You Must Not Support Peter Obi, Unless You Are Saboteurs=Ex-Imo Governor, Ihedioha Tells Stakeholders | Sahara Reporters

27/09/2022 4:08:00 PM

You Must Not Support Peter Obi, Unless You Are Saboteurs — Ex-Imo Governor, Ihedioha Tells Stakeholders | Sahara Reporters

You Must Not Support Peter Obi, Unless You Are Saboteurs — Ex-Imo Governor, Ihedioha Tells Stakeholders | Sahara Reporters

Former Imo State Governor and former Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, Emeka Ihedioha, has warned his kinsmen and supporters that anyone working for the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, is a saboteur. The Supreme Court-sacked governor stated this in a video seen by SaharaReporters on Tuesday, while instructing his kinsmen about the 'dangers' of voting for Peter Obi in the general election. Ihedioha was overheard telling his listeners that Igbos projecting the Labour Party Presidential candidate were taking a risk of their lives.

The Supreme Court-sacked governor stated this in a video seen by SaharaReporters on Tuesday, while instructing his kinsmen about the"dangers" of voting for Peter Obi in the general election.APC Council: Why we dropped Yemi Osinbajo, Boss Mustapha from Bola Tinubu’s Campaign “Of course, the people must own the process, the people will fund the process because they say he who pays the piper dictates the tune.following a corruption allegation recently leveled against him.Congress, APC, among other political parties in Enugu State.

Former Imo State Governor and former Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives, Emeka Ihedioha, has warned his kinsmen and supporters that anyone working for the Labour Party presidential candidate, Peter Obi, is a saboteur.The Supreme Court-sacked governor stated this in a video seen by SaharaReporters on Tuesday, while instructing his kinsmen about the"dangers" of voting for Peter Obi in the general election.“People are contributing money, N1,000, N10,000 and so on to carry out rallies for themselves.Ihedioha was overheard telling his listeners that Igbos projecting the Labour Party Presidential candidate were taking a risk of their lives.Subsequently, Namo, on September 21, declared his support for the Labour Party, claiming that he had been received into the party.He claimed that there were only two recognised political parties in Nigeria, the All Progressives Congress, APC and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP.And of course, you know that the Labour Party is a party for the poor, the artisans, students, market women, the downtrodden, civil servants, hewers of wood and fetches of water and the ordinary man in the street."Nigeria is in search for leadership; we cannot stay away; I understand the ethics, It is either we get involved or we are not involved.He, however, said he turned them down having resolved to support the governorship aspiration of the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Dr.

There are two parties; the PDP and APC.By the time campaigns start, you will see people campaigning for the party.Our members here in Nasarawa state are known as peaceful people because we do not like trouble.Those who don't know should know.APC is the name of criminals, rogues among other names.The people are mobilising themselves, they print the logo of the party themselves, they print campaign materials from their pockets and they are driving the process of the campaign by themselves and that is what we are seeing.If you vote any other place, you are a saboteur.Related Topics:."After Atiku Abubakar the next president will come from South East of Nigeria.Citing the importance of leadership and integrity, Prof Nnaji said he would never join those working the opposite direction from their collective agreement, saying the letters of the MoU prepared by the Nkanu East Leaders Consultative Forum, a body which he led ahead of the primaries, and signed by the gubernatorial aspirants of the PDP in the state was binding on them and should serve as their conscience.

That is the gospel in Accra (Ghana) if you somebody tells you any another thing; that person must win in Zamfara, Sokoto, Kebbi, Borno, Yobe, Adamawa, Kaduna, Kano, Katsina, Niger, Kwara, Plateau Benue, Jigawa, and among other Northern states before you can be a president of Nigeria.Emotions and sentiment don't win elections; you must be realistic to win elections.You must plan to win elections and that is where I belong." Topics.

