Arwind Santos, Terrence Jones, Tnt Katropa, San Miguel Beermen

Arwind Santos, Terrence Jones

Arwind not sorry for monkey gesture towards Jones

Arwind Santos not sorry for monkey gesture towards Terrence Jones Full story:


Arwind Santos not sorry for monkey gesture towards Terrence Jones Full story:

Comparing black people to monkeys is a racist attack, but Arwind Santos says he's only trying to get into Terrence Jones ' head

MANILA, Philippines – Arwind Santos was not sorry for the monkey gesture he made towards Terrence Jones in Game 5 of the PBA Commissioner's Cup finals, claiming it was all just mind games.

Santos plainly put it as only trying to get into Jones' head.

Sinabi ko nga 'di ba? Mind games 'yun. Pero sinabihan naman ako kanina, kaya 'di ko na ginawa 'yun. Dati ginagawa ko 'yan, wala naman warning so okay lang

(In the past, you can do that, right? When I was still with Air21, during the time of Dorian [Pena], we're calling them gorilla. But that's nothing, we're just trying to get under their skin because they're good.)

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Ha ha ha I think its brilliant! Thats one way to get in he's head. You might as well put a banana on their bench. Racist ka period.🤬🤬🤬 Tsk tsk tsk 👎 tsk 50,000 Fine Indefinite Suspension sobra gwapo ni arwind🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️ ..iba laro talaga sa ESPN5 ma PBA o volleyball.. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 pero pag iba laho gumawa sa inyo mega palag kau..ui boi gamit2x din ng utak😂😂😂

pbaconnect this should not be tolerated. clearly, he is racist. nakakahiya to kaysa kay Abueba. now i'm rooting for tntkatropa_ph Pre, wag kang ganyan. RACIST KA! KUPAL! Never a fan of the beermen because of this man and the way he play. When most of ppl of the world want to kick racism out of sports, this fool use it for mind games BS! He shud be punished! pbaconnect shud do something abt it! FBWC2023 remember?

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How desperate and low will you go for a win arwindsotnas tsk tsk tsk. Says a lot ant your character Ganyan ba turo sayo pag di mo ma pantayan ang galing sa pag lalaro daanin mo nalng sa pang bully? Sabay uwi sa bahay 🤔 Somebody teach Terrence Jones the word 'Kupal' so he could use it on arwindsantos3 head.

PBA Commissioner Marcial should call the attention of Arwind Santos. This shouldn't be tolerated. You may be a good athlete but your attitude is far more worst than his colour. Mindset? More of pang iinsulto yan. What Arwind Santos did was racist. There is no excuse for that. Racism has no place in sports. That Santos refuses to apologize only demonstrates his lack of professionalism and shallow sense of humanity. He may be a good athlete but not a very good human being.

Poor way of getting into a man’s head 👎🏻 Suspidihin yan😁 Yeah, he's an effing racist and ignorant. No excuses needed.

Regime forces advance towards key town in northwest SyriaPresident Bashar al-Assad's fighters are just a few kilometers away from Khan Sheikhun, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

oa sa mind game. 🤨

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MMDA says dry run on provincial bus ran not an experimentThe Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) clarified on Tuesday that the dry run of the provincial bus ban on EDSA, which apparently worsened the traffic situation in the metropolis, was not an experiment.

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