Ramadan Welfare, Zamfara

Ramadan Welfare, Zamfara

Zamfara spends N2.9bn on Ramadan welfare –Commissioner - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

4/19/2021 11:09:00 PM

Zamfara spends N2.9bn on Ramadan welfare –Commissioner - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

10:33 amThe Zamfara State Government has said it spent the sum of N2.9 billion on the purchase of essential commodities for distribution to various categories of people as Ramadan welfare.This was disclosed by the state Commissioner for Information, Ibrahim Dosara, in a statement he issued in Gusau on Sunday.

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He said the Chairman of the main committee for distribution of this year’s Ramadan welfare package, who is also the Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Nasiru Magarya, has assured that the gesture would reach all beneficiaries in the state.He said, already, the speaker had set up various committees to ease the distribution.

Dosara further revealed that the 450 truckloads of the welfare packages contained rice, millet, maize, beans, sugar and milk were being distributed to the vulnerable, less privileged, internally displaced persons, civil servants and other categories of members of the public. headtopics.com

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The same Ramadan that just started few days ago? It is ok! It's hard to comprehend this. Zamfara generates N150m IGR per month, so how are they spending N2.9bn on Ramadan. This has nothing to do with sectionalism or regionalism. It's the attitude of these current politicians, and those in civil service are not exempted. Corruption is one major pandemic which crucially need an urgent cure in Nigeria. Nigeria is very strong to have been surviving...

2.9bn on Ramadan when ur health sectors & Education sectors are paralyzed...🤔🙄 You see why parasites can't live alone? Of what benefit is that to the economy & development? Walai Governors are Nigeria prblm not PMB N2.9bn This man is not different from his apc counterpart. What a visionless and a failure

That's what I hate about Islam. They spend everything for it but nothing to build their people to deliver them from shackles of poverty and stupidity. They are supposed to be fasting or feasting, I don't understand? Where did the money 💴 come from?

Zamfara Govt expends N2.9bn on Ramadan welfare – Commissioner | The NationThe Zamfara Government says it spent the sum of N2.9 billion on the purchase of essential commodities for distribution to various categories of people as Ramadan welfare. Otunba lamba Oh! My gosh this is inflated contract given to politicians, imagine 2.9bn spent for that. 2.9 billion... Wow

Omo what does lagos spend on Christmas welfare 😳😳 What da h.........................................................l? They had to spray money before the moon 🌓 revealed itself. Isn't this madness..? How the hell..? And u are still owing workers salary Is Boko Haram joining this fast? I pray Allah touches their heart 🤲

You will repay through your nose every loan you have squandered if not all you Fulani will have to vacate Nigeria and niger will pay for everything they got from their Fulani brothers in Nigeria. Accidental governor Wasted funds. Tomorrow FG will be borrowing funds here and there. Imagine, using religion to show his incompetence. Most of our Governors are thieves using religion, tribe and so on to support their stealing.

Zamfara Govt Warns Against Diversion Of N2.9bn Ramadan Welfare Packages Zamfara State government on Tuesday warned stakeholders against diversion of Ramadan welfare package worth N2.9billion. The Chairman of the main committee, Nasiru Magarya, who is also the Speaker of the state House of Assembly, gave the warning during the distribution of the grains to local government chairmen in the state. He stressed that the … Continue reading Zamfara Govt Warns Against Diversion Of N2.9bn Ramadan Welfare Packages I've never heard of Easter welfare packages N2.9Billion 😲 Are we still doing this Diversion thing... It's alright, looting continues

Not even on education and infrastructure of people. Lmaoooo Nde iberibe nmuo na nmadu Where is even ICPC Omo... money that can fund education, good transportation, welfare of state workers, good water system, good drainage system.. but we are holier than the people that gave us religion.. Na only billion una sabi call but no single development may amadioha finish all of una

