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DOH apologizes for P500 daily allowance for COVID-19 hospital volunteers

3/28/2020 4:01:00 PM

DOH apologizes for P500 daily allowance for COVID 19 hospital volunteers

Health Undersecretary Rosario Vergeire said the department understands the public's concern and is working on compensation for health workers battling the disease."Humihingi rin po kami ng tawad kung ang impresyon na naibigay ng P500 daily allowance ay ganito lamang ang halaga na binibigay natin sa ating health care workers. Hindi po ito mas lalayo pa sa katotohanan," Vergeire said in a press briefing.

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She clarified the allowance was based on the allowances they normally give as protocol for outbreak response."'Yang P500 po na 'yan ay inilagay sa ating protocol. Allowance po 'yan na inilagay natin para merong pang-araw araw ang ating health care workers. Ito po ay binase namin sa allowance na ibinigay namin sa volunteers sa nakaraang mga outbreak response," she said.

DOH had earlier released a call-out for volunteers, where doctors doctors, nurses, and nursing assistants would be paid P500 per day during a "month-long contribution.”Accommodations and food will be provided for most volunteers but without any benefits, aside from a compensation package for health workers who may contract the disease.

Vergeire said they are working on allotting more compensation for volunteering health workers after a supplemental budget was given the green light. Read more: ABS-CBN News »

Sorry din pero it's a 'NO'... ✌ Dapat Sa DOH kasuhan Ng MURDER Kayo Ang cause why doctors and Nurses offered there own lives.. Make Apology free of charge..don’t need money.. Corruption in power.. sobra mga sakim sa pera. Grabe katakwan mga buwaya. Mlaks pa sa virus. Actually DOH, compared to their job and to yours, you guys are more worthy of that 500 allowance

Apologize?! Grabe magkaron naman kayo ng konting HIYA you need an overhaul in your admin bcoz clearly your current one is NOT EFFECTIVE AND INEFFICIENT. CAN WE STOP DOWNPLAYING WHAT’S HAPPENING AND DO SOMETHING TO MAKE MASS TESTING HAPPEN AND OUR HEALTH WORKERS COMPENSATED WELL? Susko po. Kaya mas madaming heath care professionals ang gustong mag call center e. Sa sobra liit ng binibigay na sahod. 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Nagrereklamo si mocha, kulang pa daw yung sinasahod niya sa pagiging tanga congrats sa mga critical at nagingay.. NARINIG NA NAMAN ANG BOSES NATIN. SALAMAT! baeconharvey Think before you speak DOHgovph This is an insult of risking their health and their unwavering sacfrice and dedication. I dont understand why people disapprove the P500 allowance? They are volunteers right?!

if politicians do really care about the frontliners which we know they dont give a F$&K... from CONGRESS to PRESIDENT should donate half of their salary to frontliners Tang ina nyo DOH. RenatoM95834909 RenatoM95834909 PI😡🤬bakit ayaw kumaltas dun sa napakalaking intel funds ni Duterte This just shows kung gaano kababa ang health care system sa Pilipinas. Na yung pera sana na i allocate for the health sector ay kinukarot ng mga corrupt politicians soooooooooooooooo greedy for money. Hanggan ngayun, ayaw lng maglabas ng sariling pera to help fellow citizens.

Kung walang nag reklamo hindi ito nila mapapansin. 275 BILLION PESOS yung pondong na-approved for Coronavirus Pandemic na ibinigay sa Office of the President! Ano po ba namang ibigay nyo yung ilang bahagi nun as additional compensation for the frontliners? DOHgovph DOF_PH Baka ilalaan ung pondo para sa mga chinese doktors ni Locsin, Teddy kaya tinipid ang mga hospital volunteers.?

sana marealize ngaun ng ating govt gaano ka-importante ng mga nurses dito sa Pinas. Sila tlga yung sobra kawawa in terms of pasahod dito. Gov't hails them heroes yet treats them cheap. Ito po ang nagagawa nang pagrereklamo. Pero parang wala pa kong nababasang corrective measure bukod sa apology? This is the kind of government we have. They're spitting right in front of our faces. We're talking about a suicide mission for P500 a day... WTF

Sa mga volunteers stay home na lang po siguro kayo. 😔 DuqueResign DuqueMiserable budget is for PPE? asan?pero mismong mga hospitals na nga ang nanghihingi ng donations for PPE. karma na bahala sa inyo DOH... Pota! Puro sorry grabe nmn kc 500..volunteers n nga db?ung sahod ni Mocha Uson idagdag nyo n muna s allowance ng volunteers.wla nmn ginagawang matino yan eh.sama mo n sahod ni walang KoKote..mga pabigat sa bayan!

