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Tony Leachon, Francisco Duque

Duque still best man for the job: Leachon

5/22/2020 8:15:00 AM

Duque still best man for the job: Leachon

“I think he should be maintained. He should be inspired. He should be supported because we could not have another leader on the midst of crisis right now,” Dr. Tony Leachon said on ANC’s Headstart.Duque came under fire earlier this week after announcing that the Philippines was already experiencing a second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak, the first being the series of three cases of patients from Wuhan, China, the origin of the virus, recorded in January. 

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Several cabinet members contradicted his statement, with the Palace finally declaring it was just his opinion, and that the country was still in the first wave. “My honest opinion, I think Sec. Duque is actually tired right now, and he needs to rest,” Leachon said.

He said Duque needs to enlist more people outside of his technical advisers to help him.“Ang feeling ko Secretary Duque is still the best man on the job, ang kailangan lang (what is needed) is to be able to help him, to be able to guide him to make decisions,” he said.

Leachon said the Philippines has not yet gone over the first wave but is already close to flattening the curve.Health officials earlier said the country was now averaging over 200 new COVID-19 cases a day. It had peaked at over 500 in the end of March. 

“Very close to flattening. The reason for the lockdown is basically to buy time for us, for the health care system to improve that will lead us to the new normal,” he said. There must be a flattening of the curve before the country can experience the second wave, which is more dangerous than the first wave of the #COVID19 outbreak, said IATF adviser Dr. Anthony Leachon.

— ABS-CBN News Channel (@ANCALERTS) May 22, 2020As of May 21, the Philippines has recorded 13,434 confirmed COVID-19 cases, including 846 deaths and 3,000 recoveries.“We’re actually plateauing but we’re going there to flatten in a few weeks as long as we will maintain our discipline in terms of social distancing,” he said.

He said the second wave is more feared because it is more dangerous than the first.The second wave happened to Singapore when it opened its borders to migrant workers, he said.“From 5,000 cases after flattening the curve, it is now at 25,000, being the number one in Southeast Asia right now,” he said.

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The exit strategy of the Philippines involves conducting more #COVID19 tests, contact tracing and isolation of those infected with coronavirus, until a vaccine is developed, said IATF adviser Dr. Anthony Leachon.— ABS-CBN News Channel (@ANCALERTS) May 22, 2020

He said that the game changer for the Philippines is testing, contact tracing, isolation and quarantine.“This will be our exit strategy until 2022, 'til the arrival of a vaccine,” he said.As of May 15, the government has been conducting over 11,000 coronavirus tests daily, up from 5,000 tests earlier in the month.

Around 45,000 overseas Filipino workers, meanwhile, are set to come home in June, raising fears that it could trigger a second wave.“It could trigger kung ‘di mo na-anticipate. Pero because of our research and reference modeling, na-anticipate natin itong overseas contract workers, hindi rin sila puwedeng magtagal doon, they might actually get the infection as well so ang ginawa natin nire-repatriate na natin sila right now,” Leachon said.

(It could trigger if you were not able to anticipate. But because of our research and reference modeling, we anticipated these OFWs, they can't stay for long [overseas], they might actually get the infection as well so what we do is repatriate them right now.)

He said protocols are in place to assist them once they arrive home. Read more: ABS-CBN News »

Dr. Leachon baka ikaw po pwede na. energetic pa. Sana po. Dapat litson din e2 puro n nga palpak Mistakes vs incompetence is incomparable the former pertains to error in action the latter lacking in qualification. The honourable health secretary apparently is a double whammy for the country. so palagi syang tired kung pagod, magresign! simple.

Dr. Leachin, if DOH Sec. Duque is tired, let him rest and let someone else take over his DOH position and his being at the helm of the task force agaibst COVID-19. That might be the best thing for his health and that of the nation. Please pagpahingain niyo na kasama sila digong. Test in peace po kay duque😅

Parang mga pulis at militar lang din, basta kabaro, ipagtatanggol at ihahanap ng palusot agad YES! 😆😆😆 Everyone’s tired. yeah he should remain to be in the forefront. in these difficult times, we need some comic relief..... This government really likes it incompetent, huh. Sabagay nakaincompetent rin ng pangulo

Puede forever na May he rest in peace. Lol I agree he nees rest. But to replace him is not wise. No, he needs to see this through. All the lives lost are his responsibility. For being a politician first before a health secretary. For putting China's feeling first before the health of his countrymen. He should see this until the end.

