Zamfara Governor, Police Commissioner Don't Have Power To Call For Citizens To Bear Arms – Chief Of Defence Staff, Irabor | Sahara Reporters

27/06/2022 9:26:00 PM

Zamfara Governor, Police Commissioner Don't Have Power To Call For Citizens To Bear Arms – Chief Of Defence Staff, Irabor | Sahara Reporters

Zamfara Governor, Police Commissioner Don't Have Power To Call For Citizens To Bear Arms – Chief Of Defence Staff, Irabor | Sahara Reporters

The governor had asked the people of the state to arm themselves and defend themselves from bandits, while he instructed the Commissioner of Police to issue arm licenses to individuals when they apply for it.

Jun 27, 2022The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), Gen. Lucky Irabor, has said that the Zamfara State Governor, Bello Matawalle and the state Commissioner of Police do not have the powers to ask citizens of the state to start bearing arms to defend themselves against the ravaging bandits.

Irabor made this known while speaking to journalists in Abuja at the opening of the Joint Exercise for the National Defence College and War Colleges of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, captioned “Exercise Grand Nationale.” SaharaReporters on Sunday reported that following the rising cases of the activities of bandits, the governor asked the people of the state to arm themselves and defend themselves from bandits, while he instructed the Commissioner of Police to issue arm licenses to individuals when they apply for it.

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He probably expects poor common Nigerians to just lie down and die while his officers look the other way. It's easy for him to say the governor and police commissioner don't have the power, while he has an armed escort that will keep him and his family safe. ain't you one of the problems we have in this country?

The army or police can't protect citizens, Army Chief says citizens should allow hoodlums to continue to murder the governor no more the chief security officer of the state? I think that should change. nassnigeria look into it. Because villagers are armed. Bandits will reduce Self defense is not a crime. Since you and your boys has turn to 2nd boko haram and bandit in uniform in the country why citizens will not defend themselves? IG of police and chief of Army staff using nigerians life playing gambling games. Enough is enough.we support the governor

Stories for the gods;you have sold them out to bandits but they shouldn't defend themselves because you are God Thunder fire you!! Yes!! Your generation go die by boko haram and herdsmen guns. Anu mpama This is true. It is not about bearing arms. It's about having discipline and not harming the innocent ones

Less than useless Chief of Defense Staff, useless military officials and men. They all want Nigerians to continue to fold their arms while Boko Haram and Fulani herdsmen terrorists continue to kill them in cold blood. Where except in Nigeria is self defense a crime? Then the military should defend the people. It's out of frustration and incessant killings that the governor has to issue such command. His subjects need to be protected and there's no help for them. Do they watch until they are all killed

Irabo or what is his name should relocate his office not just in Zamfara but in those communities bandits attract.

Zamfara Government Directs Residents To Buy Guns, Defend Themselves Against Bandits, Orders Police Commissioner To Issue Licences | Sahara ReportersIn the special announcement SaharaReporters obtained on Sunday, the government said it had directed the State Commissioner of Police to issue licences to all those who qualify and are wishing to obtain such guns to defend themselves. Serious, bone seem Anything goes when it comes out of Northern politicians mouth. But let a southern politicians make a suggestion especially 'Eastern' counterparts all hell will loose

Nine of you have ever wondered why arms are withdraw from citizens and Fulani militias strikes same people that disarm their selves for government sake but still nothing nor scape goats paraded by same government? You now know what the CDS is fighting for... They colluded they dd These people living in the villages, they are been killed and they are still waiting for license guns to protect themselves... And they know that Nigerian leaders are corrupt. In situation like this they shouldn't listen to any stupid chief of defense staff

Zamfara Governor want close their choppings baba gats react. Incompetence dey smell 🤣😂 So, they should fold their hands and watch bandits wipe their citizens while military has no answer to the security challenges of this nation! I will no say anything, 🚶🏻🚶🏻🚶🏻 Get the tools forget license because bandit and Boko no get license for there own tools Don't let anyone kill you like chicken. The tools are for self defense.

When the govt and security agencies have failed in their responsibility of securing lives & properties, what do you expect, beside who gave you terrorists the right to carry arms, why can't you go after them? Sure you are planning to go after those who are protecting themselves Thanks u COD But headsmen have the right you must be joker

The people have to defend themselves.