I suddenly miss the old DOH yung c juan flavier pa Mataas naman ang bayad pag nagkasakit at nsmatay ka sa Covid 19, ah! Yun lang, mamatay ka muna.... Palusot. Shouldn’t they have given more thought to how to properly compensate volunteers who will putting their lives on the line before making the call? Maybe they thought they would get away with offering peanuts! Just indicative of how they value our healthcare workers!

SG leaders took pay cuts so they can invest in their country's response...juat saying 🙄 DOHgovph Aside from increase in allowance, you should assure them that hospitals will be well equipped with PPEs and guarantee them that they will undergo COVID testing once they show any symptoms or before they undergo self quarantine for 14 days.

Good now plan your work, work your plan Edi wow As they should. These professionals didn't spend 10 years in college just to be insulted with a 500 php salary, while they risk their lives in the frontline everyday. Ang kunan niyo ng sweldo eh yung mga walang ambag na politiko. Yung mga MIA. DOHgovph SecDuque

So magkano na DOH, 550 pesos na? Walang kwenta ang apology. Itaas niyo ang allowance! DOHgovph Do something at ipakita nyo action nyo jan sa 500php na yan. Nakakaloko naman kayo. Majority Ng budget napupunta sa PPEs? Asan na po Ang mga PPEs? Malibal pa po Yun sa donation Ng mga private individuals at private companies. Maybe it's time na maging transparent. Both in procurement, distribution at usage Ng mga hospitals.

Sorry lang? Walang corrective plan? Magsorry na lang din lahat ng health workers para quits na DOHgovph Whoever thought of that from DOH, please hang yourself. You see DOHgovph, what's wrong about this is you apologized but didn't do anything. 😱 Apology not accepted because there is no clear corrective measures. Compensation for temporary work should me much much higher because there is commitment to employ them for the rest of the lives. When you don't need them anymore, they will have to look for work.

as if we are asking for apology We dont need your apologies. We need your RESPECT!! No wonder why medical personnel choose to work abroad.... Government has trillions! P500 per day. Are you crazy?! Now what?

BREAKING: DOH-7 logs 19 new COVID-19 cases; Cebu City reports first 2 deathsCEBU CITY, Philippines -- The Department of Health in Central Visayas (DOH-7) has reported 19 new confirmed cases of the coronavirus disease 2019 ( COVID-19 ) with three new fatalities in the region Hold on tight, it’s going to be a bloody ride for long time. Buckle up, we are about to enter for series of waves and turbulence coming for days. Who's the second death in Negros? Buhi man to woman Chinese tourist iya companion boyfriend died in the hospital in Manila. But we don't know he's with her while she's in Dumaguete. Ang balita didto na sila duha na hospitalized sa Manila.

Doctors, health workers outraged at DOH's P500 daily allowance for COVID-19 hospital volunteersper hour lang yan na sahod ng dishwasher dito to think na nakalagay na sa hukay isang paa nila😀 Again... why is Duque still the DOH Sec? DZMMTeleRadyo hindi ba Php 537 yung minimum wage?

Lying COVID-19 patients caused deaths among doctors, DOH saysPatients who did not fully disclose their state of health or COVID-19 symptoms exposed doctors to the disease and led to several deaths, the Department of Health says. Like kokoshit ofcourse, it is a common sense. Koko

DOH releases 25,000 COVID-19 test kits to 5 subnational laboratoriesMANILA, Philippines — A total of 25,000 test kits for the coronavirus disease 2019 ( COVID-19 ) have been distributed to five subnational laboratories in Luzon and Visayas, the Department of Health How many laboratories do we have that can process these? how about Mindanao?

Another DOH official tests positive for COVID-19The Department of Health (DOH) confirmed on Friday that another Health official tested positive for coronavirus disease 2019 ( COVID-19 ).

Marikina's COVID-19 testing center rejected for now, must be moved to safer location — DOHRITM says that while they want to accelerate efforts in creating a large network of COVID-19 testing centers, it is important that biosafety protocols recommended by the World Health Organization are observed. Mayor Marcy said if DOHgovph wants a separate building then they will build one, faster than the construction of those in Wuhan, China. 👏🏽👏🏽 Biosafety Gawin nyong facility ung army ship ung malalaking un. Don kau mag test2. This might be important