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Military loses N4.8bn weapons in North-East since January (21)

Military loses N4.8bn weapons in North-East since January

this is the reason I tel Nigerians to stop watching Nollywood movies & start watching Discovery Channel or Nat Geo

They Lost the weapons to the wind or to Boko Haram that have been defeated ?

Lose such amount of weapon to who? A group you said you defeated? I smell fish. EFCC and DSS, this shld keep you guys busy and not to go after night clubs and prostitutes. Save this country from this scam plz we beg u guys.

Sad news I ever hear

No one is sacked for it. Incompetent government


Fulani radio to educate herdsmen, fishermen, farmers, hunters — NBC (14)

Fulani radio to educate herdsmen, fishermen, farmers, hunters — NBC

oluwaloninyo How many of the farmers speak Fulani? Why is it called Fulani radio though and not Tiv, Idoma or just education radio?

One of the genocide factors in Rwanda is showing here

Is it only Fulani's that are rear cattle, abi na only dem be farmers or Fisher men, Hmmm the secret behind this will soon lick, I trust Nigerians.

I am trying imaging the type of educative programs that will be aired Fulfude language? This will be worse than the biblical 'Tower of Babel'......


APC leaders back Lai Mohammed’s reappointment (8)

APC leaders back Lai Mohammed’s reappointment

I rebuked that in Jesus's name Amen

And I thought the intention was for Nigeria to move forward..apparently not...meaning we can expect status quo with ministers too...2023 pls come by quickly

Allah forbid you all

Rational backing

Hahaha. What do you expect from his follows liars


$16M for mosquito nets unjustifiable, enough to fumigate Mosquitoes in Nigeria - Aisha Buhari - The Nation Newspaper (6)

The wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, Aisha Buhari has criticised the $16 million spent by Nigeria as counterpart funding for the purchase

$16M for mosquito nets unjustifiable, enough to fumigate Mosquitoes in Nigeria – Aisha Buhari

Your husband is the greatest scam Nigeria has ever experienced in terms of leadership.

Nigeria will rather spend $16 million on mosquito net than do anything about the causes of the mosquitoes.


Am lookin for a day aishambuhari will b Nigeria president.

But we heard if you move to APCyour sins will be forgiven, you are only a criminal if you are in the opposition


N500bn social investment scheme has failed in North –Aisha Buhari (6)

N500bn social investment scheme has failed in North –Aisha Buhari

I disagree with you because I know that Npower has at least 10,000 beneficiaries on it's payroll from each of the 36 State across the country. The program didn't fail rather more funds are needed to accommodate more people.




Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, says that the major problem of the country is not policy formulation, but lack of will for proper implementation of such policies. Obasanjo Nigeria Politics Nigeria

I mean what more can you expect they will keep talking.

Is he just realising it, while under his watch and for 16 years, his party with huge financial resources available to them could not develop the country infrastructurally. Note that the Military built most if not all the bridges in Lagos and other part of the country.

Can I say what baba said is right or wrong? Baba was in this system for good 8 years and ever since then,they'd been following his footsteps. Does baba implemented while he had the opportunity? The same set of people governed since then.

That has been our major issue. Is nothing new

OBJ! Have you forgotten 'Idris Ab' the guy that sang 'Nigeria Jagajaga' in your regime. Had it been you properly implemented the policies, that song wouldn't have arisen.


Release our N25bn, ASUU tells FG (5)

Release our N25bn, ASUU tells FG

After helping the FG to rig the just concluded election!

I think ASSU to meet all the Prof. of the INEC returning officers and collect the 25b from them. All of them have more than that from the just concluded rigged election.

Next time I believe ASUU will not call off strike based on paper promises from this type of govt.

oluwaloninyo A governemnt who cannot give 25bilion to solve an age long tertiary education crisis but is very quick to give 100b to Fulani herdsmen to continue terrorizing Nigerians.

oluwaloninyo Asuu pls dont do erekere oooooo😭😭😭


YouTube (4)

VIDEO: FRSCNigeria Officials Beat Up Man For Refusing To Pay Illegal Fine Of N3,000 WATCH FULL VIDEO: The FRSC officials identified as A.C Achigili, Olatunji, and Badeniyi, stopped Johnson at Ozumba Mbadiwe, Lagos Island, as he was heading for an...

FRSCNigeria Even famous footballer (David Beckham) was caught using phone while driving and he was booked accordingly, so why the noise bro

FRSCNigeria To Let A newly built 2 bedroom flat with all rooms en suite and a visitors toilet at Oremeta, Ologuneru, Ibadan. Rent: 300k

FRSCNigeria The guy in the video ended up popularising those FRSC men. They are doing their legitimate duty (which is to issue ticket to traffic offenders). Let the guy check the offence he committed in the issued ticket.

FRSCNigeria I can see that the problem hear is that people don't know that they are to pay for any traffic offence they committed. As a good Nigerian it should be our duty to know the amount for any traffic offence one committed. All these are on the internet.

FRSCNigeria The officials of FRSC are still owing me N500 for the past 4 years. They booked me on Friday evening around 4pm of N1500 for not putting on seat belt. I gave them N2000 they refused to refund N500 change. It happened in Awka ukwu oji.


Obasanjo’s claim on Islamisation incorrect – Islamic scholar (4)

Obasanjo’s claim on Islamisation incorrect – Islamic scholar


Please who is this bon boo clack? What's he saying?

Oga go nd eat first

if he has his way,he'll do exactly

Religion has affected Africans negatively than Politics.


After May 29, Buhari faces toughest tenure as president – Daily Trust (4)

All roads will lead to the popular Eagle Square, located in the heart of the nation’s Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. On that day, which is barely three days away, a new page will be added to history as General Muhammadu Buhari mounts the saddle to begin his second tenure …

After May 29, Buhari faces toughest tenure as president

MBuhari NGRPresident AsoRock OfficialAPCNg Wailers, n evil wishers like daily Trust will be put to shame in shaa Allah...

MBuhari NGRPresident AsoRock OfficialAPCNg If he handles governance as he did in the last 4 years.

MBuhari NGRPresident AsoRock OfficialAPCNg Worst president ever

MBuhari NGRPresident AsoRock OfficialAPCNg Blame game continues. It is PDP 16 year of misrule.

MBuhari NGRPresideI wish he has the courage to deliver well.nt AsoRock OfficialAPCNg


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