Police rescue victim in car boot, hunt for abductorsThe police in Anambra State on Saturday rescued a man abducted in Agulu in the Anaocha Local Government Area of the state. This head line no clear...if they can rescue the victim then the bahd guy's should be behind bars by now 🇳🇬🤭

Go and collect.... Gas mask; we had to end d contract nd leave coz Nig Armed forces,DSS,NIA,Police 're all involved in d Terrorism. Many BH,Ansaru, Iswap nd Fulani herdsmen were said 2 hv repented nd 're now serving in d army,navy,airforce,DSS nd police... mke southerners continue 2 dey sleep. And d black water contractors said, we did a recon Op, had their location nd upon getting to d location, nt even a single cup was there. We went back nd conducted anoda recon Op nd decided 2 use gas coz of civilian casualties nd on getting 2 d location, dey were all putting on..

I suggest same thing should appy to Kaduna residents Then do your job ... people are dieing Unprofessional statement when citizens are dying in their numbers without even protection from the Army & the so called police. There is no more right to self-defense ? Where is our human right? Oga go to court that is the last bus stop

The Nigerian military and security defence system has really gone from bad to worst, people have lost hope in the security system, the government have really failed us. All of them must be involved in one way or the other in this boko Haram scandal. This is Nigeria where everything is possible Then do somthing and stop the killing

Woman brutalized by Police DPO in OsunA 27-year-old mother of two, Blessing Mba, was on Tuesday, May 31, 2022, allegedly brutalised by some police officers on the order of Ige Adekunle, The DPO needs medical attention for doing that, he shouldn't have done that no matter what. The Nigeria police force needs proper orientation to handle such an occurrence. Na for people bodi una take dey show una self bandit wen enter owo una never still catch dem nonsense NPF Police brutality again! This was the war we fought during the EndSARS protest before they ordered the shooting against the peaceful protesters! We pray for sanity in the police system SavvyRinu falzthebahdguy mrmacaronii Police again? Formerly police slogan is '' Police are my friends'' but what happened to police of nowadays? Why is Nigerian police acting as if they have absolute power like court of law?

fulani stooge everywhere The Governor is the Chief Security Officer of his State and is Saddled with responsibility of protecting Nigerian Citizens in his State at all cost,,he has the right to call for any serious measure that will protect his State.. What an irony! The lawful citizens are rendered powerless for the lawless ones to kill at will. Which permission do the lawless ones have to carry arms? Why has nothing been done them by the army all these years?

The law of situation over rules all the statutes you're hiding under to make this comment So they should die like fools abi? Then do the needful I think our oga military man is over 60yrs so if talk as he likes Are you the governor of the state? Irabor abeg no talk What kind of nonsense is this? Does the bandits and Fulani herdsmen killing people have rights to kill? The illegality of legality 😀😀😀. Right to life is number one,defend yourself!!

Dis one way don reach to retire still dey on active service...

Academic certificates: PDP agents asking police to arrest, prosecute Tinubu - Campaign organisationThe Bola Ahmed Tinubu Presidential Campaign Organisation on Saturday accused the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) of recruiting agents. The team described Without quotation marks means They should go to court The guilty are afraid.

Did you protect them let them have arms for self defense See face like poop Who gave bandits the right to carry guns. If the state cannot protect our people and the governor do not have right over the army forces, the only thing left is for the people to protect themselves. The state have no moral right to ask people to register guns or not to carry one

My ôga the top, so who then have power to do so, okay, the citizens are ready to carry arms in other to protect themselves...... loba'tan....or the people should allow them all to be kill ni please help us tell chief of Defence staff, that he is mad! How dare him say that. You can’t protect us! Why can we protect ourselves

In the North, anything goes. They withdrew our gun licenses, seized our guns and brought in terrorists fully armed by them. What a contradiction. D gun d terrorist are using where are they getting it, who is supplying them, which routes are they using to ship in these weapons and try to identify d military men and their collaborators that are helping them. This is what is expected of a CDS instead of giving excuses

He is the chief security of his state, so since those paid to do that job in the federal level turned otherwise, the governor goes for the last resort. I think it's time for self defense I support the government of Zamfara state I OK nigeriaarmydary you lack the legal and moral rights to prevent a citizen from defending himself. Who gave the call for herdsmen, bandits, kidnappers to bear arms, the legality that made their illegality legal will apply to all

Police rescue man kidnapped in Peter Obi's communityKidnappers operating in Agulu, Anaocha Local Government Area of Anambra State on Saturday abducted an unidentified man. I don’t understand. 😂😂😂😂 Peter OBI in everything Why must we mentioned PeterObi Is he a security agent?

