Cayetano to Pacquiao: Why allot ₱150M for boxing commission amid pandemic?

Senator Manny Pacquiao's proposal to create a Philippine Boxing and Combat Sports Commission is facing an uphill battle in the Senate after disclosing that putting up the new office would need up to ₱150 million.

5/18/2021 4:46:00 PM

Senator Manny Pacquiao's proposal to create a Philippine Boxing and Combat Sports Commission is facing an uphill battle in the Senate after disclosing that putting up the new office would need up to ₱150 million.

Senator Manny Pacquiao's proposal to create a Philippine Boxing and Combat Sports Commission is facing an uphill battle in the Senate after disclosing that putting up the new office would need up to ₱150 million.

"I'm asking his honor to reconsider what we can do with ₱150 million in this time of COVID. Vaccinations, safety protocols to allow children to go schools,ayuda(aid)," she said."Yes, I love the athletes... but I'd like that ₱150 million to be put to good use," added Cayetano, who is herself a triathlete.

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She pointed out that the amount is even bigger than the entire budget of the Games and Amusement Board, which regulates and supervises professional sports, including boxing.Pacquiao said the regulatory body already handles"too many sports," while a dangerous sport like boxing needs a commission that would focus on it.

When pressed on whether GAB has failed to fulfill its mandate, the boxer-turned-senator lamented that many of his fellow boxers retired without getting any pension. Others died without getting any benefits, he said."150 (million pesos), approximately more or less,

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MANNY SHUT UP! NONSENSE AS SENATOR WHILE PANDEMIC. SAYANG SALARY SYO AND POSITION. KUNG ANO ANO INAATUPAG MO. IF UR MY PERSONNEL IN MY COMPANY. IL TERMINATE YOU Likewise Dolomite ... Gawan nio na lahat, Dancesports Commission, Rowing Commission, Archery Commission, king-ina mo Pakyaw, pakyu ka tlga! Kunin nyo sa Eclac

boxing ka na lng kasi mag focus.. P150 million sa kabila ng humahabang pila sa mga Community Pantry. Nothing against the athletes, pero sana wag na sila gamitin para sa pang sariling interest. It's a no no, Manny , 150M is a lot of money for vaccines we need which is more important. Hmmmm smells malansa, and why? Hala bira

I don't see the problem here. Let Manny shoulder the cost of the building. If he really is passionate about it, I'm sure P150M is like pocket money for the world champion. Aba nag eexist pa pla to si Pia Cayetano.. akala ko human rubber stump lng

and why spend millions on dolomite? these clowns are really funny... Tapos ito ba ang gustong maging presidente? Kaldero ineng......pare pareho lang naman utak ni Manny at kapatid mo Pia sa makauna lang Ay naku Mane, pang dolomite din yang 150M. Mas mahalaga pa ba yan sa pagpapaganda sa Manila Bay? Yan yung taong may planong tumakbong presidente, dyan palang sablay na.

May Pandemya Pa. Baka Gusto Mo po muna Maneeee sugpuin yung cases sa atin? Instead igasti jan sa Bakun at sa mga nangangailangan. Wag ganun, Manneee, Now you know Vit Watiiiiirrrrr. buti naman at alam ni ate pia cayetano ang kahalagahan ng 150m. hala dali te e audit mo na ung 2b na nilaspag ni allan caldero cayetano...

ways ways na naman para makakurakot. Tama naman Yan binusisi Ang 150Million. Kelan naman busisiin Ang kaldero Ng kapatid nya. Meron na tayong ABAP.

Same with borloloy New Senate building, ano added value sa legislative work nila dyan. Sana gawin n alang hospital marami pa matutulungan. Parang: “di naman pwedeng ikaw lang kikita. Sali mo naman kami. Gastos ng election oh 2 weeks when Sen Pacquiao intended to run for President he was pushing for Philippines vaccination now that his hopes are dwindling he wants a 150 million expense?

+ whisper mode... dnt stop him I thnk he has already that money or will set aside it. Sasagutin niya yan? Problema, to make it legal n acceptable Really? youre proposing this amidst the pandemic? is this how incompetent you are as a senator? cant think of any proposal that can help filipinos while in pandemic that worth 150 million pesos instead. not to mention the fuckin useless dolomite sand shit that the govern approved

Sa mga bumoto kay Sen Pacman nung election, at balak ulit iboto, baka gusto panuorin yung video ng interpellation. Sariling pera niya gamitin niya sa lintel na boxing commission na yan. Sobra! 150 million pesos? Sobra naman grabe. Now you will see, From these arguments, CREATING AN OFFICE per se, REQUIRES BUDGET. This is why I am highlighting the Philippine Government to double check SEVERAL DEPARTMENTS & OFFICES in the entire System that has double purpose. These are consuming unnecessary costs

Pacquiao pretending he knows what he’s doing:

Ito ba ang sports commission sinasabi nya? 👇 and he thinks of running for presidency? dapat alam nya importansya ng pera dahil galing sya sa hirap In fairness to the mentally-dependent Senator, it’s a better idea than an ntfelcac having 19.5B for *cough 2022 election *cough, sorry— budget for invisible programs. It being up-hill is a testament to how fucked up the government’s priorities are right now.

MannyPacquiao yung majority ng pera mapupunta lang sa bulsa ng mga commissioners. Sasahod sila ng milyones tapos yung mga boxers, magtyatyaga sa kakarampot. Tapos nagaambisyun na maging presidente? Sana same question din nung sa Dolomite at kung ano anung questionable projects ng government amidst the pandemic. 🙄

Good guy manny showing a preview of the Philippines' future if he's elected as president. Spell consensus muna. The lady is RIGHT. With that amount, you can buy THREE CAULDRONS. Yes, THREE !!! ASK HER BROTHER. Eh bakit yung Dolomite?

set your priorities straight in accordance to the interest of the 'people' MannyPacquiao. Since ikaw nakaisip nyan, why not fund it yourself? Wag mo ipasan sa taong bayan yang kahibangan mo. Hahahahaha! Manee ano ba?! May pandemya! Ginagaya mo yung dolomite beach project ni Antiporda?! Ang dami na ninyong mga bulok na opisyal dyan sa gobyerno! Kunting hiya naman dyan!