Establishment Of Fulani Radio Confirms MBuhari's Plan To Islamize Nigeria - adeyanjudeji Rights activist, Deji Adeyanju, has criticized plans by President Muhammadu Buhari to establish a radio station for the Fulanis. FulaniRadio WATCH FULL VIDEO:

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MBuhari adeyanjudeji This will amount to using state funds to build an institution for a tribe in the country. Why must we continue to do a business (cattle-rearing) in one particular way because you are know for it? Challenges encourage people and businesses to evolve. MBuhari adeyanjudeji God will help Nigeria

MBuhari adeyanjudeji Can we first wait and see what will be the programme content of this Radio station....... before we start kicking against it...... MBuhari adeyanjudeji Una go wail una go tayaaa. Sense must capture Nigerians by force MBuhari adeyanjudeji Opening Fulani radio station is Islamizing Nigeria, not Nigerians Ok. Nigerians was already Islamized by IBB when we became a member of OIC. However, it's funny though that using SUKUK funds to build roads all over Nigeria is not Islamization. God is watching you ppl

MBuhari adeyanjudeji Why will you listen to someone that described himself as anti-government? MBuhari adeyanjudeji What’s wrong with Fulani radio again ? adeyanjudeji MBuhari This is a wake up call for all Nigerians that any leader that does not performed well should be voted out in the first tenure.

MBuhari adeyanjudeji You all must be dumb to think one man can islamize Nigeria. MBuhari adeyanjudeji Did 'Tiwa n Tiwa mi ti ti' Yorubanise Nigeria? Please let's build this nation above sentiments. What do I know? MBuhari adeyanjudeji So when a radio platform is created to educate the headsmen who have known a bad ideology on rearing animals and killing. People like deji use it for political purposes. This method is very old. It was used by the allies in to speak to the German people in WW2

Again, suspected Fulani herdsmen kill one, injure another in DeltaJustice should be served. And Punch, you folks need to work on your journalism. You didn't rise this high only to dwindle. Make them kill them back no need to complain.

MBuhari adeyanjudeji Here we go again. Islamization only a fool agree to that. MBuhari adeyanjudeji That alleged murderer who still has a pending court case in kano brought forward by PoliceNG & a disciple of the very corrupt OfficialPDPNig is No rights activist MBuhari adeyanjudeji Does it mean VP ProfOsinbajo has no voice about these FulaniRadio proposed agenda or what?

MBuhari adeyanjudeji All these are happening before swearing in.Imagine the next 4 years except God intervenes.Let God arise,let his enemies be scattered:let them also that hate him flee before him. As smoke is driven away, so drive them away:as wax melteth before the fire,so let the wicked perish...

MBuhari adeyanjudeji ...at the presence of God. As smoke is driven away, so drive them away: as wax melteth before the fire, so let the wicked perish at the presence of God.-Psalms 68:1-3 MBuhari adeyanjudeji OBJ said it and they lambasted him. MBuhari adeyanjudeji That alleged murderer who still has a pending case in court in kano brought forward by PoliceNG & a disciple of the very corrupt OfficialPDPNig is No rights activist

MBuhari adeyanjudeji Why spreading senseless nonentities through your media house? Are Yoruba radio stations​ for Christinization of Nigeria? MBuhari adeyanjudeji Stupidity never end MBuhari adeyanjudeji again!! Nigerians are ripping the result of their fingers on election day. sai Baba 4+4 BUharideens BUharists repeat after me.

Fulani herdsmen allegedly kill one farmer in Kogi - Daily Post NigeriaSuspected Fulani herdsmen have allegedly killed a 35-year-old farmer, Mr. Ariyo Aina, on his way to the farm at Ogga community, in Yagba West Council of Ko Eject them

MBuhari adeyanjudeji Nonsense! Sahara reporters are thinking way too small.Instead of focusing on the way forward for Nigerians,they are using their small minds to write false news. MBuhari adeyanjudeji Nnamdi kanu prophesied about the fulanization many lambasted him but now it is about coming to pass but I know great plans have been made. We Biafrans are alert waiting for there next move all hail Biafra all hail Nnamdi Kanu all hail our freedom fighters 30Maysitathome

MBuhari adeyanjudeji Hahahah I hope you are forced to listen to the radio station so you can be islamized. Instead of you demand for Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa radio, you are here talking trash. Abeg who radio station help?