It's a serious quagmire what's happening in Nigeria. I doubt slaves in the slave trading era had it rough like we Nigerians have it in the hands of our ruiners. The worst even is that we can only vent it on media. No any physical structure that we can join as SOS. It's Only in Nigeria can a weak man like him be a Chief of defence, Someone who can't even defend himself.

There are no due respect for this people, stop it. You are an appointed person and Zamfara governor is elected, you can’t fault him unless you are rallying a message from your boss, he overreacted yes but he has executive powers, if a governor can introduce Sharia in his state, he can choose to introduce guns

When the government failed to do the necessary what did you expect? It is the failure of the federal government to fight the insecurity that prompt to the call for people to carry arms to defend themselves. Oga clear road na wetting we need be dis to save our lives.. enough to all this una promises You that have power nothing to show. You people just powerless, allow citizens to defend themselves if soldiers are not useful.

Progressive Nations gives their Youths, free computers & modern Phones to be tech acquainted & aid them in learning whilst, in Nigeria, Sharia inclined Efcc, confiscates computers & phones of Youths, as suspected internet fraudsters. Irony.. Retweet widely to stop the abuse. Then protect them now... Arewa has spoken who are you to order them not to protect them self from ur doom if na for SW/ SE una for don dey kill anybody u see with knife

Police rescue another kidnap victim in Anambra - Premium Times NigeriaThe latest incident occurred barely 48 hours after a failed attempt by kidnappers to abduct some residents in a community in Anambra.

Lmao, the police even have power more than the military because we are not in military rule. The Governor is the chief security officer of his state. These people will just wear their uniforms with big ranks and sit inside air conditioned office in Abuja only to be spitting rubbish. Do you know what the masses are going through everyday on security challenges? If I armed myself is that a crime

Quite unfortunate hearing this from non performing military heads, with daily killings, kidnapping and huge ransom paymentswe clarify The Godfathers , the sponsors if our military heads have no clue and the governor trying to safe his people is being opposed. Quite unfortunate As the chief security officer of the state. If you have done your job well, why should he order for guns

The military can't talk because we are a federal republic With due respect sir, you could see that this call was a desperate call to put an end to daily senseless killings going on in Nigeria which all security agencies obviously and certainly could not curtail. What solution will you propose sir.. The future of Nigeria.

I don't understand how people are being killed their leader said arm yourselves and defend yourself and someone is saying no don't arm yourselves we will do something and for over 4years they are being killed still you insist that they should not defend themselves. You cannot protect people and at the same time you don't want them to protect themselves.

Mad man

And this mumu don’t have power to stop boko haram and bandits Sorry chief of deffence staff,the governor hasn't get it yet,may be you can explain it to him in clear terms what your commander in chief said,ONLY THE ARMED FORCES OF NIGERIA,BANDITS,ISWAP BH AND HERDSMEN are allowed to carry arms in Nigeria.

Yes I sang with you if other state are not legalize to do so then no body should be allowed the whole Nigeria is bleeding They have So do you have power to guarantee their safety? But the current security situation of the state have given them no option than... As una no wan defend them nko? Mr CDS can you explain to us why the armed forces can’t protect the citizens

Where are ur military when doz pipo were being killed? A military that has failed woefully in defending Nigerians? It is their fundamental right to self defense to be equally armed to defend their lives especially when the military and police are incapable of defending them 🤣🤣🤣like he can stop arewa govs from giving arms to their citizens; na only for SE/SW body una get power

Terrorist in uniform, since you can not protect the people which is the foundamental right, they must go ahead to defend themselves, wen government are in hand with terrorist group it's hell on earth o Animal talk. So Nigerians should make themselves a sacrificial lamb to the Fulanis, right? nonsense and coward soldiers in the zoo called Nigeria.

