'A Thousand Cuts' to be screened in Sydney

Catch this special screening of 'A Thousand Cuts' in Sydney on December 9

Maria Ressa, A Thousand Cuts

12/2/2021 4:43:00 AM

Rappler, in partnership with the Judith Nielson Institute (JNI) in Sydney, will hold a special screening of award-winning documentary, “ A Thousand Cuts ” on December 9!

Catch this special screening of ' A Thousand Cuts ' in Sydney on December 9

. This is the first time the documentary, by renowned director Ramona Diaz, will be screened live in Australia.

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I Can See You

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I hope Rappler will have a dedicated news or reporter about China and it's economic coercion to poor countries. 60 Mins Au , Sky News Au , NTD and Wion India is doing investigative about China CCP _ Thier you tube views and subscribers are now at 4 M from 500 when I check last