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So dat u can become a minister once AtikuOkowa wins my brother shame on u. With Obidatti023 we don't knw our minister nd no rotation of thieves. U guys are old nd notin to offer. You can only be a saboteur without your PVC. Kindly get your PVC and always have if at hand. Ask Ike Who's ex Imo governor? Find better and more suitable word than ex pls

The problem of the igbos is his very igbo brother. This is why they're not respected in terms of political Power. No hausa or Northern will castigate his own northern. They fight only in secret and act as brothers in public. My children will not be slave to emeka ihedioha children after me been a slave to him. Hug nearest transformer emeka

He can't say a thing like that...... This man make ona watch am problem go hit am just na He’s a useless man. Deep inside of you you know the truth and where to turn to this time of our Nation's democratic life but, selfishness, absolute greed and lack of respect ypurselves, even your own, has cause many like you to play down the need for a better Nigeria. History will ask you all.

Because you want to perpetuate the rot you and your collaborators has established in governance that's why you are advising people not to vote for PO who is determined to revolutionize the system. To hell with you and your advice. You've lost your relevance. Sorry.

Julius Abure: Labour Party didn’t contribute to pro-Peter Obi mass rallies across NigeriaThe National Chairman of Labour Party (LP), Julius Abure, has cleared the air on rallies held in parts of the country in support of the party’s presidential flag bearer, Peter Obi.

Ogbonna WHO SOLD NIGERIA TO THE BRITISH FOR £865K IN 1899? Know the secret behind NI-GI-RIA This man is an EFUREFU ONE of Igbo Land Anu mpama. No wonder Hopeless Uzodinjo took your Mandate away from wicked Emeka Ihedioha. Emeka Ihedioha, your the real saboteur in Mbaise. You can never smell the seat of Governor in your life. Vote 4 Peter Obi Presidency

Swore you lie too much. God and read vanguard newspaper of today to reset your brain. The respect I have for you is hereby withdrawn from today. Rubbish. This same clown that could not defend the mandate given to him by Imolites He was correct. All of us shall vote Peter Obi because we are all saboteurs to looters

I wanted to say something oh, but your nose stop me That was the fool that sold his governorship to fourth position ihedioha indeed. Dear Emeka Ihedioha, Hear me clearly: I will never vote for u again. My reason for this is that u will not be able to protect/ defend ur mandate as usual. U r not smart enough. Politics is for smart and intelligent people. Continue talking to impress Atiku. Shame!

Labour Party rejects suspended YPP Chairman over alleged corruptionThe Labour Party, LP, in Nasarawa State says it would not accept the suspended State Chairman of the Young Progressives Party, Bishop Namo, into its fold Better they should reject any Satan coming in

This man hmm. And ex governor you shall remain. You couldn’t protect the mandate imolites gave you. You are calling great Nigerian youths saboteurs. You political career has ended. Just keep enjoying your retirement benefits. This man called Ihediaha don't know anything at .all. Because of his own interest he is supporting Atiku and he wants every other person to follow him

Guys,please cut some slack for Ihedioha. He will always be Atiku's boy. It was Atiku that made him. Like the typical selfish Nigerian politician he does not mind selling his people for 30 pieces of silver. Now I know why the FULANIs did what they did to him at IMO State. Very typical of people from imo states

What exactly do you expect from a fool that his right was falsely taken from him and he couldn't fo anything until now He doesn't really know what he is doing Confused man Ewu Hausa But wetin Igbo do Igbo?🤦‍♂️🤔 No wonder APC collected power You..Ewu

Why I rejected Labour Party, APC guber tickets - Ex-minister, NnajiA former Minister of Power, Prof Barth Nnaji has disclosed that he rejected a governorship ticket offered to him by the Labour Party, the All Progressives We don't need you sir, because you are not qualified to be in labour party You are not God to say you rejected you are one of the people that is destroying this country It's suppose to be this way 'why he chose failure over success' case closed 🔐

Animal talk don start again 😂 We know you as saboteur Mr. Ihedioha go to hell The governor is sick. And I don't blame him Why would say what he like, during his days as youth he enjoyed free education, etc and na he saying this am surprised at all after all if Obi comes in now as president there will be no room for theivies like them.