The cookie is crumbling! They are just saying rubbish 😳😳 Protect people you won't allow people to bare arms to protect themselves you won't you're here speaking useless grammar Somebody should tell him to go and defend the people against TERRORISTS, the whole polity is compromised We don't know TERRORISTS sympathizers any more

DefenceInfoNG are not innocent in the killings or innocent Nigerians. If CDS can talk this way. You can protect and you don't allow arms, how did you now expect them to protect themselves?. All past and present military senior officers need to be investigated This is a civil case, military has no power to dictate who and who bears arm. Nigeria Police is enshrined with such responsibility to license, provide and ban weapons, to enforce as constitution or executive order provides

This guy look like Bandit

The executive is carrying out the agenda so the army is what they use ... Becos as we can all see that IRABOR and his men are doing a great job in protecting the people from Bandits. If all Nigerians know what is good for you better go and get arms to defend urselves otherwise- in Ty Danjuma's voice, you shall die one by one.

An incompetent hand dragging for right while the terrorist are on tsmpage I beg you. Officer, you have failed woefully in your Duty to secure the Country. Kill dem all, I like you baba Does fulani herdsmen have power to bear arms? I'll be alive to witness the day evil will be vanquished in Nigeria together with every evil men...maybe from a distance but I know that day will come.

Your failure to secure the land is root causes of all evil. Since you failed to disarmed or neutralize criminal in the country, you can't prevent the good people to protect themselves. There will be only conflict of strategy between the Security Agencies if not well planned, between the Security Agencies at State and Federal Troops on the same mission; to eradicate the Monsters. With news reports revealed against Buratai & the silence, then it's key State qct

Let's get the youths to serve in the military for two years to increase our fighting force

But Bandits have the right to kill citizens? Nigeria army isn't doing well enough.... Compromised!!! And yet you can not protect them ? Oga this is democracy oo You have gone mute on Tinubu travel to France, but Peter Obi travel to Egypt, you started writing rubbish, just keep exposing yourself, you were mocking someone that went to learn to solve Nig. electric problems but leave someone that travel out for medical treatment. 🫤🚶🚶🚶🚶

But they have Power to be killed? Someone should tell him tat the Govnor has all the power as he is the CSO of his state. Better strategic decision so far if yu ask me. GiveUsGunLicense The army can't protect them U dt v d power, how d u or v u helped d ppl? No be una former boss's home billions probably meant for arms were discovered 🙄🙄🙄

😂😂😂😂😂 terrorist talking This is a clear indication that government is fully involved in our insecurity problem, you can't protect us allow us to protect ourselves 😂😂😂😂😂😂

Look how he is like fulani people. Is defense ready to defend? Is that the solution now With all due respect sir. Every human has the right to protect them selves. You should be ashamed of yourself. You guys have failed in your primary assignment. Periodt. Hide your face man! So you'd rather they die from bandits?

they should be waiting for the incapacitated government and wounded Nigerian armies till they all killed abi? The rights to worship your Creator, pursue happiness and defend yourself are inalienable rights and cannot be infringed upon by anyone. What kind of democracy is Nigeria practicing? This nonsense must end PeterObiForPresident2023 PeterObi4President2023

U are not providing security for the people what do you expect Army under Buhari's government are Boys Brigade. Make we hear word! This case of Zamfara is an indictment of your Army - failures in protecting lives in the country! DefenceInfoNG have been winning the war on social media!

RevolutionIsComingToNigeria ✔️💯 Please Chief of defense staff Sir,what should Zamfara citizens do now that they are been attacked and killed by bandits and terrorist like chickens with no security aid to there rescue? Seriously Sir,those Zamfara citizens need to defend themselves in any way possible.

