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Duterte draws flak after saying frontliners 'lucky to die' for PH

'It would be an honor to die for your country, I assure you,' says President Duterte of medical personnel who are now part of the mounting coronavirus death toll. Netizens say they died because of lack of government preparation.

3/31/2020 5:50:00 AM

'It would be an honor to die for your country, I assure you,' says President Duterte of medical personnel who are now part of the mounting coronavirus death toll. Filipinos online say they died because of lack of government preparation. Full story:

'It would be an honor to die for your country, I assure you,' says President Duterte of medical personnel who are now part of the mounting coronavirus death toll. Netizens say they died because of lack of government preparation.

Updated 10:49 AM, March 31, 2020BATTLING CORONAVIRUS. The National Kidney and Transplant Institute in Quezon City installs triage at the hospital's compound to evaluate and categorizate patients on March 29, 2020. Photo by Angie de Silva/RapplerMANILA, Philippines –

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medical personnelon the front lines of the coronavirus outbreak in the country when he said they were “lucky” to die in the service of the Philippines.Duterte made the remark close to midnight on Monday, March 30, during a pre-recorded televised speech where he laid out the government’s latest response to pandemic.

“May mga doktor na, mga nurses, attendants, namatay. Sila ‘yung nasawi ang buhay para lang makatulong sa kapwa. Napakasuwerte nila. Namatay sila para sa bayan. Iyon ang dapat ang rason na bakit tayo mamatay,” Duterte said.(There are doctors, nurses, attendants who died. They were the ones who died helping others. They are so lucky. They died for the country. That should be the reason why we die.)

“It would be an honor to die for your country, I assure you,” he added.The Philippine Medical Association earlier said at least 12 doctors had died as of Sunday, March 29, as hospitals were overwhelmed and medics complained about the lack of protection for those on the front lines.

The country’s top medical association warned that health workers werenot getting enough protectionand that hundreds of medical staff were in quarantine after exposure to coronavirus patients.The President’s remark quickly drew backlash online, with many users pointing out doctor’s deaths could have been avoided if the government prepared earlier for the outbreak.

(READ:Left in the dark: Little protection for government's coronavirus frontliners)Since the Philippines reported its first case of the novel coronavirus in late January, Duterte repeatedly downplayed the threat of the virus and rejected calls to impose a ban on the entry of travelers from China early on. The President had instead threatened to slap the virus and insisted there was “

.”Netizens took to social media express their anger and disappointment over the President's midnight remarks.“Don’t romanticize their sacrifice. They died because of the government’s incompetence…. They died because they were neglected. Worse, they were collateral damage,” said Twitter user

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.“Suwerte din ba 'yung pamilya nilang hindi sila nakita man lang or nabigyan ng maayos na paalam(Are families who did not get to see them or give them a proper goodbye also lucky)? These people died ALONE. A lot of these deaths were preventablekung umaksyon lang kayo ng maaga

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Diplopundit I doubt Duterte really is willing to take that particular honor. His followers would believe this. Making martyrs out of victims to deflect blame from his incompetence. I'm sure, if given the choice, they would've wanted to live. If only our government was competent enough and not prioritize our ties to China. It would've been more of an honor if our government chose the Filipinos first.

mariaressa ok madali kami kausap it s an honor pala to die for the country so u go first. sample sample sampleeeeee Your assurance is good but they need PPEs... What is your program Mr. Duterts? How will you spend the funds that you hold? Do you have a plan? Late Mr President, please do the honor. Die for your country.

Where’s the money goes? You should have reported the spending isn’t it? Give 1M each Filipinos, government still have much money for the rest of actions necessary out of 200+ Billion! mariaressa Mauna po kayo. mariaressa He deserve to be injected with the ressurection flower...and chained just like the ( KINGDOM) 😂

'I assure you.' Your assurances don't mean anything anymore. mariaressa Sana, swertehin din siya. mariaressa Then please do us the great honors. **those were the days... ‘This is ours, and do what you want with me,'” Duterte said at the debate, half in English and half in Tagalog. “I would stake that claim, and if they want to [kill me], you know, I have the ambition of being the hero, too,” he concluded.

mariaressa 'It would be an honor to die for your country, I assure you,' What The Fuck mariaressa After you, Mr President. mariaressa Try kaya niya? Says the Mayor from down south, whose allegiance is to the Republic of China. Hence he has no respect the citizens of the Philippines. Only to his allies, cronies, the Marcoses and his DuterteSchutzStaffel Despot Resign

Very insensitive president, nasaan na ang 200 plus bilyong emergency money, sarap ba maging president Then show it by protecting our land from china,that would be better and thats the best thing u can offer to Filipinos why is it, that everytime this man makes a speech on national tv, he always emphasizes death. would it be much better to win this battle against this crisis alive rather than dead? maybe we should change the slogan from MABUHAY!... to MAMATAY KAYO!...

Yes, Mr President, it is an honour to die for your country but they did not die for the country. They died because of your government’s complacency and insensitivity. They could have done better and more if they were still alive. There is no honor in death if that could had been avoided by banning all flights from CHINA!

Sayo pa talaga nanggaling? It would be an HONOR? Eh kung maaga pa inagapan nyo na. Kung di kayo tutulog-tulog... it would be an HONOR if you value the lives of your countrymen. B-O-B-* Duterte should be sued. Their deaths are on his hands. I know its wrong to wish ill to other people. But since you are so willing naman po to die - maybe its time. Im sorry. Don't romanticise our frontliner's deaths just because the government refused to be a step ahead of this crisis.


You and your minions have no bottom🤬 you are all insensitive pr**ks, all talk and no proportionate action. Just resign and pass the reign to someone who is actually working in this government VPLeni OUSTDUTERTENOW It would really be a great honor if all those do nothing politicians go to the frontlines...

Pduts, never too late to die for the country. You will then be vindicated and forgiven. Just like what the Japanese do. Adding insult to injury You're treating these frontliners as cannon fodder you *********!!! honor is to stay alive & keep serving the country. don't romanticize their deaths. our HCWs died because YOU LACKED THE LEADERSHIP to go with the money you boast of. feb ka ba nagyayabang na may pera wala ka namang kilos na ginawa. yan ang kinamatay nila & IT IS A TRAGEDY.

Pduts was given the chance to serve (and die) for the country. He blew it, big time. You probably meant well & tried to honor the heroism of frontliners. But i hope you have a shift in perception, to instead take immediate steps to ensure that they do not need to and will not die to prove their honor. That would be more encouraging to hear. ProtectEveryone

Dear Mr. President, set an example and die for the country first. Wag mo idamay mga frontliners na tumutulong sa may sakit. Otherwise, you're just full of shit. tang ina ka, mauna ka! Mauna ka na or pamilya moo, let's see what you will feel. Pwe In France, 500+ ang namatay pero kabilang dyan ang ISANG doctor. Sa atin, 100+ pero SIYAM na doctor ang nadale. The frontliners are doing their job. I hope you do your part also.

Be a hero, do the same thing Mr. Prez. Insensitive! They died because you did not act when you had the chance.

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