Hmmmmmmm what's the population of Nigeria 2.9b on Ramadan RAMADAN BONANZA For d First 20 people.Get Logo Design/Simple Design for 1k. Limited Time offer. Never 4get ur logo is ur brand identity Click on the link below 2 chat me up on WhatsApp directly. 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽 This is horrible, incompetent leaders with disgusting mindset filled with greed and selfish motive, na God go judge una

The money was used to sponsor Terrorist not Ramadan anything... This is Zoo so what do you Expect when the Head of state is dead and they deceive the people with face mask wearer... Anybody can loot and use anything to cover up... But they can't afford to pay staff salaries. What is wrong with this people? You can't pay your staff decent wages, yet spend public fund on ridiculous things. It baffles me.

Zamfara Government Has Spent N2.9billion On Ramadan Welfare – Commissioner | Sahara Reporters Zamfara Government Has Spent N2.9billion On Ramadan Welfare – Commissioner | Sahara Reporters This is aside from the consignment allocated for workers, orphans, people with special needs, internally displaced persons, imams, Quranic schools... READ MORE: Why does this guy look so much like a Abacha? is dat supposed to be our problem? Abi unha just want make we talk “We Don’t want” Bamaso “ Youths shout loud to President Muhammad Buhari ...

For how many days? Hmmm! And, how much in education within same period? These people no get sense... only ITT dey dem head! I hope their elder bro Mr. Nepotism dey hear am Ooo Cashapp What a wasteful state and nation. No light,good road, Hospital, schools etc Just imagine. Total waste Shey na malaika then dey feed ni.

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 This is rascality in government spending Gov Obaseki is talking about. But you don't have money to pay workers salaries of civil servants This is the reasons at anytime they keep shouting one Nigeria You can never hear them wanting to live on their own

Zamfara expends N2.9 billion on Ramadan welfare – Commissioner“The aim is to help in reducing the hardships being faced by people and to enable them (to) conduct the Ramadan fast with relative ease and happiness.' On Ramadan alone? Haaaabaaaa This nation will not ever grow,we do spend money on things that makes little or no sense. Religions here in Nigeria contributed on the fall of this God given nation. This has been our problem from day one. Misplaced priorities.

Thieves Share 100k to all zamfarans, better than your so called welfare. When almost quarter of the population is gone to banditry. Even in this fasting period the Nigerian government still have the effontry to lie publicly, I'm not sure God is aware of this country Zamfara generates only N150m IGR monthly but spends 2.9bn in one week, on a religious activity. I won't talk B4 they say that I am attacking his tribe or religion. vanguardnews

Really u old cargos re just fooling around Thunder why art thou asleep, arise from slumber and do what u do best. When you see thieves, you will know. Na where una dey see this money 😩 They should also spend for the ogun, obatala, and Sango worshippers welfare, they also Nigerian. Craze world Na who send dem

Kogi Government pays retirees N2.9bn gratuity, pension | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsKogi government said on Monday that it spent N2.9 billion on payment of gratuity and monthly pensions to its retired civil servants in the first quarter follow oooo biko . i go follow back .. don't look at my character .I will change And it's worth mentioning? You yourselves are part of the Nigerian problem. Why praise the governor for doing what he said he'd do under oath? Trying to look generous, why now? 😏

This Zamfara gov is a complete disaster! Is this not banditory? Bandits in Power! Pls help me RT. 🙏 BUSINESS LOGO for just 3k. Patronise ADEWALE GRAPHICS and get the ffg ⤵️ 1, High Quality 3D Logo Mockup 2, Plain Logo LETTERHEAD, COMPLIMENTARY and ID CARDS, PRODUCT LABEL, WATERMARK etc... Call x WhatsApp:

I dislike everything about this particular state.. Just imagine! Religion is a big problem in Africa. Why should a government feed someone who decides to fast or worship his God? Why not use same money to create lasting jobs for them? Misplaced priority. Spend the Crude oil money while it lasts. 'Ramadan welfare' in his pocket, obviously.

