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RUGA Settlement Contentions: The Root Cause of Fulani Herdsmen Killings Is Gen. Buhari - Onovo


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If this problem is cause by Buhari, what can you said about naija delta millitant and Boko Haram.

You are telling your view.

Rugs settlement - Nigerian have said so much about this topic. Has national assembly approved and sign into law ? What is Buhari statement about it ? Nigerian has the power and capcity to resist rugs settlement. Except that if Ghana must go exchange hands , the music may change

Why is he still call Gen in a democratic dispensation 🙄I don't knw if am wrong or right ooo cos he's a president in democracy 😀😀😀😀

You people voted de Imbesility

In a bid to make a particular tribe first and foremost in Nigeria, someone has just succeeded in making the tribe the enemy of all, one to be suspected even when it means no harm. Apparently, Nigeria needs a nationalist more than ever before so we can prosper as a united nation.

ChinweOfoha2 👂👂👁️👁️👁️

Nnamdi Kanu has emboldened everyone.

In the policy, it’s stated clearly that any other states that is interested may join. I don’t see any land grabbing here!

Honestly, I think this issue has been politicized too much, from what I have read about this policy, it’s supposed to be voluntary, some states (northern) already volunteered to be part of the pilots scheme.

There has been RUGA since 1973 way before MBuhari became President... see Nigerian stamp here.

As u must back up with strong evidences or u face a trial in court

The question that's bothering me is,why the keen interest on HERDSMEN?

Breaking!! Buhari have committed genocide against Nigerian people and he must Resign -- TY Danjuma,M.Mohammed, Dogonyaro, Obasanjo

Who is expecting otherwise from this news media? Or that one commenting? Same idiots from the interviewer to the interviewee.


You don't spoke like an educated as u claims. I don't blame you, you'r an Igbo man.

They will surely bring another policy to grab land,that one will be fire for fire! Buhari,Shikena!

See this dullard, Olodo, mumu, to even think he’s someone’s father embarrassing his family really irritates me. Ask the Mumu what RUGA means, he doesn’t know, n besides was it voluntary or involuntary by the states? The mumu doesn’t know. Mad man

ayemojubar Yes

Buhari came with an agenda. Even his Fulani followers know that.

oluwaloninyo cetib

Proudly igbo. We are no nonsense people. It is nothing but a declaration of war.


Is Onovo saying that fulani's and farmers never had issues in Nigeria untill Buhari's time, SHAME . We have lost values n we think we can play politics with everything.


oluwaloninyo I like men that shoot straight and don't sugar coat shits. That's just it. He's a bigot alright.

instablog9ja lindaikeji eegbami segalink DemolaRewaju

We know. The solution is what we seem not to agree, to jointly.

Are you happy now MBuhari you will go down as the worst of all Nigerians!!!

Well spoken sir, Buhari and osibanjo should respect themselves, we are not slaves in this country.. You should have do consultations first brining up RUGA. How do you think that someone in Abia state will accept iRUGA when you have previously kill them with python dance? Insane!

I love this man. The APC apologist Channels Sunrise Daily crew invited him once and regretted it

RUGA Senatorstepdown ElishaAbboMustPay


Well, the cat is out! But again, the cat is hiding in plain view. How can over 180 million people not see at the same time, how? There goes the saying: 'You can fool some people sometimes....' But to fool all the people all the time? It's beyond me. NextLevelIsRUGA

i concur


Sharp !

DownloaderBot pls download video


Yes i think i want to agree with you cos even fulani okada riders behaviour in abuja is out of hand and even the police cant handle them why because they say they are in power hence they are untouchable and we are seeing this confirmation on daily basis it is well.

Blessings pon you..

Putting succinctly


Well said like it or not....

And the Fulani won't suffer it much

If you guys in the south are trying to stop RUGA in your region and you think its a development to you,then note, its a failure to you people. You are just doing this because the President Mbuhari is a Fulani man. Note that this is nonsense and it will create more problems.

Nigerians sadly deserve what they get. When you turn a blind eye to everything negative, you should be ready for the consequences.

Buhari was the cause even in 2009 when there were clashes in Zamfara?

I quite agree with you sir..... We have whack presidency!!!! Nigeria is doomed

Enough is said on this matter. Buhari must arrest this agenda or war will be a preferred alternative.

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Nigeria Latest News, Nigeria Headlines

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