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Manila Bay Rehabilitation, Budget Watch

DENR allots P265M for second phase of Manila Bay rehabilitation project

5/10/2021 10:15:00 AM

An additional P265-million budget is allotted for the second phase of the Manila Bay dolomite sand project, the DENR confirmed to Rappler.

This is on top of the earlierP389-million budgetannounced last year.This is a continuation of the beach nourishment project from the 2019 Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH). The artificial beach is expected to be finished by the third quarter of 2022.

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In the second phase of the Baywalk project, the existing stretch of white sand near the US embassy will be replenished to achieve the one-meter thickness of sand indicated in their initial plan.The stretch of sand will expand towards Padre Faura outfall"with a length of 140 meters and varying widths ranging from 60-120 meters," according to the DENR.

Miscellaneous activities such as installation of solar lighting, temporary fence, and fishing wharf are also covered in the budget. Read more: Rappler »

SMC doubles budget for Pasig River cleanup to ₱2 billion

San Miguel Corporation kickstarted its Pasig River rehabilitation project on June 8, doubling the budget for the program.

Spending a lot of m_oney in a project that later nature will destroy this for environmental reason,Just Only Clean!! Clean!! Clean!! Kapal nila. Ang daming pera no? Daming pera ah How many community pantries could have been made. What a waste of people’s precious funds! It bears reminding. This is how criminally skewed the priorities of rodrigo's circus is. We're losing livelihoods, we're going hungry, getting sick and are dying - and the circus wastes taxpayers' money on obnoxious window dressings like this.

Sayang ang pera DENROfficial ! Pwede po naman ibili yon bakuna kaysa sa buhangin? Dafuq. Anu ba talaga ang madudulot na kabutihan nyan? Kung ginamit na lang ang pera sa pantawid gutom at hanapbuhay ng mga tao, diba mas ok pa? Wala na daw pera ang gobyerno.. wow. Why not make it into a vaccine site rather than destroy ngayong Filipino?

Hahaha...bulag at bingi sa pandemic. Alloted na daw budget kaya kailangan gastusin kahit di priority. This shows you how our govt works. The best and the brightest in what? Kailangan ba talaga ito sa panahon ngayon? Mga hunghang gamitin nyo sa pangkalusugan ang prrang yan!

Ang gagago ano po. Palakpakan mga DDS! Devils DENROfficial okay lang kayo? 265M can buy several oxygen tanks and can pay several additional nurses n food for the community pantries! Wrong people in charge in this health crisis. Wrong priorities. Disgusting. Disgraceful. Plain dumb. Duterte’s solution for this Pandemic! More dolomite sands!

Para sa mental health nila yan… hahahaha 🆔⛎🐢🐶🇨🇳 Akala ko ba wala tayong pera sabi ni Dutae?! So paano nagkaroon ng additional budget ang letseng dolomite na ito?! So, P634 million na gastos natin dito imbes na napunta sa tao?! Ayuda na sana sa mga taong nawalan ng trabaho, di ba?! Letse talaga itong gobyernong ito!!

denr this is really a misplaced priority and an insensitive one. i smell hidden agenda behind it. I wonder how much ang nasa pocket ng mga politiko from this 265m para s election next year.

Naghahabol para sa rainy months. 🙄 ANG TANGA LANG. Tang i_n may kickback to! Daghan2x jud nadato tungod sa pandemic. Hayahaya sa mga buwaya! Anha siguro mo landing ang amo ni digong nga si winnie the pooh mao gipanindot na! 🤡 DuterteTalawan DuterteWayGamit DuterteTraydor DuterteInutil DutertePalpak