Why we observed Jumma'at prayers despite govt directive - Sheik Jingir

Why we observed Jumma’at prayers despite govt directive – Sheik Jingir

3/28/2020 3:09:00 PM

Why we observed Jumma’at prayers despite govt directive – Sheik Jingir

The spiritual leader of Jamma'atu Izalatil Bid'a Waikamatis Sunnah (JIBWIS), Sheik Sani Yahaya Jingir...attended yesterday's Jumma'at prayers

The spiritual leader of Jamma’atu Izalatil Bid’a Waikamatis Sunnah (JIBWIS), Sheik Sani Yahaya Jingir, said himself and other members of the group attended yesterday’s Jumma’at prayers because Governor Simon Lalong didn’t ask them to stop observing the prayer.

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According to Sheik Jingir, since there were no cases of the disease in Plateau, there was no reason not to attend the weekly prayer.Thousands of worshippers, on Friday, attended Jumma’at prayers in Jos, the Plateau State capital.The Jumma’at prayers were mainly observed in all the Mosques under the jurisdiction of JIBWIS, Daily Trust can reports.

ADVERTISEMENTHOW OVER 5000 NIGERIA MEN HAVE PERMANENTLY OVERCOME TERRIBLE BEDROOM PERFORMANCE DUE TO THIS RECENT DISCOVERY BY MEDICAL CONSULTANTSOur correspondent reports that the Plateau Central Mosque and other Jumma’at mosques under jurisdiction of Jamma’atu Nasril Islam (JNI) instructed members not to attend the prayer.

Daily Trust reported on how scores of Operation Safe Haven’s (OPSH) personnel were, on Thursday evening, deployed within Jos, ahead of Friday’s Jumma’at prayers.The security, on arrival on Thursday, announced to residents and passersby in the area through a Public Address System that there wouldn’t be Jumma’at prayers on Friday and church services on Sunday.

Yesterday’s prayer was performed a day after the state government ordered the arrest of whoever flouted the directive of safety measures to stem the spread of coronavirus pandemic.The state commissioner of Information, Mr Dan Manjang, on Friday in a statement, quoted governor Lalong as saying: “Members of the public are warned in their own interest to abide by the restriction order as security officials are directed to arrest and prosecute anyone found violating it.

“For the avoidance of doubt, the restriction order include amongst others; closure of all markets except those selling food items, pharmaceuticals and cooking gas; no congregation of more than 50 people at places of worships, strict observance of at least 2-metres and provision of hygienic materials such as water, sanitizers and soap,” the statement added.

Prior to the commencement of yesterday’s prayer, multitudes of security personnel comprising of military, civil defence and Mobile police officers were stationed around the Yantaya Mosque to enforce the directive but at about 1 pm, all the security operatives suddenly left Mosque area, giving the worshippers the chance to converge on the main ground of the prayer.

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Reliable source within the military circle told Daily Trust that the operatives were asked to withdraw probably due to the rising tension around the area of the mosque during the prayer.RelatedDownload Daily Trust News App

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No body is above mistake A good Muslim must follow government's directives. South Korean Defiant Sect that brought COVID-19 their country. You can imagine The Shieik only know how to read Quran,he does not understand Islamic religion and he doesn't know the way God operates.Allah is merciful and understand our situation better than us.I appeal to muslims to stay at home and use this period to improve themselves on Quran recitation

Stay at home, sheikh They can't stop them because they are Moslem, stupidity Next time you do it you should be arrested Throw all of them in jail please . sigh* Thats reminds me of Jingir Madness when plateau Govt advise him not to hold eid prayers because of insecurities, he went ahead and do it, many of his followers were killed that day he ran and escaped death and leave his vulnerable followers. He use to sacrifice his followers

Hope he can treat his followers when they fall ill The prayers was observed coz of absence of government What’s wrong with you guys, that you keep repeating the same news ? It's obvious how people refuse to cope with the rule of quarantine yet they know this virus is real as well as must human are scared of death. But some people have to go to work everyday before they eat.