With this u hv buried ur political future. PeterObi doyinokupe GRVlagos Find learned intelligent visionary leader for Imo state to partner with Federal when PO wins. Let's change face of bad leadership in South East. Imo people send these evil politicians back to he!!. I sincerely apologise to hope uzodinjo... This man deserve that supreme court judgement. Anu mpama

The reason God allowed the supreme court to remove you. This man did not call Peter obi name, anybody who did not vote pdp is a saboteurs because apc is died, and will has only two in Nigeria apc and pdp, so what brings Peter obi on this video See his face like alatenuje No wonder you were removed as the governor of imo state. Be rest assured, for this singular statement of yours, more failures are coming your way. Selfish bigot

Gunmen Masquerading As Biafra Separatists Again Attack Labour Party Members During Meeting In Enugu | Sahara ReportersGunmen wielding AK-47 rifles believed to be political thugs have again attacked a Labour Party meeting in Enugu State. The attack, SaharaReporters gathered happened at Nomeh Primary School Station in the Nkanu East Local Government Area of the state on Saturday. SaharaReporters earlier reported that masked gunmen attacked Labour Party meetings in Aninri and Awgu local government areas. If to say this shit happen for Lagos, those children of hate go Don dey shout tinubu name say them dey attack igbos Gunmen masquerading as Nigerian government separatists killing biafran bot the Reporters and others they all enemies of biafra. Funny media.

Obidients should be at home with this likes. Whether they Igbo, Hausa or Yoruba..they are just the same people who have messed up with this country..their empire is more important to them than the rest of us all. We never expected they'd endorse this movt. So? Typical selfish Igbo Politician... Most Igbo politicians are selfish! I expected more from you, that was why you were sacked by the supreme court.

You no get sense, Ihedioha! When U are the Sabo here I was wt yu wen supreme Court did u dt thing but now with this B.S u just vomitted, you are just one of them las las Shame on One NIGERIANISTS Supreme court have inner eyes I dont know this man is so Usel*ss like this EmekaIhedioha When election is close the real face show

And the funniest thing is that then Obi was at Abuja risks his life under sun;protested about his illegal removal from office. This life no balance at all.

Ohanaeze speaks on disruption of Labour Party meetings in South-eastThe apex Igbo socio-cultural organisation, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, has condemned the alleged disruption of a meeting of members of Labour Party (LP) in Enugu State.

Shameless and greedy man.. We must not support obi for his own selfish interests, you do well You are nothing but onye nzuzu And Abia go still vote this thing fa Come and win again let's see... Onye ara EmekaIhedioha So you prefare to play party politics to electing competency in to power? So you prefare Atiku to Obi? Not because of tribe or ethnic, speak truth to power. I wish you all the best sir.

I know this man never meant well for Nigerians and was surprised when he became elected Governor of IMO state. With this position he will never smell that position going forward. So that they can be embezzling money, criminal Old self centered politicians.Why do you folks always think of your pockets and damn the progress of the nation.Some elderly folks from the SE really surprise me. 4 the first time one of you is gaining wide support across the country and some of you the kinsmen are uncomfortable?

The man na mumu man, him go soon weep again bcos Hope d supreme court guy, go still wipe am another cord ...if he can loosely spew Rubbish like dis instead of minding his business over marketing his Principal. Him sabi all these ones , na eim him no fit hold down small seat?

Labour Party Not New, Won Elections in Ondo, Other States, Says Aspirant – THISDAYLIVE

IPOB r certainly saboteurs. What wicked politician we have, so he is part of what hope uzodinma is doing in imo, You can see it yourself, as the have sokoto califet the are the eastern califet, The don't know there time is up, the youths has wochen up. But then is Biafra or diet. U re the biggest saboteur in Igboland. For this u have done, u will be punished. U will never be governor in Imo State

Do not support PO period!!!! You must make sure you don't come out to contest for Governorship of Imo state again, unless you are saboteur Speaking for his pocket Corrupt cabals They are all the same. On Biafra we stand. i will vote and support peter obi Emeka Ihedioha is the saboteur in SE. He has just ruined & buried his political career. Hope Uzodinjo is better than Ihedioha, at least, Hope fought & disgraced the useless Okorocha to a standstill. Ihedioha couldn't have done that. IT'S PETER OBI OR NO DEAL

Am disappointed in Ihedioha's comment, nevertheless we will pitch our tents with Martin Agbaso Ihedioha is an enemy of progress. These are the people that destroyed Nigeria your end in politics has come Finally this is the end of his political career The truth is that ihedioha never win IMO governorship election in 2019 In three local government of his area, Inec award him 135.000 votes While In 24 local government he made 140.000 votes No be wayo be that ?

