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Rodrigo Duterte, Philippine Red Cross

Duterte accuses PH Red Cross of gaffes in COVID tests

Duterte on Monday alleged that the Philippine Red Cross erred multiple times in conducting COVID-19 tests in the country.

9/20/2021 8:05:00 PM

President Duterte cited a report which bared that 44 hospital personnel, who were declared COVID-19 positive by the PH Red Cross after a swab test, turned out to be 'false positives' after undergoing confirmatory tests in another molecular laboratory.

Duterte on Monday alleged that the Philippine Red Cross erred multiple times in conducting COVID-19 tests in the country.

In a taped public briefing, Duterte cited a report which bared that 44 hospital personnel, who were declared COVID-19 positive by the Philippine Red Cross after a swab test, turned out to be "false positives" after undergoing confirmatory tests in another molecular laboratory.

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He did not mention which medical institution the frontliners work for.Duterte also cited another report saying that more than 200 personnel of the Presidential Security Group and the Department of Finance were also diagnosed positive earlier by the Red Cross but tested negative after confirmatory tests.

The President ripped Sen. Richard "Dick" Gordon, chair of the Philippine Red Cross, for the reports on the organization's COVID-19 tests."Ang mahirap nito Dick, paano 'yung mga tao na tumanggap na lang sa PCR test ninyo na positive sila, when all along, negative sila. But because walang pera . . . The meek, unassertive ones pasunod-sunod na lang and had to endure a confinement of two weeks. When all along, tested negative pala sila," Duterte said.

"'Yan ang problema mo sa Red Cross. Problema ka na, problema pa ang Red Cross sa iyo."Duterte said the Department of Health should investigate the reports on Red Cross' COVID-19 tests."Ilan 'yung nadagdag dun sa nagpositive sa isang araw ... na negative. Nasali na dun sa numero na napakarami ... how sure are we now in our figures?" he said.

Duterte earlier ordered the government's lead lawyer to instruct the Commission on Audit (COA) to look into the finances of the Philippine Red Cross. In a recent speech, he questioned why the organization charges fees for blood donations it collects from volunteers. 

COA chairman Michael Aguinaldo has said state auditors had no jurisdiction over the humanitarian organization as it is not a government agency. The PRC board of governors, in a statement, has also said it does not receive any funds from the government. 

Duterte's order came days after Gordon began to lead a legislative inquiry into the national government's pandemic transactions, including the procurement of allegedly overpriced anti-virus masks and face shields. The Senate probe, led by Gordon, is focused on the government's purchase of billions-worth of pandemic equipment from a company ran by alleged Taiwanese fugitives who supposedly have links to Michael Yang, a Chinese businessman and also a former adviser of Duterte.

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Senators earlier bared a 2017 Malacañang video that showed Yang introducing the President to officials of Pharmally Pharmaceuticals Corp., which was incorporated only in 2019 with a P599,000 capital but was awarded P8.6 billion in government contracts when it had no track record of delivering quality and reasonably-priced materials.

Duterte said he has known Yang, a Davao-based businessman, for about 20 years. He said he tapped Yang when he initially "made contacts with the Chinese." RELATED VIDEO Read more: ABS-CBN News »

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Gumagawa ka na naman ng kwento para lang may maibato kay DickGordonDG . Oh tapos? Anong kinalaman nyan sa issue ng Pharmaly? Mema ka? Buset!!! Kaya nga may 'confirmatory test' kasi may chance talaga na 'false positive' its a standard procedure. This is just petty & immature. Like a kid hitting back at someone just to get even for (rightfully) telling on him. If this is the 'leadership' we're going to get from this president, then this country is doomed. Reduced to a nation of murderers, slanderers, thieves, etc.

Just look at yourself! 🤣🤣🤣🤣so guilty!! The baby President is in tantrums again! Ang daming satsat. Bakit tahimik sa Pharmally? Read between the lines So? Why blame PRC? False Positives happen, kaya nga may option to take another test eh. Sobrang ingay na ni duts this past few days🤣🤣🤣 DEMONYO TALAGA ITO

Totoo ngang cheap politician ka dutae

PH Red Cross single day COVID-19 tests hit over 17,000The Nation's Leading Newspaper

sus kung makapag salita akala mo nagpa implement ng mass testing, eh buti nga andun ang Red Cross para gawin ang di nyo nagawa sa mababang halaga! mga data nyo nga din mali mali at delayed pa! yung iba patay na pero gumaling na sa COVID ang status! Tsura mo! nakakaawa na ang Pilipinas sa ganitong pamumuno. Kung madali lang mag migrate sa ibang bansa baka puro corrupt na lang ang natira sa Pinas😂

