China already has supply of face masks, Duterte explains sourcing choice

The Philippines bought face masks from China because it already had a ready supply of them, says President Rodrigo Duterte.

9/23/2021 11:00:00 PM

ICYMI : China already had a supply of face masks, as its citizens had been using them even before the pandemic. That’s why China was chosen as the source of face masks instead of getting them locally, President Rodrigo Duterte explained.

The Philippines bought face masks from China because it already had a ready supply of them, says President Rodrigo Duterte.

“China [residents] all along were wearing masks even before the pandemic because in China — I went there several times — you have to wear a mask because of the pollution produced by cars,” Duterte said, speaking in Filipino.“The people there are used to it. That’s why they have supplies. These traders know right away where to find [the masks]. If you say you need it, they can easily find it there,” he added.

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He also said face masks procured there were not hastily manufactured since China had the supply all along.“Because the question here is maybe they [the masks] were rushed, manufactured immediately just so they can make it to the bidding,” Duterte said. “China already had a stock because almost all the people there were buying [masks] because of the pollution.”

Local businessmen who invested hundreds of millions of pesos in response to calls by officials to convert their manufacturing plants to produce pandemic supplies ended up losing to Pharmally.Pharmally director Linconn Ong earlier revealed that it was Michael Yang, a former economic adviser of the Duterte, who introduced his company’s officials were introduced to Chinese firms that could supply the medical items. headtopics.com

ADVERTISEMENTYang guaranteed to Chinese suppliers that Pharmally can pay — execOng likewise admitted getting face masks at P23 per piece from a local supplier known as “Brother Tiger” to supply the government with 500,000 face masks on same-day delivery.

He admitted this after a Pharmally officer said that his firm did not have the stock to fill the government’s order. Read more: Inquirer »

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Hahahaha. . . .ano pa kayang mga alibi Ang sasabihin NG attorney NG Pharmally?. Depensahan nyo pa po NG Todo para d mahalata na Isa kayo sa kanila 😅😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭 And you knew Pharmally personally if that's the case. Alam mo ang data sa china... So alam mo rin kung kanino mo ibibigay. Huli ka.

Question is.. Bakit mahal ang sa kanila kay sa local?. Oversupply ang sa kanila so dapat mas mura. So you have already the informations of the forthcoming pandemic before the covid infestation happened. You are criminally liable to the Filipinos for not implementing safety precautions before the pandemic happened.

Kuwentong kutsero! DuterteKriminal Now that's a lot of nonsense. Eh bakit nagdonate ang pinas ng face mask sa china? depensa maski dili cja g imbistigahan,gapa halata laman jud🙄🙄🙄 Palusot pa more! The weekly alibis presents: China all the way Etchosera

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Out of this world ang kabobohan bwahahha Duterte is stupid...so now he's admitting that government knew Pharmally despite Lao saying n di nya chineck Yung paid up capital or Yung fake address nila-set up n from the start nnkukunin nila Yung Pharmally...otherwise how would they know n nanggagaling s China Yung masks?

Puro na lng China pinayayaman at mga local manufacturers dinededma! Katwiran at palusot mo Dugong ay Bulok! Ha ha manloloko The more he explained the more stupid it becomes! ☝️🤡👈 Oh Mr President... Go ahead, explain further... And then... Sige explain pa more. Buti ka pa nga eh, di tinatanong pero sagot ng sagot. Eh yung tinatanong na mga bata mo, iwas ng iwas sa tanong. Ikaw na lang kaya humarap sa senado. Kung type mo lang. 😜

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