Imf Statistics On Nigeria Not Accurate - Buhari, International Monetary Fund, World Bank

Imf Statistics On Nigeria Not Accurate - Buhari, International Monetary Fund

World Bank, IMF statistics on Nigeria not accurate – Buhari


World Bank , IMF statistics on Nigeria not accurate – Buhari

Buhari said a lot of the statistics have no bearing on the reality on the ground.

He said he had mandated his economic advisory team with the new task of having proper statistics gathering mechanisms.

“We can only plan realistically when we have reliable data. As a government, we are taking very serious steps to improve the quality of data available for policymaking, and today I charged the Presidential Economic Advisory Council to prioritise the collection of primary data.”

The statistics regarding the high unemployment rate and poverty released by the National Bureau of Statistics which is a government agency, have also been rejected by the Buhari administration.

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Hmmmmmmmmm but it's accurate in Rwanda. You depend on them for your population yet you reject other statistics. What do you have see mumu, see granny, granny wey mumu, granny wey yeye, see mumu wey get affidavit 😂😂😂😂 Show us your own See who dey talk! Wetin we sabi... Then counter them by giving them yours either from NBS or NIMC

Once isn't in their favour isn't accurate. When IMF talks secondary school holders are suppose to be jotting. 😏 MBuhari couldn't show Nigerians his GCE, his former school have no copy filed. He has the audacity to tell organisations who have been collecting data as far back as when he's teenager that they produce inaccurate survey? Has he spoken to nigerianstat before making this shit up

Only dull person will belief this agencies and their data. We're less than 200m This are organizations that controls the world. Hun BABA you can do your own

World Bank, IMF, others 'publishing inaccurate data about Nigeria' — BuhariPresident Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday said Nigerians should be wary of statistics from world bodies such as the World Bank and the International Publish the accurate data, we have enough resources to do so. But the data was accurate during President Jonathan's tenure 😂 Wetin blind block head like you sabi.

You know how to respond to IMF but doesn't know where your certificate is Confused specialist Okay faddy Then do your own less see what you have Says a man who can't calculate his age 🤣🤣🤣 Well, I work with facts, you guys work with figures.😁😁😁😁 There's no curse without a cause, NIGERIA! So we assembled these great minds and task them with manipulating statistics. Data collection tool is standardized globally so that x growth in Nigeria means x growth anywhere.

But their loans are needed? Yeye dey smell! Deluded somebody 😏 When it's in favour it's accurate, and when not in favour it's inaccurate.

Nigeria LNG Limited: Disclaimer | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News“Members of the public are hereby urged to take necessary steps to verify claims of persons purporting to act on behalf of NLNG.” Nigeria NLNG Disclaimer

Mr. President, we should not manipulate figures to win election or get more allocation. The same figures will be used globally for generating economic indices for us. Baba with the facts. And some animals will say this is the president they want So now Buhari knows more than the world's best we ask for we go get wetin we ask for....shikena!!!

And you're wiser than all,gods of the land. 4 year tenure 3 years holiday Traveling president The worst government so far since I was born If I can just fast forward this administration so we entered 2023 quick Well all they think about is next election Stocking all the money to share for our lazy youth

Where is your own accurate figure? If they had released the figures favouring and praising you to high heavens they would have been the most accurate figures in the world to you. I don't even need their figure to know all is not well cos I live here and I feel the fangs. Come and see ooo... Romeosreal1 oluwaloninyo Iam_Jyde AishaYesufu akaebube adeyanjudeji iam_fto segalink

Their statistics will not be accurate when they're telling you the truth but when they're lying to you their statistics will be accurate. You plotted Nigerian into ugly financial mess finished. Economist aye

Nigeria Cricket U17: Victory trophy excites coach | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News“Kaduna state is doing well in terms of national and international competitions and we are to represent the country in Uganda or Zimbabwe for U17 cricket series in May 2020.” Nigeria

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 see who is talking o Anytime I see this man what comes to my mind is how come in 150m population this man is ruling a country for the 2nd time. Nah only him sabi do am This is the consensus from the APC fools. Deny the econs and question the integrity of every single economic data including the one released by govt NBS!

You reject World Bank and IMF's stats, reject NBS's stats, reject Amnesty International's stats, I bet you won't reject miyetti Allah I doubt if anyone of you actually read the content of the NEWS. Main issue is not even about IMF or World bank, it’s about domesticating our policies to reflect our economic reality. But trust to always choose a despicable headline.

What do you know? Ofu Says an illiterate Look at who is talking ...the white are lying right because of Obi speech at platform your want to deceive Nigerians ...every 1min 6 Nigerians go into poverty and that is truth Am not a fan of worldbank&IMF due their imperialism motives, but dispute their index&statistics projections,then give your proves against it

I think BUHARI has dementia

Legal and institutional restructuring for next Nigeria | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World News“It is crucial to design a comprehensive institutional development design, which is like an architectural plan to transform Nigeria.” Nigeria Restructuring LegalRestructuring Mr Transformer, for how long will continue to try transform this unworkable Nigeria🇳🇬 🤷🏾‍♂️ All this any big gramm that take us to no where OmegaFrancis6. Nigeria is being held captive right now by forces that do not want it to progress. Question is who will BELL the cat. Politicians have failed the country. They are milking her dry while Nigerians die.

What does he know about statistics? dondekojo You know nothing mr man..😂 Which one? I have lost count Even in his affidavits result they did not pity him give him D8 in mathematics or Economics, he’s here countering world bank & IMF statistics. Oponu Agreed, was an error on their part because they were not working hard, kindly correct them grandpa.

See what someone that doesn’t have a common WAEC certificate saying😡 Then Oga Presido abeg tell us the correct one jor This is why nothing good or relevant can come from this MBuhari administration because they're so against criticism, they just want everyone to accept/believe they're doing well even when they know themselves that they're not trying

The prof has spoken! Oh you ppl know better than them

World Bank cuts sub-Saharan Africa’s 2019, 2020 growth forecast - Premium Times NigeriaThe World Bank says the region’s economy was expected to grow 2.6 per cent this year, from a 2.8 per cent projection in April.

A man that cannot provide common certificate has the odacity to question imf Nd world bank statistics on Nigeria Lets have the correct statistics to discredit the world bank and IMF Baba hunger dey for the country that is why they are rolling out those statistics no vex with them they are doing their job so just tell your people to step up their effort to so that things will get better sir

But they were very accurate during the reign of the previous administration? They will never be accurate as long as the figures don't patronise our awkward economy. Coming from a man who scored F9 in Mathematics in his affidavit WAEC result The Parable of the dichotomy of facts and figures. What do you know 🤦‍♂️

Always countering facts, stop the blame game and act accordingly, we are tired of the excuses Provide us with the right one sir

Raising federal civil service from current despair | The Guardian Nigeria News - Nigeria and World NewsThe federal public service system witnessed two important celebrations within one week in the past two weeks, namely the 2019 Civil Service Week and the Nigeria 59th Independence Day.

Mr President, leave the IFM/ WB alone,the statistics they showed is the true pictures of what our economy look like, stop the blame game and work towards removing Nigeria as the capital city of world poverty countries. There is too much hunger in the land You know better than them Bubu! Happy honeymoon Elder!

Who cnt answer a simple question now correct , please I have a question for President Buhari, are the numbers from the North accurate as per the population or ballooned? Where is the accurate one that you have? Useless person... Na your own lie accurate abi Lol he a genius now I guess lame ass He knows it all.....

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