Maj.Gen Muhammadu Buhari (Retd.)

Maj.Gen Muhammadu Buhari (Retd.)

You can’t succeed above your educational qualification –Buhari - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

7/30/2021 9:39:00 AM

You can’t succeed above your educational qualification –Buhari - Punch Newspapers

The most widely read newspaper in Nigeria

30 July 2021The President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) says a person can’t succeed outside his personal educational qualification, adding that anybody who misses education has missed everything.Buhari also stated that Nigerian parents are making sacrifices to ensure that their children get educated.

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The President said this during a panel discussion on Thursday at the Global Education Summit in London.Special Adviser to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina, revealed this in a statement titled, ‘Nigerians Acutely Aware of Priority of Education, President Buhari Tells Global Education Summit’.

Buhari said the size and population of Nigeria are challenges for any administration, but despite this, the government and people realise that education is the starting point for success.He added that no Nigerian parent jokes with education, as they know that if their children or wards missed the opportunity of being educated, they have missed a lot.

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Hmm Baba eleriibu What have we done in this country? Completely absent of leadership... Look at how prices are shooting up and nobody care. God please rescue Nigeria from these leaders. Na. Buhari can’t say this. Obviously, he is talking from experience. They should ask him if he succeed with education! All those Alhaji and Alhaja in various markets doing remarkably well in their business did that bec of education? Mr President won't seize to amaze!

Main reason why Nigeria is in this precarious state. But last I checked YOU SUCCEEDED.. Says someone who can hardly produce his high school certificate This man has no business been the president of Nigeria bco his qualification is cows rearing Now we know why he failed as a president

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A primary six holder for that matter You have spoken, and you are not far from it. 🤣🤣🤣 Nigerians, here you have it from the horse's mouth. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 coming from an uneducated person fa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 That is why Nigeria is we’re it is . The poverty capital of the world 😄😄😄😄 No wonder our economy and security is at WAEC level...You are so right PMB!

Mumu wey no get O level dey talk nonsense That's if you're not Igbo. Apprenticeship of the Igbos supersedes the lame arguments. Meanwhile, we never see your school cert oooh. Motivational quotes?

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Na wash! Scare Crow ti japa..oo Akord Generators We buy used diesel generators You succeeded without tendering your WAEC Certificate Hmm is he talking bout himself? You we're no get prim sch cert and u become president Na Juju u use abi😑😑Beautiful nonsense Yes I agree with him. As we can see Exactly Sir is he not a reflection of his statement.

Truth! That is why Nigeria is not succeeding because those who rule us lack quality education including the president. Economy is not succeeding because the handlers are failures. What a country?

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But Bàbá struggled to provide his WAEC result. Or, is Baba justifying the reason for our bane? No wonder 🤦‍♂️ Na script baba dey read,am sure soon u ll forgot what u said Liar Empty brain….start by asking yourself if you actually succeed above your own qualification or maybe you succeed because those who voted for you were actually lied to?

We still dey find your certificate Bubu Experience is the best teacher mister president is saying the truth about him self and those he belongs . does not mean ethnic group . just school of thought 👌 Nkita chiwawa! Says the guy with a newspaper certificate. What an irony Says someone with school cert or NEPA certificate. No be me talk am oooo na so I hear dem.

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You must be kidding me, Buhari said that? No wonder Nigeria is going reverse Did he say that? No! I don’t believe he did… This is self-mutilation. No comment I swear Hahahahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂 I don die ooo baba I no blame you na the person who wrote it for you you said it all sir 🥴 What an irony... Oh Nigeria my country 🤣🤣

Lol This man

Buhari hails judgement, justices divided as Supreme Court affirms Akeredolu’s victory - Punch NewspapersThe most widely read newspaper in Nigeria Retweet Aggressively if you agree with me that SAMMIE is Multi-talented. FOLLOW SAMMIE OFFICIAL PAGE sammielord_ BBNaijaSeason6 SArmy Samaritans BBNaija They are all losers 🙄

The reason he has been a failure in everything except killing & terrorism being the only thing that can be done successfully without education. Please what is his educational qualifications Deffered Annuity retirement plan. At age 39 Mr A deposits as single premium 1,000,000. 10 years guaranteed period. At 65 yrs, he gets 2,513,714 as Annual salary for life. until the person grow old & die. Upon death he gets 12,568,570 as death benefit. Minimum deposit is 1m + Dm

Coming from him and seeing how the country has been managed so far, I totally understand this comment. Says a president without certificate 🤨 A very Inappropriate statement And u ended up becoming Nigerian president that ur educational qualification was nowhere near the minimum required qualification You are the only that did succeed above your academic qualifications because of nepotism.