DuqueResignNow Eh di mag resign kung pagod na! 'tired and needs to rest' tama ba nabasa ko?!!🤦‍♂️ E yung mga frontliners nyo kaya mga machines ba sila?! Mga immortal ba sila?! RESIGN na, Pagod na pala e, kaya HINDI alam kung 1st o 2nd o 5th Wave na! Daming MAGAGALING dyan noh! RESIGN LANG SAGOT JAN KUNG PAGOD KANA?

Team Pahinga! Iba naman daw 3 Intsik na positive sa covid 1st wave na daw, di ka naman cguro ganun kapagod para mabaliw. In peace nb ito, or panandaliang phinga lng😅😅 tired? of what? where is his output? We dont see any. What a waste of taxpayers' money. DOHgovph marami sa listahan ko bukod sa mga umutang sa akin na tingin ko pagod na sa gobyerno at kailngan n din magpahinga - bumbay.

Why not go on a vacation sir, China perhaps? tired? wala namang ginawa, napagod? mga taong bayan, d lang pagod, patay pa. medyo mahiya man lang sana kayo. LMAO, sana din pwede na lang excuse yung 'pagod' in every blunder noh? Can you imagine other front liners committing mistakes only to explain it by saying pagod lang. Yeah, he needs to rest, delegate the job to someone who still strives to do their job efficiently.

Duque is 63 yrs old. He worked nonstop kahit senior na. He may not be vissible during DOH daily online presser because he’s all over the place.touring Luzon for PPE inspection,Lab certification,logistics,Cabinet meetings. Kung ayaw nyo na sa kanya, suggest a new DOH Sec. Sino Awtsu? hahaha Yeah everybody makes mistakes..

tired? talk to VP Leni Really? Kahit nagsisimula palang dami nya nang nasabing mali. Handa na daw ang DOH kaya wag mag alala. Ano? Umpisa palang pagod na sya? Mas visible pa nga yung Asec kesa sa kanya. 🤡🤡🤡 For life? Sa palagay ko po, mas pagod po si USec Vergeire sa kanya, pero mas mabuti nga siguro magpahinga na lang sya, nakakalito lang lalo yang mga personal expert opinions niya about the pandemic.

the best puppet yet for this circus Mga walang concrete plans best men na? Ah okay..May pinagmanahan nga pala kasi laging nagha-hibernate ang pinuno. Ang galing! 👏👏👏👏 that is his honest 'opinion' Duque and his boss' INCOMPETENCE will bring more deaths to thousands nore Filipinos Talaga!!.. Sis mo ba tonie?

Kung yan na ang “best” natin, paano na Lang? I doubt that. He is the best man who had done the worst job 😆 Sayang si Dr. Leachon seriously?then we’re doomed Cge bolahin nyo isa't isa. We will remember your names. Those who failed to have done their job properly, babalikan namin kayo. Ang kakapal ng pagmumukha ninyo.

pest unang basa ko... Down! But not out! Saved by the bell! 😆 Competence is grounds for dismissal with this administration. So Duque staying at his job and considered the best person in the country for it sounds just about right. Best man to screw as all! Goodluck! really? Anong standard kaya ginamit 🤔 Then prove it he is the best man for the job. We are in a big crisis, and still no urgency on his part to do the right thing. 😢🤬

Parang di naman! Actually oo cause no one wants his job 🤷🏻‍♀️ Lahat nga po sila THE BEST AND THE BRIGHTEST di ho, ba? Do I pronounce this right? Litson. Citizens be like: Kapit tuko talaga yan si Duque kapal ng mukha dahil sa kapalpakan niya naperwisyo buong bansa kulang sila sa testing, quarantine centers, contact tracing etc.

Ah, parehas na lang kayong may katok. May share ka sa na corrupt nyang bilyong pondo, Leche, este, Leachon?! Natatawa na lang talaga ako sa mga problema na dumadating 🙄 Question: If not Duque, then who should be the DOH Secretary? Anyone? Really?! The best?! Either this government really has crappy standards of competence or we are just simply screwed because our best seems to be the worst at doing his job 😒

Exchange tayo sa US, Dr. Fauci dito sa PH tapos dun sa US si DOH Sec. For a stupid government yes the best of the govt' are the WORST despite of..... Bakit pinagtatalunan pa kung 1st or 2nd wave na ang covid-19! Ang importante sa mga tao ay mawala ang virus at saka iyon 3rd wave ng ayuda kung kailan ibibigay! Yon iyon!

