States has called that bullying and coercion aimed at denying rivals’ access to their energy assets.The President did not say if he had agreed to Xi’s offer, but said part of the arbitral award that referred to the EEZ “we will ignore to come up with an economic activity.”

PH exploration rightsThe Hague tribunal said the Philippines had legal rights to exploit gas deposits that China also claims at Recto Bank, located about 140 km off the Philippine coast and internationally known as Reed Bank.The Philippines’ only accessible gas resources at Malampaya fields, off Palawan province, are set to run out by 2024.

A joint project with China has been talked about for decades, but has gone nowhere because of their competing claims.Joint activity could be deemed as legitimizing the other side’s claim, or even relinquishing sovereign rights.Locsin said in a television interview on Wednesday that a preliminary agreement between China and the Philippines would avoid stating which country was entitled to the gas.

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“It’s very clear — no legal position is compromised if we enter into this agreement,” Locsin said, adding that putting aside the arbitration case was immaterial because the Hague court had already made its decision.“It’s final and binding,” Locsin added.

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No to that exploration deal. Why cowtow to china duterte. Be a man for once! NO Du30 would be so naive and stupid if he bite the offer! I hope he is not. What happens if he does or does not? This is non-negotiable! To settle the score, the robber proposed that both he and the victim cut the spoils in half and calls it even. Good deal!

No way Jose there should be other players who are better than China and would not make setting aside the arbitral ruling against China a pre-existing condition for a joint venture. pinoysdeservebetter No! naku po, huwag naman. Magkahawig cla. Careful bka mgaya tau s HK Eh atin yun. Tapos ipapagamit niya sa atin para quit claim na sa territory natin na na-award ng international tribunal. Ganun ba tayo katanga?

risahontiveros ito ang tuunan mo ng Pansin. Di sogie, di intern. SenGracePOE ito, Di si tugade. Hindi daw kinikilala ang arbitral ruling? BAKIT kasama sa deal yan! Tulad ka din ng mga alagad mong Dutertards “UTO-UTO!” This president does not have any balls. Why settle for crumbs when you own the bread?

Why share with anykind of deal when its ours? Will you ever be sure they will not go against our national interest? Really? THATS ANOTHER RED TIDE BOOBY TRAP!!!!! Illusion of control from the masters of control. ulul nyo china👎 It's ours we don't need to compromise. It's only duterte taking Xi's words seriously.

Hindi dapat si duterte magdedecide nyan. Hindi kanya ang Pilipinas. Hindi pwedeng basta nya ibenta ang bansa. If I remember correctly, this was already the plan, long before the SCS issue. The name of Pangilinan &associates were floating around this deal at that time. But the deal went awry because too many people want a piece of the pie. And some made diplomatic missteps too.

the best deal you can offer is removing your facility and ships in west phillipine sea. please take your people and duterte with you. get the hell out here Why China is offering conditions to the Philippines eventhough the West Philippine Sea is ours. The Philippines should be the one offering to China to accept the international arbitral ruling if China wants to join the joint energy venture.

PH has the most expensive energy because of the elites. Duterte smart exchanging cheap paper to affordable energy that will benefit Filipinos. Huwag tayong magdakdak, mag-isip naman ng konti. Huwag puro reklamo. People Power na! Aba! Talagang na Duterte talaga ang Pinas, Fentanyl pa more the venture can wait, not worth it right now

Philippines own WPS 100% and the whole world knows that. Si China pa nagseset ng conditions ngayon ha. Hahaha Keep fighting and remain poor, use your brain and git rich! Naku.. ano nanaman kapalit nyan... Mr President? Sana nga lang in the future wag magsuffer ang next generation😔 Ilabas na ang jetski Republic of the Philippines, POOHrvince, POORvince, PROvince of China 👏👏👏

ravenlaw3 Traydor ka, Digong! Traydor! Wag magpapaloko sa China. Putang inang yan! Mukha pa lang pangit na lahat pati ugali! Kailan kya libing nyan I hope our govt doesn’t sell us out anymore than they already have i’m sure we can find an energy deal with another country No to that exploration deal. Why cowtow to china duterte. Be a man for once!

OMG ... this President has indeed mixed priorities for the country!! stupidity Wow, iba talaga ang intsik na ‘to, kaysa manligaw nagbanta pa!! Himod pa more piduts. No way Jose Mr. Pres clear sa kaibigan mo na may ngipin ang pagka panalo natin sa Hague at gusto nilang balewain ito, so dapat Mr pres di ka magpalinlang sa chinese na yan kasi mananagot sa taongbayan,di kami willing na ibalewala ang ating territory,gisado tyo dito!!!!!

