A look at the recommendations the national gov't ignored in its decision to lift MECQ in Metro Manila

Do you think the president made the right decision to ease the restrictions in high-risk areas, including Metro Manila?

5/29/2020 9:34:00 AM

Do you think the president made the right decision to ease the restrictions in high-risk areas, including Metro Manila?

The national government’s decision to ease quarantine measures starting June overlooked the warning from local researchers against prematurely lifting them. In a late-night televised briefing on Thursday, President Rodrigo Duterte approved the recommendation of the Inter-agency Task Force (IATF) to graduate areas under the modified enhanced community quarantine to the general community version or GCQ starting …

Screenshot by InteraksyonIn the report, the researchersrecommended to the government tocontinuethe MECQ in NCR and other high-risk areasbased on their analysesin the number of cases and rate of transmissions in high-risk areas.They cited the following factors as the reasons to extend MCQ in high-risk areas.

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Backlogvalidating the number of confirmed cases in NCRUncertain if the curve has already flattened in NCRThe dramatic increase in the number of cases in NCR and other high-risk areasGaps in the Department of Health’s data collectionBecause of these factors, the researchers recommended to extend MECQ and perform the following activities:

Enhance the official data from the DOHIncrease testing capacity and improve the turnaround time of COVID-19 test resultsImprovemass targeted testing and contact tracing in all high-risk areasThey also suggested the use of“serological surveys”as a cost-efficient tool

for countries with limited testing capacities as the Philippines that will “determine to what extent the population is infected by Covid-19 and to visualize the severity of its effect on a community.”“A serological survey involves testing the blood of people not diagnosed with Covid-19 and is used to quantify the proportion of the population infected by the virus,” the report said.

“However, to have a representative sample, those who must be tested should come randomly from the population that reflects the community’s socioeconomic, geographic, age, and ethnic Read more: Interaksyon »

PhilstarNews Bahala na!! PhilstarNews Nung 500 pa lang ang kaso, lockdown...kung kelan nag 15k kaso ng covid saka nag pa GCQ 🤣🤣🤣 pa aatras tayo? 🤣🤣🤣 iba din 🤣 malamang pag nag 20k tayo, back to normal 🤣 PhilstarNews Wala naman na siyang choice ubos na ata ang fundz PhilstarNews I don't think so🤭

PhilstarNews No. We should see indications of low risk of virus transmission first before easing any restrictions. We all care about the economy but not the extent of sacrificing lives especially the poor.

'Metro Manila needs 15,000 coronavirus tests daily to offset COVID-19 rise under GCQ'Good luck with that! Quezon city din pero papano kung ang Lung Center SNL ay 10 per day lang ang tatanggaping specimen sa mga hospital under their zones?

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