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A doctor’s response to DOH’s PHP500 offer: ‘show us why this is all you can afford’

3/29/2020 4:30:00 AM

A doctor’s response to DOH’s PHP500 offer: ‘show us why this is all you can afford’ COVID19

A graduate of the University of the Philippines College of Medicine, Galvez Tan is a CT scan and MRI specialist at Cardinal Santos Medical Center and the University of the East Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center. He accomplished his basic residency radiology training at Philippine General Hospital, which is currently one of the hospitals treating patients with COVID-19.

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“It's not entirely about how much the DOH is giving. It's about how much they may be holding back,” the doctor writes. “If this is indeed all they can give, I want them to show us, point by point, peso by peso, why this is all they can afford.”

 Where’s the money?Dr. Galvez Tan writes he and his fellows know the DOH has the money, but they do not know where it is going.“Is it going toward better infrastructure, more testing labs, more field hospitals, more community quarantine centers, better transport networks for frontliners and patients? Are the savings going toward a massive push toward realigning industries to produce Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) so hospitals don't have to rely on volunteers and donations?” he asks, point by point. “Is the money going to pay to expand charity services for patients with non-COVID related conditions whose treatments will have been displaced or delayed? Are they going to use the funds to strengthen communities by conducting risk assessments, training community health workers, and tapping local resources?”

The doctor is the son of Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan, a former Health Secretary under the Fidel V. Ramos administration. “He has already a good number of his doctor-mentors and professors, colleagues, peers and friends in the medical profession dying and currently struggling with COVID-19 infection,” the elder Galvez Tan tells ANCX. 

Former Health Secretary Dr. Jaime Galvez Tan fully agrees with the sentiments of his son GK.That there have been deaths and affliction among frontliners is clear, says the former cabinet member, but the DOH must also make it clear to frontline doctors and nurses they have the full support of department resources—PPEs, expanded COVID-19 testing, logistics—to fulfill their duties. “I fully support the manifesto of my son GK and I share his sentiments!” Dr. Jaime says.

 DOH responseIf healthcare workers are expected to risk their lives for cheap, Dr. GK continues in his statement, they should at least have the dignity of “knowing that their nation was behind them, fighting for them on every front, at every level.” Healthcare workers, he says, should be confident the entire machinery of the country and the government was turned toward helping them to win, that the cause was more important that political careers and propaganda.

“Let them know that this pittance is all that is left in the open hand of a nation that has exhausted everything else,” Dr. GK concludes. “Because there is no greater indignity than the lives of our brothers and sisters, mentors and students, parents and children, being sold cheaply while our leaders held their hands, stuffed with bills, behind their backs. We deserve to know.”

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Unang una, bakit sa batas may tinatawag na 'hazard pay'?Kasi delikado ang sitwasyon ng isang worker kaya siya may compensation na ganyan,tapos ang ipinipilit ngayon ng DOH e mag volunteer daw at bibigyan nalang ng 500 a day? Wow,COVID19 pinag uusapan dito, hindi lang basta sakit May pork barrel/ budget pa ba mga congressman at senador ngayon? Baka naman....

Dooctors risked their life in treating patients and no amount of money can replace their lives, so lets give them all our support and not pittance. kala ko ba 'we have a budget' f this government Na virus Na Ang utak Ng DOH.. Sa Phok Doctors Ass.. Kasuhan nunng MURDER Ang DoH Literally, when the PPE's are all not free 🙄

This government is so fucked up Dapat iyong mga armchair generals as they say sa military ang bawasan ng suweldo at ibigay sa mga frontliners, kailangan lahat mag sakripisyo....di lang frontliners. FDPascual Nakurakot na ang budget 200B budget na nilaan para sa health, asaan na? Baka nagiimpok kasi baka tumakbong senator sa 2022 😂😂

FDPascual Tapos si mocha, mgkno sweldo? Tangene desss! Hey Secretary Duque - yes you only Not your other GOOD STAFF PEOPLE - HOW DARE YOU OFFER P 500 PESOS FOR VOLUNTEERS WHERE ‘RE THE FUNDS I AM CALLING YOU OUT SIR ! That’s not even enough to get ONE PPE suit !!!! Duque has to have the big share of it. Period.

they are risking their lives and maybe they will be infected the disease later, ibahin naman ang mga Healthcare providers please Value them and give the full support and cheer them up!!!!! It’s true sir ang mura lang pala natin imagine 500php/per day lang ang compensation package nila which we the Medical Professionals are the one taking care of their health and especially to those Frontliners who are taking care and treating patients na may COVID-19 ,

