COVID-19 cases may hit 61,000 to 95,000 by end-August – UP experts

Malacañang earlier said that beating the UP forecast proves that the country is 'winning' the COVID-19 battle. READ:

7/5/2020 9:37:00 AM

Malacañang earlier said that beating the UP forecast proves that the country is 'winning' the COVID-19 battle. READ:

The number of coronavirus cases in the country might hit as high as 95,000 by the end of August, according to a recent projection of the UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team.

projectsthe cumulative count of cases by end-August will be at 78,641. This is the average of the highest and lowest numbers of cases forecasted by the team come August 31, which currently stand at 61,332 to 95,590.The projections utilize a model produced by the UP Los Baños Biomathematics Team which assumes medium risk to set the initial workable requirements for local government units.

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Under medium risk, a municipality or city's population density is averaged, with people maintaining physical distancing, and herd immunity is included.The UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team was created last March as part of the University of the Philippines' efforts to address the coronavirus pandemic. Led by UP executive vice president Dr. Ted Herbosa and UP Resilience Institute executive director Dr. Mahar Lagmay, the team is consisted of UPRI directors and experts on fields such as public health, medicine, engineering, education and governance.

Last month, fellow UP team OCTA Research released a forecast saying coronavirus infections in the Philippines may. While DOH figures last June 30 indicate COVID-19 cases nationwide only reached over 37,500, this does not take into account the backlog of cases yet to be validated by then.

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It’s the number of deaths that count not cases Hahaha stop please Malacañang. You are getting more pathetic. Joke ba to? Ng dahil lang mas mababa sa prediction sa UP eh nanalo na sila sa COVID? Ahahaha 😂👏🏼 tapos baka pagdating ng august 91k ang positive then sasabihin uli ni Roque na 'we beat the UP prediction'. muntanga lang

Wt Ang BABAW Im happy if they beat the covid 19 not the UP prediction. This could reach beyond 100,000 EASILY*. *if we don’t revert back to ECQ on of before August 1. The provinces went untested. This is not a victory! pakyu sa gobyerno ni dutae.. pinakapanget na pag mumukhang naging presidente..💯 Kmusta kaya ung positive versus confirmed numbers.

Please. Wake up. This is a lie. para wala ng kawala 61k-95k at the end of august :D Tapos ang dami nyong late cases s ksunod na araw. Sadyang tinago at dinelay haha... as the ending of 2020 is approaching it will reach the million marks of covid-19 cases. Pansin ko parang nagiging bias and laging kontra sa administrasyon na rin ang CNN sa mga pagbabalita nila. Yung headline nila parang negative lagi ang dating.

Remember? Talaga? Baka naman manipulated data. Kc bglang taas ng cases after June 30. Haist.... Mga utak ewan Not a 100 meter dash but a marathon 1,500 new cases/day x 30=45,000. 40,000 + 45,000= 85,000. 85,000 x 0.032 CFR=2,720 deaths projected vs 1,280 actual at present. Models are based on prevailing indicators or factors. No changes, ergo, as projected. Lord, have mercy on your people.

That's actually a pathetic claim. UP's prediction of 40,000 cases was said to occur BY the end of June. They did not say ON the end of June. BY is used to give an estimated time, similar to the use of AROUND. It means 'in proximity of'. That prediction came true on July 3. So what does UP suggest to deviate away from their forecast?

Ihold ng DOH para di umabot tapos pag lumagpas doon nila ilalabas para sila ay sure win hindi na alam ng DOH kung paano nila pagtatakpan ang totoong bilang ng kaso Anong 'winning'? Paano? Saan? Difference of 3 days, nagbubunyi na kayo? Umabot parin kayo ng 40K eh. Lagpas na nga. mahabaging langit huwag naman po sana 😔

Ayan nanaman.😅 Just because you 'beat' a statistic doesn't mean we're winning? You're telling us that those who died are mere numbers not human. Oh right this government is already killing its own citizen way before this pandemic Will people stop predicting the new cases and focus on the numbers of recoveries, please?

dinadasalan na to ni harry roque ngayon pa lang hahahahhhahh Rose if you are seeing thiosd I love y9ou. you dont need big ed u need me a fellow finipina who is also near your age Hahaha! What kind of logic is that when every day an average of 1,000+ covid positives are added on the list! Nakakahiya sila.

does Malacañang really think they did something by proving UP wrong? i wonder where did their brain go. D pa tapos ang Game 2 (July), may preview na agad ng Game 3!

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