This one is just talking out of frustration. Sorry for you cuz you have failed _screenshoter light Ihedioha is the real devil, we have no business with party but credibility. Obi is our own brother and he is the best this campaign of betrayal must stop. That's how you also will never be supported to win back the governorship of Imo state . You are not fit to rule Imo state .

Who is truly the Saboteur? Onye aghala nwanneya ! matthiannaji Ihedioha is a businessman with Showroom business. They don promise u governorship position wey u no go still win again,ode

You are a total disappointment This 1 don mumu like ffk? E be like say hope get sense pass dem oooo The way some of you are reacting to this mans statement is as if at the end of the day Obi ends up loosing he is the one that cause it . You should get focused for those of you that wants Obi to win and leave this mans statement alone stop getting distracted by such headlines

Oga, a vote for Peter OBI is not on tribalistic grounds. We vote for competence. You're the real saboteur here, Obi campaigned for you and now you're campaigning against him. If you don't want to support his presidential ambitions then market your candidate and leave Obi alone, else wait for what is coming because you can't withstand it. EmekaIhedioha

No wonder they took the Governor from you and give it the supreme court Governor. buhari said after his presidency is the igbos. Where is that promise today? People like Okorocha were fooled into believing buhari. Now, here is another fool promise from Atiku. This statement will affect ur carrier in imo state just watch and see green Barrett man that couldn’t protect his seat as a governor and was taken by Supreme Court is here condemning PO partisan politics has really dealt with Naija and it makes them blind to see the better future

Mad man It's only God that can deliver you

Ihedioha, ara gbapu gi that stupid mouth, idiot. Mugu oya come win imo state make we see who get this state 2024 mugu Judas will always betray his brother,master ,friend or even parents . Emeka ihedioha and people like him in Igbo land are Judas but don't worry they will end up like Judas What do you expect from a servant ? He will always do what his master want him to do. Emeka Ihedioha is a slave to Hausa Fulani,so don't blame the slave boy

It's natural that he supports his party nah... This one too nah news? You fail this time The Supreme Court's verdict against Ihedioha has been validated by himself. I know that the Supreme Court rarely makes a mistake. See efulefu Seems he wants to lose election again! I'm gladly Obi-dient, but still rooting for Ihedioha for Imo seat! He should advise himself oo! This kind of gibberish will definitely hurt his ambition! Peter Obi is that wind of change that brings down any obstacle in it's way!

Just unfollowed him. No time for yeye and selfish talk.

Handicap and cowardliness of this same man left Imo State in the mess they're into now. You're just a disgrace . Pls keep quiet Put Nigeria first, not party, religion, or ethnicity. Get your PVC! Be at the polling station. Cast a VOTE. Let's take this beyond social media. This is the right time! Vote PETER OBI/DATTI (Labour Party) for President 2023. PeterObiForPresident

This one don tey wey him be mumu. Ever since they took his seat and gave it to Uzodinma, he has been looking for a way to join the looters to steal funds. God, the owner of power, saw through him and took away power from him. Yes, I am sabo He is a looser ,.. he has failed before, he will fail again EmekaIhedioha you are mumu man that's why you can't hold your sit 🪑 You were there someone from bottom election come snatch your sit. Are you not a mumu man?

Man you have end your political career And what do you want him to say? If you expect any transactional politician who still see themselves as potential minister or govnor/senator or President from Igbo land to support Obi..then you are very naive To support the man who they see as existential threat🤷‍♂️

He should forget about his governorship ambition . He will lose the sympathy he had

You have lost alm the respect i ever had for you He is the real saboteur. He just lost his chances of becoming imostate governor... Emeka ihedioha, I am very happy that hope stole or took away ur mandate but I want to remind u that u have only one vote, that's the beauty of democracy. We are waiting for u and ur People's dollar party on election day. Atiku will shed tears

Mumu man E go shock the old I happy he lost his mandate or rather it was taken from him like a small boy😂😂. This man must ban from igbos land because he is a traitor he can sales his family because of power hungry Stupid igbos man that why some states hate igbos ex leaders they are fools they can sales their families or brother for money. This igbos man must ban him from igbos land because he is a traitor

From your news and the headline you see how you all lie to attract people to read and fight. IHEDIOHA is so shameless. A coward, Atiku is your Fulani master. Because of your cowardice, lmo state is grave yard for her youths in the hands of your masters! So this man mumu like this....

