Bong Go backs calls for COVID-19 aid for middle class

President Duterte's close aide says the tax payment of middle-class families contribute to the country's economy

4/9/2020 10:07:00 AM

President Duterte's close aide says the tax payment of middle-class families contribute to the country's economy

'Mahalaga po ang papel ng middle class sa ating bansa at ekonomiya. Kaya naman po nararapat lamang na hindi sila mapabayaan ng gobyerno sa krisis na ito,' Senator Bong Go says.

Metro Manila (CNN Philippines, April 9)— Senator Bong Go has expressed his support for calls to provide more cash assistance to middle-class families during the COVID-19 crisis.He said middle income earners are not part of the poorest sector, but their incomes are also affected by the work stoppage due to the Luzon-wide enhanced community quarantine.

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President Rodrigo Duterte's close aide said the tax payment of middle-class families contribute to the country's economy."Mahalaga po ang papel ng middle class sa ating bansa at ekonomiya. Kaya naman po nararapat lamang na hindi sila mapabayaan ng gobyerno sa krisis na ito," said Go.

[Translation: Middle-class families play a big role in our country and economy. The government should also take care of them.]Go reiterated his appeal to banks, quasi-banks, and other financial institutions — both public and private — to provide a grace period and impose no increase in interest rates on consumer and corporate loans to assist the Filipino middle class so they can bounce back.

The Labor Department is giving one-time cash aid of P5,000 to affected workers in the private sector under the government's social amelioration program. Meanwhile, the Trade Department has launched an assistance program for small and medium enterprises under the social amelioration measures.

The national government is currently studying calls to provide more cash assistance to middle-income families. Duterte said his administration is working"double time" to also provide for the needs of the middle class. Read more: CNN Philippines »

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Kung saan ang sunog, doon siya magpahambog Wow, ayan na nman si Bong Go walang originality. Mahilig manggaya at manguha ng credits ng iba. Si Cong. Salceda ang nagpropose na isama middle class March 19 pa pero di pinansin. Grabe naman kayo maka close aide. Hardworking yan si Sen. Tay, shout out mo ulit sya sa susunod na speech ha? matagal na rin sya hindi nababanggit sa speech.

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Close Aide. Haay, Sen Bong Go, be a man to fulfill duties sa larangan na pinasok mo. Parang pinilit lang to maging senador para maging saling pusa sa mga botohan. Echo Chamber? thank u Bong Go for that exclusive info. this wld be the most impt info we get from an aide when there's a serious crisis. ang bilisbilis tlaga ng response nyo sa pagtulong sa mga poor at middle class.

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how about assistance or a discount on real estate taxes ? yung squatters hinde nagbabayad nyan , wala silang konsepto sa pagbayad nyan . matutulungan nyo middle class dito. Like ALL taxes? How is this brand new info. [Anyway, yes to expanded coverage of the governmental aid to reach more families] 🤔

Go supports aid to middle class familiesSenator Christopher Lawrence “Bong” Go supported Wednesday the appeal of local government officials, civic organizations and entrepreneurs for government to also provide aid to middle class Filipino families during the current coronavirus disease (COVID-19) crisis.

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Gov. Garcia tells mayors to also help the ‘middle class’Garcia encourages the mayors to also help those in the middle class since they are also affected by the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). 😂😂😂 Murag kulang pa ang 373,000,000.00 sa component cities and municipalities... naa pa ni puno puhon? Pandering to a larger audience is still just pandering . I got 3 kg of rice with weevils and 4 cans of sardines. I got laid off because I didn't work on one of your pet construction jobs. I can't even pay the water bill. Get off your throne and help us.

CabSec assures continuous aid for poor as gov't considers appeals to help middle classThe national government is currently studying calls to provide cash assistance to middle-income families affected by the COVID-19 crisis.

Marikina to augment DSWD's cash aid for poor households amid COVID-19 crisisKya nga mas maganda audit ng coa ang 200bilyon allotment ng national government dto kung tlgang nagamit at napunta sa nauukol at karapat dapat.. My ghost employees sa govt, malamang my misrepresentation o bogus p din dyan sa mga assistance na yan. Sure yan