Buhari is doing what he does best “DECEIVE”. He is deceiving the world about education. Jihadi Buhari does not believe in education, he is an avowed enemy of education but wants to appear reasonable. Education is counter cultural to Hausa/Fulani medieval mind set & heritage. Buhari handlers are just making jest of him, how could they write such script for him? To score own goal?

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I don't understand this pls Says NEPA certificate holder sitting as a president of over 150Million people. 😶‍🌫️😤 Wetn come be baba qualification wey him wan scatter Nigeria 🇳🇬? Those ones with qualifications,make them engaged first .. You have failed us Shame on you sir God punish this man No wonder the country is like this

Did buhari has qualifications My president is absolutely right on this one. Yeah. You're a clear example of that No wonder we are like this. He does not even have educational qualification. Buhari why insult yourself like this?

Suicidal statement lifeofjorjy Why did you realize this sooooo late? 😕 Wao. For the first time, Buhari has said the truth. No wonder he is behaving like a primary school certificate holder because we can't even find his WAEC result. Hmmmm, no wonder this man no get sense. But you can't be a leader of barinless attitude buhari🖕🖕

Shea na wetin baba go learn for where he go be this No wonder .. the first Truth we heard in a long time Na you sabi. I don't have a degree yet as I'm an undergraduate. But I'm succeeding in business without the degree. But he has succeeded therefore you too can succeed Man be convinced he's a professional failure

Wow! Truth told in the best language ever by the best candidate ever! Show your WAEC Sir!

Useless man, but u became a president with Nepa bill Stupid talk My mind is settled now boss... thank God you know boss. Exactly why we are where we are! The irony I've already succeeded baba 1st I made N270k in my affiliate marketing online business on Twitter despite your ban Then I unbanned myself, I now tweet without VPN in Nigeria You can check my pinned tweet for directions sha

Then how did you that doesn't have primary school result becomes president? Now we know why the only thing you know is due to ur educational level , and those things are killings , maiming , suffering and divisions . Cruise man 😂

'no money to fund education' - Buhari (months ago) If Abba Kyari is a southerner, by now, he would have been escorted out of the police force through the next exit. One Nigeria is a big scam We don't need one Nigeria We need referendum This clearly explains your abysmal performance so far. He's Right To Some Extent.. He's A Perfect Example...

You see why we were where we were?😀 Says the man with NEPA certificate! Enjoy jare And we have professors rigging elections for people with questionable SSCE ? Is that success or failure? Nonsense you didn’t even finish secondary school, I don’t know how you manage to become the president of the zoo A big truth from the big lie himself

That is why Nigeria is not currently successful

Buhari is indirectly telling you not to blame his incompetence on governance. We all know why. You are absolutely right, you can not give what you don't have. 😁😁😁😁 master in failure. You can't also give what you don't have Nice punch lines tho😁 Good afternoon sir!🤓 Kindly dm LosBuenosMWears For your quality foot wears such as slide,sneakers,Italian shoes & pam Frames are 15k 16k 18k & 20k Payment on delivery within lagos We deliver nationwide

No wonder Nigeria is sinking because the presider can't succeed beyond his educational qualification chai Buhari wey talk their is no work in the fed govt , state govt and local govt , you might go to school and not even get a Job (Jab In buhari tone ) na him Dey talk about Education 😂.... Like say he get any education qualification. 👿

And PMB succeded pass NEPA bill.... E Pele ooo, eyin ololufe NEPA bill certificate president. Ati eyin ati PMB e ti yaa were papo. No wonder you can't perform. There is no clear proof that you passed school certificate exams. So you can't manage a country of intellectuals.

Wrong! That’s why you are not succeeding, the presidency is above you or your qualifications. Resign honorably and save many souls. When they discarded free education even in government schools .. I was like 😲 I wonder why we are where we are today. Baba no pass WAEC, how do we expect him to run a country?

I love your sincerity Bubu, and people are expecting someone with your level of education to do wonders. You have said it all sir! You know how you forged your school certificate See confession 😚😚 Any wonder why we are where we are today? If you permits Hmmmmmmm... The man has spoken the gospel truth.. My worry is why is he the president..

You have said it all Buhari. No wonder you have been a disaster.. My pain is osibanjo who happens to be a prof and by associating himself with you, he has become dumb too. What Buhari can not destroy does not exist. Abeg follow me on Twitter

Exactly why Nigeria is tumbling backwards into the abyss,we have a Malu as pointman. u can... But you become Nigeria president with wetin you get..... The person wey talk am no get WAEC result o… So u knew this and u still contested? Are u normal? Omo If so! Then you shouldn't ever hold a office or any position of power in the nation. Because you are not Qualified Educationally and Mentally!