If you you don't vote for Peter Obi you have betrayed the destiny of Nigeria How much they pay, Oga? Posterity will judge you o. I hope you can say amen. That is why he was disgraced out of the office. Otimpku That’s why they collect power from you because you lack sense Your misfortune is nearer Emeka. Don't fight Peter Obi even in your dreams. Ask your predecessors

Emeka is a foolish man. Don't worry. Come and lead Ṅdị Imo They all need ministering offices and Obi will not give them. You lie See as you carry your mouth killed your political career... EmekaIhedioha We are proudly Igbos and we are proud to be called 'saboteurs'. God was right to allow a fraudulent man steal the mandate which your Imo people willingly gave to you. 2023, you and your hopeless gang of S/east traitors must be retired by the same Igbos you spite.

U wonna be governor that all.... You are not a threat in any way Whoever is contesting under LP will win Imo State governorship, we will tech you a lesson We Imolites reject Ihedioha. Tell him ihediotu that he'll never smell any sit in ala Igbo again Politicians are always a threat to each other in public but they've their secrete place where they do things in common don't listen to them because they're friends.

Ụsụ enwerọ ọnụ Very uncouth, this man, with his small cap. He should be cautioned to desist from such inflammatory remarks. Ihedioha is a useless man, so don't let him mislead you. An opportunity that should be given to a sensible man was given to him but he misused it. use and dumped governor. Now we know why supreme court bundle him out of office

Supreme court was right after all He is a shameful man We all know why the old politicians are unsettled with Peter Obi’s popularity with Nigerians. The looting of our treasury is about to be blocked. Mass retirement for most of them is imminent. Public stealing is regarded as a crime against humanity in every serious nation but Nigerians have normalized it. Why is that Nigerians don't ask their public & civil servants living above their salaries & allowances the source of their lavish lifestyles & high spending? Irony.

Those who took your crown and gave it to a distant third, are the real saboteurs. If you don't know, now you know. Lol. So this man you haven't learnt a lesson since then? Now that's a red flag...for me at least. I see why u were chased out of power - U lacked spine Sorry ex-governor That's the reason why he lost imo state useless minds

He was never a governor

EmekaIhedioha you said this? All in the name of politics Look at this mumu that wept in his office when tanko and his brothers fired him. You will never enter imo govt house again. Not next year, not ever. It is now that I understand why they have to kick him off the seat...He's a greater evil than hope ...they chose the better among the two dangerously bad option. hope is evil but dis one is greater evil in fact an abomination...useless slaves

Ahh!! They have finally forced you to talk, and behold you have said rubbish Guys make una no dey worry yourselves. He can say that in a room of 50 loyalists so he remains relevant for his upcoming run as PDP candidate in the next election. He needs a bite of Atikus Dubai Dollars and another shot at being Governor. This is his way.

Who give am Ex governor. Someone that was chased out of office they didn't even allow him collect ordinary phone charger. Man just killed his political career in the state All these ones would be retired in 2023 He is a mad man

If the indigenous of imostate are not fools this people would resign 2024 .... This man might be worse than Govhopeuzodinma ekuke Chai. Igbos don suffer, Igbos don suffer. I feel very tired, emotional and teary now. Who on earth did we offend! God why!!! This only competent candidate from our region there's enjoying this national acceptance, that's who this terrible man dey put mouth for. No wahala

No wonder he lost his mandate at the Supreme court because he has no sense. So the lawyers that represented him got contaminated with his senselessness. Before I thought this man is gentle, now I see why supreme court sacked him despite coming 1st. Look at onye eriri eri that can not even talk since he collected his share as Essua of Imo state and handover his birthright to make his state a hopeless state. So you can talk nih? I said it before! No wonder Dr. Sir Warriors make d a parable of the snake and some Imo entities.

Hope and his blood sucking ebubeau is the problem of Imo Ihedioha should wait for us! Someone that couldn't defend his mandate successfully, is the one denigrating my incoming president? God will shame all the enemies of progress in Nigeria. Mumu man, no wonder they took the power from you.

