Anti-Terrorism Bill, Terrorism İn The Philippines, Human Security Act, Catholic Church, Protestant Churches, Philippine Anti-Terrorism Bill

Anti-Terrorism Bill, Terrorism İn The Philippines

Catholic, Protestant leaders condemn anti-terror bill

Christian leaders warn that silence about the Philippines' proposed anti-terror law 'only assures the impending destruction and abuse of our people'

6/3/2020 11:01:00 AM

Christian leaders warn that silence about the Philippines' proposed anti-terror law 'only assures the impending destruction and abuse of our people.'

Christian leaders warn that silence about the Philippines' proposed anti-terror law 'only assures the impending destruction and abuse of our people'

Updated 3:45 PM, June 03, 2020VOICE OF FAITH. Church representatives join a protest outside Congress on June 3, 2020, to condemn the proposed anti-terror law in the Philippines. Photo by Jire Carreon/RapplerMANILA, Philippines – Catholic and Protestant leaders in the Philippines condemned a proposed anti-terror law that critics fear can be used to curtail dissent in the guise of fighting terrorism.

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In a statement, a group of Christian leaders called One Faith, One Nation, One Voice said the anti-terror bill reminds them of the Marcos dictatorship, when the government arrested, detained, and tortured its critics for more than a decade."We believe that the anti-terrorism bill will insidiously strip away respect for human rights and other civil liberties," the group said.

"We are speaking, even as we recognize that to do so is dangerous. For such a time as this, to remain silent only assures the impending destruction and abuse of our people," they added.The statement was signed by at least 19 church leaders, including Bishop Broderick Pabillo of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila, Obispo Maximo Rhee Timbang of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente or Aglipay Church, Bishop Reuel Norman Marigza of the National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP), Brother Armin Luistro, and Sister Mary John Mananzan.

Pabillo is the temporary head of the Archdiocese of Manila, a symbolic seat of power of Catholicism in the Philippines, after its former archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle was promoted to a Vatican post. Another signatory, Marigza, is general secretary of the NCCP, which describes itself as the biggest non-Catholic religious organization in the Philippines.

The NCCP posted the group's statement on its Facebook page on Wednesday, June 3.The statement came after President Rodrigo Duterte certified the bill as urgent. The billfrom final approval by the House of Representatives.Why oppose the anti-terror bill

In their statement, the group One Faith, One Nation, One Voice enumerated the following reasons for opposing the anti-terrorism bill:"an overly broad and amorphous usage of the term terrorism, which will surely be utilized by state forces for attacks on dissent and curtailment of human rights and civil liberties"

"a weakening of the judicial system and the constitutionally enshrined function to check and balance the actions of other branches of government, including state forces under the executive branch""allowances for surveillance, wiretapping, and invasion of privacy of any individual on mere suspicion of being an alleged terrorist, even without any evidence of wrongdoing"

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"warrantless arrests and detention of persons for a period of 14 days without charges""a removal of financial penalties to be awarded to persons detained under false pretense as well as other safeguards against abuse by police officers and soldiers, thus increasing the likelihood of gross impunity for misconduct by state forces"

The Catholic and Protestant leaders said the bill is"likely to be misused and abused by those who wish to 'lord it over' the Filipino people, obliterate opposition, and quell even the most legitimate dissent." (READ:'Reject this': Human rights lawyers up in arms vs 'repressive' anti-terror bill

)Religious groups have been among the staunchest critics of President Rodrigo Duterte, who in turn has blasted bishops and priests, and has hurled insults even against God. Read more: Rappler »

Nun nagka “ISIS” terrorism crisis sa Marawi di nman minadali ang anti terrorism bill na yan kung kelan may pandemic atat ipasa Ang daming importanteng issues ang dpat unang ayusin. Pag ginusto talaga ng nakatataas bahag ang buntot ng mambabatas. Pasado agad. Pilipinas ano na? Finally seeing some balls from the citizenry! 🙌🏼 PhilippineSenate is a big JOKE ! Lawmakers in the Philippines are imbeciles voted by BOBOtante Inutile Sheep 🐑 WakeUpPinoy WeCanDoThis

please provide SPECIFIC details that we can understand as lay men!

Duterte certifies anti-terror bill as urgentJUNKTERRORBILLNOW PassTERRORBillNOW Tarantado. Bobo. Inutil.

Duterte certifies anti-terror bill as urgent despite strong disapproval from rights groupsNangangatog na sa takot si mang kanor! 😆😆😆 takot eh dami na kasing galit sa pamamalakad niya Natatakot na sya? Bakit nasa Davao? siguradong safe sya don. Baka nga naman magkaron mala US na protesta sa NCR. Doon walang mag po protesta. Balita ko si Trump, nagtago na din daw. 😂 How true?

Why tough new anti-terror bill strikes fear—even to non-terroristsBecause we dont trust the enforcers Media's negativity is one major factor why there is fear about anti terror law. Law abiding citizens have nothing to fear as the law is for them and not against them. Because it will be prone to abuse by the people who will enforce them

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'24-day detention without charges': Anti-terror bill unconstitutional, says rights lawyerok lang siguro sa madami pilipino ang Authoritarianism kung may bitbit na economic gains kagaya ng Singapore and South Korea noon. Ang problema kung Authoritariansim lang at mahirap pa din. This Anti-terror bill is intended to TERRORIZE critics and dissenters with the BAREST of reasons to justify arrest and the HARSHEST of custodial actions that are already tantamount to intimidating, retaliatory, and punitive measures. para lang yan sa mahirap 😂😂😂. sa dami ng ginawang batas mga mahirap lagi ang lamang sa pakinabang🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

Only terrorists should fear anti-terror bill — SottoOnly terrorists and their supporters are the ones who should fear the enactment of the Anti-Terrorism Bill , Senate President Vicente Sotto III said on Tuesday. On the same line of thought, only the guilty would be afraid of an inquirer article about Pepsi Paloma Please clearly define the threshold of terrorism. Gather 1,001 questions from people, & answer them- a credible attachment. By their “definition”...