See president Coming from someone who has none. Ahahahah. Says a dolo who can’t even produce a primary 6 leaving certificate. Ozuo

No wonder! 🤔 That's why he never has interest in the growth of National Education, growth of infant industries that would boost internal trade and national economy or improved health system and electricity, road and transportation? Zero! Security: Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho are key persons Person wey no go school don tuk

I just don’t understand why Mr President is always talking backwards. Our MUMU still never do…. What a truthful statement! 🤣😅 Coming from a waec holder🤣🤣🤣🤣😳 Oh the irony!!!! Hahaha Naija na cruise Where we are now in Nigeria 🇳🇬… the certificate-less President cannot perform beyond his capacity MBuhari


The irony That's why we are suffering with you. Exactly why we are where we are today... He is not carrying Nigeria above first school leaving cert level. He has a point. He has succeeded in not succeeding. Ooooooooooooooook And yet you became president It shows You are a living or dead example. Lol without secondary school leaving certificate you were able to win election. Became a president. Even professors will lie on your behalf. ' is that failure or success'?

The state of Nigeria now all because of buhari educational level I give up on this man...

What's his educational qualification? I think this should be discussed What does he know about that? Person wey no get certificate chai 😭 abumchetachi Buhari don turn motivational speaker bayii Person wey no get certificate Hahahaha so he knows and he decided to pick up the presidency ticket. Speaking from Experience

What have you done to improve educational standard since you emerge the presidency It's all poor records you have created in all areas of your leadership I don't think the president read the script before approaching the podium And he is ruling 200million ppl with out even sweet paper called certificate

But ure a president twice of this country you with out educational qualification, show us ur cetificates?😂😂😂

But you be president 🤡🤡🤡 But you have succeeded through subterfuge, open violence and not by education. I mean, literally. ,🤷 I have to agree with this one. Now I know why u behave and govern us with bigotry and addition to success u can't reason or think beyond it except if given and external hard drive...

Listen to a man who became president with just Primary School Certificate. What an ingrate Irony of life This very true from someone without any serious formal education and it has shown in the way he has ran this country aground. This is why Nigerian is retrogressing everyday., I see. disgrace

This man just like ranting shit

Exactly bubu, you are typical example of that you said. The evidence is clear. When he dey with ssce This one just open mouth and speak waaa waaa Baba change your dealer This life no balance at all... kaiiii Give us Referendum now Wait... Seriously I don't get it. 😩 Is this the reason we are where we were where were?

And yet you’re the president 🤐 I guess he read Presidency cuz he’s really succeeding in it. Mumu.

When you don't even have ordinary WAEC, how on earth would you, buhari, succeed? 🤣🤣🤣🤣 olodo Very true. Thank God HE knows this. 🇳🇬 Now, i see the problems of Nigeria Now I know while you’re ruling us like a primary school students because that’s the level of your education. It’s hard to give what you don’t have. Shame on you MBuhari

But without WAEC Certificate you are occupying the highest office in Nigeria. No be mumu be that ? Which is why our country Nigeria is where it's today, riddle with insecurity, deeply divided along ethics lines and at the precipice. which further buttress his excellency point. You can not actually give more than you have or known. Nigerians should be wiser by now renoomokri

But you did. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg and many more... so what did this man mean? You get the point now He signed his own acceptance letter

Meaning 😆😆😆 See Nigerian president Shame is catching me Oga did you provide the good education you promised to the citizens that will help them have a good educational qualifications in the first instance? Fix Educational system ASUU strike Then we can talk! Did he say this?! Typical of to twist a story to suit their narrative. How does this headline bare any relevance to what the president said? Iro po!

Come abobi Chek yourself, you de carry talk, show us your school result make we see.. Buhari spelling out FACTS That's why he has not succeeded above his primary 6 certification. SHAME!!!!! wrong solution to naija problems. Failed man. No wonder you don't know anything So this man know him problem..... Because naa Almajiri system him dey take run things now.

This is the only correct thing I've ever heard this man allegedly say. You damn right mr President! Nigerians, Next up will be an educated President. Lesson learnt. Ha, could that be the reason the President has been failing? From a Primary School certificate holder sitting as the President of a nation. LMAO He just insulted the whole Education sector🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

This man dey craze .. Wow!!! Baba really hit the core spot here. Chai this man is demoralizing youths The irony in this Example: you! You can't give what you don't have Yet you became president with an Argumentative WAEC result. Well I agree with you tho, because your Govt, tenure, and regime is not succeeding up to what a person with primary school result holder can deliver

Now we know why Nigeria is failing 😏 We pray good and watch over us Amen Or maybe by violence? That violence helped you be the president. Das y Oga nor gree succeed after 6 years. Eyah,. The thing don hit am, now he is blaming is educational qualifications.. Hmm Buhari mind no balance Try wise abeg... No wonder the country us in the mud, Nigeria is only experiencing school cert success

What he is saying in Wizkid and Tems is that he has given his best to Nigeria. He cannot perform above his educational qualification. The man is right. These Buhari's handlers just gave him a knife to stab himself🤣🤣 Do you have any educational qualification

I hope those that brought this man to power is reading this. Basically his doing to the capacity of his educational level. What you people don't understand is, MBuhari is just stylishly telling Nigerians why things can't get better under his watch. See how everything that used to be manageable has gotten worse under his 5 years reign. He can't do more than his education.

