DOE crafts smart grid framework

DOE crafts smart grid framework


DOE crafts smart grid framework

The Department of Energy (DOE) is paving the pathway for Philippine power utilities to elevate service quality as well as equipment and asset deployments into the latitude of smart grid developments.

At the same time, this shall enable “real-time monitoring and control systems,” and must improve “overall reliability, power quality, security, efficiency and management of the electricity grid with cyber security and interoperability systems.”

In terms of modernizing power grids, the DOE indicated that this must be attained across the value chain in the power system: starting from the level of the power generators, to the transmission system and up to the load networks of the distribution utilities (DUs) then the supply sector.

“The integration of smart grid in the transmission system is envisioned to improve system efficiency and minimize losses in the transfer of electricity from one node to another,” the DOE said, emphasizing that “this development will allow adequate response to grid disturbances and address grid resiliency.”

For the installation of smart meters, it has been noted that the DUs “may be allowed to charge additional rates” but this must be subject to the approval of the Energy Regulatory Commission.

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