Confused set Neither do you have the constitutional power to interject. It's the job of the police. Quit throwing yourselves around. A clear confirmation of 'Banana Republic'. Then do your job to protect their lives and properties... Anyway, the LORD is my Shepherd. These sodiers are part of Boko Haram Edo Catholic priest that was abducted by Fulani terrorists was killed. When are the Bishops in Nig going to suspend the Edo Catholic Church for not paying Fulanis? Because it is part of what Mbaka was preaching leading to his suspension by the father of many children Bishop Onaga

Then provide them with security, otherwise leave it, he is the chief security officer of the state How have the Military been Protecting them? Boko boss don talk

Dear Irabor (in Yoruba language - gimme plate) of HQNigerianArmy you are menting But the Fulani herdsmen have the right to carry Ak47. Thunder wey go fire una still dey warm up. Yet you can't protect them Oga e nor go work! So na una plan be that abi? Make dem nor defend themselves so una go fit kee dem finish…!

Then, provide adequate security. If at all, it's your place to determine that. SOUTHERN MAN. Chief of defense staff ISONU. Your FOOLANI Northern Senior Officers don push you to come drop speech. OGUN K¡LL ALL OF UNA 1 by 1. NIGERIA: A COUNTRY STUCK BETWEEN LEGALITY AND EXPEDIENCY. WAS THIS DONE ON PURPOSE?

Nigeria🇳🇬 Army are Terrorist in uniforms DefenceInfoNG NigerianTroops Oyaaa!! lunch your usual operation baboon is smiling in Zamfara Why is this walking dead still in the army?

They are not tired of condemnation everytime citizens are killed Mum again man So na power na dey drag instead of doing the proper thing kai Who this Dracula help abeg shift make we see better breeze Na this kain thing them dey call witch, you can't protect me, you don't want me to protect myself, Wetin u wan make I do?

Oga let ur family relocate dia I will pay for dia house rent tnx Whose duty it is, to issue licenses to bear arms?! I don't know about this though!! But you can't protect peoples lives and property. Omo ale ni man yi shaaa!!! We are not talking about who have the power to call citizens to take up arms. We are saying they should take up arms becos the entire security institution have failed woefully.

Yeye mugu general, let them arm and defend themselves. Wait for these cowards at your own peril. See him jumping to defend his role. Do your role now for where, he will be running from piller to post. Very well, because I smell rat with that talk. If Zamfara is giving its citizens right to bear arms, then the whole country should be given right to near Arms as well, the insecurity is not only in zamfara, but the whole country.

Get out,I write to army all they do is just block me from their Twitter handle. Why? They know the truth,army is comprised. So they should just submit themselves to be killed by this demons what a country There is a great vacuum in communication among security operatives. It’s either they know this but don’t care to discuss with the necessary body or don’t even know it at all. Either way this are the people we are entrusting our lives to?

Zoo The Governor is the Chief security officer of the state .. No? Mumu talk 🙄 A very good security word, but the attackers have all powers to unleash terror and fireworks on unarmed citizens, this is awfully in all ramifications

You must be mad sir. You can't defend the people and you can't allow the people defend themselves. Shame! The country done fail, abeg Army have failed Nigeria woefully, allow them to secure their life. Are you People afraid Nigeria military bcoz dats what u guy's are using to intimidate us more over they want to reduce the work load for u people since u people don't know what u are doing again only bribes and planning with bandits and Boko Haram to ambush innocent soldiers

With all due respect sir, is it when all of them are dead that you people will give their corpse license to carry guns and defend themselves? I understand the consequences but since forces cannot protect them, I think it's time to give them license. The citizens can continue being killed by terrorists. You can't be serious

Fellow Nigerians please help me to tagged anybody that can help me to asked Sterling_Bankng to explain to public what my offence is please. Kindly share my post already on my page 🙏 All these boyscout go dey talk, una nor fight protect una, even the soldiers re been killed on daily basis, shameless and toothless dogs

Yes they only have powers to condole/console/sympathize with citizens whenever they are attacked and killed by terrorists. Clap for yourself oga👏weldone sir This irabor of a man should resign or get sacked instead of commenting about the real issues here him Dey tackle governor directive na wa ooo what kind of country is this someone is trying to protect live and property you are saying Dey don’t have right to bear weapon resign now

But he can ask them to defend themselves right? I wonder what they will use to do that. Go and eliminate terrorist so that nobody take away your power Bullshit talk you can't even protect is poor citizens and you are quoting nonsense Then who has the power? Will you keep quiet? Toothless dogs When you can’t provide the security that’s your responsibility, what impetus do you have to suggest otherwise from what the governor advised his people as a result of the situation in his state that you couldn’t manage?