No justification for disobeying the govt directive According to Sheik Sani Yahaya Jingir, since there were no cases of the coronavirus in Plateau, there was no reason not to attend the juma'at congregation Donteewrites He is an irresponsible idiot. There is no excuse for what he did. Una no dey hear word that's why!!

It's madness nothing more Useless terrorist preacher it's not is fault when we a terrorist enabler as Head Did the The Nation or Vanguard use this biased title when Oyedepo conducted his Sunday Service? Editors should fear Allah. The least expected of them here, if they cannot be objective, is to consider their hereafter and give the religion of Allah the benefit of the doubt

Total nonsense...disobeying an imposed lae This most annoying part of it is that the followers are the poor masses who cannot even afford medical care if anything happen to them. I pity them because the Imam will take care of himself . He's doing his miracles the Islamic way. I didn't hear anything from Oyedebo, Adeboye , Joshua since the Corona Virus started. Hope they are not in isolation. Where are their miracles? Hypocrites thieving using the religion The Fallacy has ended?

And if Christian do this tomorrow, they will not take it easy. Even all mosques in Saudi where Muslim originated from have shut their Mosque. Northern have no respect for laws. God dey. Is he a Doctor to confirm that there is no any case in Jo's, he should not this pandemic to his followers pls, he cannot handle the crisis

May Almighty Allah gives u more health and ability to the ibadat sheik jingir Idiots Since Sheik Jingir decided to disobey the the directive of an executive Governor of a State, he will not be arrested bcos Jos is volatile and they will quickly turn it into a religious crisis One thing is certain COVID19 has respect for personality or religion Someone tell him

What is this again. Religion 😭😭😭😭 What is this for God's sake? Foolish people This sheikh should follow the instructions given by the government and health personnel in his locality.. Coronavirus is not a joke. Madness. Will endanger lives of healthcare workers out of stupidity Coronavirus coronavirus , I hope they told you guys prayers can't cure it

Poverty, illiteracy, bad leadership and religion is the worst and most lethal combination for disaster I hope northern governors are ready for corona b/c nobody should bring their problems to Lagos oo. We have enough already I don’t understand all this ignorant things people do, is it on purpose or what?

tijanihabeeb This is why Nigeria's case might be up to 36000 because we have people who do not listen,they should ask Iran,Egypt and turkey how far. This is illiteracy, leave them. They should watch this Izala group. This was how Boko Haram actually started. Which place is this, the congregation is mind bogling

Its only on Christians the security operatives can flex their muscles...idiotic and bigot security we have in Nigeria. ayemojubar And Christians can't? Bunch of hypocrites Illiteracy is a disease Make nobody convulse when churches open on Sunday I am sure you wouldn’t blame Allah when you are infected 🤔

Ignorance 🤦‍♀️ Hmmmm..so if one of dem had corona..Niger would b reading over 2k cases now... I guess we imbibe north Korea style for corona patients for de stubborn individuals😏😏 MBuhari NCDCgov, PoliceNG, please take action the twitter doctor will not shout asking for their heads. nobody will ask for their bloods. twitter is quiet. watch out for tomorrow. heads will roll. tongues will wag.

Big heads and big ears But they no dey hear word Apparently, security forces were withdrawn because the people started getting violent... Questions abound but we shall just sigh and continue to isolate. Bunch of programmed zombies Can they arrest this man? This is pure wickedness at a time like this. 😡😏

They need to be arrested ASAP OgbeniDipo never see this one Same people who dragged the church last sunday Let's expel the same energy in this case Irresponsible lots. If it's a Church they'll run like dogs to arrest. We deny religious sentiment but why then did we embarrass pastors on YouTube, arrested them, locked churches if they can't pick up these ones.?