As far as I know, all laboratories performing this swab tests kinda have that kind of results since the start of this pandemic, so why bring all this up now and pinpoint just only the PRC? Back to you sir! Who said the test is 100% accurate? what do he gets from maligning Red Cross? he only proves that he is a really Cheap trapo politician.. Oh,God help the filipinos.😩

BTW po swab test are not 100percent accurate 🤕 Red Cross was there during those times na mahala ang pa RTPCR, may mga sites pa nga po na may free test sila…Habang ang government ay puro gastos ang alam 🙄 aalis ka sa place nyo kailangan ng kunga ano ano eh mag tratrabaho la lang naman 🥴 Hahahaha pota andaming problema sa pilipinas, Red Cross talaga ang priority nya pabagsakin. Muntanga lang eh.

At pano mo nman masasabi na tama ung confirmatory tests? Buang. Personalan na lang talaga inupag mong gago ka. Solusyon sa pandemya kelangan namin hoy! Looks like the olman is so red hot over red cross now. Is there a threat?!

Duterte to Red Cross: Where is your required annual report?President Rodrigo Duterte threw a new accusation against the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), this time alleging that the humanitarian agency failed to submit an annual report as required by law. Full story: SALN mo kups. galing lumihis ng issue ni mang kanor.. yung issue sa face shield gustong pag takpan Duterte is the honorary President of the Red Cross. Take responsibility and stop finger pointing!

So now false positives are a crime. Naghahanap talaga ng butas sa Red Cross. Kausapin mo si Marcoleta. Maraming butas yun sa mukha. Hahahahaha.... SALN MO MUNA ANG ILABAS MO...HANAP KA NG HANAP NG BUTAS....PAMUMUNO ANG BUTAS BUTAS. SALN muna😅 Hahaha ayan na nmn si fiscal sowing intrigue then he will plant evidence para balikan si Gordon. Kadiri!

Haha trapo Maybe its due to the “timing” of when the swab was taken? When was the swab whose that yielded positive and negative results was taken, it definitely affects the result of the tests. Why is Gordon and Red Cross suddenly that important? Just asking. Sige Research pa Hanap ka ng bad issues ng Red Cross IN THE END Pati alagang manok o aso sa bahay ni Gordon titirahin mo na din.

kahit ano na lang basta ma-divert yung issue hahahaha

House panel takes cue from Duterte, targets Red CrossHouse lawmakers suggest that the Philippine Red Cross , led by Duterte critic Senator Richard Gordon, deserves to be probed. Full story: a fucking circus. Because Tang inang mga DDS na kongresista. Wala ng ginawang mabuti. Kurakot pa more para lumubog na pilipinas

Truth is, how many laboratories have given false results, yet you don’t care. Now that because Gordon is with PRC and you’re against Gordon, you want to make an issue against PRC. What a childish attitude!!! Hahaha ampota gagawa ka na nga lang nang kwento mo di mo pa sasabihin kung anong medical institution yang mga healt personnel na mga yan .... sino maniniwala? Edi mga alagad ni dutae at mocha hahahahahahaha

So how are you so sure that the confirmatory tests are the accurate ones? Or is it the other way around? So what do you call DOH double payment to PS-DBM on the procurement of face shields? That was a clean conscious premeditated plunder! And what about DOH labs not able to submit COVID tests on time which affects the accuracy of the daily tally? BOBONG PRESIDENTE!

Cheap talaga

Duterte insists on COA audit on Red CrossPresident Duterte accuses Sen. Richard Gordon of parking his PDAF in the Philippine Red Cross , and renews his demand for a COA audit on the non-governmental humanitarian group. Read more: Tirade continues. Turning the tables. You can't fool the people. Kayo na nagnakaw, ikaw pa galit. Read more: Submit your SALN muna and sign a bank waiver form bago ka magpuputak ng ganyan, itay.. Ipagyabang mo sa kanilang malinis ka at hindi ka corrupt 👊 DuterteWalangAlamSaBatas 😂

Duterte insists on COA audit on Red CrossPresident Rodrigo Duterte insisted on having the Commission on Audit look at the finances of the Philippine Red Cross . Dedma ang COA kay Duterte🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Mgkkbistuhan n. Yare ka Gordon! Duterte be like:

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