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Malacañang, Palace

Cayetano thanks Duterte for putting Speakership fight 'to rest'

10/1/2020 2:18:00 PM

Cayetano thanks Duterte for putting Speakership fight 'to rest'

Earlier this week, the President urged Cayetano and Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco to uphold their agreement, according to some of their allies. However, Duterte “respects” the decision by a majority of lawmakers to reject Cayetano’s resignation on Wednesday, said Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque. 

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“I welcome the many statements of the President upholding the independence of Congress, and respecting the votes of confidence given by its members to the present leadership and finally putting this controversy to rest,” Cayetano said on Facebook.Cayetano on Wednesday night met with Duterte in what was supposed to be a “pray-over” session of the president with Deputy House Speaker Bro. Eddie Villanueva, Roque told reporters.

No information has been released as to what Duterte and his running mate during the 2016 elections talked about. (Cayetano lost to Vice President Leni Robredo).A few hours earlier that meeting, Cayetano hit Velasco in a speech at the House of Representatives, and also offered to resign, but which his colleagues rejected.

In a statement posted late Wednesday night on his social media accounts, Velasco said Cayetano’s "political maneuverings and theatrics” cost the House 2 days that were “crucial in meeting our timeline” for the 2021 budget. In a meeting Tuesday night in Malacanang, the parties have agreed that Velasco will take over as House Speaker on Oct. 14, according to a source from the Velasco camp, who added that it was the President who decided to enforce the agreement which he brokered last year.

At the end of that meeting, it was reportedly agreed upon by all parties that Cayetano will make an announcement Wednesday.In his statement Wednesday night, Velasco said, "To Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano, it was only last night when you promised to resign on Oct. 14 when the President ordered you to honor the term-sharing agreement."

"Moreover, the President entrusted you with the task of announcing the date of the turnover. Oct. 14 was chosen as the date for the turnover because we committed to pass the budget before Oct. 14 and do nothing that would disrupt or derail the process," Velasco said.

Velasco has yet to issue another statement, as of posting time, after Cayetano's social media post Thursday afternoon.Roque, in a press briefing Thursday noon, said the controversy is over and that the President was urging lawmakers to pass the spending plan that included funds for the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Cayetano said he agreed with some critics that “ the country deserves better from this House of the People” and that lawmakers “must not put partisan interests before the public welfare.”“If there was some other way, a less divisive and political way, to do this - I would do it. But for now, let us resolve to move past this as quickly as possible, fix what has been broken, and show the country that we are worthy of their continued high regard," he said.

In his latest statement, Velasco assured his colleagues that "we will be a gracious leader who would listen and be responsive to your concerns." Read more: ABS-CBN News Channel »

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As expected kasama si Bong Go sa usapan. Aba kasama na rin ba sa trabajo ng senador ang ayusin ang problema sa Kongreso! Relate ka? 😂 Si Palace Speaker Bong Go dapat alam nya kung hindi sya dapat sumama sa usapan What!!! Kapalan na... Tangna! Bat kasama na naman si Bong Gong? Hahahaha Lol. Something Fishy going on. Why do these people want so much power yet the country sees no change.

Cayetano was weak 12 months ago. Velasco was so naive in thinking he would not use the time to shore up his support. Look at me... look at me. I'm the captain now. Duterte maybe did, but did Cayetano himself put it to rest?

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Cayetano’s fearless forecast: Velasco won’t win in speakership electionSpeaker Alan Peter Cayetano predicted Wednesday that Marinduque Rep. Lord Allan Velasco would not have enough votes to secure the speakership. | NAMercadoINQ NAMercadoINQ What an a_hole NAMercadoINQ Mr Representative... Who wants to be addressed 'Your Honor'... Why can you not honor an agreement you signed, bearing the words 'for country and for God.' Isn't that when you kneel every time you project and create drama you are beholding God. NAMercadoINQ that is the consequence during the deal they made,that time cayetano don't have numbers but he patiently begging talking to all the parties and make an agreement so he will be the speaker but velasco didn't realize all cayetano should do is to give what the congressman need