Hehehe! And people are still hungry This is one of the ways have brainwashed and subjugated their gullible people to the extent them remained in existential poverty.

One full year rammadan? Just consider how many scholarships and schools and lives this money would have changed. One Nigeria but very different priorities and certainly extremely different destiny. Using religion to rip the people off and give them cup of rice 😂 Wait! What 😳 Isn’t it a FAST! 🙆🏾‍♂️ These people are backward Thousands of years backward

Imam Don cashout It is only a failed state remember the masses one month of 12 month.... Wastage This is the type of nonsense that Yorubaland is subsidizing. Zamfara as a state can't generate such amount in 6 months.

IykeUche11 howfa e no reach you This is sickening. The most backwards state in Nigeria in terms of education I wish this country separate. Is it not stupid that one tries to make himself superior over same position given to others and they behaved. I think the northerners are problems to this nation. I believe we all should have equal right, but if we can’t then we’re not meant to be.

Made in North Nigeria These governors spending money like there's no tomorrow in the face of overwhelming debts and falling revenue. Culture ni That's very good. I forgot...Nigeria is really a Muslim country... I bet these people didn’t even spend N2.9million. It’ll eventually be a case of lion swallowing N2.9billion if properly probed.

Dis people sef. Anyway na monthly allocation for fosa! Anything goes, ngwongwo show! Good Did prophet Muhammad pbuh' and his Entourage came for Courtesy visit? In less than 1week 2.9bn has gone, what happens before the end of Ramadan? Some people still finds it easy to tell lies even in the holy month, God is merciful truly, sango💥 or ogun would have done the needful

Good for nothing people 2.9bn on Ramadan welfare ? In a state where people are jobless No good hospitals No clean water No good school No jobs Una dey craze 🖕🖕🖕 This foolish guy is also a terrorist . 😂😂😂😂 If fasting is just about 5 days and 2.9bn is spent. Calculate how many Billions will be needed for the 30 Days Ramadan Fasting by using Hushpuppi formula. YeleSowore ShehuSani DailyPostNGR Tutsy22 ChidiOdinkalu ayemojubar theonly1acre

Thief What is the annual IGR of the whole Zamfara that they are spending N3b on ramadan welfare? One Nigeria is still the reason these people are yet to be categorised with Somalia and Lesotho, we don't belong together 😒

What's is your IGR matawalle Even in Ramadan stealing continue. This is people fear God anymore The same gullible and silly moves that has set that region backwards for ages. Complete mis placement of basic priorities. The effect of Religion on the North is simply shameful and also a tormenting parasite feeding on our already crumbled economy. Cheap scam!

Thrive Architect is Conversion focused WordPress themes & plugins. Made by passionate marketers & designers, for people who sell stuff online. I Will install All Thrive Theme & Plugins with lifetime updatable agency License . Hire me on Fiverr So how much was spent for Christmas or Easter? 🤔 🤔 What is the budget of that state ?

Chai, everyone is stealing in advance. No body even the government trust the upper government 🤔👎🏼👎🏼👎🏿 Are you guys talking about me 🥴 Any question? 🤣🤣🤣🥰🤣 This useless people don kill Nigeria They have the least IGR, yet they spend more. Nigeria issa scam.

Nigeria and religion are like terms and conditions. Islam abhors extravagance and wastage....this N2.9bn expended within seven days or so could touch many life and bring people out of poverty if properly channelled. On Who nd what Some body has just cash out meennn They have started again 😏 That is why you hardly see any development on infrastructure in the state....dey don use the money buy tuwo

Learn Amazing facts about the Catfish. Subscribe our YouTube channel. Follow us on Twitter farm_enterprise 2.9 billionaire on Ramadan which Ramadan 2020 Ramadan? Yet no infrastructure, no jobs, banditry and kidnapping is the modus-oprandi. The Supreme Court Govs have one thing in common

I see this guy, I remember Abacha. So much semblance. Frightening