Prove your case with the judiciary. A state governor leads the executive branch of the government of his state; he/she commands the authority of the affairs of his/her state. Neither do you have the power to protect them. Irabor you Don dey disgrace Edo. My brother My Friend

Make we just split make every region dey their dey. Nobody I repeat Nobody can solve our problems in this country It's so clear that Lucky can't speak bluntly the way he should. Smh Then get to work Stop terrorism and people would forget about beating arms Is overus that Nigeria don't have Government again,I mean the Government we have is not working

Citizens can't bear arms but terrorists can Why Since you guys have failed to prove that you can protect them, they've decided to find ways to protect themselves You see the problem we have in this country What have you people do to protect the citizens from the above law citizens of Fulani?

U no fit help them ..dem say make dem help themselves u say no wetin make dem do Wahala don jam confusion 🤣 But they shoot stand and watch as they are shot at, interesting!

by SaHARAREPORTERS, New York Jun 27, 2022 The Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), SaharaReporters, New York Jun 26, 2022 The Zamfara State Government has advised the residents of the state to acquire guns to defend themselves against terrorist and bandit attacks.Abductors kill, bury Zamfara poly officer, seize N4m ransom “The victim was abducted in the early hours of today at Nwanchi village, Agulu.Divisional Police Officer of the Adeeke Police Station, Iwo, Osun State.

Lucky Irabor, has said that the Zamfara State Governor, Bello Matawalle and the state Commissioner of Police do not have the powers to ask citizens of the state to start bearing arms to defend themselves against the ravaging bandits. Irabor made this known while speaking to journalists in Abuja at the opening of the Joint Exercise for the National Defence College and War Colleges of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, captioned “Exercise Grand Nationale.     It said that Zamfara State was ready to facilitate people, especially their farmers to secure basic weapons for defending themselves, adding that it will establish a centre for the collection of intelligence on the activities of informants.”  SaharaReporters on Sunday reported that following the rising cases of the activities of bandits, the governor asked the people of the state to arm themselves and defend themselves from bandits, while he instructed the Commissioner of Police to issue arm licenses to individuals when they apply for it. This made the hoodlums abandon the victim, his vehicle, their operational vehicle and fled. But speaking on Monday, the defence chief said, “I believe that, in my view, it is not the right way to go. "This act of terrorism has been a source of worry and concern to the people and government of the state. Of course, there are actions that members of the security agencies and the armed forces, in particular, the police and other security agencies, are doing to address insecurity in Zamfara and environs. When I concluded maybe they have my son in detention, I quickly went to the station.

“Beyond that, of course, there are other legal issues, other issues of governance, issues that the government could have addressed using the instrumentality of the law that are available for him to bring greater peace and security. Government is ready to facilitate people, especially our farmers to secure basic weapons for defending themselves. This material, and other digital content on this website, may not be reproduced, published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed in whole or in part without prior express written permission from PUNCH. “But like I said, I do not intend to say much about it, but I believe that the Federal Government, using the Attorney General, will look at the details of that press release and give further instruction. “If what I read is true, I do not also think that the governor has the power to instruct the commissioner of police to issue licenses, because the commissioner of police does not have the powers to issue licenses.  "People must apply from the Commissioner of Police, licence to own guns and such other basic weapons to be used in defending themselves. “I believe that what we are doing in Zamfara and of course, across the states of the federation, is in deference to the provisions of the constitution. “So, we are there because we are there to give support to the civil authority, in this case, the police. "People are strictly warned and advised to make sure that any information or intelligence about an informant must be true and nothing but the truth, as all information on such informants must carry correct data on the suspects, including their pictures, correct names, address, occupation and witness to testify the genuity of the information given, as government is taking punitive measures against anyone found as informant. Another officer known as Àpápá started harassing me.

We do not need to restate what the issues are that have led to the deployment of military across the country but then, like I said, we are doing the very best to ensure that peace returns to every part of the country.” . "Government has requested the state House of Assembly to pass, as matter of urgency, the informants bill before it, to enable government take the drastic measures on informants as contained in the bill.