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#CheckThisOut: Feel-good books to help you get out of reading slump

What are your go-to books whenever you're in a rut? Share it with us! #CheckThisOut🛒

9/27/2021 2:01:00 AM

What are your go-to books whenever you're in a rut? Share it with us! CheckThisOut🛒

Whether you want to feel inspired, entertained, or both, you'll find any of these books easy and relaxing to read

Editor’s note: Some finds are simply too good not to share. Let us guide you on some of the best, good deals out there. Before you check that cart out, be sure to #CheckThisOut🛒.This articles contains affiliate links from some of our partners. We earn a small commission when you shop using these links.

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Reading is such a good yet strange habit. One day you’re reading one book after another and the next day, you can’t even go beyond ten pages. But that’s alright. Episodes of reading slumps don’t make you less of a booklover.I myself love books and reading – people I know have this image of me spending all my free time reading – but I still often find myself drowning in reading slumps. I had a bad and long one earlier this year and I’m just starting to get out of it.

As someone who has been through this reading roller coaster too many times, I’ve learned quite a few ways to help me get started on good reading habits again. One is to not force it. I used to force myself to read even if I didn’t feel like it. I end up picking up different books, reading a few pages only to end up not liking any of it. What’s worse is I have this bad habit of not wanting to give books I thought I hated another chance. My brain considers them contaminated, never to be picked up again. Every time that happens, I’m not only wasting money but a potential relationship I could have created with those discarded books.

Another one is to stay away from difficult, 1000-page books about the origins of everything or a bestselling novel about a murder mystery riddled with plot twists. I go for lighter reads about topics that would spark my interest on any given day. I particularly like funny comics and self-improvement books. These topics are universal so if you’re experiencing a reading slump, try picking one of these books up and see how it goes.

Strange Planet by Nathan W. PyleThis book is a collection of comics featuring adorable aliens who look like they’re living in a parallel universe. You can see them doing the same mundane things people do on earth but in a more innocent and elaborately-worded way. For example, these beings would describe yoga as the act of “folding to become more foldable” that makes you feel “pain that prevents pain.”

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