Busy pa kumita si DuqueResign Yung mga hindi maka intindi kung bakit di nalang nila tanggapin yun kc 'volunteer' naman, malamang mga blind followers yan ng administrasyon na to. Tang ina nman, 500 para sa mga nagsasalba ng buhay ng mga Pilipino ngayon. BUHAY din nila ang nakasalalay, they deserve so much more

I mean, they are the highest at risk besides senior citizens. They can’t get to see their families. Let alone they can’t they can’t touch them. They are expected to be working all day and all night to cure and recover. 500 pesos a day is a f**king insult! They deserve more! sagutin nyo ng maayos DOHgovph bawal mang-doktor.....😆

Why is DOH calling for volunteers? Wala bang pondo to hire additional staff? Isn't it our legislators convened to allot funds to address Covid Pandemic? Para saan po 'yun? Magdisclose sana ng information para dito. nakakagalit na talaga ang gobyernong puro bobo ang nakaupo!!! 500 for risking their lives while protecting the life of others?

It was cleared in a PressCon yesterday by DOH that 500 is a per day allowance, the actual compensation will be announce once the covid19 package takes effect, inspite of that, as of yesterday, almost 600 health workers have already volunteered, Yan Ang Doctor💕 My daughther is an Intern East Ave Medical Center even if there was a circulation that clerks & interns were pulled out from thier duties they were not because it’s a DOH hospital.They are not even being paid or given an Allowance!She is still continuing her regular duty shift!

Paki bawasan naman yung intel fund!! 500 is not a salary. it is more of a token of gratitude for volunteers. if you volunteer out of the kindness of your heart, you do not expect to get paid. if you think 500 is an insult, then don't volunteer, simple. Bigyan nyo naman ng dignidad ang mga frontliners natin..

Nasaan na po yung sinasabi ng administrasyin na pera nung briefing? Asan na yung executive power na binigay? Akit wala paring maramdaman lalo na yung medical frontlines? What kind of bullshit is this? These people are risking their lives and the lives of their families every time they come home. Insulto ang P500. Dapat yung mga kurakot na politicians magbgay ng pera.

Kasi nagsesave sila pang bayad sa mga Chinese healthworkers. Triple kasi pay nila eh. Mas gusto nila Chinese kaysa Filipino volunteers. importante meron ...anu ba mahalaga sa inyo? Baka makalusot. Kayo naman. It is not about money This is gross... even minimum wages earners are payed P537. Stupidity at it's Prime to treat doctors like this.

Take your OP Intelligence Fund and shove it.

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Amang Rodriguez hospital not yet an option for COVID-19 testing in Marikina – DOHDOH says it is speaking to donors who are interested in funding the facility. No budget for this? DOHgovph Special powers to ask for donations. Yung nilabas sa kaban ng bayan nasa bulsa na. Tapos kapag election nagooverbudget. Ngayon niyo ilabas pera niyo SAAN ANG GOVERNMENT FUNDING para san pa yamg emergency powers

Doctors, health workers outraged at DOH's P500 daily allowance for COVID-19 hospital volunteersper hour lang yan na sahod ng dishwasher dito to think na nakalagay na sa hukay isang paa nila😀 Again... why is Duque still the DOH Sec? DZMMTeleRadyo hindi ba Php 537 yung minimum wage?

Locsin says DOH barred Chinese doctors from helping PH fight coronavirusif filipino doctors and crew, and also patients are not comfortable with them, please do not insisist on employing chinese medical personnel. not surprising. DuqueResign Panggulo lang mga yan! South korean or SG doctors I dig. But ccp agents? No!!

DOH is offering a P500 daily allowance for 'volunteer' health workers and people are outragedThe Department of Health’s call for volunteer health care personnel was questioned online after it posted a daily commodity distribution report which was perceived as not enough to protect them against the novel coronavirus disease. On Friday, the DOH reiterated its call for volunteer doctors, nurses, nurse assistants and hospital orderlies to combat COVID-19. These … PhilstarNews Pkitanong nmn sa DOHgovph kung magproprovide po b cla ng uniform/scrub suit para sa volunteer? Thanks PhilstarNews Gusto ata nila budgetan sila ng bilyon gaya ng intel eh. They’re just savings people lives not creating really complex drug matrixes. Just obey please No. Balakayojan. Bye!

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