EmekaIhedioha that couldn't fight when his mandate was stolen by Apc is now talking. Small nyash dey shake Nuisance Mr. Ihedioha, you are finished as long as OBI-dients are concerned.... 🤫 Let our campaign be on issue base please… vote in someone capable doing the work .. Hope , Emeka or anyone else who is or can do better for the state

See his wide nose .. Onyeri Razurazu. Ngwogwo madu Look at him. Who's the saboteur? This language is inflammatory. ALDidy3 EmekaIhedioha an end to an era. Your ambition has actually died and you're the clueless one. See person wry we wan manage. Well we will retire both you and Hopeless Uzọadaghimma come 2023.

The fruits of a tree cannot be hardly known by it farmer. Since Obi's charity did not begin at home, how can he be trusted with the affairs of this great nation? He will fail I dey surprise the way Igbo advertise their hatred for each other in public, especially in the aspect of politics.

Coming from someone who's mandate was stolen from him- Fool Irrespective of the fact that no reasonable Southerner should support any candidate other than PO. EmekaIhedioha didn't mention PO rather he encouraged his party members to vote for their candidate but he should know that the 2 major parties are LP and APC. He shouldn't forget

Dem be internationalgboys This man, support something reasonable, these people you are romancing will put you to shame, be careful. No wonder you didn't last on that seat, see who we dey sorry for What hurts more than a breakup💔 is when Tinubu of APC Presidential candidate or Atiku of PDP Presidential candidate is being elected as next Nigerian President come February 2023

Emeka Ihedioha you are a big disgrace... pikaso_me screen shot this Dear EmekaIhedioha , we voted for you in 2019 and have always supported you even when the Supreme Court Governor and Abuja unlawfully ousted you. This statement clearly shows you're the real saboteur in Imo state and as such you have LOST our votes. SayNoToIhedioha 👎

These are charlatans

Someone that Atiku abandoned during the court case, but PO was there for him. 2024 go clear for his eye, Hope would deal with him... Let not your heart be troubled, he was only saying his own opinion which may not hold water. Just trust God and watch HIM do what pleases HIM in Nigeria. NetzaqX EmekaIhedioha if you actually said this, then kiss your ambition goodbye. Imolites will not vote a saboteur and that will be you. You have made this election easy for Hope at last.

That is the reason you said you were rubbed by Gov Ozodima. Betrayal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get out!! What do you expect from the mouth of a thief that’s on hang?😂😂 😂😂😂😂😂 You have lost election No wonder a man like him robbed him of his electoral position in broad day light and he didn't say peem. Enemy of Progress.

I be dey think this one get sense.

They are all interested in their pockets Talking to his PDP members This ihedioha is a saboteur himself Politics is a game of interest This news paper deserves to be unfollower. Do have issues with Obi It will choke u to death o U have completely destroyed ur ambition. Now am voting for the supreme court governor

These politicians will never rate us unless we take a stand ✊ That's why an mbaise Man can not be Governor in Imo State because of their conduct I believe he is not into Governorship race anymore, if so he is already failed Ihere megbuo unu

Useless man that's why your fellow man push you out of office mugu Saboteurs of what? You’re telling informed 🇳🇬 ns in 2022 who to not vote for? Wake-up n smell the coffee! Fela Kuti - Mr. Follow Follow via YouTube Why are some Igbo people are so for Christ sake? I don't belong to any group apart from genuine body of Christ. It's mind blowing over this kind of ridiculous statement from Mr Ihediohe who couldn't fight for his stolen mandate from Mr Uzodinma. Jealousy people allover. So bad!

The reason why you are booted out of government house . Mumu man ewu mbaise Sowore, rest in Jesus name. Emeka you are a mugu Dave said this before going to collect APC P. Ticked, Ekweremadu said same to pls Atiku, am sure you know the stories of these events, if this is your strategy to get imo from Hope you may be going the wrong lane

We are not IPOB again, we are saboteurs…😅 JEALOUSY. WIKE SAID HE'S AN INGRATE. NOW I KNOW BETTER

factfactos Emeka Ihedioha is an EFULEFU and Hausa/FULANI slave. Ihedioha is about to bring the wrath of God on himself. Fr. Mbaka, Ike Ekweremadu, Tinubu et al on my mind Ihedioha kmows Obi's emergence as the president ll mark d end of an era they so much luv. An era filled with corruption, incompetence and impunity they so much treasure He knows where this leads.

