Dead Chinese, Pnp, Teodoro Locsin Jr., Yang Kang

Dead Chinese, Pnp

Bring killers of Chinese man to justice, Locsin urges PNP

ICYMI: Locsin warned that Filipinos in China might suffer the consequences if the Philippine government failed to bring the killers to justice. | @dpazzibuganINQ @jiandradeINQ


ICYMI: Locsin warned that Filipinos in China might suffer the consequences if the Philippine government failed to bring the killers to justice. | dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ

MANILA, Philippines — Foreign Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. on Tuesday urged the Philippine National Police to quickly resolve the killing of a Chinese national in Las Piñas City last week, warning

Gen. Oscar Albayalde, the PNP chief, said Chinese investigators were welcome but could only act as observers.

Yang, the local police said, may have owed money to a compatriot who detained him to force him to pay up.

China appeared to be aware of it, calling it “modern slavery” in its complaint about Pogo operators that it said undermined its crackdown on cross-border gambling.

The statement did not identify the nationality of the local employers. —

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dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ mas maraming pinapatay mga insik sa atin sa pag papasok nila ng druga sa atin kaya yun na Tokang!😂 dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ Wow namannnnn galeng!!!! dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ eto pa isa nanginginig sa takot kasi may pinatay na chinese ang isang chinese, pano na lalo kung pinoy ang nakapatay....ganyan ba ginagawa sa ating mga OFW pag pinatay sa abroad!? tapis bigyan na naman ng idea chinese na gumanti sa mga pinoy sa china...oh God, bless us po.

dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ Here’s a phil govt official threatening filipinos on behalf of china. dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ Clearly, it is not a case of EJK. dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ Tedddy, what happend to you tedddy!!! dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ Make Filipinos in China a COLLATERAL DAMAGE , mas konti lang sila dun compared to CHINESE here in tha Phils! One CHINESE DOWN, THOUSANDS MORE TO GO!!!

dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ How about if China failed to bring to justice their own citizens for ramming (accidentally or otherwise) our fishermen's boat and leaving them out in the sea? dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ heyyy teddy bear locsin its ok to be a puppet with dignity which u should be 👻 teddyboylocsin

dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ What happens in China stays in China. Filipinos has been being treated like shit in China for so long, now suddenly you care about them? dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ Ogag, kumusta naman yung mga sinagasaan sa recto bank, ok kang sa inyo, mga ungas na ito.

Locsin: Filipinos in China will pay if we let Chinese nationals get hurt in PH'We go down this road of letting Chinese nationals be hurt, our people in China will pay,' Foreign Affairs chief Teddy Boy Locsin says. 🐕🐕🐕 💩💩💩 “oUR PeOplE In cHIna WIll pAy” Many ofws, specially in the middle-east, are being treated badly and you don’t do shite about it. You fvcktard teddyboylocsin 🤜 🤡 China my lord!

dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ Filipinos in China are Safe, unless they do illegal acts... dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ China is warned that it's nationals might suffer the consequences if their government fails to bring the Chinese crew that abandoned drowning Filipino fishermen to justice. dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ

dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ don’t insinuate teddy! dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ O hayan n hulinsalarin tsekwa din ang gumawa pareho tsekwa at dito p s Pilipinas nagkalat nang katarantaduhan nila at pati dume nila lokosin linisin mo b dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ If you had as much concern for Filipinos as you so blatantly have for the Chinese, you would be a decent human being.

dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ You should volunteer as the killer teddyboylocsin. Do it for your country or your master 🤜 🤡 dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ Consequences mo mukha mo kayo ni digong😠 dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ eh bakit kapag mga Pilipino ang nagiging biktima ng China wala naman kayong gagawin? Pero kapag tao nila, agaran nyong gagawan ng aksyon? MgaHimodChinaKayo

dpazzibuganINQ jiandradeINQ You mean bring the CHINESE killlers to justice? Pinoy nanaman ang may kasalanan.

Filipinos in China will pay if Chinese are harmed in PH – LocsinMANILA, Philippines – The government must bring to justice those behind the death of a Chinese national in Las Pinas City recently since the incident may pose dire consequences on Filipinos in China, Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. said on Tuesday. CMRamosINQ Awow pero yung binunggo niyong mga pinoy ok lang? CMRamosINQ Gago CMRamosINQ Bobo

Palace not opposed to Locsin move to ban Chinese survey ships in PH watersMalacañang is not opposed to Foreign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. 's move to ban marine survey ships of China in Philippine waters.

Locsin: Only PH-flagged ships allowed to survey country's watersIt's too late, they've done, sir.

Surveys in Philippine EEZ should be led by Filipinos, Locsin says'We can't join their ships as just passengers,' Foreign Affairs Secretary Teddy Boy Locsin says.

Solving Chinese worker's death is crucial for the Philippine government. Foreign Affairs chief Teddy Locsin Jr. tells us why. - InteraksyonForeign Affairs Secretary Teodoro Locsin Jr. stressed it is important to bring justice to the Chinese worker who was allegedly killed in Metro Manila amid speculations that the culprit is also a Chinese national. Based on previous reports, security footage showed a 27-year-old Chinese man, identified as Yang Kang , peering out a window of an … What an IRONICAL INJUSTICE!! He can see the killing of a Chinese foreigner and thinks deserve justice, , but turns a blind eye to the thousand innocent or suspected Filipinos by committing EJK murders as victims WITHOUT DUE PROCESS? Where is the EQUALITY OF THE LAW?

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