Can't hear be arrested. Like you can't be more muslim that Prophet Mohammed (s.a.w) Covid-19 has no respect for jumma prayers oh. If any of you contract it, just stay in that your North and don't come and disturb us in South The police should arrest this man. Infact arrest all of them.. We have the worst and weakest governor in Nigeria. Allowing a microscopic few miscreants tarnish the image of our dear State.

Emarged If this picture is a recent gathering, then the Islamic Council in Nigeria has questions to answer. We are the way we are because of who we are and not because of who rule us. Stay at home! Foolish people This sheikh should be arrested. This is suicidal. Haaaaaaaaas Simply put; stupidity The unctouchables

These people want Corona to continue from where Boko haram pause How come no one dragged these immas? No one called for their arrest? If this was a church, we all saw the outrage last week What is the real work of the 'taskforce'? Engr_Series this the north shey? abeg south west governors should shut borders o abi which kind people be these na 😟😟

We’re fighting against corona virus and stupidity Since y’all wanna die it’s fine by us really. Just keep the contacting among yourselves Am sure the end of Coronavirus is not too near in Nigeria Very reckless behavior Anybody that will call oyedepo God will rain curse on him Fools Ignorance, illiteracy and extremism

All of a sudden.. No words 😂😂😂😂 Hope is taking from prison Churches no go gree on Sunday sef...Nigeria!!! Which way now ? This is a more civilised country Y'all keep risking your life Animals in human form. This is where that truck abi asteroid should have exploded This particular Sheik is a fool and should be arrested!

As Jesus said in the scripture: 'THOU FOOLS' After the prayers how many worshippers reported with the case of CORONOVIRUS. Is there any case of affection from worshipping places. It has been the compulsory washing hands and faces etc before saying a prayer thousand year before the creation of CORONOVIRUS.

Corona: People don’t listen at all If na church, police go show. If na bar, where people are preparing to drink beer to flush their system, police go show... Àwọn Ọ̀dẹ̀ burúkú Another incubation for violent radicalism, no doubt. It’s obvious these people suppose to be on their own ... %70 of Nigerian problem is from them ..

floochowsky King_Olola Whenever you find yourself in a problem you you tender your problem to Almighty for help and now the whole world is in . Did you think stopping the worship is a cure? Never. Doesn’t sound like Fatoyinbo or Oyedepo so no outrage ... Double f*cking standard ‘In 14 days’ sounds like a movie. I’ll sit this out.

ayemojubar So there is an excuse as to why they endangered the entire country , unbelievable We really should focus on curing religious virus after this Corona issue dies down Awon eleribu. When they get infected they begin to blame God. Religion has made us hypocrites. I just love this. When it spreads,it shouldn't be the next war after the book haram insurgency

WTF!!! It's called social togetherness 😠 And that's how our cases increase...una weldone Good. Abeg i no wan hear any noise if any church decide to open tomao o you think this is funny right! Somewhere in the north, a pharmacist said 'no corona dan'allah, na rat, bat and dog wey Chinese dey chop dey kill dem'. Plz the north needs to be sensitize abt the danger of COVID19Nigeria

They can defy the directive. Is same ignorance that made the north more populated with handicapped people,because of their lack or reasoning.They just believe every single move that will benefit them is a hindrance to their god, Even Saudi Arabia don’t hold public prayers like this anymore. Because you are a covidiots that is why

Can we say most Northerners are animals? Nonsense Let’s wait and see how the police and other security agents will be scattering churches tomorrow You offered because of your foolishness and ignorance ...misguided pigs with their misguided sheeple What?!! What?!?!😡😡😡 I don't blame the imam but the stupid pigs queuing behind him.

Hmmmm PoliceNg have the guts to arrest some pastors for opening churches on Sunday. Corona is watching Please arrest the imam and deal with him.. Just imagine the impunity Fools!You guys need to go to Iran and south korea to learn what happened there when they failed to heed to instructions from health experts.Every action comes with consequences.