Hindi nga nya alam ano definition ng first wave and second wave and yet, sya ang best sa job? 🙄🙄🙄 What job Not DOH Sec 💀💀💀 Pastilan Ginoo 😂 Doc Willy Ong Sinas best daw, duque best daw. E kung yan na yung best natin paktay tayo jan Puro lang pa presscon, virtual presser... taga bilang ng mga namamatay sa COVID-19, hayssss. Yung vaccine asikasuhin niyo.

kapal ng mukha Omg if this is the definition of 'best', the entire country is doomed. 🙄 ano ba concern niyo? Buhay ng mga Pilipino o mga buhay niyo lang? Kung ang DOH sec may paninindigan at prinsipyo, may direksyon sana against covid19. Hindi ganoon kadaming Doctors, nurse HCW’s ang namatay at infected, same sa Filipinos. Walang “malabo” sa data at comms.

Kaninong wedding ba!!! 😆😱 Si Duque ay BOBO! dapat sa row 4 na sya... san ba si ACOSTA? Anong best?! Baka iba ang standards niyo sa best 🙄🙄 Sa Japan, pag nagkamali, me hiya, resign. Sa Pinas, walang hiya. If U mean Best is doing nothing but guffaws..Yes he is d best for d job. Joke po ba yan? Dpo nkakatawa ha

Paano hindi naman nila kinoconsider magpalit. Maybe he should qualify what 'best' means and what 'job' is he referring to. Cuz Duque's certainly NOT acting like the Secretary for Health. Any PUPPET is always the best one for the job baka pwede na rin yung 2 para wrestler yung katawan. dinas b yun sa demonilla!!! pwde sila nalang pumalit. tutal WALA na sa ayos gobyerno. dami spoke person.

mas marami naman siguro magagaling kay duque. time n para mag resign nalang siya. I'd like to volunteer my dog or cat or some of the worms in my backyard. Uy, may nag joke! Na-leache na 🤨 So is Sinas. Okay. Since I arrived February 01,2020 wala na akong tiwala sa lahat ng mga sinabi nya, but I di respect him( buti meron pa?! ) but performance nya, no minsan di ako napahanga sa kanya.. nasabi na po ng nakakarami, kaya that’s all...

Biggest joke I saw today. 😂😂😂 He did his best but his best wasn’t good enough! “Kuno” 🤦‍♂️Sila sila lang naman nagbobolahan dyan. Meow meow meow They’re all the best while everyone else is succumbing to the virus. Yay good job! Dapat lagyan ng age criterion ung mga sec ng diff gov dept Esp DoH at DepEd Kc parang hindi n cla intouch w reality bk dahil sa age nla

Baka iba rin interpretation nila ng 'best' HAHAHAHATDOG We need to check what that 'best' means or we're all doomed 🙄 Duque the businessman for the job Yung mga worst, yung pumapalpak, sila pa yung the best for the job🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ anyare, Pinas Totoo ba Parang Sinas lang ah. Ano daw? Pakiulit nga, di ko na-getz!

hahahaha tawa na po kmi ng tawa. ewan ko na talaga sa inyo Dayrit did well during the SARS outbreak in 2003.Walang lockdown at 2 lang ang namatay that time.Maybe he can ask advice from him. Syempre magkumare sila! 😆😆😆 Tingin ko masyado lang napupulitika si Dr Duque.dapat tulungan pa nga siya na magawa ang mga nararapat na hakbang ng DOH laban sa covid 19. Bayanihan tayo sa isip at gawa.

Best man? Sa kasal pwd but no this one mabuhay ka mahal na presidente ikaw lang ang tunay na nagmamalasakit sa bayan, wag mong hayaan n maghari nnmn ang kasamaan at matatakaw na oligarchs,👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻👊🏻we love tatay digong salamat sa lahat 😂 Guess more of his fellow doctors will die, then. Wtf Hayop Sorry mga brightest nga pla sla hahahahaha 😶

Uhm. No. He is not fit for the job. See his track record during this crisis? Nakakahiya. Baka best man sa universe nyo lang. Hindi dito sa Pilipinas. Magkumpale? Nakapagtataka lang.... He is the best? I can't imagine the level of incompetency sa organization, if he is the best. Holy crap! Your colleagues have been dying anuba?

