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A cry for help: Mental illness, suicide cases rising among youth

Rappler speaks to psychiatrists, psychologists, and life coaches who say mental health illnesses and suicide cases among the youth have drastically increased


Rappler speaks to psychiatrists, psychologists, and life coaches who say mental illnesses and suicide cases among the youth have drastically increased. WorldMentalHealthDay

Rappler speaks to psychiatrists, psychologists, and life coaches who say mental health illnesses and suicide cases among the youth have drastically increased

Experts say the number of suicide cases and students with mental illnesses has risen drastically in the last two years with at least one suicide referral made each day

Bettina was just 20 when she first attempted suicide. When the thought first entered her head, it was as though something had snapped. No weapons involved, she said, but the compulsion to commit suicide was intense.

For almost two years, she battled with the anxiety attacks on her own. They only became worse over time.

Even with treatment, Bettina admitted having entertained suicidal thoughts since that first attempt. Oftentimes,

To this day, Bettina said dealing with her mental illness remains a struggle. But creating her own mental health group, which she called Spring, gave her the courage and the community she needs.

Like Bettina, many students struggle with mental illness. Often, they can come as unknown desperate cries for help.

Nadera recalled some who contacted her felt pressured with school or had scholarships on the line. Other times, they had been referred to psychiatrists but with appointments scheduled months away.

“(That’s) the reason why I wanted to be here even if I would leave my other work. It’s because there is really a felt need,” she said.

Among 8,761 students from Grades 7-9, Year 4 in the Philippines:

- 2015 World Health Organization Global school-based survey

For life coach Myke Celis, this turnaround was apparent in those who have sought his help – from those aged 25 or older, Celis said the majority of those he coaches are now aged 13 to 25 years old.

In the Philippines, the rise in the number of suicide cases and youth with mental health issues is brought about by a mix of social and biological factors.

“With all the social media, there’s just too many things to do; too many things to prove….Young people today tend to be very pressured, very stressed, live very complicated lives, and tend to be socially disconnected,” Chua said.

“That sense of lack of social connectedness is very, very prevalent….They’re connected but they can’t seem to have a trusted person,” Nadera said.

Meanwhile, relationships at home may not always be better either. Experts said many Filipino children also have parents who work abroad. Some of them experience increased busyness themselves, too.

Experts also observed this has often led to children with low self-esteem and high self-expectations.

While there is no one factor that causes these, the rise in mental illnesses and suicide cases

Globally, the World Health Organization reported an average of 3,000 people who die by suicide daily – this translates to one suicide every 40 seconds. Suicide is also listed as the second highest cause of death among people between the ages of 15 and 29.

“You also know it’s on the rise if you feel and see one person suffering and that story isn’t very different from others. You know it can happen to anyone,” Nadera said.

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