Fulani Terrorists: Creating A National Crucible of Disaster, By Bámidélé Adémólá-OlátéjúOpinion: Fulani Terrorists: Creating A National Crucible of Disaster, By Bámidélé Adémólá-Olátéjú

Profiling the Fulani – Daily TrustA 15-minute audio recording trending the social media is making a most worrisome contribution to the rising concern that Fulani people have shot themselves into the position of the most frightful and ruthless group in the nation today. The persuasive recording captures exchanges between a Fulani leader of a kidnapping gang and another Fulani kidnapper …

15 Fulani killed in Kogi – Daily TrustAbout 15 Fulani have been reported killed in four local government areas of Kogi State. Leaders of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria in the state disclosed this at the Government House, Lokoja, yesterday during an emergency security meeting summoned by Governor Yahaya Bello.ADVERTISEMENT They said the incidents happened at Yagba West, Omala, Dekina … BS! Sounds nice Kogi State could be a wrong place for the crusader!

Southern, Middle Belt leaders criticise FG for setting up radio to reach Fulani herdsmenI wish those opposing every effort at finding solutions come up with a viable alternative solution, not just fighting every effort. Una go dey criticize and Buhari go dey Islamize Nigeria gradually. Nonsense people. Action speak louder than words . Stop criticizing an take the bull by the horns. Ndi Apali Don't we want peace? The radio affords a golden communication opportunity to counter the indoctrinatory & false propaganda and lies that are dished out to the rural community populations, who are mis informed, and easily turned to enemies of the nation. This is almost coming late

Southern And Middle Belt Leaders Reject Fulani Radio Station Funded By Federal Govt. | Sahara ReportersSouthern And Middle Belt Leaders Reject Fulani Radio Station Funded By AsoRock | Sahara Reporters Adamu Adamu, who confirmed the acquisition of the license in Abuja, said the radio service will operate on frequency of 720KHz, & will be strictly READ MORE: Very good this is to promote terriosm Funded by the FG? As if they matter... Leader my foot

Fulani radio: Buhari dragging Nigeria to political Armageddon - Group - Daily Post NigeriaAn NGO, Advocacy for Advancement of Peace and Harmony in Africa Initiative (ADAPHAI) has slammed President Muhammadu Buhari over the reported Federal Gover Why not on positive things. Daily Post Nigeria. It will only consume him and his family Government that is against radio Biafra,issue broadcasting licence to fulani herdsmen,a terrorists group that have killed thousands of innocent Nigerians. It's obvious that buhari administration have a link In those terror group that destroy life and properties in the country

Fulani Radio Station Is A Validation Of Obasanjo's Fulanization Claim, Says CAN | Sahara ReportersFulani Radio Station Is A Validation Of Obasanjo's Fulanization Claim, Says CAN | Sahara Reporters He said, “It was reported in the newspapers that the government planned to give the Miyetti Allah N100bn. The government denied it only...AsoRock READ MORE: Ifb Before nko, what do u think is behind all this killing up and down. If you like, Obi you can 0pen Yoruba Radio.

We Must All Be Fulani By Fredrick Nwabufo | Sahara ReportersWe Must All Be Fulani By FredrickNwabufo | Sahara Reporters The Fulani herder who takes his cattle on a stroll in the field is not your enemy; your enemies are those who pit you against the herder but sit in the national assembly raking in...READ MORE:

Fulani radio is route to crisis, leaders warn | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsWhile Southern and Middle Belt Leaders Forum caution FG not to set up a radio station for Fulani herdsmen because it would precipitate a crisis in the country, Atiku wants Lai Mohammed arrested for plots to link him and PDP leaders with killings. ICYMI The FG seems to have a propensity for announcing outlandish schemes! Funding a radio for herdsmen...what about for fishermen? Then farmers? Then traders and finally one for militants. There must be a huge mental block in the factory churning out these absurdities

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