It is obvious you can't give what you don't have And this is definitely dog whistling to sars and other law enforcement agencies that the logic behind their harassment of young successful Nigerians is acceptable and approved from oga at the top I'm just laughing. Na we dey so This man is senseless beyond all reasonable doubt. But this man succeed his primary school certificate

It depends on what you mean by success and educational qualifications Mr. President. We have many billionaires and millionaires who were University drop out; some never even went to school. Look around you Mr. President, in your Govt., I see many of them who successfully rich But this statement is not true for even you

No wonder the country cannot rise above WAEC level so.....You are very correct. It's not Buhari with his NEPA bill certificate that I blame, it's the olori burukus with their degrees and PhDs that campaigned and voted for him that I blame. Gbam. You get m well well Its obvious baba, we've seen it in you

I am new here. Please let’s follow each other Is the OfficialPDPNig seeing this?😂 Thank you so much. You simply nailed it. You just told yourself the truth and nothing but the truth. We need not look far to know why Nigeria is so backward, when a man with a controversial WAEC certificate is the President.

No wonder Bandits and secessionist full everywhere. We have a president making decisions over national and economic matters with a Form 6 mindset. (atleast we can all agree he finished pry sch) Haaaaaaaa Is Buhari kidding me right now?

Coming from a failed man Food for thought, no wonder your performance in government is not more than primary school. Figure of speech: IRONY Buhari just told not to expect more ... See someone dt doesn't have SSCE o 😂😂 Is he telling us why he can't running Nigeria aground ? Can he read? That's why you have failed so woefully cos even your waec certificate is a sworn affidavit, the original does not exist.

Apparently... iMean! This reminds me of biblical solomon when towards his end said 'all is vanity. Now towards bubys end he gave us his own from his experience

Now we understand. No wonder! So this man knows this? Good message to his brother the northerners You that succeed above your qualifications nko? Just imagine....thats why Nigeria is in the gutter. Mtchewwwwwww Apt, he's the perfect example. I don't believe this ideology I swear to God, I don't blame this man 4 anything, I blame the people or the educated ones that brought him to power all in the name of what they would eat and they all jeopardise the future of millions of educated young ones. Posterity shall never be fair with you all .

Talking without RAM Garbage shehu should explain more please.

WHERE IS YOURS? LEAD AND SPEAK BY PRACTICAL EXAMPLE.... PEOPLE THIS IS THE JUSTIFICATION OF NIGERIA PROBLEM. HOPE YOU ALL GET THE POINT NOW Thank you for telling Nigerians the truth for voting an incompetent president His a general what educational level is higher than a general in the military Lol I see that one this mrng for Arise Tv laugh won kill me see who they talk well e said the Truth .

Figuratively talking about himself, the reason why Nigeria is retrogressing under his watch. Of course, you can't give what you don't have! In that case Osinbajo should be the president. Hahaha. See kettle that's calling pot black Bill Gates mostly be laughing hard as a professor………. I don’t think Nigerians can votes for another pandemic worst than this man….

Baba's life story in one line.

Bubu is speaking from personal experience. Self experience is the best teacher, Buhari is saying the truth about himself and those he belongs to (does not mean ethnic group, just school of thought). Now I know why we are where we are in this country You can get a caregiver position to Canada with a low IELTS exam score. DM for details

Say that to Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Collins Brothers, Richard Branson He doesn't even understand what he said Someone that doesn’t have any form of education lol. I blame Nigerians for voting you Hello Thunder ⛈.... Who post am? You need cane Did he succeeded above primary sch cert missing?

Pathetic You are right Sir, the condition in Nigeria speaker volumes Sir Yeah we agree, just like you. Buhari shouldn’t be our president in the first place as he has made this statement cos he’s actually referring to himself Baba that's disingenuous, u have made it to be Head of govt twice through obscure educational qualifications. Critics suggested that ur certification is a utility bill d fact u swore an affidavit has not handicapped u, but 🇳🇬. Faith sch based certs holder have risen 2 b ministers

Says someone that became a president with Nepa bill. That is why he has failed Another one dis morning again😂😃😀 That's why Nigeria can't get more than school certificate leadership ability.

No wonder He's trying to tell us something. I commend his honesty. Thank you Mr. President. Chai...smh...that means u should have been a cattle rearer somewhere in daura not president.