See person wey we dey pity ! He has finished his political career with these comments What's with this man? I respected you so much, please keep this advice to yourself. Last time I check Ihedioha is not in labor party so are you expecting him to tell you to vote for Peter Obi But I assume he behave like Umahi nd Ortom.

This man just shot himself in the foot. He simply can't read the handwriting on the wall. Don't bother coming to run again for 2023 election because we are giving it to LP we taught u were sensible not knowing u are a coward Hope he's an IPOB too

When Ibos were calling hope all kinds of names little did they know that hope's attitude is child's play compared to all these ibo selfish self centered politicians. Am glad it's happening this way so that it's all clear for all to see. More revelations to come You guys should stop disturbing yourselves. I am from Imo state, we are well learned. Most of those seating there will only allow him to speak. He can influence nothing.

This is the kind of statement you expect from people that make their stomach their god MoTriumph007 Lol is like Green cap man wants to enter political oblivion 🤣😂🤣 This one wants to end his political career. Tufiakwa. Imolites we must ensure neither Hopeless nor Ihedioha gets power in 2023. Ihedioha is Chimaroke waiting to happen to Imolites. These people care only about themselves. We must ensure we bring in competent hands come 2023.

You are the saboture against Igbo and nobody should listen to this idiot foolish man that was a governor another person removed him from the seat , can come here and talk rubbish , for your information we the youth are with OBI and there nothing your criminal in PDP can do Henceforth, we've seen a Valid reason why you shouldn't be allowed to smell Imo State Government House seat. you're a shame to your kinsmen.

Except i see the video of Ihedioha saying this, I don't believe he said it

Let him go to Mbaise and make that comment. Imagine the baldfaced looser. A very bad looser. Ewu efulefu that's why you are where you are See talk,some people are born good while some are born to be evil doer. the man is speaking for himself. he is yet to see the tsunami that is coming. Ok ooo Supreme Court sacked Governor. We have heard. Mr mugu.

I used to think this man is smart, but I think I am mistaken. He failed to learn from what APC did to him, I really pity him. No wonder you were deposed. Now I regret supporting you as my governor. Talking like who the Aunt over fed around nonsense

No wonder Hope Uzodidiot used you like crayfish. See his nose like tunnel. He's digging his political grave... EmekaIhedioha if truly he said nobody knows PeterObi 's labour party, then he just made himself any enemy of positive change. He has shown that he is part of the gullibles scrambling for pcs of broken bread frm the fed table. He is part of reason igbos have been marginalized.

Tell us why you call people saboteurs,or b/c he didn't allow corruptions in his pass government atleast he saved some money for the incoming governor that took over after him,We learnt he did some lasting proje,you are the real thives,what have you to help people in your state Where is the video at ? Saboteur? Ki lo de!

I doubt he said this. Sowore reporters are like that. But if he said this, he is just going to end up making people not to vote for him again This useless wimp that was removed like nobody . Keep quiet . Ewu Who be this one? Game less politician EmekaIhedioha

Na why court commot u as governor We like it like that is better let all the politicians in south east stand against PO we didn’t want to see any red cap in Aso Rock for visit in the name of i supported you no one should disturb PO at office. Mind your state and leave national . Just keep quiet and shut up Emeka Ihedioha. PO has exposed all of you across the country that your ambitions are selfish and wicked and not to serve. Just shut up.

Let him go to Owerri without bodyguard and repeat the statement, then I'd believe It's seems this man just messed up. God started punishing you before this time and you have not learnt anything Fake news Ewu, your are already a failure Case Emeka bu ofe nkupu! He should ask Ekweremadu, Keyamo and the other’s

You're a failure

See this one... Curses fall on this fool!!! Mad man! Okay 👎🏽 He actually said any Igbo who does not support the PDP is a saboteur Shebi you want to govern Imo State 😂😂😂😂😂😂. Obedients come and see oooo God bless you sir👏 asiwaju is okay for everyone This one really want Hope Uzomdima to continue as Supreme governor after 2023 elections

Ndi IMO it’s like we will brush this man aside with his brother uzodinma.