All those police scattering crates of beer should be deployed here to enforce social distance order.. but, who am I. 🤡 Religious fanaticism and fear of religious fanatics will be the end of us PoliceNG will stand guard at churches to enforce ban but look the other way for the owners of Nigeria You're lucky It wasn't Kaduna Governor elrufai would've Drag you and put you on Quarantine wallahi. 😂

See why this Sunday. Churches across Nigeria will hold sermon. After una go drag oyedepo. We don't need reasons. It's a free world. Our great healthcare infrastructure would take care of it. We've seen nothing yet... Our mumu go clear This is down to a govt whom for decades have not used the proceeds earned from its economy to invest in education. This cruelty of under educating the population will now have a massive reverberation. People will die it only takes a few in the crowd to be hosts.

Yes even in Lagos The real problems of Nigeria IamLekanBalo Sheikh Jingir & members of his satanic sect should immediately be arrested for bio-terrorism. Nigeria's suffered enough in the hands of demons masquerading as religious leaders. samlex52 That's what u get when u are dealing with bunch of Illiterates

Bias country/ government You should go and arrest him I wish you all that parkate in that prayer will all be partakers of covid 19 , maybe next time you will learn your lessons Out of control Population. Religious Fanatics. Stubborn people dey won't hear but dey should continue because soon he go happen Highest level of stupidity from this Muslim leaders in lalong state .....he speaks the way may son wont speak , no intelligence

These so called hausa are indeed animals God has been faithful enough to us in dis country ..we just choose to be fooling ourselves .. nothing like corona in Nigeria but our government refuse to close d border not until Londoner started bringing it in ....now see people spreading it as a result of disobedience

ok now. We no go see you later If all dis one test positive of Corona virus....entire North don finish. No babalawo can do d cleansing wish dis happn in kd sheikh u wouldnt have dare aswear The main problem we are having in this country is religion. Even the Saudis that brought about ISLAM to Nigeria has short down mosques since two weeks ago

Police and law enforcement Agencies are always no where to be found in the North when they start their religious thing but you will find elrufai present asking Ben orji to close is small shop elrufai B_ELRUFAI CovidNGR So jingir is above the law i guess This one will not trend but if it is a church every Dick and Harry will have something to say....

Disaster waiting to happen Read the link and see what they are saying, because the governor didn't said they should not observe prayer. Imagine, while the governor said no gathering of more than 50 people. This is rebeleous. This is what i call stupidity of the highest order I know the minister of health and the government will not see anything wrong with this

See this fool....does he know where many of the worshippers have travelled to? Does he have the capability to contain even 1 of the casualty if it so happens ..why is stupidity this easy to come by among these idiots? Thank God 🙏 i left Naija before all this rubbish, my coming back is when i hear that most of bunch of idiots have been consumed with the virus, ppl that can't play by the rules, stubborn stupid set of citizens

How hard is for you to pray at home. God... Na wa oo ayemojubar Kindly follow me people That's how the north rolls, I was shocked at the level of ignorance when in a saloon I heard some grown up men saying they don't believe COVID 19 exist. The north I weep!! When dem arrest one pastor for sagamu on Sunday u no talk say e fair abi

Arrest the imam Lol The biggest problem we have been facing in this country Is not fair

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Sokoto Govt Orders Closure Of All Inter-State RoutesSokoto Govt Orders Closure Of All Inter-State Routes Good idea e Don de Red That is what u pple should have done when ur family/friends are still outside the country, not allowing them to come back with Coro.V to infect us.

Niger Govt Bans Movement Of People, Vehicles Over CoronavirusNiger Govt Bans Movement Of People, Vehicles Over Coronavirus No more travelling But no power.. How can Niger, minna be having just 10am-12pm electricity daily. It is totally unacceptable and wickedness cuz we have to suffer the heat 🔥 Always write Niger state. There's a country call Niger 🇳🇪

COVID-19 Cases In Lagos May Rise To 39,000, Says Govt.COVID-19 Cases In Lagos May Rise To 39,000, Says Govt. 🙄 😳Shey una go Dey share am ni ? Nawa ooo.