Wike: I know they’ll come for me after office but I'm prepared

Wike: I know they’ll come for me after office but I'm prepared

4/19/2021 2:48:00 PM

Wike: I know they’ll come for me after office but I'm prepared

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on April 19, 2021 at 12:47pmRivers Governor Nyesom Wike has said he is prepared to face political persecution after he hands over in 2023.He said he is too sure political forces will come after him because of his strong views on issues.Wike said he is more than prepared for such travails, stating he has moved out of the Government House two years before his tenure ends as part of his preparation.

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He spoke at the weekend in Abuja during the dedication of Uche Nwosu’s son, grandson of former Imo Governor Senator Rocha Okorocha.He described the current travails of Okorocha and his family as political persecution, counseling him to be strong because he will come out of it stronger.

Okorocha has been having a running battle with his successor, Governor Hope Uzodinma, resulting in the seizure of properties belonging to his family members as well as facing probe by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).He was recently detained by the anti-graft agency for 48 hours before he was granted bail. headtopics.com

Wike said: “Political prosecution will come especially after you have left office so what you’re going through today is not peculiar with you and your family. I know they will come after me but am prepared, I am ready for them.“You should be strong and put your trust in God. I don’t stay close to people in power, particularly this kind of power, you see in life, I was looking around to see Governors, I know if Uche Nwosu is a sitting governor, you will see a lot of governors here.

“If Rochas was Governor you would have seen a lot of governors here, life is like that, for me now I don’t even live in the Government House. I have parked out, even though I still have two more years, I am tired so I had to leave.“Particularly again when you have a system that is not doing well, the truth must be told. Many people don’t like the truth that is why they don’t like me.

“You said this is APC hall, I came here I didn’t see any APC member, today I’ve converted it to Christian hall. The way I do my thing, nobody can stop me or tell me who can be my friend. Nobody in this country can tell where to go, nobody.”He added: “I am happy he is no longer in power that is why I am coming close to him now to learn the experience of those who are no longer in power, so that by the time it gets to me I will be used to it.

“Owelle is facing a lot of crisis, it is not easy to pass through these crises but it will come but it will be over.“I want to encourage you and your son-in-law to be strong. If it doesn’t happen like this you won’t know that God loves you. You will go through these battles for you to know that there is God. We have passed through these battles and we are still waiting to pass through them again. headtopics.com

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“Just like Rochas, God has given everyone his talent, when I watch your son-in-law from far, I say you have a good son-in-law that is not arrogant, not a son-in-law that does not understand what marriage is all about, I wouldn’t have come. I will be in Imo State soon and I will tell them my mind. You should thank God”.

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Are you afraid.......only the guilty are afraid.... You never see anything.. karma must get u whats this one saying.. he talks too much.. maybe he is already embezzling state money..and want to preempt his trial Is Wike saying OfficialAPCNg will win in n 2023. Just asking a friend. GovWike worry not if ur hand are clean, even if ur hand are not clean u still have up to 2 more years to make ur hand clean.

Worry not if ur hand are clean, even if ur hand are not clean u still have up to 2 more years to make ur hand clean. GovWike you mean APC will still continue with this economic harzard? Like Dieziani has been I'm sure. You're guilty of your self. I see....so APC will win again.... I see Let's hope so.

Is PDP not gonna win? Hahaha no peace for the wicked preper weller wike you most capture alive wemove He has a lot to face. You must go down Prepare weller ok but one thing is for sure which is you will never have peace till you die Save it oooooh... We shll see hw prepared u r. Calm down bro Do you want to learn how to make money from home trading forex with your phone join the DOMINION FOREX ACADEMY for two weeks intensive training

Keep on making mouth and talking anyhow until your talkative mouth put you in danger like Ada Jesus the comedian, a governor that talks anyhow won’t know the time he will expose his secrets to his enemies.