Naduterte po ang mga pinoy at ang pilipinas. Nagdesisyon nnman ung nagmamagaling.. hindi man lng tanungin ang taong bayan kung gusto.. That is Ours you trairor. Kunwari ka pang i raise mo hague ruling, pala ibenenta mo ng tuluyan. It’s like a robber entering your house and getting your things, then telling you he’ll give back half of your belongings if you drop charges. 🙄

its not his to offer. 🙅🏾‍♂️ nagkaalaman na nagkapartihan na kahit dehado nilaban pa rin sa bandang huli TALO No. We can gain more from this than pushing for impotent ruling. Eh bakit naman tayo papayag sa “controlling stake” kapalit ng karapatan na sa atin naman talaga in the first place? Basta China talaga, tiklop yang Tatay Digong niyo

It’s all about the 💰💲. And Duterte ‘s cowardice. PocketSizePresident At nagpadala nanaman sya sa mabulaklak na salita ng china? 🤦🏻‍♀️ kahit nga sarili nyang mga bansa ayaw sa kanya dahil traydor sya .. ano ng nangyayari sa pilipinas 🤷🏻‍♀️ Double whammy! Du💩 Treason Bribery? China is never going to treat the Philippines fairly. West Philippine Sea is ours. We should guard it and keep it ours.

So after all Xi acknowledges the ruling! Bully talaga at blackmailer! Lagot na ang natural resources natin... Loko loko din pag may time Treason yan Tuta The XI trap. Buying it virtually surrenders our claim as ruled by the IAC. No way Panda shits!! Syempre may kapalit at syempre dun sa lamang sila...pinas naman pauto

A traitor thru and thru if he agrees to this Selling your soul to the devil ..... Ang di ko maintindihan eh bakit bukod sa takot na takot itong kupal na ito sa china (na wala namang nagsasabi na mag giyera na dapat).. lahat ng moves or plano na pabor sa china, sinasabi nya agad in public.. para bang he is encouraging china to bully us eh! Pota naman oo!

Traydor!!!!👹👹👹 Walang paninidigan!!! Hoy May oath ka na paglalaban mo ang bansa naten?!! No words can describe you!!! Masahol ka pa SA 👹👹👹!!! You want us to do what? Give up our right? Traitor funny how teddyboylocsin calls Duterte a liar and then talks about assassinating those who properly interpret Duterte's treasonous remarks. His ire should be with Duterte and his constant lying. Why would Du30 lie about a matter of such sensitivity as this anyway?

May nagsquat sa lupa mo, nireklamo mo, tapos pumanig sayo ang korte..tapos ngayon sinasabi mo na pareho na kayong gagamit ng lupa mo tapos sabi pa nya, mas ikaw ang may control sa lupa mo basta i urong mo yung reklamo. Ano pa bang mas simple dito DDS? Still? Heto na. Heto na. Doobidobidoo😳😳😫😫 Thats a trick! Dont conform with it!

LMAO...daming Chinese haters na ungas Dali pa naman lokohin ng pinoy...ilatag lang nila tubi papunta sa barko nila di na malalaman yun gaya ng pagbiyahe ng barko nila na di alam ng navy! Bravo Yan un pinaka dahilan kung bakit gustong kunin ng China ang west phil. Sea. Kasi my yaman jan.... Kakairita lng ung govt. Natin..

Here's a better deal, China surrenders unconditionally, or we invade. We'd be benevolent masters, promise. Bat d na lang yung davao city ang ibigay mo sa Mga intsik beho, inamu dugong masahol ka pa aa mga kuministang aquino dati! Asan na kaya yung 16M nauto mo proud na proud ba din ba Mr. President, DO NOT take the offer. Just say thank you but no thanks. We're good.

Sounds like TREASON to me. duterteresign dutertetraydor duterteduwag Please don't trust China. Traydor 😑 Kawawang Pinas !!! Wow Salamat ha... gagu.... AMIN yaaaaaannn.. !!! Gusto kong sunugin ng buhay si DU30 pero realistically, what can we really do against China on this matter? The international arbitral tribunal ruling has no teeth anyway against a powerhouse like China. If such ruling comes with a clause that should China refuse to comply...

yan ay kung tutupad yan si xi Magpapakamatay ka na kamo? Kelangan mo ng tulong? If this ain't treason

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