They changed the definition of best. At this point, incompetent cabinet members like puque just become squid tactics and shock absorbers for dutae, the MOST USELESS AND INCOMPETENT pres of all I was afraid this time would come I wasn't prepared to face this kind of hurtin' from within I have learned to live my life beside you Maybe I'll just dream of you tonight And if into my dream you'll come and touch me once again I'll just keep on dreaming till my heartaches end.

Doc Leachon could be a good DOH Secretary.whynot🤓 I will give 25M who would kill Leachon an extra 5M for Duque. They started a joke... Which started the whole world crying. Oh if they only see that the joke was on them. Sinas is still best for the job.. Duque is still best for the job.. Hold on, what's your definition of 'best'?

Sa dami ng qualified sa posisyon ewan ko ba bakit nasabing best man for job . Umpisa pa lang palpak na . Oki. Haha Kailangan kasi ng Admin ng scapegoat kung magkagipitan man. Kung magaling kasi ang ipaplit, maaring makita lahat ng flaws sa sistema nila. Unfortunately, ang taongbayan ang nalulugi. Hahaha, Duque the best man on the job?!!! Wow naman, ang tanga naman natin!!!

Or para may absorber sa lahat ng sisi at galit ng pinoy? 😏 This is a joke. 😀😀😀 if the job means wave watching in eastern siargao, i agree Wala na sigurong iba🤣🤣 🤣🤣🤣 that was a great joke A lot of mistakes and misleading information yet still have the trust? attyharryroque ain’t right anymore...something wrong happening...

Aguuyy ginoo ko! Ano nangyayare sa bansa natin. 🤦‍♀️ FIGHT ME DUQUE weh!!!! 😂😂😂😂...hayss.

PH now on 2nd wave of COVID-19 outbreak: DuqueCongrats first in the world na naman. Sabog na sabog na ang reputation ng pinas abroad! Hahaha duterte inutil dds salot Dok, stage 1 and 2 parang nung january at march di mo inexplain yan, ngayong MAY nasa 3rd wave na? Pinaghahandaan ko yung 2nd wave tapos na pala. Sabi ng cabinet member ng pangulo...

Six hospitals asked to explain why they rejected patients — DuqueSix hospitals were ordered to explain why they denied emergency care to patients amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Health Secretary Francisco Duque says. Explaining from the hospitals: 'Because they did not have money, so we will not help people if they can not pay'. Since MONEY is everything if you want to get help in a hospital in the Philippines. Wala din yan palabas lang yan explain explain Echos.. Lakas magpa-explain. Ikaw nga dami mo din dapat explain.

DOH probes hospitals that refused coronavirus patients – DuqueHealth Secretary Francisco Duque III says that Health Facilities Oversight Board will convene on May 21 to discuss if cases will be filed against the hospitals. COVID19PH Can we probe DOHgovph for doing a terible job

Medialdea negates Duque: PH not yet on 2nd wave of COVID-19 epidemicFor Executive Secretary Salvador Medialdea, the country has yet to reach the second wave of COVID-19 infections. KAguilarINQ Duque resign. KAguilarINQ KAguilarINQ Duque must be fired immediately. He's lying! Making up stories to picture him out as an effective SOH.

Duque: We are already experiencing a ‘second wave’The Philippines is now experiencing a “second wave” of novel coronavirus infections, Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said on May 20, Wednesday. Duque made the announcement during the Senate committee of the whole’s hearing on the government’s COVID-19 response, when asked by Senator Ramon Revilla Jr. on what should be done to prevent a possible second wave. More on season 2 Ke 1st, 2nd, 3rd wave, INCOMPETENT ka pa rin Duque. The entire DOHgovph is totally USELESS Second wave of the endless stupidity and incompetence. Wkr.

Duque: Philippines now on second wave of COVID-19 outbreakHow DOH flatten the curve Baka 2nd wave ng ayuda.. charr. Hahaha Right And you're the expert and people should all just take your word for it. Like Yung word mo na '3' Lang Ang cases Ng pinas and first wave Yun..